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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback you have all provided. We are starting to iterate on solutions to some of the first round of obvious issues, so keep checking back to see what's changing. Most of this feedback comes from the "send feedback" link on the bottom of the page which is sent to a group of people that aggregate the data and send it to the Technical Leads and Product Managers of each team.

As several people have mentioned in other posts, I'm the Technical Lead of the Social Graph team. We are responsible for most of the parts in the product that allow you to view/edit/find circles or people. I'm only going to focus on the Social Graph area in this post. Here is an unordered/incomplete list of the types of feedback social graph has been receiving:

* Some way of having hierarchical or sub-circles or some way of doing set logic (This and this but not that).
* Easier way of dragging people from one circle to another.
* Reordering circles
* People editor gets a little "clunky" sometimes, freezes up, etc..
* "Sharing" your circle, a.k.a. "shared circles", a.k.a. communities.
* Filtering suggestion by high school / employer / location etc...
* Easier to reciprocate relationships
* Too many random people following me, don't want to block them, but don't want to see them either.
* Out of sync if you add someone from the top bar, they aren't in the main page.
* Lots of duplicates in suggestions
* Inconsistent results in autocomplete, can't always find people.
* Import groups and people from orkut, google contacts, you tube, etc..
* I want my vanity domain to work.

I've received tons of feedback about other parts of the product as well, and I've sent them to the right people...this post is only focusing on Social Graph stuff. +Kelly Ellis posted a video about some of the stream feedback if you guys are interested.

You guys, our users, rock! So, keep banging on our product, we hope to make it the best social network on the planet!


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Thanks for the summary. I'm enjoying Google+ and looking forward to your team's updates. Keep up the good work.
Keep up the good work! Another suggestion: Another window, alongside Home, Circles, etc., in which a user could see available Hangouts. They tend to get lost in the stream.
A kind of a "shared circle" would be nice too.
Example: There's a "closed" group of people who want to share stuff just between them. Instead of having everyone of us to create a circle, where only this - lets say 20 ppl are in, I'd like to see a "shared circle" between all of us. If a new member joins, we have to add him only once, and he appears in the "shared circle" of all of us.
Hans Stam
When are you guys going to integrate the interest graph with the social graph. i want to share my posts with certain cisrles directly from my google reader.
That's what I meant by "sharing your circle". I think it's a great idea.
Oh, and another one: I just want to see people who are already on g+ in my suggestions. Not those, who are in my address-book, but are not on g+.

Kudos for the great work. G+ rocks! :)
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
corporate circles might also be a good idea. that way i can make a a circle with all my workmates and share all those contacts with each one of those people in the circle
Ah ok. Thats your "sharing". When I read "sharing you circle" I thought of a public (or targeted) post, like: "hey, look, that are all the ppl in my circle called 'xyz'. You may follow some of them, if you want to.
+Eric Cattell regarding the duplicated suggestion, most of my contacts are having multiple mail IDs personal and official. I am not really comfortable in adding a person based on official mail ID. It would be nice if the suggestion stick to Google ID and main stream email providers. Also most of the people's Google contacts are unattended and unorganized. Somehow we urge people to merge the contacts maximum possible. Thanks a lot for several upcoming improvements
Can anybody point me to the Technical Lead of the Sparks team?
Thanks for the updates. Watching how your teams are reacting to all the feedback is just as enjoyable as the product.
+Eric Cattell I didn't see this in your list but I did log it... If you select 400-1000 people all together and move them from one circle to another, it fails and forces you to break up the move into smaller pieces. I think it's fighting with the automated "SAVE" logic.
Awesome! Lots of those things will be very useful to me! Keep it up! <3

P.S.: Sparks+Google Reader integration - can we haz? :B
Thank you for taking time to communicate with the users. It means a lot.
At this point G+ efforts should be concentrated on making it simpler and fixing the reported issues, and not adding more features. Just a friendly suggestion.
I agree with +Kim Sherrell.

This makes me feel like we belong, like I'm in some sort of community and not in just another social network site where we can't even talk with the people behind it directly...
Don't give everything in one shot. We need something exciting once in a while :)
The first thought I got from this was: Try to break it. then tell you guys ha ha ha
Give us all of this, and then later on suprise us with things we didn't expect... ;)
In love with G+ and everything about it since last Tuesday...
Sara Su
+Eric Cattell I thought you were going to take a weekend off for once. Great post; reshared.
In addition to Option to SEND our FEEDBACK, Place an Option to SEND our SUGGESTIONS. Thanks. +1
I'm in love with it so far, and everything you mentioned was at least something that I thought needed to be touched.
All of this sounds good... But the 'too many random people following me' change bothers me --- I know people don't want to have to deal with people they don't want to see -- but G+ is about discovery too.. maybe set the box to NOT show you have new people sharing with you... but still people should be able to add you to circles -- but not wanting to know about it cept if you click incoming... makes sense... I like that grey box that pops up with new people!

Just not blocking people from following you... specially since you control who you share with anyways...

Let's make it awesome Eric together!
thanks for your great work,i like google+
+Eric Cattell Is there some of release note page Google+ users can visit to see what changes / fixes / additions have been made?
Being able to subscribe to a "Public Circle" similar to mailing lists could be helpful.
One poster is manually collecting names for people who use Apple products for example,
and it would be simpler to "sign up" instead, as well as to post to it too.
Sounds like a duplication of Google Groups though..
+Eric Cattell Thanks for keeping us in the know. One of my largest complaints is that the 5k max for circles is too low or shouldn't even exist. Don't stifle content consumption for those who are experienced in discussing content with 20,000 concurrent users on online forums.

I've found it absolutely wonderful the amount of content I have consumed or shared from G+ with 4,700 users in one of my circles. It is not radical to think that users who partake in the largest communities on the net want to discuss and share content. For the past 10 years, users have entertained themselves by large quantities of discussions and information just with the vBulletin platform.

Point being, consuming content & information is a right that shouldn't be hampered with caps. If someone wants to consume from 20,000 people and wants to take the time to categorize to consume, why would you want to stop that?
+Eric Cattell, the g+ web app must be fully navigable/operable with gmail-like, gReader-like keyboard shortcuts.
Jian Lu
This is a great list!

One feature I would love to have is the capability to set a particular circle as the default source of my stream list. Currently my stream is a mixed results of messages coming from all different circles and became quite noisy. I have to do extra clicks to read the updates in the circle I am particularly interested in.
+Eric Cattell I guess I have you and your team to thank for allowing me to see circles, the +1 button and several icons I didn't even know were missing. Thanks a bunch. Works great now.

"Too many random people following me, don't want to block them, but don't want to see them either."

Is this really an issue? Just don't put them in a circle and they won't show up in your feed, right?

In Notifications I don't want to see everything or I want the new notifications to be flagged somehow. I'm never really sure that I've seen everything you're trying to notify me of.

In both Notifications and the Stream I would ideally like to be able to flag a particular post in several ways. Kind of a "Mute unless...." structure: Mute unless I am mentioned; Mute unless there are new comments (and then just show me the new ones instead of the whole mess unless I expand); Mute unless comments from <circle> or <person>.

I don't like the way comments are displayed right now. A particular post could have x number of older comments collapsed, two or three comments shown and x number of newer comments collapsed. If you can collapse what I've already seen and expand the rest or give options for "Expand new", "Expand all" and collapse everything that would be great.

Thanks to all the Googlers for their responsiveness during this limited trial.
Another comment: It is frustrating that email addresses of people I've added to circles (or people I might add who come up under the find function) are not always visible when I hover over their names, even if populating from my own Gmail contacts. Also, I'd like to be able to add someone to a circle but mute all of their posts from my feed. Maybe the ability to mute an entire circle from the feed?
Multi-language post support. If you consider expanding circles into a hierarchy, could it be an idea to label certain circles (or people) with their languages so that people with other languages than English can both share with their local friends in their native language, but at the same time share with the world in english? And thus avoid that the English-only followers get all the non-English gibberish polluting their feed?
Perhaps not a number-one priority for an American company, but a solution to multi-language posts would be highly welcome to the rest of the world
Thanks for the summary, and keep on rocking.
Thank you and all the others for being so available and helpful ;-) ... hope that scales when the world floods in ...
+Jason Packman Then how do you handle those who post 20% very useful stuff in English that you want, and 80% non-English. You wouldn't want to un-follow them completely due to the 20% interesting posts, but it might be nice to be able to filter out the non-readable posts?
thanks google!!!!! but i still hope can have a function that.......i want to setting each circle's authorization by myself. ex. I want to read post or reply from circle Favorite, and I want to ignore post from circle Boring but read their reply.
Or don't let people know if i add them into my circle. some people such as boss will be angry if i'm not add him into circle >.<
all of the following post just mentioned why people like google+ ,aha~
Google+ keyboard shortcuts! - ASAP

For now the following are available:

j/k - Go to next/previous post in any stream (even in Sparks)
q - Go to Chat - Search people

The following more are at least needed to make g+ truly shine:

/ then c - search Circles for friends
/ then s - search Sparks (if this is possible)
/ then / - search web (open a minimizable gmail-like google search pop-up within)

g then s - Go to Stream
<Shift> + n/p - next/previous in Streams
g then x - Go to Sparks
<Shift> + n/p - next/previous in Sparks
g then p - Go to Photos
<Shift> + n/p - next/previous in Photos
g then P - Go to Profile
g then c - Go to Circles

Just make it easy: click on any empty space, ready to accept keyboard shortcuts...
j/k within posts to navigate through comments (like here) would be nice too :-)
I'd love some kind of integration or possibility of migration with Google Groups. There are some wonderful features in G+ that would work perfectly with a group allready existing in Google Groups, then if it would exist something like "Public circles" It would be great to choose to migrate all members of the group into G+, landing in a public circle with the name of the group.
Please also think about shortcuts e.g. opening the notifications
why we can't merge the circle?
A public Changelog would be awesome, so we could actually realize what's happening.
Would not adding option to have sub-circle complicate things a bit...Atleast have it hidden away so that only power users would need to use it...The current circle feature seems to be at the right level at least for me...
+1 for Venn Diagram style circles... Show me the overlap... let me see when one circle (family) is entirely inside another circle (Friends)... but also how me when all but one of my family circle are inside friends.... I'm telling you VENN diagrams... do it... it'll rock.
The list that +Eric Cattell proposes sounds really promising. G+ team obviously have a good feedback mechanism and seem to know how to respond to it. I also like their openness and transparency. They "do no evil" motto is showing better than ever before.
I didn't expand the comments here, so this is probably repetition. Very much appreciate the availability of Googlers on this project.

Makes Facebook seem really faceless.
Please, I want birthday reminders!!
Thank you, it's great to see that you listen to us :D
Thanks for the already great product! Two important usability suggestions that IMHO can really make a difference:

1) When adding a comment and typing into the textbox it is very annoying that it moves when new comments/posts come in. Have the textbox pop out and stay put while the user types, but in an unobstrusive way so you don't notice it when nothing changes. But when something new comes in, only the background should move.

2) Please add some more folding functionality so that it is possible to fold the comments out of the way in several steps. Also, an initial folded view of the postings stream where each posting doesn't take more screen area than a tweet would strongly increase communication as you then can browse over more postings in less time. With that and with twitter im/export you would blow facebook and twitter out of the water! :-)
Oh, come to think of: Google Wave can provide a lot of inspiration. How about instant translation of foreign-language posts/comments? A button beside each comment that links to Google Translate and pops a frame with the translated version should be a one-liner... ;-)
To my surprise the simplest things are still missing though:
ctrl + enter -> submit
Default circle setting for new posts -> Partly solved if we'd have circle hierarchies.
Google calendar integration (would be really nice)
We need a FriendFeed-caliber sharing bookmarklet, of course.
A public Changelog would be awesome - Totally seconded!
Is there a way to find people living close to you? Or just by location
Hi, I would like to see the possibility of downloading a single picture or a whole picture gallery! is very boring download each foto of the gallery with right-click and save and download. Thanks a lot! :)
+Viktor the Android app allows you to see nearby geotagged posts. Still a bit glitchy though. That or no-one in London is on here.
Just being able to see registered plus users in the same city, or any city, would be great imo. But I suppose you'd need an option to specify where you live right now, not just places where you have lived.
@Viktor you can specify current location on that same page, its just not obvious. Change one of the pins to a blue one.@Remy Huddle is mobile-only as well. You obviously missed a page :D
I'm not sure this is included in "set operations" for Circles - the ability to turn on or off multiple Circles in my Stream, instead of only one.
Another issue is how do we find out new improvements that have been introduced? It seems now we find out more or less by chance, when you try out something and it works differently than you were used to...
Thanks a million for being around and listening!
+Paul Brocklehurst Ah, I was just wondering what the colors were about. They ought to make it a little more obvious what they are for
Following Daniel's comments - one of FB's BIG failings is the inability to communicate changes to users - they log in one day and are surprised to see the layout has changed, cue massive crying. Don't make the same mistake Google+.

+Eric Cattell says in the first post of this thread "keep checking back to see what's changing" - where? by playing with the interface and figuring out what's different? On individual developers/technical leads' streams?
re: Languages: Can't you just run non-English posts through Google Translate and have them translate to the user's default language? Leave the mouse-over text to show the original text.

No sense in having a language barrier this day and age...
How about google reader as a tab (instead of Buzz on profile page)?
It seems right now, when I receive notifications and I click on one of them, the notification counter goes to "0" even though I haven't yet checked out the other notifications. It should decrease by 1 for every notification I click..
It would be great if you could choose to show different profile pictures to different circles. I.e. one profile picture shows for my "friends" circle and another one shows for my "family" circle.
WOuld be great if we could connect our youtube videos
There are a lot of comments, so I'm not going to check if this was already included- but some work needs to be done on the comment strings- once you open up the string you can't (at least, I haven't found a way to yet) collapse the string. Sometimes my entire stream is taken up by one post and its many comments.

Also- I can't wait to see G+ integrated in social sharing services :)

Cheers on a great product!
The only issue I've had was with Instant Upload. The feature is amazing, however after a picture is posted, it should be removed from "photo's from your phone" album since it also now exists in "photo's from posts" album. Thanks! Great work! Best social product to date! Can't wait to watch Google grow due to all of the new integration opportunities.
Hello, Here is a suggestion you have probably already heard.

Google + needs a way to sort public posts. It would be good to have two stream options:

A. View people/circles being followed
B. View a general public stream to see what is going on in general
I am loving it. Keep up the good work. With Wave I couldn't get people to join me, with G+ I fend off constant e-mails from family and friends asking for 'invites'. There is a pent up demand for something like this. something 'just that much better' than what was already out there.
Keep up the great work you do!

I just hope, that you won't overload the elegant platform, that Google+ is currently, with too many "features". I see a huge danger to user acceptance if circles would become even more complex than they already are for a "normal" non-nerd user.
Thanks ! "Sharing" circle, great idea !
I just want the mobile site for Blackberry to work as advertised; I seem unable to see or create Huddles, though the landing page indicates I should be able to. Being invited to a Huddle that you are incapable of joining is a bit frustrating.
+Roland Giersig For these issues.. I suggested a STREAM and Comments PAUSE button -- so you can pause your entire stream from updating or just new comments from appearing while trying to respond/interact -- and then you can unpause it on your own... Not sure how doable this would be -- b/c if it's paused TOO LONG...might be a LOT that plops out but I think it can work.. maybe it auto-unpauses if you wait too long.
On an individual's HOME screen, under the "Following" or whichever Circle one has, perhaps add a dropdown list of names of people who are a part of that particular Circle. That way, if I want, I can click on an individual user's name and straight to their posts, instead of having to scroll through ALL of the stream.
How about private or public "Events" in G+? Would be nice...
I'm glad such great suggestions as Set Logic for Circles and Shared Circles already made their way to the list. A thing I want most is not [yet] on the list, though:

Post publicly but not to push it to followers

It would be great to be able to post publicly but not to push it to all followers, but only push this content to selected Circles (possible - no Circles) *. Such posts would be available for search engines to index and will be available to *anybody with links. This mode is not new for Google, Picasa users would recognize it immediately.

Idea here is that there is nothing secretive in many posts, they are public by their nature, but there is no reason to flood the stream of many people by these posts. For example I'd like my technical posts to be public but not to appear on my wife's stream.
I think that a better integration of Interests Graph with Social Graph which +Hans Stam mentioned above could be achived by allowing to post to intersections of a Circle (social) and a Spark (interest). That's what +Robert Scoble was advocating for, if I understood him.
I have another suggestion as well; I would like to be able to subscribe myself to someone's social circle that is based around a topic. For instance, when I post about tech/engineering/etc I would post it to my Tech circle - not all of my friends that I would normally consider pushing content out to and putting in my tech circle are interested. If users can opt-in to my feeds it gives people who are interested in hearing what I have to say about technical things a way to follow and subscribe to that circle. It would also be nice for those circles to be available to the public.
Text-based hangouts based on multi-user gchat would be great.
Only a tiny addition: When checking out someone's circles - that is "view all" on "people in xyz's circles - and you wan't to check out one persons profile page (because the info in the little mouseover info isn't enough) you can't open that profile from there with ctrl+click (windows) so it pops up in a new tab. Instead it always will open in the same window. Hence, it always means getting back to the original person's profile, click again on view all and go again. The same holds true in the circles main menu btw.
I don't think I want a vanity URL on G+ like I do on twitter. I think facilitating sharing by sending emails/messages like is done on the new profile pages while choosing to display the source as being either the Gmail address or the user profile is better.
What are the plans for "hangouts"? It would be awesome to share screencasts, or just web pages, or maybe google docs? That would make it a fullblown conferencing app
Thanx so much for giving this to the world. I realize that you must have been both anxious to show this to everybody - and a little bit tense, anticipating the reaction of those coming in after the first closed beta runs.
You ACTUALLY made it. Now trim and debug. You will rule - which makes me kind of nervous, although the rulers are great guys with good vision and ability to execute.
Thanx again - from Copenhagen, Denmark.
It may be a little late on this post but I would like to see a way where we can view the private conversations between myself and another user without seeing all the public and limited stream updates in between.
Thank you - it's great to see Google actively listening to and responding to the feedback - a great way to launch a new product. I REALLY am hoping you're working on an integration between Google Contacts, especially your Groups in Google Contacts, and Circles; I've spent a lot of time curating my contact groups, and want to be able to leverage that effort into building out my circles.
reduce the noise generated by re-shared posts. My streams is filled with the same item posted by different people
Hey +Eric Cattell I've got specific feedback re: your reply to +Emily Castor about the profile's associated email address (usually none) taking over. I think a simple solution (is that ever the case?) would be to allow your personal associated contact information override the user's profile information but be privately visible only to you.

For example, if I have a contact on my Android phone/Google Contacts for Bob with his personal email address, but his public Google+ Profile has no associated email address, then the email address that I have will display on his profile for me only. It would be kind of like having the ability to add private notes to people's profiles, visible only to the person writing the notes (that would be a good feature too, btw).

Btw, I'm submitting this as feedback as well, but I wasn't sure what would be the best/most direct way to get this to the right Googlers :)
I would really love to see Google Docs integrated....drag and drop docs and diagrams into circles or hangouts...
I sent suggestion to feedback team to setup shop in here...and eat your own we can vote for the best features/fixes and suggestions with the plus button. Look in this thread for easy it is to see the ideas we like best.
Something really lacking is to have several public circles. I would have one "techincal" and another "political" for instance so that people can follow one aspect rather than having all the noise.
You guys need 'Send feedback' on the mobile solution which I am using on my iPad at the moment and it ain't optimal.
My god, you just don't know how much you rock too! I've been enjoying Plus immensely this past week and whilst our feedback might be voluminous in nature, it's only because we also want the best product too.

Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work.
Shared Circles please. Everything else can wait. (Great work so far, thank you.)
Keep up with the great work you're doing: I like Google+ more and more everyday and the ideas you signaled are amazing!
Thank you. I am looking forward to becoming a better product. Please luck.
You seem to have my wish list about covered (...iPhone app)... If I think of anything else, I'll let you know (...iPhone app).
Re-shares should work like Re-Tweets on Twitter. Even if dozens of people I follow re-share something, it should only appear in my feed once. Also, if someone sees a re-shared post in their feed and hits the 'Share' link, it should then share the original post to their followers. Not the re-share. (Avoids nested shares)
When I get a mail in gmail. I get that subject as sms.. So when someone comments on my post, I get a mail as Re:Post contents.
Instead if it comes as XYZ has commented on your post will be very nice for me to identify by sms who has commented and accordingly I can decide whether to reply back or not.. Can you change this email notification implemetation this way.. I mean it should be the way you have in orkut.. Or like facebook :D
What's the point of Buzz integration? It feels redundant to everything else that is already on Google+, and it feels forced. I don't know many people who use Buzz now, but I don't see that number changing with Google+. The feeling of things being forced on the user is what will stop people from migrating here. If something Buzz-like has to be there, it should be a button to link you to twitter.
Hi Eric! Here's some feedback, merge with facebook. :)
Something else I noticed is photo tagging. When I click "photos of you" it says I don't have any, however if I bring up picasa by itself I can click on people and then me, and I get all the photos that I have already tagged. Why can't "photos of you" in G+ just import the tags from Picasa?
Setting up circles is a LOT of work, as everyone is growing their social graph all together. A poorly-thought out set of circles might make the product less useful (to a specific user); giving the people the ability to set up circles usefully from the beginning (shared circles, concentric circles, and Boolean logic) would greatly reduce the work involved in setting up circles, and help people get to the content-sharing which this platform will live or die on.
Is there a way to disable the stupid enable chat box that pops up everytime you login?
Off to a stellar start!
Looking forward to G+ integration with other Google Products.
BD Berk
I can't believe that one dude posted his wedding engagement on g+.
I'd like to place a vote for sub-circles as long as it doesn't make things too complicated. Most users today are from an analytical background and have no issues with set logic. It might confuse others. So maybe add the feature after creating a stronger foothold.
I think we should be able to select Multiple Streams ... meaning Multiple Circles .... not just A, B or C. I think it would be great to have a toggle on/off button by Each Circle Stream ... and you should be able to select from all, all but one, ... these three ... or only one. Any combination. If you post while looking at those four circles, then the four circles should be set by default.

Thanks for a great utility already!