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Hey everyone,

Tons of you guys have sent me additional feedback and I wanted to post a summary of what you guys are saying. I'm trying to practice active listening to make sure I got all of your suggestions. I won't repeat any suggestion that was already on my last post - so you'll have to check both posts if you want to see if your idea has been represented.

* Suggest circles and who should be in a circle. Maybe even try to pre-populate coworkers, family, etc...
* Autocomplete should treat a like ä since I don't know how to type ä.
* Lots and lots of suggestions about hashes / reader integration / tags / interests. Some people said to add interest to social graph, others said to add tags you could follow, etc... I'm putting all of these in one bucket.
* Connecting youtube
* Making "private post" more obvious, maybe even adding a "private posts" view.
* Sorting public posts
* Pause button on stream
* Remove duplicate posts in the stream, if multiple people repost.
* Pages for companies / entities.
* Add games
* Change your profile based on who is viewing you.
* Change your visibility in chat based on who is viewing you
* A window to see available hangouts.
* A release page where you guys can track progress.
* Mute unless...
* Problems with email visibility
* "Freeze" the top bar like twitter
* Translate feature
* Add a feature to hide who a post is shared to.
* Freeze UX when typing a comment
* Events (on the other list too, but several people mentioned it, so I'll put it here too)
* Search Posts
* Relationship graph (brother, sister, etc...)
* Type on someone's "wall"
* Don't bump recent updates to top
* Choose which circles show up in the profile
* Customize the main stream
* The people who have me in circles in the profile doesn't match the values in the people editor.
* Huddles should be available via the web-ux.

I'm going to include +Shimrit Ben-Yair because I really trust her judgement and I want her to see all of your awesome ideas. I'll try to post a summary every few days. Please only comment if you have a good idea that you think I missed in both lists.

You've all give me a great set of ideas to start chewing through. Some of the items, such as sorting posts, seem more like a symptom of us not doing a perfect job guessing the relevance or "bumping" things up to quickly. But, I'm only one of many people helping to decide what we do, so we'll see what other people think. I hate adding features that are used to mask things, I'd rather focus on getting our default sort to be even better. As for things like quota sharing between products, I think it is fair that you have one (massive) quota per account. But, I can see that both ways as well. My point in making these arguments is to iterate that just because I wrote down an item doesn't necessarily mean that we are agreeing to fix it in the way suggested. I just want to make sure I captured your ideas well.
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I'm already spending more time on G+ than another social network! :)
Will there be translation features like on gmail?
+1'd for duplicate posts due to multiple reposts. Thanks for listening and keeping us in the loop!
Please, no games. If I'm bombarded with game requests I'm out of here.
These are great ideas. I would love to have the option for people to jump into circles - especially topic-specific. I write and talk about a lot of different things. Some people like my posts about nerdy stuff, others like my mom stuff. I'd love to give people the options to pick which circles they're in.

And if there are G+ games, can it be in a different section like Sparks?
* collapse comment list (once you choose to view the previous 50 comment on a post there is no way to go back)

* add events (connection to google calendar), possibility to share a calendar event with one or multiples circles

Keep up the good work, and thanks for everything you do :)
As others have said... games are great, but keep them off my timeline if I want it that way. The main reason I stopped using Failbook was because of the spam from games and apps.
This might be too FB and not what G+ is trying to create, but what about muting a user. Sometimes I don't want to read 15 posts in a row, but I would rather not unfollow.
I would like to +1 to NO GAMES. Social networks should be for humans. I am not even sure I like company pages
I use pages on Fb, but I'd prefer G+ to be just people. And definitely NO pages for peoples pets!
DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT ADD GAMES! Freedom from games is one of your biggest drawing cards!
How about combining the +1 and the Buzz tab on your profile? I feel like they're redundant. Is there even a difference?
they can add games as long as we can disable the feature on our profiles
Seriously. Stupid game invites are one of the biggest reasons I hate F... that other place. Please don't do it.
Thank you for listening. Please don't autopopulate circles. Suggestions would useful. But auto-population will create horrible faux pas - ex-boyfriends, abusers, and other choices that would be seen as intrusive.
Thanks for the summary! I was wondering, could we have some sort of notifications against each of our circles, they look a bit static on the left side bar...
Ya, I was thinking about the company thing too. I drive down the road and how many businesses have a join us on f sign.
I really don't think direct integration of games would be too great. I mean if Facebook is any indication of what happens there our streams would be filled with things we don't care about. Maybe something more like connecting with existing web apps would be a better solution
Please no games. Do not let idiot games invite me by default. Keep G+ spam free. Nothing unsolicited please.
Games, Apps and business pages can be implemented, but would be cool to have a way to say:

- Do you want to get Game requests/see Game status updates?
- Do you want to get App requests/see App status updates?
- Do you want so see business pages?
Definitely need a way to mark a post for later reading. Maybe bring over the star concept from googlecode?
ah h
a minimize comments button so we can easily scroll the strream...!
I'm going to have to jump on the no games bandwagon here. I dislike Facebook because of all the trash pages that populate my wall. I like G+ because all of that is gone. Company pages might even be going to far, I think G+ should be about the people.
Rather than having content from everyone in my circles appear in my main/default stream, I would like to be able to customise which circles show up there.
i.e. I may have a 'news' circle with news organisations in it that I want to be able to view when I specifically click on that stream, but which I do not want to appear mixed in with everyone else in my main/default stream.
+Pedro Dias Exactly, a 'block all game requests' option would be awesome, if games are indeed implemented.
I guess I'm ok with games later on, but ONLY if I can opt out of all game messages. If I opt out, I don't want any invitation to a game or any notice that someone in my circle just achieved some new ranks in some game I'm not interested in. And honestly, I'd prefer they not be there at all. There are plenty of gamesites. And FB will always have games. Let those who want games stay there to play them. :-)
Thanks for the updates, great job so far. To be honest, I only hope some of those get included. One of the reasons we all love G+ is the fact that its so clean and minimalistic. You can't please everyone in the world. Some feature enhancements surrounding search and interests as mentioned, would be nice.
Integration with Google Latitude would be great.
Something I really would like is Public subscribe-able circles. This way people who want to follow me because of a certain subject I post could add them to this circle. I wouldn't need to add them manually to a circle, and they can ignore all the other (uninteresting) stuff I'm posting about
+Eric Cattell I bet you didn't expect this much response this fast. Thanks so much for the update. You have a challenging job ahead of you to satisfy this group. :-)
Why not an RSS aggregator, or maybe a direct link in my stream of my subscribed feeds in Google Reader?
Some ideas ...

Implement a smart freeze system, like uses, so that you can follow a conversation at a sensible speed without it zipping away from you.

Make it easy to search posts, and to bookmark them. The hashtag type thing (maybe +) would be great to establish the hashtag groups we have on Twitter.

Also, the stats are off. The number of people adding me is way higher (often nearly twice as high) as the number that's shown to others - and the number shown for the social stats thing - which makes influence charts inaccurate and could also affect a person's likelihood to add a stranger (social proof). Is there a way to change that? Even if the avatars came up as ? boxes to show that these people had hidden their stats. That wouldn't violate privacy, but it would make data accurate.
If you have to add GAMES, maybe you can add a function so one can easily filter out everything that has to do with games?
Focus on integrating searching in streams. Focus on collaboration and relevant information. Focus on using the context from streams to improve search and ad relevance. Games add no context or value to G+!
Expanding on Tom Robinson's (auto suggest when typing +Tom Robinson shows several, but not him...) suggestion, I'd like to be able to turn specific circles on/off when showing the stream, but several at a time, and not only one particular circle (or all), as it is today. This would allow me to match the way I organize my Circles both in terms of publishing and consuming.
Thanks for listening!
Submitted in FB as well but rather than collapsing reshares just add to the distributions and note it so all comments remain and no repetition, (kind of like the native retweet vs the Non-native) native Retweet does not rebroadcast to those who have received,, and it can be done by any number with no dup or harm jsut gets tagged to anyone new in the list (who has not previously seen it. and as well comments continue and the provenance of the originator is preserved.
ah h
yeah like twitter lists that are subscribble!!
As somebody that does Internet marketing support for a living, I would like to say you are doing a truly outstanding job of keeping your user base informed.
Some people love games and some don't. The possible option is to add a separate stream for them and also put an option whether we want to get notifications about them. In this way the problem might be solved. It would be good to have an "I don't want" game feature too where users can completely ignore/block games/apps
+Damien Heiser While I understand they need to monetize it they can certainly come up with better ideas to do so than to just rehash what other social networks are doing. People liked using Google search because of the simplicity of the page, just a search bar and a logo. I think people will like G+ for the same reasons.
Many people like games and many many hate them. I think it would be good to add games, but get invitations/notifications only if you have opted in.
+Daniel Schwabe is right. Maybe be able to turn it on and off like in Calendar where you can toggle the display of each Circle within the stream.
I love the idea of being able to collapse a comment stream.
Oh and set a filter so is someone marks their profession as "Internet Marketer", "SEO consultant" or New Media____ that they get flagged as a smammer
I'd like to see a RSS output from my G+ posts page so that I can feed it through to facebook and twitter automagically (via / pipes / feedburner). I do this today for posts to Buzz, and it works well (saving me from having to post to multiple networks manually, and bringing people to my google profile to read the content).
I think there isn't enough visual distinction between posts and comments. Perhaps using a different font color or background color for comments would be a good idea.
How do you set comments to be collapsed by default?
ad th
maybe a "close-comment" link?...
Don't find in both lists - standalon blogs translation like in Buzz, maybe just excerpt, but must be. For me the best - translation standalone blog trough RSS. And posibility specify which circle sees specific translation.
I would like to see a feature that allows people to connect their accounts based on their relationship ( A is the mother of B and C, B and C are siblings, et al) and allows for a visual representation of your Family Tree and other relationships.

One may debate that such a feature could be added through some App later on, but making it an intrinsic (albeit non-compulsory) part of the network could strengthen the network's structure and allow for better suggestions by the network in aspects such as potential contacts, notifications, etc.

I like the idea of games either structured like hangouts, ("come play with me now!") or shared on a Limited basis based on participants. I don't see why everyone is assuming it would spam the stream like on FB.

You could also subscribe to a game's Hub... ;)

Thanks for the opportunity to give and recieve direct feedback, Eric! 
+Daniel Schwabe - agreed! Ideally I'd like to be able to totally customise the main stream. I want to be able to pick the circles I want to hear from. It'd also be great to be able to specifically exclude certain individuals/circles.
I'd love to be able to send SMS and do voice calls through the Google+ chat interface just like in Gmail.
I Ming
If you must add games, I hope you guys manage to do it in a way that's separate and optional. The worst thing is The Games themselves are normally designed to flood your streams, If you could keep these notifications saperate and turn-off-able, i think you can make every one happy.

I'm willing to guess more people on Google+ now are opposed to games rather than for them. Though I'm pretty sure people not yet onboard would come in for the games.

Thanks for Listening=)
James....internet marketing and SEO jobs are actual professions and do not equal spam. Google are part of the Internet marketing game. So, anybody that worked in their adsense department, for example would be marked as spammers? How about the 'report spam function' actually gets monitored instead? ;)
A "wall". There needs to be a wall. I'm not going to type up why again. I suggested it on your post yesterday and you ignored it. So you can go back and re-read that post.

You've created a product that allows you to control how you broadcast, but you've totally left out the paths for serendipitous social interaction.
I wouldn't recommend games unless Google+ needs the revenue games could and would inevitably bring in to support itself...we already have Snake on Youtube! (and Gmail Labs!!) If businesses and games are going to get access to my Google+ feed, I would prefer a mute option first...
Perhaps a timeline search of the public stream would help ppl who want to catch up on past posts more easily
I recently submitted this as feedback but I would like to be able to set which circles show up in my main stream. It would be great if I can just click that little circle on the left side of the screen and the ones filled in show up in my main stream, while other ones I have to click on manually to see.
I would like to see my contact list stick to the bottom like on facebook.
Fer C
notifications only for a specific circle
If you must add games make it an opt in deal instead of an opt out. I don't want to have to go through and manually hide games, apps, etc. Those things should be hidden by default and only visible to those that are interested.
I love these feature request summaries and the fact that you guys are attentively listening. I would also love if you all would take into consideration making the product roadmap public as you all decide what elements to include. I realize that this might be a competitive advantage/disadvantage to some others, but I think it has various benefits as well. I think this might give game developers a head start in knowing when to ramp up development as well as let users know when they can expect to see things come through. For instance, as a user, I'm holding off on organizing all my circles until you all do the suggestions - but if that's months away I might jump into the manual process for now.
Lots of people don't want games.
Lots of people will want them though (particularly after G+ gains a more mainstream userbase).
We therefore need a master switch for turning off all game-related content as well as controls on a game-specific level.
Personally I would turn off games. However, if a seriously-awesome game did come along that changed my mind, there is a small chance that I might allow that one game to have visibility in my stream.
Another vote for customizing the main stream. There are circles whose conversations I want to dip into only periodically (e.g. Followed) that would otherwise overwhelm the messages from Family and Friends that I want to see all the time.
Please don't include games, surveys, and possibly even apps beyond the ability to post with explicit permission. Your "killer app" can easily be not polluting news feeds with all of the garbage we see ion Facebook. These things belong on other websites or as native applications. There's no reason "farmville" needs to be on a social networking site. This is about interacting with people and sharing information, not playing games. I'd much rather go elsewhere for that.
It would be nice if there was a way to manually add some 'weight' to your circles individually. This could give the sorting algorithm a bit of help in figuring out what you're really interested in seeing. Especially if you could weight a circle to 0 or something and never have those posts appear in your main stream.
+Pedro Dias
- Do you want to get Game requests/see Game status updates?
Yes, but not in a spamming annoying way. Implement it in a way that it does make any noise. Have a default setting which we can disabled all requests/updates.

- Do you want to get App requests/see App status updates?
Yes, but not in a spamming annoying way. Implement it in a way that it does make any
noise. Have a default setting which we can disabled all requests/updates.'

- Do you want so see business pages?
Yes. Please implement the brand pages something like this concept.
I think we could do with having a dedicated stream for posts shared specifically to us (rather than to a circle we're in). That'd serve as some sort of equivalent to a private message system.
I Ming
While We're talking about collapsable comments, May I suggest to have a 'headline mode' as an option to strams that will collapse all posts in my stream to maybe 200 characters + info if it's a photo, or video, etc.

Basically make the streams more browsable..
ah h
eliminate sparks! not useful instead integrate reader favs!
Please, no games in Google+. Endless new flash game invites are one of the reasons I left Facebook.
How do you delete huddles? They are clearly stored at your end, however you cannot remove them via the Android app, and there is no visible way to manage them via the website.
Games = people spending more time on G+ = more businesses and devs moving over to G+

You're a fool if you think posting "No games!!!!!" is going to influence Google's decision on games being a part of their platform.
One more vote for better filtering reposts. Perhaps detecting if the original post if from someone in my Circles (or one additional level removed), it is likely that I would have already seen it, so filter it out. Leave an option to see everything if I really want to.
Plus is not Facebook and therefore I don't see why games can't be implemented in a sensible way. What if games were like hangouts? Plus games could be a worthwhile extension of the system without being associated with spam, even for those who would opt-in to updates and messages. 
This idea may be similar to this one : "* Change your profile based on who is viewing you."

I think what is really missing to Google plus is a way to manage our multiple web identity. As an exemple, let's say I am a blogger under pseudonyme, I have a twitter account with another pseudonyme, and I have my real ID.
As a blogger I may not want people to know my real name. And I may neither want people following my twitter account to know my real name.

Basically, I want to be able to use several pseudonyms and y real name with only one account... hope it is clear.
I agree with +Kevin Wormley that if games were to be added, that it be an OPT IN deal, not opt out. Games and all the spam they create is one of the biggest reasons I don't hardly ever go on fakebook. Hey all, off topic, what is the private messaging mechanism on G+? I can't find a way to send a private message to anyone I have a reciprocal relationship with. 
For streams, it would be useful to use checkboxes instead of radio buttons to select the circles to view. This would enable us to view a custom stream of multiple circles without having to view the "all circles" stream (which can be overwhelming at times). An example of this would be viewing a stream that includes "Friends" and "Family" but not "Acquaintances".
+D Curtis post an update and in the sharing settings just type in the name of the person. Or go on their profile and see if they've allowed people to e-mail them directly.
I also agree with all the comments about being able to disable games. I would like this to extend to other features that get added to g+ and I would like an option to disable these features altogether so they don't appear in the interface.

I have no interest in most things outside of the standard feature-set and seeing these in the interface just feels like noise. This is something that has always annoyed me about Facebook; I use it to read and make posts with my friends and family (and to follow others of interest) but I don't care about "Questions", "Deals", "Find More Friends", "Events", etc so I should be able to hide them altogether from the feed page.
I would like to see the ability to import contacts from Twitter. Great Work, Eric! :)
No games please... atleast no game requests 
Emotion icon support in comment. This is not appeared in your list. I strongly hope you can add it.
Thanks a lot!
When share post edit,reshare can also do
Another feature I would like is the ability to configure/filter the default Stream. E.g. I may only want to see posts from friends and family, etc. by default and not see the people I follow. It would be easy to miss posts if you follow a lot of active posters.
+Eric Cattell +Shimrit Ben-Yair Option to opt-out of others' public circles in their public profile pages. I don't want my name exposed if I have added someone to circle or I'm inside a circle
Thank you +Harpreet Chhatwal! (Don't know why your name didn't hyperlink to your profile like Eric Cattels's did below) I guess thats the way we have to do it now. I hope in the future that +Eric Cattell and the gang implement a private messaging mechanism somewhere along the lines of fakebook's private messaging system or a web forum's system. I absolutely hate receiving unsolicited emails from anyone lol. I don't even read them. I send them all straight to spam. I know Gmail is one of Google's pride and joys, but like I said, I hope they create a messaging mechanism WITHIN G+ that is more straight forward that doesn't utilize my email, say except for the standard "you have a new private message from such and such" that you can turn on or off. Having to figure out workarounds for something so simple is going to turn Mary the the non-techie Soccer mom off from using G+ as their main social networking hub.
New email notifications from Gmail - very important - and calendar meeting reminders in the notification box in the "Google Bar".
if there's a chance we can let people know what type of stuff we share in our private circle, that'd be awesome!
Collapse comments coming into the live stream when there are more than 5(?). For instance, this post was made when I left G+ open in a tab. I just came back to G+ and there are already tons of comments on your post making it difficult to get more news/posts faster when scrolling through the stream.
No lies, this post is taking up half of my stream. Have to refresh G+ to fix this.
:P "Type on someone's 'wall' " :p
Great idea +Laurent Boncenne "if there's a chance we can let people know what type of stuff we share in our private circle, that'd be awesome!"
You guys are doing a great job!! Love the interaction with the community and just overall quality of your work. Thank you!!
Good to get feedbacks but don't bend towards Orkut. Some features like Profile Change with circle seems not a good idea. It's more like creating multiple profile under Google+. Well, we should be able to control what others can see from our profile.

The good thing is that, my Google Public Profile was integrated with G+. There's nothing much to hide.
what about the gtalk thing ... isnt there any way to view offline messegs when loggin into g+ ??? you havent mentioned that !!!... isnt that an important one?? i mean everyone knows facebooks chat totally sucks but gtalk dosent allow sending ofline message ..y so ?? :|
I think G+ should remain a place for fairly grown-up social interaction. Games and other silly things should definitely be a part of it, but it needs to be done in such a way that grown ups can not be bothered by them, or have their shared social data placed at risk due to an unsophisticated user who signs up for every app/game/data harvester available. One commenter above suggested they be something like a Hangout. I could see that, but that's not much different than somebody soliciting you to join Farmtown or whatever. So you have to be careful.

Also, one of the things I really like about G+ is the lack of a wall. Yes, I can see some opportunity for social interaction in a "wall", but it does not fit the model of something you would do in real life (since none of us live in a dorm together). I'm not going to go post a sign in the front yard of somebody I know from church wishing him "Happy Birthday" for the whole world to see, or post a sign in front of his office. I'll just send him a message. My wife might send a card.

So keep it minimal and uncluttered. I have to work way to hard to protect my information and needle through the mess at FB.
And yet, nothing about being able to ignore people :/ I want to leave them in my current circles, but I also want them to not show up.

A great example that everyone has is the Aunt with radically different political views. You still want to be able to share things with your Family circle and have her see them, but you don't want to see her random crap in your stream, so you ought to be able to add her to the "Ignored" circle and never see her again.

Alternatively, I guess I could make a "people I care about" circle, only add interesting people to that, and only follow that stream.
Speaking of not bending towards Orkut, there should be some sort of control or moderation over being able to edit ones name. Something like what Facebook has atm.
+Brian Hampton (Couldn't tag for some reason)

This is the Internet, not real life; things work a little different here. The idea of a "wall" opens itself up to wider community-driven discussions. I can post on a friends wall on Facebook to ask a question and if their friend(s) knows the answer, they can reply or provide some input.

I could of course pose a question to some of my wider circles, but why clog up their feeds unnecessarily? I'd rather just be able to post to a friend and leave the post open to allow for any serendipitous social interaction; whether that's a mutual friend or someone from my friend's circles.

I hate to say it, but anything that amplifies vanity is the key to success in social networks. If some kind of a wall or hub doesn't make it's way to G+, I don't see many people moving over from FB.
Circles needs profile preview that allows you see details on the user profile without leaving circle, of cause respecting the privacy settings of the profile. Something like instant preview in google search.
"I hate to say it, but anything that amplifies vanity is the key to success in social networks. If some kind of a wall or hub doesn't make it's way to G+, I don't see many people moving over from FB."

Does not google + have this already in the Home tab and Posts in profile preform similar functions unless I am missing something.
No +David Knowles not in the same way as a "wall" acts. If I wanted to post something to you on G+, I would have to post an update and direct it at you. None of your friends can see that update, even if neither of us mind anyone seeing it. There's currently no way for people to tap into their friends networks for discussions or knowledge sharing.

So basically I can tune the way I broadcast a message to my friends and followers, but I can't tune it to openly talk to my friends' friends without spamming people's feeds.

And not only that, if you viewed the post on your mobile but didn't reply and then came back to it at a later time, you might have new notifications making it difficult to find my post again.
My right index finger hurts from scrolling through these comments. Please use "Send Feedback" when appropriate. And yes I do see the irony of contributing to this post myself.

I say this with love everybody. :)
As several people have noticed, adding a person to a comment using the "+" feature doesn't always work. I tried this and noticed for one person - at least - that it auto-completed to someone completely different and I could get to the person I was trying to add. Some people just wouldn't come up in the list.

Another thing I have noticed is that auto complete orders by people in my circles (including people I follow) yet this doesn't work for people who have commented on a post that I am too commenting on.

This feels like a bug or a missing missing core feature of the auto-complete to me. When commenting, I am much more likely to be adding people from the post and comments than I am from my circles or the general public at large.
Freezing the UX when viewing a video would be a +1 from me.
Thx for listening :) These are some of my thought,
- Another tab on your profile that contain google calendar, this will lead to event and to-do list - also appointment with time slot.
- Threaded, 2 or 3 level would be great, and collapsible comment.
- Make the top black bar static (float as you scroll a page) and maybe the grey area also float so that you don't have to scroll to the top to see which notifications you have received or to jump to your profile, photos, or search. And perhaps if the left and right pane also float, I often reading a post at the bottom of page had to roll up again to change stream.
Is there any official G+ blog that listed the development that is being done?
About the games .. we could have a separate page for games. Imagine your home: you have the circles list, below the circles you see the sparks list and below the sparks we could have a Games option so that everything related to the games would only show up if I clicked on the Games option. It would like a permanent Game Circle.

Inside the Game section we could have Game Mailbox. All the game invites, game messages and game things would be sent to that GameMailbox within the Game Permanent Circle/Section.
This way the ones who don't like those games could simply and easily block everything related to this, and the ones who like probably wouldn't worry about getting invites all the time so they just click on the Game option and check their Game MailBox and have fun.
1) Sometimes a share a post with Friends and Family... or wait, no maybe it was Coworkers and Family... or wait... let me check.... ARGGGH! I can't check! Why wonit it show me who I shared something with?

2) OK, clearly I meant to share that one post publicly... after all it's just a YouTube video. How do I change the sharing settings to make something public, when I originally, accidentally, shared it only with a specific group:?
The ability to edit who a post is shared with after it's been posted. There have been a couple of times where I've posted something and decided afterwards that I actually want to open it up to others or the public. I had to delete and re-post to do this.
I will have to agree with many in this thread; please no games.
Atleast, thread very lightly in implementing such a feature.
Also, a Wall, naah, it's way to FB. Personally I don't like it.

But spare us from Pot Farm please :)
- Search bar for Stream! It's hard to find old posts.
- And one way to sort the posts of the stream.
- It would also be nice to be able to mark posts as favorites.
- Some way to prioritize the posts of some circles.
- A tool to report spam in the comments. Or give them mute.
- You can have games, but without the annoying messages of such games in the stream.
I want to be able to share individual g+ album photos via circles in the stream. I know I can share via URL, but it forks the comments. Example: I have a picture of my cat I want to share with my family, the album is public, but i don't need the 'share' to be to everyone. It's just a photo of the family dog. Also the comment functionality between g+ albums and the stream is not the same (you can't +name people in the g+ album at the moment).
Integrate Google Reader + company pages (facebook like). I like to read my rss and share with g+ but if I "follow" a page company i don't want to see the same post twice.
A prominently visible 'warmth' indicator or something just next to the name of the person(especially in the suggestions list) to show the number of mutua- I mean how much our circles overlap. This'll encourage new connections and also make sure we don't "get the wrong Bob" easily.
+Attila "Mr.Gibson" Wiszmeg

MySpace has a wall
Friendster has a wall
Facebook has a wall
Twitter has a wall (Searching @YourName is effectively your wall)

To me it sounds like most people here just want G+ to be an advanced Twitter. Mainly because most of the people here are tech geeks, so can't quite grasp certain social features and interaction. Heck, earlier someone was even complaining that events have no place on a social network.

Asking nerds how to build a social network is like asking Chairman Mao for advice on human rights.
Fer C
Hangouts share desk/application in linux :-D
Thanks for the update. Something I would like to see: a separate stream of what people are +1'ing around the internet without having to dive into individual profiles. Absolutely needs to be separate from the main stream, though.
Geo rg
First, really fix that "comments bumping posts" thing as it is highly annoying.

Second, without events G+ is no competition to FB so you should implement that feature as soon as possible ( of course the high number of bugs as well ). Although you've got a powerful calendar not only for personal use, G+ still needs an event feature with linkable pages, fast and easy creation possibility, tags to link photos made at that past event, etc. The calendar itself should be connected closer to G+ but the service itself should only for advanced configuration, management, etc.

Connect Greader to G+. An icon or something similar will be enough to recognize a Greader post which should contain only the article source and title otherwise the stream will difficult to read.
Settings for an extended view or the ability to mute Greader posts are welcomed.

The chat needs to be extended. Google has the GWave and GTalk intelligence so use it to implement channels, groups so we can join and build communities. GGroups can be used as well.

Comments need to be collapsible at the beginning and the end of the comments.
We can expand and collapse post and that works. We can expand the comment threads to show more, but we can't collapse comment threads to show less. This is a problem when you have heavily commented posts with hundreds of comments (like this one). There should be a way to collapse the comments because hitting "collapse post" doesn't collapse the comments.
I'm sure someone has mentioned this before, and many people have asked me whether or not such a thing exists, but I'd like to have a feature of circles within circles. Instead of adding someone to "Friendship Circle A" and "Friends", just drag "Friendship Circle A" into "Friends" circle. Now anyone in Friendship Circle A are also in the Friends circle.
A suggestion - add an option to hangouts to start one in "podcast" mode, which would record the hangout to the user's youtube account and end when the initiator exited. Any invites sent would also indicate it as a podcast rather than hangout so those involved would know they were being recorded...
Something I'd really like to have is the ability to have a different name for different circles. That way I can add all my friends from, say, reddit, and they can see me by the name their most familiar with, and I can have my friends and family see my real name, etc.
In reply to a "wall" and private messaging I have an idea to solve both of these problems with quite a simple fix (sorry if this has been suggested or talked about)..
+Harpreet Chhatwal +Tom Robinson +Hasan Ahmad +Brian Hampton +Attila "Mr.Gibson" Wiszmeg +D Curtis +Eric Cattell +Austin Eschweiler

What if you are given the option to "share on [enter name]'s profile" when you create a new post, including the privacy settings that you set for that post. For example, if it's Harpreet's birthday, and I make a new post that says "Happy Birthday +Harpreet Chhatwal" I have the option to either make that just a post from me, or have it also post on his profile (or "wall"). I can set the same settings, so if I make it public, it will share on both our profiles publicly. If I only want him to see it, I can enter only his name in the "sharing box" (this can also be used for private messaging). You'd have to make it so the privacy of the post and the other person's wall work together. You could do this by giving the receiver of the "post" the option to delete or increase the privacy of the post..

You could also use this method to do private messaging. Just create a new status/update/whatever you want to call it and +someone. Then set the privacy settings so only that one person that you +'ed can see the post. Now you can have a private conversation on your profile(s).

Just a couple ideas, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it?

EDIT: Of course you'd only want the +name to show up on someones profile when it's a new post, not the option when just commenting on stuff.
+Eric Cattell It would be great if G+ could ignore shares that you have already seen. If people in my circle decide to share a post I don't want to see it shared multiple times in my stream.
+Thomas Serio - Having the option to record hangouts could be a great future for education use as well. If professors wanted to record their lectures and then share them. Great idea.
The ability to "subscribe" to someone else's post so you get some form of notification when new comments are posted.
+Harpreet Chhatwal, yes are perhaps right. About the Wall, I don't really appose it. And I am certanily not the best person to ask about the social aspects of Google+.
And maybe that might be one problem in itself; most of the people on Google+ this far is probably tech people in some aspects. Maybe we shouldn't give feedback at all, or Google maybe shouldn't listen to us :)
Want games; just don't let them spam my followers. :)
+James Hampson This is actually how I outlined it in my original feedback post to +Eric Cattell yesterday.

Basic steps:
1) Post on John's wall
2) Before it officially posts you choose who can see it, similar to your normal "status updates", but with the option of allowing John's friends to also see it. Let's just say for this example that the sender decides that all of John's friends can see this post as well as their mutual friends.
3) The post is pinged over to John's wall privately and then John can choose whom from his circles gets to see that post. They could select specific circles, all of their circles or just keep the post private altogether.

This way both the sender and receiver are given a choice as to who sees it, with ultimate control being down to the receiver (It is their wall afterall) and supplemental control being given to the sender. But the sender will always decide the maximum level of sharing, while the receiver confirms the level of sharing.

For example, if the sender decides to post on John's wall and wants to only share it with the mutual friends within their 'Football team' circle, then John can choose to go with the senders privacy setting or he can make the post completely private, but he cannot expand the level of privacy to include his friends unless the sender chose to originally. But if the sender decides to leave the post open for all to see, John can filter it down to circles of their choosing or leave it open as the sender chose to do so.
+harpreet Chhatwal That's about what I was thinking, just wasn't sure how to word it. The main difference is that you include being able to post directly on someone's "wall" or profile where as I was thinking you could initiate the "wall posting" from one's own profile if Google doesn't want to allow people to post directly on other's walls/profiles. And for those concerned about private messaging people, you could use this method for private messaging, instead of Google needing to come up with a whole other way to send private messages and an inbox just for G+.
I would like a button to toggle my feed stream between it's current long form and a more condensed twitter style feed with the posts truncated and the comments collapsed by default.
+Jonathan O'Brien I 100% agree. I also think a good way to avoid a unreadable feed would be an easier way of ignoring a post. As an example : I am not interested in comments of a post, i just click somewhere and it won't appear anymore (similar to an archive on Gmail or a mark as read on Greader, basically).
Will you also be updating the Android app for Honeycomb?
I'll suggest again text-based hangouts. Like multi-user gchats: an irc channel for a circle.
-To view the contents of a circle, it would be great if you could just drag your circle upward to view it in the tab area... seems intuitive to me. I know that there's a "show as tab" feature, but that requires a bunch of clicks, a pop-up window, and it is slow.

-Sparks is taking up too much space. It should be collapsible or be moved elsewhere.

-I assume that there will be a some mail and calendar integration, but how about adding a feature that enables you to easily add birthdays to your calendar. You can add birthdays from entire circles or choose individually. I check FB for events and birthdays and would much rather have them viewable on my google calendar.

-I agree that a stream needs to be customizable and have circle preferences (hide circle from stream or show circle in stream).

-I would like separate privacy settings for my phone number, email address, mailing address... etc.
When I add someone to a circle, I'd like to be able to (automatically) suggest that other people follow that person as well: "Hey, our old college friend has joined; you may want to add her." I don't want to see the stream polluted every time someone in my circles encircles someone else, a la FB, but having the option to do so woud be nice.
+Jessica Polito +1 on the personal suggesting feature. Sharing circles would be nice too (im sure already talked about 100000 times)
I'd like to be able to filter my main stream - automatically hide posts that are video's or pictures, game requests (for the future), posts from certain circles, etc. I'd still want to be able to see them in the circle streams, but I don't necessarily want them in my main stream...

Edit: Nevermind - saw this is already a request... :)
One more (if it hasn't been said already) - a way to search for posts I've +1'd, and the ability to save searches as if they were a stream. It would be useful to tag posts to read later that way...
+Samir Faci You can. There should be the option to share to "your circles." Or are you referring to something different?
I've been thinking about the problem of shares showing up multiple times in my stream, and the disparte comments happening separately on each share...

So my thought is there should be threaded sharing... Start by de-duplicating the shares and then enable some sort of threaded comments for re-shares such that they ALL could be navigated to on the orignal share... Obviously the comments on the re-shares would need to fold since an original share could end up with hundreds of shares and re-shares each with hundreds of comments, but this would be an amazingly awesome way to surf around the social graph... I'm not saying it's not a full baked idea yet... but just I thought cool enough wanted to share...
+Samir Faci So right now you have people in your circles who are not currently on G+? And you're looking for a +my G+ people sharing option?
Commenting is so inefficient... and this is highlighted by these long threads.
Follow reddit's lead, and support comment threads, and sorting. This would be far more efficient than all these @ replies in flat comment lists. Please!
+Samir Faci There is an option to share with "your circles" when you go to post something. You don't have to manually add all of them.

Just click "add more people" and it should be there.
This might be more of a Google profile suggestion, but there should probably be a verification system similar to Twitter to prevent the fake celebrity accounts that plagued them in the beginning...
Geo rg
So in addition to my comment above:
Choosing the number of loaded posts was already mentioned but an option to toggle autoloading of more posts as you scroll further would be great as well.

Right now the "extended circles" option for sharing take all circles into account and if more circles are added to the list, being redundant nothing happens.
Instead if any circles are added in addition to "extended circles" the latter should only take effect on those listed circles. So "your circles" + "extended circles" will be equal to "extended circles" only, "friends" + "extended circles" will share with your "friends" circle and the circles of your "friends" circle.

Roughly it was already mentioned: The circles on the stream sidebar and in the "circles menu" itself have to be movable and thus manually sortable taking effect onto the list in the sharing tab as well.
At least I should be able to sort the circles in the "circles menu" which will affect every list of your circles anywhere. However, the animated circle are sorted horizontally so making items in the stream sidebar movable would simplify the concept.

Make comments linkable
Honestly, I'd rather have "Google Games" that is SEPARATE from G+, and maybe you could have some persistent online profile in Google Games, like a Gamertag on Xbox Live, and have a link to your profile on Google Games on your G+ page. That way you wouldn't have to use it if you didn't want to, and there would be no spam in the stream (because all of it would be in Google Games). Keep up the awesome work!
OK, I'd give my left arm to NOT have games on G+.
Also, I haven't seen it on your list yet (or I've missed it) but an ability to sort the Stream by most recent first would be very helpful instead of having to switch between circles to see people's entries.
Ok, games, or generic apps can be good for some people and product marketing, but is not good for the guys that want only to communicate.
I suggest allow the users to create and publish the apps (or games) and implements on Google+ an option to "hide" all apps and/or games from all sources.
I assume that you are eventually going to make the relationship thing linkable to the people in which you are in that relationship. Since you have 'open relationship' as an option (thank you). Could you please make it so that you can be in a relationship with more than one person? I mean, I would love there to be a polyamorous option too with the same ability to link to more than one partner but I will take it either way. Facebook do not allow this but other social networks such as Fetlife do and it really goes a long way to feeling inclusive. Also, well done on having domestic partnerships and civil unions on the list.
Being able to post on someone's wall seems against the principles of google and privacy (and was the most annoying feature on facebook in my opinion!) If something is posted on my wall, who can see it? am I not supposed to be the one who decides who (or what circle) sees what streams? so who will see the wall post? If it is the sender's circles, that will be no different from mentioning someone in a post, and it can not be the receiver's circles, since the sender has no access and just doesn't make sense for the receiver to set a default wall posting setting or set the sharing settings after!
I'd like to be able to grab G+ posts and mark them either "View later" (like Instapaper lets you do with web pages) or "(add to my) Archive." The archive would be a place for storing links to G+ posts and other content.
+Eric Cattell Do you guys receive feature requests through "Send feedbacks" or that is only used to report problems?
I like +Hadjar Homaie's "Save as Draft" idea too. And would like to see a rafter Google Labs options.

Oh, and keep it simple! LOL

No, but how about this three-way set of preferences for users to choose from up front: (1) Default view (clean, but with plenty of features), (2) Simple view (minimal features, for technophobes and the like), (3) Customized view (you decide which features to activate).
Well I like +Jeremy Whipple's idea of 3 views too, very much! as I mentioned on +Shimrit Ben-Yair's stream too I've been thinking about circle structures and how to make it hierarchical or set based (with all set functions) for days now, without making it too complex for the average user. I think the ability to add each person to multiple circles makes the structure complete i.e It is possible to create a hierarchical structure on top of it, maintaining the original structure. But since people are already struggling with the flat circles structure, having a feature like that as an add-on makes a lot of sense.
Eric, just wanted to shout out that your posts are STELLAR -- compared to the deafening silence that many companies produce when people ask for things that may be useful, seeing things like this list (and the nigh on hourly changes) warms my customer support cockles, whatever those are... KUDOS!
People have mentioned collapsibility. That's important. I'd like the home page to be like an email inbox. Just one line for each item, with a preview window.
Related to that, I'd like optional subject lines for posts. Maybe a window below the text box marked "Add a subject line (optional):"
On the home page, posts would be listed by sender and subject or, if no subject, showing the first line of posted text, along icons showing if the item contained a photo or a link.
Create sub-circles. For example: "Work" - "IT", "Work" - "Directors".
Show updates each circle separately, with a number beside the name of the circle in the sidebar.

So I can send stuff to the folks at work, or for each separate sector. Also I know if I got something important from directors without mixing with the rest.
If I could have different circles see me with a different name, it would be nice. If I have a circle of contacts from a website I write on, I would want to use only my Username that I use on that site. However, if my real, full name should probably be visible to people in my Friends or Family circles.
Here's a critical feature that I have (surprisingly) not seen mentioned yet. When one user blocks another user, they should never see anything from that user. As it is now (this might even be a bug) the blocker can still see comments from the blockee. For example, I have two people in my friends circle that really don't get along (at all). If one of them comments on something I post, the other one sees it even though they blocked the first person. Fights are breaking out in my update threads. It's quite silly (both their behavior and the pseudo-block feature).
I know this is somewhat tweet deck'ish, but tracking terms would be great. Or searching public threads.
When you +1 a site from or the site itself it should be shared on your timeline... NAME just +1'd SITE, if the user +1's multiple sites within a given amount of time it becomes NAME just +1'd SITE and 10 others. If multiple people +1 a site then it becomes NAME, NAME and 15 others +1'd SITE. Going to a users profile page is not the best way to see what sites he has +1'd.
Kaye P
I'd love to see a calendered journal/notes. It's great to have posts that aren't necessarily in the "stream" that you could share with circles, and then re-find based on when you wrote them (a calender entry)
It would be neat if Gmail users could have the option of integrating G+ into their Gmail page and handle the stream of posts like another Inbox within Gmail.
You should add verified profiles like Twitter, is the Bill Gates profile really him ...
In your profile you can link other websites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc. I would like to see the option to share a post you make on Google+ to one or more linked websites. Treat it like circles or something, so you can easily add them while making a post.
G+ circles are in some sense tags, but not really.
From the perspective of sharing data with the "right" contacts, it seems equivalent : I can define as many circles as I want, each one corresponding to some topic or type of data to share with these persons.
From the "reader" perspective, I can chose which feed to show, that is, which circle. But it's not because I decide to share my "computer" interest with, says, Tom, that Tom will do the same, ie share only "computer" items with me. Yes, probably, if I put Tom in my "computer" circle, it's because Tom is interested in computers, and produce some items on that subject. But maybe he could also want to share with me others things, say "music", that I don't care about or that I would like to be shown in some other "leisure time" feed.
Therefore, I think public tags would help : I would define the items I share by as many tags as I want, and I could define filters, based on tags, to select data that are shown on my different feeds.
Another thing : it would be nice to have a "fold" button for each thread of comments that have been unfold/opened in the feed....
Plus recognise that people are different things to us, Family, Friends, coworkers and allow us to tune our broadcasting to the right audience.

The same way, we are multifaceted people to those around us. Publicly I am, a director, an open-source software developer and a Jiu Jitsuka.

People interested in following my software development are very unlikely to want to hear about Jitsu, and vice versa.

However my public stream does not allow me to differentiate between my audiences, like my circles does. I should be able to tell my software user to follow my public software stream (with bug fixes), martial arts enthousiast to read my MA book reviews, and my clients to keep an eye on what as a business do.

So I would like to see G+ to improve public posting by allowing me to define the "facets" of my public personality and post to those like I would do to circles. The current public post page can be the aggregation of those facets, like it is today with the creation of new sub-public URL one for each "facet".
Thank you for your time.
What I would like to see most of all is a BlackBerry app. Are there any plans for one?
Please Google... DO NOT ADD GAMES! Leave that garbage on Facebook.

If you really must add games, give us the option to completely turn off the platform. There are so many websites out there that offer free games. They don't need to be incorporated into Google+.
Being able to map relationships and circles geographically would be amazing. It would be nice to be able to sort circles geographically or integrate Google Maps somehow.
Eric its awesome that you and the rest of the Google+ guys are actually listening to the suggestions of users, so good job on that.

I would love to see the integration of band/artist pages with appropriate music player and various promotional tools. One thing that let facebook down particularly in the early days was the lack of features for upcoming artists, therefore people had all the social networking they needed, but had to keep going back to myspace for their own band/music project or to find new artists they may like to listen to.

As music is a huge part of most peoples lives, adding features in to cater for artists could be one of the key elements in the success of Google+

Cheers :)
Integration with Latitude, Feedburner (In the Sparks, so I can have one place for my RSS feeds), events (With the Google Calendar) and a -1 button.

I think Google+ makes a nice beginning to my "Desktop" now, and with some additional features, it would be the one place I would go to see my RSS feeds (Thus, news), my shared events, and location awareness.
In Circles, tab "Find and Invite", allow the user filter to show only users that are not in my circles. The process of people organization will be much more easier.
I'd like it to be more obvious which circles I'd shared any given post with after I've posted it.
remember to have a nice google ecosystem all together. don't integrate events without google calendar for example ;-)
+Harpreet Chhatwal LOL i agree so much. i am afraid of all these suggestions because they all come from geeks/nerds that don't know NOTHING or almost nothing about social network and interaction!
One of the things that freaks me out on FB is that if I comment on a friend's public post, I don't think there is any privacy there. I'd love to see G+ fix all of the privacy scary stuff about FB.
@Kayla- with the scenario you mentioned, if your friend's post is public, then comments should be, too, it seems. From a user standpoint, anyway. I guess a way to make a comment private would be nice, but I think it works correctly from a user's standpoint. If you want to comment on a friend's post in private, you send them a note via the private InBox feature.
Add games - No. Just no. Not unless we can hit them with a banhammer so we don't get 100s of F****ing mafiawars and farmville updates. Look, this is where the rot became obvious at facebook. Don't go there so soon.
Personally I'd like threaded comments, but for some reason that's seen as too advanced for general use.
My comment from earlier: Ok, google+ post sharing options are starting to annoy me now. The interface for setting the initial sharing options is great but once the post has been submitted, that UI is gone, never to return (as far as I can see. If I just didn't spot it, usability fail). You can reshare the post with a wider audience (as I did with the last one) and get the sharing options back, but that wraps the post in another post, and edits in the original post (fix the typos!) are not rippled through.
Enable a configurable "default" privacy setting (public, circles, xyz circle, private, etc.) so that you're not reinventing the wheel every time you post. It currently appears to recall your last setting, which can be annoying when that last setting is a post shared with one person.
Improvement When I click the notification button it automatically reset the counter before I even read my notifications. Notifications should reset as I read my notifications. Hence facebook notifications.
Gender shouldn't be mandatory and definitely shouldn't be forced public. (Not to mention the fact that while I freely describe myself as an "other" it is pretty offensive to some of my other trans friends.)
Suggestion - Able to post an update while viewing your profile instead of heading back to the stream.
When adding photos to an already created album and choosing who to share with, it would be nice to know which circles already have access to view that album due to previous permissions!
If there are games, please, for the love of $deity, do not let them spam me/my stream.
I would really like Google+ chat to know if I have gmail open in another window because it's really annoying to hear "bong bong" every time someone chats to me. I only need the chat in one window.
I'd really like to not see games added to +, or at the very least have a single settings to mute all games.
Johan C
- Possibility to change the background color or add pictures as backgroud... depending the person i follow
Integrate Google Music controls into the Top Bar (as it rarely has to reload). Seems like it would be really easy to add.
Since we're on the subject, here's my Google+ Wish List (I've tried to edit out the suggestions you already have listed, but I might've missed one or two). It's divided into three sections...

1) Little Annoyances

You have to use two hands to either mouse or tab over to the Post button then press enter. Needs a one-handed shortcut for the Post button. Preferably shift+enter.

I just went through all my notifications on my phone, then a few minutes later sat down at my computer and loaded up the website. I had to go through all the same notifications a second time. Argh. Please synchronize notifications between the web and phone.

While writing a comment I entered a name into the "Find People" field, trying to find a profile I wanted to link to. I accidentally went to that profile, completely lost the comment I had been writing, and had to re-write it from memory. Like other Google products, G+ should warn you before leaving the page when you're in the middle of writing something, and/or auto-save drafts so you can pick up later.

At a glance, you have no good idea who will be reading your comments on most posts. The post visibility header should provide more detail without requiring a click. It should say something like "Limited to Alice, Bob, Charlie and 7 others" for posts shared with circles. For posts shared exclusively with you and one other person, it should say something like "Private Conversation" or "Just for you". This would make people much more comfortable using it for private conversations, because it would make it totally clear to both parties that the conversation is private.

Sharing a location doesn't seem to work very well -- through the website it tends to be pretty far off, and through my phone it just doesn't seem to work at all. There should be an option to edit your location so you can choose the correct one, like in Twitter.

2) Little Improvements

The ability to optionally add a title or subject line to a post.

The option to collapse your stream and view it in a list similar to Gmail/Reader, with the author and title or first line of each post, and the ability to click and expand only the ones you're interested in.

It would be useful to be able to mark a circle "Follow only", so that when you share something with "My Circles" you can easily share it with everyone you actually know without also sharing it with every random celebrity and organization you follow. This may not seem like a big deal now with little in the way of organizations and celebrities on here, but when G+ becomes popular, it will be. (I realize they likely haven't circled you and won't see it unless they check their Incoming stream, but there's no reason they should have access to it at all.)

The ability to "pin" a post in some fashion to easily follow the comments. Ideally this would make a little sidebar statically attached to the side of the view port, in which case this feature could conceivably replace the current chat interface. But it could even just keep the post at the top of the stream, or add a button to filter the stream and only show pinned posts, or instead of "pinning" it could even be as simple as a filter that only shows posts you've commented on. Right now, those posts can easily get lost in the clutter of the stream.

On the website, creating a Huddle should basically create a new post shared with all participants, with all the messages shown as comments on that post. This would also make it easier to reference a Huddle conversation later.

Basic formatting with dashes and asterisks is better than nothing, but it would be nice to have full support for rich content, or at least the formatting toolbar from Gmail.

Integration with Google's apps. Particularly Calendar, Contacts and Reader, but this should really happen across the board (and I'm sure it will, we just have to be patient). Buzz can obviously be phased out entirely, as G+ is essentially Buzz 2.0, and even Gmail and Google Talk could conceivably be absorbed into G+ eventually.

3) Big Ideas

Comments should support all the functionality of an original post, allowing URL's, images, videos, etc. to easily be shared in response. In fact, there's no reason for a distinction to exist between posts and comments at all; it would be nice if I could write a response post that would show up in the replies to someone else's post, but also share my post with anyone else I might want to (without having to re-share the original post, necessarily). Think pingbacks and trackbacks, only better.

In the mobile app, the Nearby screen is nifty; I'd like to see this expanded to have something like "meta-circles" (or "magic circles") that would be automatically populated based on specific criteria: e.g., there would be an Active "meta-circle" containing anyone who's currently (or has recently been) actively viewing/posting to the site, the Nearby "meta-circle" would include people near your present location. I'm using "meta-circle" as a working name here, to suggest I'd like to be able to use them just like actual circles to list users (who have opted in, of course), filter the stream and even share posts with. However, a better term might be "status" (though that could confuse Facebookies, who might think a status is a post), and could include things like Active, Nearby, and even Hanging Out.
Integration with Wave for private messaging and discussions..
Post is in detail here:
Though, I have already submitted my feedback for that.

My other request would be the ability to select multiple circles to follow on the stream page + the opposite, which would be filtering out certain circles in from the collective stream.
I'll go submit my request for that too..
I would like and option to hidde comments... once you expand them.
I would Notification could directly open in new tab,
and I could choose what I wanted to be notified.
ex: (I dont want a notification if someone post a comment in this post,
except they tag my name :D)
map thumbnail for a google map link
Good stuff. Some good but some obvious ones who want to make this into FB. This is NOT FB! If you want FB, go back!
Incredible that you guys are actively listening, and iterating like crazy. This is something Facebook continues to refuse to do. Facebook makes assumptions of what people want, instead of actually listening to what they say. Keep it up!
I have one more integration request. There should be some integration with Google Calendar. It'll be nice to be able to set up calendars with certain events that can be seen by different circles when they view your calendar.

Feedback sent.
problem: receiving identical multiple reshares of one post from various friends.
Before resharing a post, I think it could help a count (or percentage) of our friends already received it
An option to enable desktop notifications so when you recieve a message in chat you will get a notification (like gmail)
I can't send any feedback for couple of days.. what's wrong? :( Sending always fails and says to try again later.. :/
Perhaps a way to copy circles/make them available to copy instead of auto-populate?

Whatever you guys do, please don't facebook my google+ (games, wall, etc.)
Circle is a great way to manage privacy cutting the problem on the beginning, but I think we need also public "circle" (quite like public/private facebook group) this could be done linking inside G+ Google Groups, may be you're just doing so....
+Eric Cattell some more ideas, perhaps you already got some of them:

- event management tool
- avoid resharing of not public posts
- better way to tag people (e.g. using a "username", since there might be many people with same name)
- automatic post/post update when I add photos to my album, even if I do that from picasaweb
Please, please... no games. Nothing was more annoying than seeing those dang game posts in my stream at facebook. I don't want to farm or join your mafia, I'm here to read and share information.
two things: 1, as faw as games go how about a feature you enable a sort of yes I would like to play and recieve info from games/ no i would not like to...if you want to enable/ if you don't want to or don't want a clogged stream disable
2. events should be in some way attached to huddle. for mass text/mobile purposes
Someone comments on a photo I posted. I get a notification. If I don't notice the notification and then look at the photo and see a comment. The notification should disappear automatically.
+Eric Cattell I thought about another thing. I wanted to reply to a comment tagging a person, but it seems impossible to tag someone which is not in my list; the feature works, but if I write the name it simply shows other people and I cannot find the right one.

Can you add a button like "Tag person" or "Reply to this person", so that it would automatically add their name to the comment? Would be also helpful something like "Send private post" to create a new post shared with this person.

Sent a feedback as well with the same request; thanks for the good work!
Here's some notes and suggestions:
* Feedback button ain't working here. I can't type in the box! Firefox 5, Win7
* I'm using multiple Google accounts. I want it to be easier to handle when something is shared with one of the accounts you DON'T have Google+ on. Also, when I open new tabs with Google+, it switches to the account that I logged in on, which I do not have Google+ on (it should not switch)
More feedback is coming!
Edit: Also, I can't get the chat working
Some notion of groups (public/private, with various level of adminship...) seems like the most important thing that is missing to me right now, unless "events" already covers that in some way. Don't underestimate people's innate desire to associate themselves with something.
Another suggestion:

Can add contacts by groups of Gmail.

If I already have a contact group in gmail, I would add them to a circle without having to add email by email. (The same to send invitations)
So, I love the idea that when you follow someone, Google adds that person to your "Other Contacts" within gmail. I am not sure if it is a bug or not, but some of the contacts (most, but not all) that have been added only include the contacts first name and link to their G+ profile. It would be great if it would at least add their last name and would be even better if it could populate some of the fields from their profile (email, company, etc.). Also - maybe instead of adding them to the "Other Contacts" you could add them to a "Google+" group? Just a thought...
as to will welch's last suggestion, if there is ever a default circle, it should one with abaolutely zero privileges and highest privacy restrictions.
It would be nice to create a way to delimit the issues. If I click on a circle, I see all posts from all members, but if you want to talk about a single issue can not filter.

It could be tags, or something similar.
I believe you only choose what streams you want to view. I'd like to see an "exclude" streams as well. I have a "Following Circle" and it dominates all of my other posts. I'd like to filter out that circle when looking checking other posts.
I don't know if this is on the table or not.

I think one should be able to share a circle with a friend (i.e. let someone in a mutual circle see who else is in one of your circles.) Obviously this should be a permissions based thing, but I don't want to tell my friend, " hey you should add this guy and that guy and oh... just add everyone in my awesome circle by hand." I think there should be an automatic way to do this.
Just came across something as I tried to post a link --- I enjoy being able to edit the title and the site summary defaults that pop up when you post a link, in case the default description of the link is crappy, or you think that there's a better section you'd like to highlight to entice people to click through to see the content you've linked to.
Also don't like the idea of games in here ...

How about a possibility to vote up comments to be the top comment of a post, StackOverflow-style voting would be very cool in G+
I would love to be able to add multiple links to one status update.
* Integration of Circles with Contact Groups

While on Buzz I wanted to reshare a post, but Buzz wanted me to use Contact Groups instead of Circles. Likewise in Picasa I wanted to update some album sharing settings, but Picasa also wanted me to use Contact Groups rather than Circles. In both instances I was expecting to use Circles and perplexed that I had to use Contact Groups that did not (yet) mirror my Circle sets.

It's a little annoying (and counter-intuitive?) to have to manually sync up my Circles and Contact Groups. So... (user optional) automated sync/import/export of Circles to Contact Groups please.
D Boyd
It would be great to have nested/hierarchical/branched or what ever you would call them circles.
Mostly for the ease of sending posts to a few circles by selecting one circle from which they all "belong" or "branch". multiple circles could also be viewed by selecting the circle from which these other circles "stem".

Thanks for all your hard work at making the G+ experience one that is unique and user friendly at the same time.
D Boyd
Another thing that I forgot to mention are the concerns of a number of my friends who are currently on Facebook, but could eventually move over to G+, is that their game assets from FrontierVille, YoVille, etc. will be lost if they decide to switch.

I can easily see it being the deciding factor in them switching over. Perhaps working with these game vendors (Zynga, Playfish, etc.) to create some way to keep assets across the Facebook/G+ interface would be beneficial to both users and G+.

Thanks again for listening.
Oh gosh, I really hope we don't get games on G+! To me, the natural place for G+ is alongside FB in a way... I already use G+ very differently to how I use FB. I don't see myself being exclusive to either in the future.
It would be awesome to find frieds based on a circle. I'm assuming that the suggestions presented in the "Find and Invite" view are inferred from my current circles, but that would also mean I could datamine my own circles more efficiently if I would be able to leave out some circles from the pool - or explore suggestions from a single circle only.
When clicking "Limited" next to a post, instead of showing individuals I believe it should show the circles it was shared with instead. That would be much more meaningful.
I disagree with +Chad Huntley suggestion above. I like the way it works now. Adding people by circle is a shortcut. I don't have to type every name in. But being able to see them individually when I click Limited is also a shortcut. I don't have to go somewhere else and look in the circle in order to see who is in it.
My circle's for the doc, not the tool.

Don't Over-engineer a Solution: Circles are Easy
Think of circles this way. Reorganize accordingly.
1. When reading, circles let me view the stream by a subgroup I follow.
2. When writing, circles let me hide the content from everybody but the circle I share it with.
+M Sinclair Stevens , circles are not only a shortcut but a meaningful way to group people. By not showing the circles you shared a post with you take away a reminder of what group of people you shared it to. A long list of names means nothing, however a list of circles means a whole lot more (it's the main selling factor of Google+!!!)

This is especially apparent when you have the same person in multiple circles, it becomes almost impossible to figure out which circle you shared the post to.
+Chad Huntley Thank you for helping me understand a different perspective. My groups must be much smaller than yours. Of course I use circles to "meaningfully group people"--based on my strategy above. But my groups are distinct enough, I guess, that it's easy for me to tell if I'm looking at my Fishing Buddies or my iPhone App developers or my Neighborhood Group. So for me, the ability to see their faces was really great. Unlike you, I found this especially the case if I added multiple groups like Film Buffs and Japanophiles. And sure, I have people who I've categorized in multiple groups too--because I use some groups for reading and some groups for writing.

I hadn't thought about people who could glance at the faces in the group and not remember which group it is.
Really would love a optional Discover new people feature added for a trial run.
Could be based on existing Sparks & +1's data.
I imagine it would be great for meeting & connecting with new people around the world..

Thanks to +Kelly Ellis , +Shimrit Ben-Yair , +Eric Cattell , +GooglePlus.ideas . & everyone @ Google for taking the time to listen to everybody's (Or at least lots of it) feedback....Way To Go!
Still would like collapsible comments. Some of these are just too long once they're expanded, and you end up scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling... perhaps a "view more comments" would be better, showing a handful of comments at a time. Really, the comments thing is the most obnoxious part of Google+.
+Dave Besbris +Eric Cattell +Shimrit Ben-Yair +GooglePlus.ideas . +Kelly Ellis

Definitely NO GAMES!

If people want to play games there are many millions of websites out there offering a lifetime of game plus plus some. Don't pollute Google+ with this garbage. Lets keep it neat, clean, and professional.

If games MUST be added, then give people the option to completely disable the games platform. No messages about who is playing what, no invites to be sent out, no inclusion of anything games related content anywhere unless it specifically chosen by the user.

Games are NOT needed and I dare say there would be many millions of people who agree.
Ability to Import/Export circles like an address book. If not then ability to "fwd" entire circles to our newcomer friends/family/coworkers/etc.
Excellent feedback. Interactivity with the customer alone puts you far ahead of Facebook.
1. The length of this stream alone ties up browser resources when expanded (32bit Win7, 3GB, Chrome 12.0.742). Perhaps collapsing the top of the thread (stream, g-string? lol) when the bottom is expanded would be one option to address?

2. Consider this image:

Not sure if it's technically a good idea, but say I wanted to Circle all of those users at once... perhaps a method of dragging a square around them or tagging them would make that possible? Adding them individually (like I did the entire Google+ team members) takes time.

I want those tags in stream:
+all: Hello world (make post public)
+friends: Hello my friends (choice with which circles share post) THIS WORK NOW, BUT ONLY WITH USERS
-family: Hello all in my circles without my family (choice with which circles unshared post)
+User Name: Hello User Name (choice with which users share post) THIS WORK NOW
-User Name: Hello all in my circles without User Name (choice with which users unshared post)
Hey +Eric Cattell, not sure if it's been included before (and if you'll be actively reading all these 300+ comments) but my take is:
* Add games <-- I know it's part of what drives a social network, but the absence of games is what I really enjoy about g+ vis a vis fb.
Not seen in this round-up:
* collapse comments, or maybe only unfold every x comments. Trying to read 300+ currently is pure spam.
* mute circle -- Maybe it's just me, but I have the impression that muting an entire circle (eg a twitter-esque "Following", to reduce the flow of information in the complete stream) would be nice, alternatively:
* Select several circles for one stream.

Thanks for keeping us up to date!
Need the ability to share a YouTube video and have it start at a certain point. Currently G+ ignores the '#t=' part of the url when crafting it to start at a certain timestamp.
write on wall? nooo! thats like facebook the way message work now is fine
Big kudos to you and other Google folks who are (a) so receptive to what people are thinking and (2) actually listening. CRITICAL SUGGESTION: I realize G+ is not being portrayed by Google as a FB alternative, but the reality is most people will not invest time in both FB and G+. I don't think G+ can reach its full potential unless G+ grows enormously (what good is a party that people don't come to?). I've been speaking A LOT with "regular" folks about my exposure to G+ and all it can do. Interest is peaked, but for these people who are not obsessed with technology (i.e. most of the world), the transition from FB to G+ will best happen if Google figures out ways to make that transition super easy. For example, exporting FB contacts into Yahoo and then importing to G+ won't cut it. Using some 3rd party software to export FB photos to then import them to G+ won't be something many people will do. Spending time making the service itself so awesome is fantastic. I hope there's a group there somewhere working to make a conversation for the average person possible with just a few clicks.
Why don't you create a page with a list of features requests and their status? Would be interesting 
My immediate response to adding games (and by definition any other form of "app") is NO!

My reason for saying this is that on the Facebook platform games and apps were at best annoying and at worst were identity thieving malware.

If games / apps are to be implemented on the Google+ platform I would like to see the following:

* Access to games / app must DISABLED by default. A user should have go into their profile to enable access to games.

* The way a particular game / app interacts with your profile and social graph must be not only be explicitly stated but also be actively accepted (i.e. be opt-in) by the user.

* Any notifications / alerts sent by an game / app must be off by default.

* All user profiles must have the option to reject notifications / alerts sent by games / apps.

Doing these thing I think will, as a minimum make the think at least for a few seconds about the consequences / implications of using the games / apps.
Would be nice to see "Share-able Circles". So that rather than sending someone a list of people i follow from a particular group, i.e. the Googlers, i can simply share the "Googlers" circle with them and they get everyone i had in that circle.
Also, when submitting feedback, chat boxes are right there and either cover the "submit feedback" button or once you manage to jedi-click the button it covers the chat window, so you can't black out your conversation. Also, i'm having continual issues with not being able to type in the chat box. it works from the gmail page, but not from the G+ page.
To save from repeatedly clicking on every circle listed under 'stream' on the left to see if anything new has been missed, a little number next to the name of each circle with how many new posts there have been since last checked would be fantastic. Just a little notification number. Like on facebook groups (sorry, had to say it). That would save a lot of time and clicking.
It would be great if you could make a reference to a post that someone else made in someone else's post. Sorry if this has been mentioned, I didn't read the 337 posts above this one.
I wish I could divide my public feed into subsections based on content, and people that want to follow me could follow the piece of it that they are interested in. I tend to post both science stuff and mom stuff. The scientists aren't interested in the mom stuff, and moms aren't interested in the science stuff. The way the public feed is now, I have to really censor what I am putting in there to avoid spamming one or the other group, and in that way the public feed, for me just doesn't work (unless I'm using it wrong). I think a lot of people would be in the same boat if they wanted to use a public feed for both work and personal purposes, like it they had a job (e.g. realtor) and a hobby (e.g. baseball card collecting) where a public feed would be useful. Thanks!!! I love that you all look at these social networking problems as things that can be solved.
+Eric Cattell, I really appreciate how you've itemized these potential features. Now here's an idea that can help you out: integrate into Google Docs spreadsheets and then create a survey so that people can vote on what they want to see first. Based upon your approach thus far, I'm pretty sure that you'd like to know of this features list what we'd like to see the most first and by implementing that feature, you can get more metric driven feedback. :)
Please add trending topics. just like twitter. it's badly needed. also make the posts searchable just as we search tweets..that way we can actually find people with similar interests..
Thank you for listening, its amazing seeing that our responses are getting through and not just forgotten or thrown away. I agree with many of the highlighted points, however, I also strongly hope G+ wont just duplicate facebooks features, i would want to see G+ continue its differentiated approach. I am absolutely amazed and blown away by G+ at this stage and dont want my new 'baby' growing up to be like its larger brother..

For me G+ is what facebook should have been and now more then anything, what it wants to be.

Much love and respect
I have a quick question, can I do audio chats in chat rooms with people, if I don't have a camera?
Just a thought on the events side of things, Google Calendar is already there, and is a fantastic service, so why not tie the functionality of the two together? You can already add guests to events, so what would be fantastic would be the ability to add entire circles, and post certain parts of your calendar to your stream.
Also, the Android app is incredibly laggy on honeycomb...
How does one disable reshare from the mobile app?? Is it possible?
Google+ is awesome with a very clean and pleasing UI. Expecting GMail section / tab to check gmail messages from Google+. No ads please. Keep it clean.

Please Google, don't enable games, or as described, give us the option to completely disable the platform - I don't want to see games, receive game invites, have anything game related posted in the stream... nothing! One of the most hated features of Facebook is the games and the constant annoyance they bring. I know I'm not the only one in favour of no games. If games are going to start flooding Google+ as well, I might as well just stay with Facebook where all my friends are not bother trying to move them across.
People commenting about not adding games are missing some crucial points:

1. It's a huge business opportunity for Google and their advertising revenue streams - they've already made gaming company acquisitions (slide) and invested millions in others (Zynga).

2. When Google+ is opened up to the general public, they're going to want games, else a large majority will just hang around on Facebook instead.

3. Play is a universal language. Why exclude that from Google+? Why exclude that aspect of creating new and interesting interactions with friends and new people online? Isn't that what Google+ set out to do - Recreate social interactions as they happen in real life? The notion of Play penetrates many of our daily interactions, and as such meets the vision of Google+.

Gaming on Google+ is a given. Gaming studios are biting at the bit for it (some have even had an early look at the possibilities). And as with Facebook, it's a massive revenue source that Google won't likely forego.

Having said that, Games need to be done right. They need to be incorporated in an intelligent way that enables the end user to control what information they have access to, what is hitting their streams, and how they discover games.

+1 to Games - Whatever form they may take :D
Wow, 354 are a lot of comments, don't know if I missed that one, but I get, why you put posts with a new comment to the top of the stream, even when they were posted a week ago. If you're interested in an ongoing discussion, you don't wanna lose it. But not with every topic do I have that interest, so maybe you should be able to sort the stream by "newest post" or "newest comment" and when we're at it "most comments" not sure about that one though
PLEASE do not add games to Google+. Do that with a separate platform.

Feature request:
Option checkbox "Keep revisions". Checkbox will show only when editing a post.

"Keep revisions" will keep revision history of your post. When "Keep revisions" is selected, an edited post will have a link to "Revisions", which will allow others in the shared circle to view differences between edits.

Of course, "Keep revisions" is optional.


Feature request:
Individual albums should have a "Return" or "Back" link that returns to the album list view. This is helpful when there are multiple pages in the album list view.

For example, "Your albums" lists 50 or more albums on multiple pages. You go to page 2 of the album list view. After clicking on an individual album on page 2, how do you return to the album list view? Browser back button doesn't work: You return to page 1 of the album list view, not page 2.


Feature request:
When sharing a post, show the date and timestamp of the original post, and provide the link to original post.

Better organization system for where you have lived. Maybe your current city on top and the rest below alphabetically, or by date, or the option of either. Perhaps the option of dragging them into any order you want, rather than having to retype the whole list if you want to change the first couple. Thanks for taking the time for feedback !
* Event scheduling - Something like would be really cool.
* Posting quotas - If a person has posted more that twice during a day then some of his posts should be aggregated into a single entry in my feed.
* Less wasted space on the "circle page" - It should be possible to see 3 rows of contacts at the same time.
* Increase the size of the cross that allows me to hide a person on the circles page. - They are difficult to hit.
* Don't use fixed width on the circle page - The scroll bar looks bad.
* Add a link to collapse the list comments to a post.
* Make it easy to share a Google document with a circle or a hangout - That would make hangouts useful for online homework support.
* Make it easier to participate in several hangouts, while only speaking to one of them at a time - That would make hangouts useful for online homework support.
Re: "Some of the items, such as sorting posts, seem more like a symptom of us not doing a perfect job guessing the relevance or "bumping" things up to quickly." in Eric's post.
(I tried to scan all comments with Ctrl+F for "sort", so I hope nobody said what I am about to say.)
I don't think you can do a perfect job regarding relevance, because there are different relevance types a single user would like to use. When I log in after a couple of days, I want to see some highlights (i.e. most popular, most commented, most relevant to my interests, etc.), but not necessarily most recent. However when I have caught up, I want to start seeing nearly everything in real time, so now most recent at the top, without popular/relevant sorting.
These are only some examples, but my point is, people don't always want to see things sorted one way, so you can't write one perfect algorithm. I think you need to give people some basic filters like "Best" (most interesting for you), "Most popular" (most interesting for everybody), "Recent", etc.
Uh, allow me to chip in and say that I disagree with "typing on someone's wall". This is not Facebook. I mean, typing on someone's wall on Facebook was a horrible idea. You want to share something with someone? Well then just share it with that specific person, which you can do right now. If you truly want it to be more open so that other people can see it, then make it Public and explicitly share it with that person too, so that they know something is being shared with them in particular.

I'll add my own suggestion to the list: fan pages. I'm actually surprised Google+ didn't have these to begin with. This is what's going to attract businesses onto G+. Allow me to +1 their pages and see what things they're talking about.

Also, another suggestion: when I +1 outside Google+, it would be nice if that would show up in my stream, rather than in a "hidden" (or at least not very accessible at a first glance) +1 list. The point of +1ing and Like-ing articles should be so that the people in my circles see: "oh look, Tiago liked this link, let's check it out". Of course, since G+ is so privacy and circle-oriented, we should have something like a default privacy setting for things we +1.

As for games... I have a mind-blowing idea. Google is all about integration of services, right? Well, why not bring Android apps to the browser? All of a sudden we'd have a load of games readily available to play out of the box. I'm sure Android devs would be pretty chuffed about that too! It's definitely possible as well, Amazon has done it:

I think that's all for now, if you actually read all of this, thank you :-)
Chronological order. Chronological order. Pretty please an option to turn off the way that things are bumped in the stream. Seriously I want chronological order. Um, have I said it enough? I know I can't be the only one who wants this, but it's one of those super important things, and I think that having it as an option would be a really good way for G+ to go "hey, we care_" because I'm _sure it's been sent as feedback a million times.
Another idea I've had: visualization circles aka let me easily choose (and change) which circles show in my stream at any given moment.

It could be done by either letting me add items to that left menu where I have a list of my circles and these items would be circle combinations, e.g. Friends + Family.

An alternative would be a way smack in the main page where I can, maybe via checkboxes, choose which circles I'm looking at in my stream. This might be slightly worse as I would have to be clicking and unclicking checkboxes all the time.


Also, a completely different idea that just came to me when I wanted to read all the comments in this post: paging for comments. Unfolding all the comments at once in popular posts like yours that can easily get 300+ comments is not very friendly. Facebook does this better.