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To Donate:

I met Naveen and Crystal on the 2007 aids ride. After learning we worked together and shared many common interests, they became close friends.

Their daughter, Keira, came down with pediatric cancer. And, to make things worse, after the cancer she developed OMS, a rare neurological desease where the immune system attacks the nervous system.

After watching what their family went through I vowed to help them raise money and awareness of pediatric cancer.

In Naveen's search to find the best way help he found another dad, Jeff, who's son Pablo died of pediatric cancer. Jeff and his wife had some influence and talent starting companies and created PabLove to help other families in similar situations. Rather than raising money for large research grants, Pablove chooses promissing small grants and programs and funds them directly. We know and choose where every dollar gets invested.

Read Jeff's story:
Read Naveen's story:

All of us want to give back. I was reading a stat somewhere that the average american donates about $2,000 a year - regardless of how much money they make. If the stat is to be trusted, it means someone making $20,000 a year donates 10% of their salary and someone making 2M a year donates .1% of their salary. Coming from a relatively affluent group of people I'm embarrassed...and I want to help change that.

I'm covering all costs of the ride.
I'll match up to $3000 in donations.
I'll get Google to match my match - so your $100 dollar donation could be $300 (or $400 if you also have corporate matching).


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Google Fit launches some pretty amazing new features
Up your fitness game with #GoogleFit. Set and accomplish goals to be a healthier you.
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This could be quite a change for power generation
As they point out in the article, this would be amazing for small screened devices as well as the obvious window application. But even cooler is that these aren't photovoltaic cells at all.

Scientifically, a transparent solar panel is something of an oxymoron. Solar cells, specifically the photovoltaic kind, make energy by absorbing photons (sunlight) and converting them into electrons (electricity). If a material is transparent, however, by definition it means that all of the light passes through the medium to strike the back of your eye. This is why previous transparent solar cells have actually only been partially transparent — and, to add insult to injury, they usually cast a colorful shadow too.

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Day 3 complete. Another 80ish miles towards riding my bike back home.

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I just finished my first day of Pablove - 6 more to go.  The 37 of us rode 84 miles through LA with a police escort - amazing way to avoid traffic!

So far we have raised just shy of 600K, my team of 3 (riding for Naveen's daughter) raising 40K of that.  Pablove gives 50K grants to very promising, out of the box, cancer programs for kids.  100% of your donation goes directly to childhood cancer (we paid for our ride costs).

I cried when I heard the story from Graysen, our cancer survivor that we road for today.  He is 8 years old, and is fortunate enough to have survived a childhood brain tumor.  Pablove got him involved in the Pablove shutterbugs program to allow him to be a kid, have friends, and live a normal life.  His story really touched me.

On the selfish side, I got to meet tons of amazing people. Lots of dads with kids who are going through cancer treatments now. Lots of business celebs who want to make a difference.  Nothing is quite as tragic as childhood cancer.

If you feel like supporting these poor kids, or reading about what we're doing:

My Page (to donate or find out more about my ride): 

Pablove in the press:

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Crazy day of training yesterday. 100 Degrees, 85 miles and 7500 ft of climbing.  Only two weeks left until our 550 mile ride.  I think I went through something like 16 water bottles, and was still dehydrated at the end.  But it is worth it to try and help my friend and his daughter with OMS.

It is the home stretch, and I'm only half way to my goal.  I need your help to help Naveen Viswanatha​'s daughter and other children suffering from OMS.  If you have any extra to spare, please help us, 100% of your donation goes to funding grants to help cure childhood cancer and OMS.  We are covering all the costs of our crazy ride:

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Give $1 to 'Android for Autism' and Eric will match it. Support Developmental Disabilities Institute together! – One Today by Google

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A friend of mine shares some old celeb pictures with me. I thought they were interesting enough to reshare.
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Give $1 to '50 Women, 50 Machines' and Eric will match it. Support Common Thread Collective together! – One Today by Google

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They say 80% of people find the same word first. Comment on which word you find first so we can do a little experiment.
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