Hey everyone,

Tons of you guys have sent me additional feedback and I wanted to post a summary of what you guys are saying. I'm trying to practice active listening to make sure I got all of your suggestions. I won't repeat any suggestion that was already on my last post - so you'll have to check both posts if you want to see if your idea has been represented.

* Suggest circles and who should be in a circle. Maybe even try to pre-populate coworkers, family, etc...
* Autocomplete should treat a like ä since I don't know how to type ä.
* Lots and lots of suggestions about hashes / reader integration / tags / interests. Some people said to add interest to social graph, others said to add tags you could follow, etc... I'm putting all of these in one bucket.
* Connecting youtube
* Making "private post" more obvious, maybe even adding a "private posts" view.
* Sorting public posts
* Pause button on stream
* Remove duplicate posts in the stream, if multiple people repost.
* Pages for companies / entities.
* Add games
* Change your profile based on who is viewing you.
* Change your visibility in chat based on who is viewing you
* A window to see available hangouts.
* A release page where you guys can track progress.
* Mute unless...
* Problems with email visibility
* "Freeze" the top bar like twitter
* Translate feature
* Add a feature to hide who a post is shared to.
* Freeze UX when typing a comment
* Events (on the other list too, but several people mentioned it, so I'll put it here too)
* Search Posts
* Relationship graph (brother, sister, etc...)
* Type on someone's "wall"
* Don't bump recent updates to top
* Choose which circles show up in the profile
* Customize the main stream
* The people who have me in circles in the profile doesn't match the values in the people editor.
* Huddles should be available via the web-ux.

I'm going to include +Shimrit Ben-Yair because I really trust her judgement and I want her to see all of your awesome ideas. I'll try to post a summary every few days. Please only comment if you have a good idea that you think I missed in both lists.

You've all give me a great set of ideas to start chewing through. Some of the items, such as sorting posts, seem more like a symptom of us not doing a perfect job guessing the relevance or "bumping" things up to quickly. But, I'm only one of many people helping to decide what we do, so we'll see what other people think. I hate adding features that are used to mask things, I'd rather focus on getting our default sort to be even better. As for things like quota sharing between products, I think it is fair that you have one (massive) quota per account. But, I can see that both ways as well. My point in making these arguments is to iterate that just because I wrote down an item doesn't necessarily mean that we are agreeing to fix it in the way suggested. I just want to make sure I captured your ideas well.
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