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MFBTY Contest Thread! 

We've got a bunch of CDs to give away to you Nasties, and we're giving some away on G+ as well.  Woot!  Here's what you gotta do to win:

1) Give this a +1
2) Let us know what you thought was most interesting about the Sweet Dream Music Video. MFBTY said there was a lot more to the video and a lot of symbols. What symbol stood out for you the most?
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YEAH BABY!!!!! I love the MV it was directed and producved STUNNINGLY! I felt as though everything was done so meticulously and even adding Jordan's name in the background was such a cute touch ^^ Changing my symbolism from my FB to a different one.... So another piece I loves was how the body is connected to all of the life support machines. I think it represents how life nowadays is so dependent on technology and how sleep deprived people have become, showing the irony of a "sweet dream" when you can't sleep. 
The most interesting part for me was when the tiger started ripping him apart and when the line "what goes around and what comes around we call it karma" plays. I thought the symbol (when he started spazzing and shot up into space) of his creative frustrations trying to escape and be shown was pretty interesting. Also the part where he flies high up and then falls symbolizes his urge to reach new limits and reach new heights-- but as always, success is not permanent and everyone will fall in the end no matter how high they reach. This is just another opinion though. =]
The part where they were driving this awesome jeep through all sorts of scenery, including water, was interesting because they were actually sitting on a plain bed imagining it all. This stood out to me because it seems to be tied with the theme of running away to another life to be together with their love in the lyrics.
The symbol that stood out to me was definitely about Tiger JK's Transverse Myelitis...what I perceived was his limbs being tied up as it can give paralysis, and severe stiffness/tightness. The mechanical spine pulling out of him showing the severe pain he's going through, I found that to be an awesome symbol!
Its always apparent that there is a bound between the 3 and whenever or wherever they fight to keep together. I also suspect that one of the hidden themes is leave whatever harms you or keeps you from being yourself far behind you.
For the whole time when JK was struggling and shaking with those wires, I thought how awesome sexlife Yoon Mirae and JK must have. Couldn't help it. So nasty? I guess you don't mind about that. 

But the most awesome scene was actually when Bizzy dropped the piece of meat onto JK's stomach.

I'm really bad with the symbols and symbolism, I think that I'm not educated to see all the hidden messages. I think I notice some, but I don't really know the meanings :/

It was sweet that they included some words like Jordan at the background texts (behind Mirae). Jordan, cute little kid of JK and Mirae. Their own dreams?
Emma S
I found that the part where the tiger/cheetah (not sure exactly what animal it was - sorry!) was tearing into him savagely was very very interesting. It could stand for so many things...guilty thoughts, malicious feelings, or maybe it could be a metaphor for something bigger that is hurting him. It could show how hard life is or the struggles with society that are tearing you apart inside. I personally think that it shows an inner struggle with yourself, like you're fighting with your personality. It was such a graphic scene that takes you by surprise but once you really watch it again you start to think more and more about what it could mean, and why it had to be portrayed so harshly. ^^
I loved the MV but the song touched me even before I saw the MV so mostly I still can only concentrate on it.  But I think one part that always catches my eye is the part in the song where the line is simply "Inhale, exhale" but in the video you see Tiger taking what I assumed would be his first breath arching on the bed and the smoke under the bed reacts with him.  I just found it very impactful.
So This MV Could represent a lot of things fristly I saw the Birth of MFTY with all the things that are showing the love between Mirae and JK ... After seeing It like 20 times I've been thinking that the technology is really present in This Clip ... And that the human was used by the technollogy , sended in the space facing this spaceman without anything to survive Up there He  was forced to go back down... Tigers and Cats are really present in this clip ... I felt also I was maybe a way to thanks fans and some people like the name of a fan club behind JK or Jordan behind Mi Rae...Well I impatiently waiting for the coming MFBTY's Songs ! :D
Okay, like most people, I thought the whole MV was great.  My favorite part, however, was when JK was shot into outer space.  I loved how impossible and inspiring it came across like....."yeah, normal people would die from this, but I'm chill, doing the possible, waving to astronauts."
There is one scene so hilarious: the scene when the man faces Felix in the middle of space. Everyone knows Felix was the one intending to be the first human ever to make a jump from the space. It would've been funny if Felix had failed to be the first one just because some random unequipped half-naked guy from nowhere made the jump before him.
I know it's not something symbolic but I just love it because it's funny. And the MV without the symbolism would still be enjoyable to watch. Great MV!
Now, this is my honest opinion. The very beginning stood out the most to me. When Tiger JK was lying on the bed hooked to all the machines. Yoon Mi Rae was singing her hook: "We were meant to be, another time, another life..."and so on. Then, she was standing there leaning over him and pulled the switch to start everything. Now, symbolism usually passes me in a video but to me she was asking "Do you think you can do it?" "Can you find some way to come back?" But to what? That's what made me think. Then throughout the video, you see them trying different ways to revive him but nothing works even when Tiger JK symbol comes waltzing in and just rips into the body. That was another profound scene. What could have happen in life to cause that much stress that it was literally ripping him apart from the inside? Work? Creative ideas? Being at a crossroads and wondering which way to go? I think they found their way, huh? ^_^ 

Second to the Last one, honest. When he was falling from space and he hit the earth's tried to stop him but he still went plowing through. He touch down with a force that bent him in half. I have NO IDEA what that means only that I thought it was AWESOME. 

Last one, Waking up. All a dream. Just reliving everything out and processing everything that has happened. Karma, stress, pain. everything. Its over. 

Overall: I love this song but ohmygarhd...i love them to death together and apart. Congratulations MFBTY on your ALBUM. I can't wait to the next single drop and I so can't wait to see Simon and his crotch thrusting. Cameo. Get Martina in on it. Cool points to EYK!!

Thanks guys!!! 
I'm not really a metaphor kind of person...I don't ever seem to understand symbols. But can we talk about how awesome it was that the astronaut in space was Felix Baumgartner! I noticed that immediately. That was such a cool little throw in. But over all I love the entire video, super cool and definitely on my download list!
Kelly E
This video was so visually stunning...almost overwhelming but yhen pulling back before it gets to that point of no return. I really liked the contrast between the seemingly abandonded and derelict building and the sleekness of anyone or anything coming from the outside. 
I really loved the part when tiger jk goes into space where he is with the astronaut who is meant to be the guy who broke the sound barrier (Felix). That being in the video was cool because mfbty is breaking a sound barrier as well.
The multiple entries in different outfits into the operating room just set up the idea of “another time, another life” so well. I love how it's Tasha who is "saving" Tiger JK as well.
Hmmm...Symbolism let's see, well I saw that they were on a bed and were still treating it as a car. So they were driving through their sweet dreams lol I also liked that fact that Tiger JK was being mauled by an electric/robotic tiger symbolizes the fight he has with Transverse Myelitis? Writing the name MFBTY could symbolize his "karma" Gasp But could the electric/robotic tiger symbolize how the tigers are going extinct!? Well that's what I got  Thanks for doing the interview it was a lot fun to watch, and I send all of my best to MFBTY, FIGHTING!
The first thing I noticed when I watched the MV was that a lot of the graphics had an animal that resembled a tiger throughout the video. When Tiger JK is on the bed with a piece of meat on his tummy, a tiger-like animal enters. I found it funny how the lyrics to the song kept playing "what goes around comes back around, we call it karma" and it fitted into the video.
The second appearance of the tiger-like animal was when Tiger JK shoots into space and sees an astronaut wearing a suit with a tiger logo on it. To me, it looked like it represented him if he was to be in "heaven". He also comes back into the prison and wakes up again, just as anyone else would after a nightmare.
I found it cute as well how the scenes of the three of them in the car, and then role played on the bed where Tiger JK again takes the wheel.
There's also the introduction of Jordan's name for a split second behind Tasha which I also found quite cute :)
I think this video has a lot to do with tigerjk's illness because anyone could've been on the operation table. Yoonmirae in the begin was slow singing so that was more of the "loving , longing,hoping" But it speeds up and they have a crazy time almost like " of good times" but then we're back at the operation table and she writes MFBTY and place meat on his chest and none other then a tiger eats it. So I think that is symbolic Tigerjk been his worst enemy during that time of trial and recovery but had his fans(MFBTY) during it especially in another interview he said doctors said his career was over. But he's still here living his dream and having " sweet dreams"
For me this was a really fresh song for all things Korean Music related. I really loved how they enjoyed making the video and the song. Tthe symbolism in the video for me is mostly found in the dream-like scenes and sometimes not so "sweet" things found there (meat scene). I really like that they used CG in their video (being a 3D technical artist myself).
The music video was amazing~!  
I liked when the video had the name jordan behind yoon mi rae it just shows that they really care about their son and just really love him.
The whole Video was very inspiring for me to be honest.. It's like.. You can adventure so much in your dreams.. Good and bad things.. realistic and extremely unrealistic things.. sometimes you may not remember them but if you do, it could be that you got experience from it.. I can't really explain it very good as English is not my native language, however.. I just love the Video and am happy that you got the chance to interview them. :)
Maybe it's just me but the chorus sounds more like she's saying "We weren't meant to be, another time, another life. Possibly, probably, you would be mine." I saw someone once suggest the song was about star-crossed lovers/lovers who weren't allowed to be together but it sounds more like someone who has lost their lover.
I think it's Tiger JK (or his character here) who has lost Yoon Mi-rae (her character).
Tiger JK dreams of Yoon Mi-rae and her efforts to "save" him (perhaps signifying the effect she has on him - bringing light and love to his life) having good times with her and their friend, Bizzy while she sings "Can you get away? I wanna go where you are."
Only to have him wake up in the end alone, in a dark almost scary place, wishing he could go where she is.
Haha, I'm bad with symbolism.
Learning about MFBTY and its members through EYK has been great and I'm definitely looking for more of their work! Thanks for the interview!
I loved the whole video, but the part I liked the most is when they are in a car and then they show that they are just on a couch. It reminds me when I was a kid, it just bring good memories because I used to do that with my granddad because he was the driver and told me stories for me to imagine the landscape. Thanks MFBTY for bringing back such a beatiful memory :D
I think my favourite symbol in the video was Tiger JK being ripped up by the badass mechanical tiger (there are so many interpretations, and I'm not sure which one was the one intended by MFBTY - but it makes it fun to analyse with other MFBTY fans :D)
I feel that the video represents maybe the struggle into the industry. The man being maybe their struggle to find inspiration, so finally they hit that spark and give themselves a name (writing MFBTY on the man) and adding the bait to the masses.
The big machine comes in and tears into them causing destruction and pain, but they break free and leave that place, when they return they bring their own destruction and crumble that place that held them back.
In the end they have nothing holding them back and there is a light shining on them.
The part that was most symbolic to me was at the 3.13 minute mark in the video where he was running from all this white specs which I think are his regrets & sickness that had been plaguing him & he's trying to get out of those pessimistic feelings he's having because if he doesn't, that's where the 'tiger' comes and eat up his mind and body, leaving him with nothingness. The part "what goes around comes back around' depicts his mind being tormented by all those feelings that come creeping back out once he thinks he has them under control. He wishes he could get away to a place where he isn't tormented, A place of possibilities, hence the sweet dream.
I thought the Felix Armstrong reference quite interesting because usually most Korean MVs are ONLY situated around South Korea. Sure there are some MVs which were shot in foreign countries, but never was there a blatant 'HERE-I'M-A-FOREIGNER-PAY-ATTE­NTION-TO-ME' kind of vibe from any Kpop MV I've seen! :D
My favorite scene that stood out the most to me was when the three of them sat on the bed and pretend they were driving a car. It really brought me back to a much simpler time, because I did that when I was younger. As young kids, we all wish that we could drive, and I think that's what MFBTY did in the video when they had the driving scene on the bed, but in their "Sweet Dream", they were driving a real car. Love you guys!!! :)
At 49 seconds of the MV, the wall at the back really captured my eye. At first you think okay MFBTY is sitting on a bed with a graffitied wall on it, but when I looked at it again for the third time I paid attention to the words on the wall. I recognized 'Wanderers', 'Threshold' and 'Bona Fide'. Being a student of a seriously passionate English teacher, I understood this words. 'Wanderers who have faith in their newly found beginning of a new dream.' Well I really liked this MV so bad and FREAKIN LOVE MIRAE'S VOICE ! ! But the random robotic beast thingy was the most interesting and WTF? moment in the MV, Sorry if this was to long ><
My favourite part isn't terribly symbolic, but I loved it nonetheless- instead of the Red Bull bull on "Felix's" helmet, there was a red tiger. Maybe it symbolized the heights to which the group aspires? :S My English class symbolic analysis skills are weeeeak.
Also, I can't wait for Simon's cameo in their next video. This needs to happen.
This is definitely not going to win me any points (probably) but I really like the family feeling you get from Tasha, Bizzy and Tiger JK in this video. Sometimes when you have a group you can see some awkwardness between them, but not with these three.

Most interesting part also was the tiger/liger that eats at Tiger's stomach and then he starts getting all the gears tearing out of him. Not sure what the symbolism is but I thought it was cool.
My fav part was when Tiger JK was torn by tiger and came out of him some gears then flew to space and broke ozone layer...I think it was symbolic...It was like "We'll never give up. We'll try and try and break stereotypes about hiphop, us...,etc."
MFBTY's video was really amazing but I have to say that my favourite part is from 2:10-2:30 "What goes around, might come back around. We call it Karma, karma I
don’t mean to harm you (*2)" I think that when someone does something really bad he then gets that nasty feeling in his stomach so adding the sequence where TigerJK  gets ripped is like saying that if you do bad in the world then you'll feel bad and also it might turn out to get you in troubles.
I honestly felt that the part that stood out to me the most was when jk's body was propelled into space. It was very cool. The idea of it and how it was executed was awesome. When he was falling back down, you could see the astronaut slowly reach out to him but, but jk was already falling before that. Also, moment when jk's body was moving at a rate faster than sound, AMAZING!
Sadly, I'm not completely sure what it meant... I just know I was captivated by it... It reminded me of something you see in animes :]
I think the most interesting part of sweet dream was when tiger Jk comes crashing through our atmosphere, not only was it visually awesome but to me it linked to the freedom that they talked about and how if we don't help others you're going to come crashing down. Oh but i absolutely love the start with mi Rae's smooth voice!!! absolutely drew me in <3 
I like that the video tells us the story of Tiger JK falling into a dream where he is almost dead and he tries to wake up, but needs help from Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy to finally wake up from it. I think it might have to do with the time when he was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and went on a hiatus and I guess Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy were the ones that supported him and helped him get back on the track. But that's just what I think, I might be totally off :D Anyways, love MFBTY and EYK!
I love this song and mv. At then end when JK has his own face tattooed on his chest seems to indicate the contemporary cult of the self and how we fetishize ourselves to the point of implied divinity. maybe.
My favorite part of the video HAD to be Tiger coming back to Earth and breaking the sound barrier. I felt that was a powerful metaphor for how MFBTY broke barriers musically by straying from the status quo and making music that was uniquely theirs and uniquely hip-hop in a mainstream factory pop dominated industry.
The most interesting part of the Sweet Dream music video, for me at least, was when Tiger JK was in space (to me it meant that he was escaping the worlds problems) then falling back into earth (facing his problems) then the ending with Tiger JK getting up and sitting on the bed finally being released from the chains with the fading music (finally overcoming his problems), it just magnified the sense of freedom he achieved from the world. Great video for a great song! Plus the CGI tiger was bloody cool! :P 
Ok symbols i found were on his pants with sort of referencing memento or maybe spoofing it. the license plate number of the movie memento that is tattooed on his body is in tigers pants, the parts written backwards are also sort of spoofing memento because the character had a message tattooed backwards so when he is in the mirror he can read it. and theres more stuff referencing the movie, even the little house diagram thats says house, car, friend, foe. Also there are some messages on the wall when they are "driving" the bed.
Like "black happiness  and clothing companies names and also "smells" the dj? anyways that and also the felix baumgartner thing was cool xD
What stood out for me in the music video, there were 2 things. First of all, the bit where they said inhale, exhale and underneath Tiger JK's bed, there was smoke coming in and out. That as a symbol meant a lot to me as I felt that that represented the restraints experienced by people in society. All the expectations from schools, workplaces, parents, families, even friends and society as a whole can be very heavy and weighty to everyone. The inhale and exhale seemed to illustrate the reality that people should in fact take the time to let go of these shackles and chains that's really binding them to a life they don't want to leave and just be yourself, taking the time to breathe in and out, and just relax. Also the meat that was placed on top of JK to me was a symbol of how artists in Korea are being placed in the industry as bait for businesses a lot of the time, and things become commercial. Instead of the person, people, represented by the robot, only sees the meat, which is what the companies put on onto the public and they feast and judge on what's displayed. They expect that the person should be like the meat, but in fact there is a lot more to every artist than just what's on air. Their struggles, the effort put in, the tears and laughters in their work and even them as normal people should be acknowledged rather than just the surface. 
My favorites parts from the MV are where Yoomirae sings “inhale, exhale” and then the guy does that thing (I’m super bad at explaining stuff but it is at 1.03-1.05) and when you can see Felix doing that jump (2.32-2.40) and of course the ending when he just sits up and is like “oh it was just a dream” after all the song is called Sweet Dream.And I really like this part “What goes around I might come back around / We call it karma, karma I don’t mean to harm you” it sound cool and the hook sounds really pretty. But I really like the song because it is different and even my sister likes it (she hates Asian music D:) btw the interview was awesome !! I hope you can get more awesome people like them to the studio. <3
I feel like the entire video was suggesting everything, including the pain, made them into what they are now. The pain is where the tiger comes in to eat the meat and then there's saws and painful objects coming out of his body. Also, "I wanna go, go where you are" could suggest that underground rappers that want to become more mainstream are looking at them as the example. 
So, my answer to what I thought was most interesting about the Sweet Dream Music Video is... that... during the scene when Tiger flew towards the outer space and was eye to eye with Felix, I believe that it was a life changing moment for the individual (in this video, Tiger) as he transforms as a different person. Throughout the terrible things he went through, things turned for the better despite thorns getting in the way. Being reborn as the morning breaks... a great sort of karma, don't you think?
Moofbooty ( XD ) The booty movin from 2.11 to 2.27 is pretty much the best symbolism already! Love them <3
The outfits realy stood out to me. They were also quite symbolic(I think XD). They were all from different time periods. Which lead me to believe this video was about reincarnation. Tasha's lyrics in the beginning were something like "possibly, probably we were meant to be in a different life. I want to go where u are." Then they show them in period clothes seeming to be traveling through the ages. I believe they want to be together but they are seperated or were born into different times. So then they watch him die. After he dies he goes into space. After going into space he comes back down and was reincarnated.
So many good parts of the video... I loved the sonic boom, but I'm gonna say my favorite part of the video was the mechanical tiger along with the spikes and chainsaw... Graphics and video effects for that must have taken forever and was really surprising yet cool when I first watched the video. As you can tell, I like digital graphics, and I appreciate the amount of detail and intensity they spent on this video. Symbolism... I mean the whole video was basically a symbolism of dreams and I'm pretty sure each scene had some kind of symbolism e.g. the wave following the hummer that drowns them in water and I'm pretty sure the tiger represented something... but I'm not very good at that analyzing stuff so... idk...
For me what stood out the most is when Tasha writes in JK's body "MFBTY" and put the meat above it so the robot/tiger eats it. Its like they are a peace of food and people can attack/eat them but they grown up from this and continue alive (like in the song: What goes around I might come back around. We call it Karma...) Also they show JORDAN's name behing Tasha, means the love they feel for their son.
btw GREAT interview.
Lots of love from Barcelona!
Sarah P
One of the things things that stood out to me as a symbolic thing was when JK is no longer chained and flies into outer space which I think symbolises freedom. But the reality of some control is still there as hes brought back to earth and is somewhat still confined at the end~
The MV was just great! One of the things I loved about this MV was that some scenes of the 'dream' was quite horrific yet the title says SWEET dreams. It kinda shows that even though one might find someone else's dream horrifying and whatnot but to that person it can be the most sweetest dream ever. Just signifies the difference and diversity of people really, imo. (:
Em Dot
I loved the overall feel of this mv. The special effects were breathtaking and looked as if they could have been taken from a movie. As for symbolism, the scene that caught my attention the most was when Tiger JK was chained to the bed and being attacked by the mechanical tiger with a saw and other sharp things coming through his chest. It made me wonder if that might be a nod to the fact that he suffers from myelitis and has had to go on hiatus because of it, hence the chains.
I love it that they just did their own thing. Its something different than the other videos from Korea. You can see they had fun while filming. & there is one part of the lyrics which I really love.. Its after bizzys rap at   2:11 "What goes around it comes back around, we call it Karma, karma I don’t mean to harm ya"!!
this is an awesome video & I love them! :))
Julia E
My favorite part in the MV is when the tiger ripped Jk open and all that stuff came out of his stomach, and he was moving all crazy! goodness! i could really get a sense of the pain and just chaos! and then he just flew up to outer space..... i was like WOW!!!! 대박!!
Kasia T
The parts that stood out for me were the fog that went in and then back out when Tasha says "Inhale and exhale". The second was when the bed turned into a car which I think symbolizes the "drive" that the three of them have that keeps them going and doing what they love which is MUSIC :D
Best part has to be everything, the video itself was amazing. They did a great job at at keeping me interested through the entire thing, there was no 1 thing to stand out from it,saying comeback to watch or hear this.The Overall feel of it was what I found to be the best. On the tech. side the visuals & CG were outstanding giving that dreamlike/imagination touch. On the Music aspect the song was smooth,& strong. It held me dancing in my seat the entire time, it never felt repetitive or strained.The symbolism i saw really help bring the story to life. I will say I'm not to much into the symbolism of something,if it is there quietly sitting helping the overall story then that's great (as this video does very well.). I tend to watch a video for entertainment and fun, not to analyze the symbolism or meaning. That being said they did do a great job mixing it in there without it overshadowing the actual video. It doesn't feel like an Artsy video where they (as a dorthakie man warrior might say) every color,camera angle,& object represent 10 different things to 20 different people. It has a place where it sits and shows itself but if you miss it you still get a video worth watching.
I loove the part where Tiger breaks through the ozone layer. I could say they're breaking what could be holding them back (because BAM Sweet Dreams is AMAZING). Really though the whole video is cool. I think the tiger ripping apart and transforming Tiger is really cool (turning him into a super human!) but it's also freaky at the same time. c:
My favorite part was when Tiger JK broke back through the atmosphere. It represented to me that MFBTY is breaking through the normal, idol-centric music market and making a place for hip hop and other different styles that wouldn't normally see the light. Thank you MFBTY! You are such an inspiration!
What really stood out for me was the whole driving the hummer that turned out to be a bed. In my opinion, I think it had something to do with the whole Sweet Dream concept. They were doing crazy fun things in an expensive car, but in reality they were just messing around on a bed :)
Hi I'm Netta and I'm your new nasty!

The part that was most interesting to me was that when Tiger JK was up in space he met Felix :) (and that he didn't explode...), and for the symbol that stood out the most for me was the chains that Tiger JK was in at the beginning, and then in the end he is no longer wearing them, which I think mean that they had some difficulty, and after they went up to space and back (metaphorically specking - gone to a grate length to get what they want) they could get free... (sorry I'm so bad at symbolism)

Thank you very much for your videos that make me laugh every time :)
sand my thanks to Spudgy and Meemers as well...
This has got to be the worst question for me cause I'm usually not very good with symbolism so I paid extra attention to the video and watched it multiple times untill my head hurt from trying to read way too much into it :)  So at the end I kept it simple. Let me just start off by saying how much I respect JK for what he did in this, knowing his condition and knowing he often has trouble even just getting out of bed. And knowing this I actually interpreted the whole video as him fighting to get out of bed which was impossible for him until he shot out of the Earth and realized that someone actually jumped down to Earth why couldn't he get up? The whole MV was mesmerizing, beautifully shot. The song is very catchy as well I'm surprised how little amount of views it has.
I really loved the part when they stepped into the room and Tasha starts to rap! It was soooo cool! Please,please ..I REALLY WANT TO WIN A CD! :D ♥
I liked the part around 3:17 where Tasha is singing "I wanna go go where you are" They included their son's name Jordan in the video. Combine that with the I wanna go where you are, I see it as a hidden message that they really love their son and love to spend time with him and think about him all the time. MFBTY are really down to earth and I love that they speak their minds. Bizzy rarely says anything but when he does everyone wants to stop and listen. They are a happy family that anyone would love to be a part of!
I actually loved the video enough to make me want to listen to them more. They seem like such genuine lovely people! I loved the fact in the video when Tiger goes into space, Felix Baumgartner is there, and then he brakes the sound barrier before him. It was just a brilliant video from start to finish! :) Thank you EYK for introducing them to me!
Loved the video. I didn't understand the Korean bits, though I believe I didn't need to to get the message of the video. The music was incredibly good. I just wasn't expecting that kinda sound from a Korean band, period.
Wanna know what I really thought the first time I watched it? I thought it was about a guy whose body was undergoing various kinds of torture while he was under deep sleep (because of the electrocution/getting eaten by a tiger/flying into space and pounding back to earth part) and it was getting mixed with some dreamy elements and that lady leaning over him was actually the love of his life, only for him to wake up to realize it was all a sweet, sweet dream.
Truthfully, now, I just think it was a dream of him facing his demons (the biggest one was himself, in the form of that tiger) going to the highest high of his career (and saying hi to Felix in the process) and falling. I guess it's all about overcoming adversity and true love winning and all.
First of all I just have to say that I'm really dumb when it comes to finding hidden messages and so I may be sounding stupid, but the part that stood out for me is when tiger rose to the sky, saw Felix and then felt to the bed, and Tasha was singing "get you get away get away", I thought it meant that sometimes you can dream of big things but if you don't do anything yourself, those dreams and hopes will fall, that's why you can ask yourself can you get away from those thoughts to rise again! Anyways love the video and the interview was awesome!!
I like how this MV shows that they are a family. The lyrics " I wanna go where you are" combined with all that they try to do to get unchain Tiger JK show that family is everything. They revive him and don't give up. Only when Tiger JK is free can he "soar" into space because freedom has no boundaries.

They also put their son's name into the video, goes to show you that they love their son and family means everything to them. Hey, Bizzy even moved to Uijeongbu to be closer to his family!
I really loved the part where the spikes and saw was coming out of tiger jk's chest and the song was saying "what comes around goes back around, we call it karma karma I don't mean to harm ya" best part ever!! xD
Really really love and respect all three members of Mfbty! I love that the title of the video was sweet dreams because I feel that the whole video had a series of drean like elements. Also the beginning of the video had a Alice in Wonderland quality with the disassociative aspect when Tiger jk was connected to the wires. It almost felt like the video represented reinvention because the lyrics also mentioned being transported into a new world. 
Sarah W
All the shots with the tiger were awesome! Definitely my favorite recurring symbol throughout the MV. 
I would have to say that the fact that I have seen this video roughly 50 times does not help me in explaining the symbolism. What I see and believe is usually never what it means. I feel it is a very powerful video and song, which is probably why it is in my most played songs after just a few weeks. Oh, also I would in fact love to have this CD in particularly because this truly is my favorite song.
I have to say the part with the robot like wolf and when they sing
"What goes around it comes back around
We call it Karma, karma I don’t mean to harm you" that's just a part of the song that a has been on replay in my head for so long nowXD
Everything about the song i awesome but if a have to choose one part that's it=)
My Favourite part was when the tiger started ripping him apart and when the line "what goes around and what comes around we call it karma" is said, I found it really interesting how they illustrated that line , as if he was getting his retribution. 
Linda K
I don't really know about all the symbols in the video bc i often don't find them and i'm bad at making conspiracy theories haha but what stood out the most was how amazingly tiger jk acted like he was actually getting electrocuted or something and how he looked like he's in so much pain. and i also loved the fact that jaguatirica (which is tiger jk's brazilian fanclub name) and jordan (who is tiger jk's and tashas adorable kid) were written behind jk and tasha! talk about showing love to fans!
sry my english is very bad so this question is really hard to answer for me. the scene I liked best was the conclusion of the video were tiger wakes up! also the scene were tiger faced the astronaut was very symbolic to me. The whole video was very cool and there were a lot of symbolism in it. for me it was really hard to interpret the symbolism of this video ...... I watched the video over and over, which did not bother me, because I'm really into to the track :D so this are the two scenes I liked best!
nice greetings from Austria and uuuuh u so nastyyyy!
The first time I watched the video I was like- wow, that was crazy and then the more I watched the more interesting it became. What ended up standing out the most for me was when they are driving around and it's mad crazy and unrealistic- then it shows that they aren't in a car at all but on a bed- I find the whole video's exploration of perception and reality interesting- the mind is an amazing thing.
i love the part when they wrote "MFBTY" & put a slice of meat on JK's body, & then the cyborg-like tiger came in. the scene was like they were trying to turn JK into a powerful MFBTY-tiger-cyborg-mixed person. they wrote "MFBTY" on JK's body so that JK will turn into a powerful MFBTY & then the meat was used as a bait to attract the tiger, so that the tiger can turn him into a powerful cyborg-like creature. with the combination of these, they succeeded in making JK into a powerful creature that can pass through the atmosphere & go outer space. to me,this scene ironizes JK, Mirae, & Bizzy can turn into the powerful group, which is MFBTY!
My favourite part of the video was when the metallic tiger started eating Tiger Jk it was soo cool
HEY!!!! I finally made a Google Plus account for you guys!!!! EYK FIGHTING!! MFBTY FIGHTING!! I thought the most interesting part of this video is when they where in the car driving through time and space just to get to tiger's subconscious. My other favorite part was when the tiger (represents Tiger JK himself) starts conflicting himself. but it could only be done with the help of Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy. Thank you soooooo much for interviewing them!!! I am such a big fan of each of them but when they are together it's just MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING!!!! Love, OOOOHHH YOU SO NASTYYY 
The most interesting part of the video is the way they used the editing and effects to make the silver tiger. It was really crazy and amazing how they did that!!

(im not good at talking... but lets hope this was good enough.)
i really love the part when the tiger eats the meat on JK's body (and most probably hurting JK) instead of blood splashing, they replaced with those metals & to me that idea was genius, fresh, & one of a kind. that would probably resembles JK being turned into a cyborg-like creature, just like the CGI tiger itself.
Hi Simon and Martina! The symbol that most impressed me, was when Tiger was strapped by the medical equipment and couldn't be freed by it. I found that Tiger suffers from myelitis, there aren't any cures, so MFBTY are like the doctors trying to figure out how to free Tiger JK from it. They try several "cures" but none of them "set him free" and help him resurrect himself. In the beginning, he's trapped by medical equipment, by the end he is freed from it. Tiger JK get well <3 ! Hwaiting MFBTY! Thanks for the giveaway! Oh you guys r so nasty! <3 Can't wait to see that raunchy thrusting in their new song lol <3
Hi Martina and Simon! I thought the most interesting symbol in the music video had to do with the electronic-looking tiger. Members of MFBTY wrote "MFBTY" on the sleeping man's stomach and put salt and meat on top of it to lure the tiger in. That electronic tiger then came in and devoured the meat, and therefore "MFBTY". The man then begins to be ripped apart form the inside with other electronic looking things. I see this tiger as representing the music industry and the way in which it can "consume" MFBTY, whether in a negative or positive way, and the struggles the group faces because of it. This video shows the man being "torn up inside" over this obstacle, in turn representing MFBTY's own dilemmas regarding the music industry.
For me the video was about hope, JK in bed lifeless and the cyber tiger +  MFBTY trying to wake him up, the name of their fanclub, the name of his son, Sweet dream, it's about the people you love, the people you have by your side supporting you, the things that you are passionated about, those are the reasons that make you want to wake up the next day. He was dreaming everything. All the simbolism in the video is giving him strength to keep going.<3 <3 <3 Love this video btw! ;) 
The most striking had to be the “Korean Jesus” look. I know the “Resurrection” on the jeans in the opening wasn’t supposed to allude to that, but for me it still did. This is a good example (though a different media) of authorial intent verse reader interpretation. Does MFBTY have the final say as to that the message of their music video is or do we as an audience get to decide that for them?
I liked how the group ritual sacrificed Tiger JK to a metallic tiger and then Tiger, instead of dying, went through some transformations with saws and spikes and ended up flying into space before landing on earth again. 
Symbolism: It could be that as a group, everyone could be great but someone has to stand above the rest, become a leader, so the group has to throw all their talents to this one person (the hunk of meat on Tiger's belly) and depend on them to help the group surpass everyone else (ritual sacrifice, fly into space). As the leader, he knows everyone depends on him to bring success into the group so he has to mess around with things until they're perfect, dealing with fights or tribulations (spikes and saws), before getting success (or a huge ego boost)(flying into the air).  And then he lands on earth again to help the group out to put more singles. 
I don't really think of MFBTY as having a leader, I'm just talking straight symbolism. They, to me, seem very even with each other and very very cool. I just pointed out Tiger as the sacrificed/forced leader since he was actually playing that sort of role. Yoon was kinda like that plotting boss lady character and Bizzy was kinda like the quiet scientist/theorist character that Yoon bossed around. 
But yeah, that's what I interpreted from that scene. :) 
Also, resurrection outfits, a video showing a type of resurrection, and then everyone thinking of Tiger as Korean Jesus? C'mon, it's all connected. He's the second coming. :P
The falling where he goes from outer space and crashes onto the bed. Represents the title and what I interpreted as the meaning from the lyrics.
The video was really unique! Actually there were alot of interesting parts/symbols so it's hard to choose. Like I suppose the mv is showing that everything could happen in your dreams.. Life is hard & affect us deep in mind but in dreamland that's where the adventure begins :P
I think it was pretty cool that Tiger JK was the one who was trying to revive himself with the defibrillator.
My favorite part was the tiger ripping out TigerJK's heart. Thought the idea was the internal struggles we go through during our lives, and some how they manifest into real life in our dreams.
I love these three, and I loved the video! Very interesting. Something I think was very symbolic in the video, especially being in the music industry, being celebrities, was the bit where Tiger JK shoots up into the sky, floating in outer space... and the next second, he is plummeting to the ground. When you're famous, one day people love you, and the next they turn on you. I think that's something these three can relate to, maybe especially Tiger JK.
I really loved the video. I’d never heard of them until I saw their music video a couple months ago and I loved it. Thanks for the interview it’s nice to be able to “meet” them.

My favorite symbol is definitely at the end with the man on the bed (Tiger JK?) sitting awake and up in the beam of light. The whole video he was in darkness and “sleeping” and now after all that happens in the video he’s awake and can see the light. 
I thought the most interesting thing was a tiger and the effects used on the guy after the tiger "ate"him. I also liked the bit where the man went into space and a space man say him.
i found them wearing very elegant clothes and JK wearing torn clothes, interesting because they were playing with his dream just like in real life, rich people tend to play with dreams of poor people.
The most memorable part of the MFBTY Music video happened at the very beginning where Yoon Mi rae stood over JK Tiger's enslaved and dying form like an avenging angel of death. This is also a symbol of the death of inner humanity, which JK Tiger conquers at the conclusion of the music video.
I really like the use of special effects in the video and not a single time did I think the video over used or misused a special effect. A few times that stand out in my mind are when Tiger JK was convulsing on the bed thing and the stuff was coming out of him. Not only was the special effects really cool in that part, but the movement in the video fit with the part of the song it was with. Really the whole video fit with the music, like when Tiger JK was rapping in the car at the beginning.
 I couldn't help but make the connection to Inception in the part where all three awesome members are in the car (jeep looking) and I see fish around them. There was a part in the movie where the car fell in the water and they kinda went into another dream. Also the title of the song is Sweet Dream which I believe has to do with the illogical surrounding making sense to the dreamer even though in reality it's impossible to experience something like that. And the one I find the most interesting is the part where the lyrics say "what goes around, it comes back around, we call it karma," (and btw I LOVE THIS part, I keep singing these lines, even during my college lectures..haha) I feel like the dreamer is being repaid with deeds (probably bad) he committed before by being bitten by the tiger (Tiger Jk) and suddenly all these random things are coming out of his body. Such a brilliant way to describe karma. 
I don't even know how many times I've watched the video anymore, I love them.I'm just going to talk about all the parts that I liked, the first one was when the bed turned into a Jeep but then they were riding on the bed instead and not moving anywhere, they were just living it in a dream. Then the Inhale, exhale part (Loved it ) later JK starts to breath and goes into a spasm series but fails to awaken, ( he did a REALLY good job there ). One of the most amazing and interesting part was when the 3 of them placed a bait on JK's stomach and the Tiger came into the room and begin to bite him and stuff but actually the tiger removed a mechanic part from JK's body, you just have to take a closer look, that part is pretty meaningful 'cause they used a Tiger to represent Tiger JK, meaning that the only person who could make him free was Tiger JK himself, and it worked 'cause later you could see JK having another series of spasm but this time with fireworks, gears, spikes etcc.. popping in and out of him, then he goes into space and met Felix who was wearing a space suit with a tiger on it, so i think when he was able to free himself he found his truself, then at the end JK opened his arms like he found freedom and later he wakes up without chains and machines attached to him, so he was finally free. Btw when they were on the bed, i like the words that they put on the wall like Bona fide ( made in good faith ),  above threshold etc.. Love themm!!
I really connected with the moments where all three of them were sitting on the bed, pretending they were driving in the car. It makes me think of the limitless power of human imagination, conscious or unconscious.
Dez 3
I was waiting for and loved the interview it was awesome! It really showed more how idols aren't that different from other people. I like when Tiger blasts up into space, sees the astronaut and with the reentry effects. It symbolizes the phrase, "reach for the stars", meaning that to try as best as you can to get closer to your dreams/goals.
I like them BECAUSE they aren't the typical K-pop. It's being introduced to all different kinds of music in humorous and light-hearted ways that made me fall in love with EYK in the first place! The same loving couple vibe (Tasha and TigerJK?) like Simon and Martina gives strength to the group and all they produce. I look forward to seeing Simon "bonk" dance in their next video! ;)
My favorite part was when they were driving on the bed. If you kind of look at it, it's like the Darling children from Peter Pan. You have 1 that's in a top hat like John, the girl Wendy, and Michael. The fact they are using the bed as a car is something what children do to imagine of going to a fantasy world just like how the Darling children fly off to Never Land.
Loved the way you guys did the interview, the atmosphere looks amazing. In general your videos have already always been a treat, but this was definitely one with a cherry on top of it :)
The 'hidden message' that stood for me most is how we need to break free from the bonds/shackles we put upon ourselves. We are our greatest enemy. 
Much love from this Nasty ^_^
Bre L
It was hard to pick anything in particular, I even spent a couple of minutes just looking at everything on his jeans, seeing what was written and drawn there. The skewed compass, the shooting star... And those seem to tie in with finding direction, starting anew (the pants do say resurrection) and that ties in with other themes in the video. The video suggests dreams and going to a new direction. The lyrics back that up, going to each other. Also, love the shout out to their son Jordan.
I really loved the part when TigerJK get ejected to the space and see the astronaut...\0/
i cant really say that i understand the symbolism but HOW FREAGGIN COOL IS THAT!!?
it's like Tiger is like a bionic human/robot/superhero/mutant or something :B and i really love BIONIC/ROBOT/SUPERHERO/MUTANT or somenthing stuff - maybe he has Hip Hop powers.o.O, and maybe the tiger was like a representation of himself and he was being feed by his insides like a metaphore..
The coolest part in the video was the space scene, the karma line fit really well, i guess breaking through the status quo and being yourself is symbolic with the sound barrier break.....and i'm also reminded of Felix's jump through outer space, I think the logo on the space suit looked like red bull lol
I loved the MV/song right away after i saw it and ever since it got released i'm still loving it , i think i can listen to this track forever without it getting me sick. Because when you really pay attention, you'll understand the M/V better.  My favorite part of the M/V was probably where JK breaks the sound barrier of the earth and meets Felix and  falls back in his bed where he was before and wakes up and probably realizes that anything can be done, whether its in real life or in a dream. If you have a dream you should take the chance when its given or just grab it right away, you are the one who can try to break the barrier that's holding you back.. That's what that part kind reminded me of. 
I have to say what was really cool is right near the end Jorden's name was posted in gold letters behind Tasha. That I thought was pretty amazing. I think a big thing that stood out to me was that he was chained to the table and how he broke free. I remember in the interview they said that there are alot of people out there being banned and people get down on themselves because things never go there way. when i looked at this video I saw that when he was chained up it was a form of being censored and that the world had tied him down. But then MFBTY walks in the room and write there name on his stomach. The meaning behind the name is really powerful because you see Tiger chained to the table then MFBTY is writen on him. So you think to yourself There saying why did you chain him down and take away stuff from him we are better then you and we are bring him back. Thats when the Tiger comes in and bites him (or i would say it's like someone smaking you back to your scenes.) but after getting bitten he breaks free and flys to space. The space can be seen as the symbol for infitiy. So Tiger is in space trying to say i am alive again and i have infitine posiblities so don't try and slience me.
The MV was amazing :D 
The most interesting part for me was probably the part with the cg tiger.  And for the symbol. . . I'm not sure but I read this song was about Tiger JK's  transverse myelitis but I'm not sure about that but I thought it was quite awesome.
My favorite part of the video was the very end where the dream ends. It kinda symbolizes that all struggles and adventures end eventually, but also I thought it was the most relatable part of the video. I'm sure everyone has had that feeling at some point in your life when you wake up from a weird dream or get home after a bad day or even just experience something totally random and you're just like "wow, well that just happened" and afterwards everything seems so quiet and normal.
I think the Felix guy in space stood out to me the most cause I was like 'WOAH, it's that guy who dived to Earth from space' haha. I'm not quite sure what this symbolizes but my interpretation of it is that MFBTY, like Felix, aim to do what is thought to be impossible. I thought that was a pretty cool way of showing it. :) Cause a lot of people were doubtful about Felix safely doing what he did... and he accomplished it.
Very easy one the breath in breath out part..... just telling you to take a break ones in a while and take is slow...
For me the best part of the video was when JK was falling from the space and the way how it looks when he was get in the athmosfere the effort that they put in that part it looks wonderfull that's the best part of the video. About the symbols on the video the one that i put more atention was the mark of a tiger that have the spaceman I'm not sure if that resembles the strong or what but it really took my atention to see a mark or brand on the spaceman uniform. Them the other thing was JK video image 'cause I'm sure that a lot of people think a korean Jesus? That was weird and I don't have an opinion about that just was like something totally ramdom for see on an MV but as MFBTY say that wasn't make with any double sense. Thanks for this interview Simon and Martina ^^.
For me the symbol that stood out the most is that if we release ourselves of restraints and do as we please then we can become more than we ever thought (symbolised by Tiger JK being tied down the hospital bed by all the wire with him trying to get out, when he finally is released he flies into the air out of the earth's atmosphere). But that is just my interpretation :) 
I thought it was interesting how after the robot tiger thing was like ripping him apart and all the like spikes shooting out of him that then he suddenly flies off into space. i guess it was sort of like after going through all this pain and struggle that then you can soar to new heights, do the impossible.
My thought processes on watching the video the first time: Pretty Tasha, pretty outfits. That cat is pretty cool, and it’s ripping out his guts, which are actually these crazy spiky things. Now he’s flying. Ouch, that landing must have hurt.

Watching it again after the interview: Still don’t think anything about his crotch and where’s all the symbolic stuff? I guess I’m just not that cool.

Honestly, I just really like that giant robot kitty. Here, giant robot kitty. Please don’t kill me.
what i liked the most was the very beginning when you get the close up of Tigers pants...i spent about 30 mins trying to figure out what everything meant.
Somehow i can't really concentrate on actually 'finding' symbols in the mv because the first time i heard this song was just an audio version, so i somehow always end up just listening and enjoying the cool effect in the mv.. Yoon mi rae always looks gorgeous!! I love how they put Jordan in the back, so nice! overall, i just LOVE everything they produce!! :p
For me the lyrics kind of don't match the symbolism of the video, when I hear the lyrics I think of love, between Tasha and JK, and their long standing friendship with Bizzy. The love of what they do, and the power that kind of love can have. I didn't know much about any of them before I heard this song, so I am unsure of any other struggles they have had other than the crap Tasha and JK had to deal with when their son was born.. I feel like this is their way of saying to their haters, "hey were still here, now step to the left please!"
At first I saw it as how they all started. Tiger sleeping and the light switch turning on told me it was him beginning with his dream of being an artist. As the MV keeps going, you see how fast his career takes action, the obstacles he has to go through. You then see the scene with him tossing and turning and the robot tiger. That stood up as netizens and how a simple comment can make or break you. Him flying high represented how he was at the top of his career but somehow something went wrong and it all went down hill from there (sounds like a lot of american hip hop artist to me). However, that didn't stop him so starting out fresh, he went towards his dream again. To the point where he proved himself and resurrected himself from the harm and obstacles he had to go through. However, right in the end when he woke up, it only showed me that everything that had happened was just but a dream. A dream that he is passionate about because that sigh he gave at the end, was a sign that he was ready for whatever came his way and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dream.  

Pretty clever is you ask me. 

(now to try to fit this all on youtube -.- pretty sure it won't happen. BUT I WILL NOT QUIT!!!)
My favorite part of the video would be when the metalic tiger enters the room, the graphics are just so freaking awesome and the meaning it's holding, I also think it has something to be with his illness and the that the tiger represents his inner strenght. But I think what they try to convey with the whole video is that while you have your family and friends by your side you will get through anything.
I liked how Tasha and Tiger JK's son's name was floating behind Tasha in one of the scenes.
I think one of the things that just love about this video is the amount of quirkiness we can see in the expressions of the characters. Like how Tiger has this expression that he's giving birth or something (00:01:01), it's odd to think about it that way, but it's still really awesome. 

Everyone looks so cool and it honestly makes me a little bit jealous. So props to the costume designer!
what stood out during the video was the car racing scene, the actual one and the funny ridiculous part of the group riding on a bed.
There is definitely a lot of meaning and symbolism in this song. The whole video seems to be TigerJK's dream but in contrast to the name of the MV being "Sweet Dream" it's actually isn't that sweet and more dark themed especially how he was chained to the table and connected to all the life support machines.. and My personal favorite part in the song is when Tasha says "Inhale - exhale..." The white that moves in and out from under the table looks really strange and mystifying. 
I loved the MV!  I think the symbol that stood out to me the most was probably the tiger eating JK.  I saw it as how his "celebrity" persona (symbolized by the tiger) could eat away at JK and who he is in real life.  He may be Tiger but he is also just a cool regular person like we saw in your interview!
For me the whole music video stood out but some details got my attention :
 First you have at the beginning at 0:48-0:49 when they are on the travel bed and you have different inscriptions on the wall (pretty interesting also) :
-Wedding ceremony,
-My fans better than yours,
-black happiness,
-above threshold,
-bona fide (good faith in Latin),
-Kaleidoscopic society,
-Lumpens (comes from a German word and the definition is : of or relating to dispossessed and uprooted individuals cut off from the economic and social class with which they might normally be identified),
-and many more :)
 Then at you have a reference to the Redbull stratos event at 2:32-2:42 featuring Felix the astronaut (who must feel lonely up there).
 Lastly towards the end at 3:17 you have a solo shot of Tasha with the name of her and Tiger JK's son "Jordan" behind her and in this shot she has a genuine smile that made me smile :)
These were the elements that stood out for me, thank you very much for doing this MFBTY interview !
Forever Nasty~
I think the video is almost meant to represent MFBTY’s experience/journey and the body on the table is MFBTY. The fact that he is in an isolated room shows that they were hidden and so a lot of their hardships and so on were not visible to everyone or they weren't known well then. The three of them trying to bring the body to life is a symbol of their effort and the body doesn't immediately start to move but does eventually some time later, showing that their effort took time but were not in vain, but the fact that the body is still chained to the bed shows they are not yet well known and are still close to the starting point.

Tasha writing MFBTY on the body shows that they now are official and have a name, but at the same time meat is also placed on the body, meaning that now they are also more vulnerable as they now harbour more attention, such as the savage animal that attacks the body, possibly symbolising MFBTY’s harsh and savage criticism competition/hardships that come from outside influences. The saws and spikes that come out of the body are also hardships but they come from within, symbolising the change and struggles also coming from inside MFBTY. The walls breaking through shows that they have come into the light and are now exposed to the public eye more and that they have overcome the restrictions that had prevented them from escaping.

The body rising through the sky shows that they want to do impossible things and that they are moving forward on a journey away from their starting point and there seem to be no obstacles, symbolising that they feel nobody can hold them down and the body rising so high that it passes the moon symbolises that they feel like they are higher than the moon and can achieve anything.

The body crashing into the bed, destroying it, shows that they have overcome their original struggles to come alive.

Also, the scenes where Tiger JK is driving shows that they are heading towards bigger plans and that they are still continuing their journey and that nothing will stop them.

The person waking up shows that what happened in the video might not have actually happened because the walls are completely fine but that is what could happen in the future, showing their dream to rise to success and be amongst the stars (kind of literally in the video’s sense since the body was in space at one point but also celebrities and such) and the person wakes up with the chains already off, symbolising that the person having a dream is the first step to rising to new highs and escaping restrictions.

But the point of my useless rambling (which is almost certainly completely incorrect and I have probably completely misunderstood the video if so ignore my silly interpretation) is that I find it really interesting that MFBTY have put so much effort into what they do, not just their music but also the video, so it is not a certain symbol that stands out for me, but the fact that they have really thought about all these symbols in such detail shows they really care about what they are doing, which I really respect (wow I said ‘really’ a lot in that sentence sorry for sounding like I have such a limited vocabulary!).
I think the symbol most prominent to me was Tiger JK laying on the gurney. I saw what he went through in the video showed how MFBTY were holding back what they really wanted to do with their music, what they wanted to say as individual artists. They were held back by themselves, but mainly by the “music machine” that runs the Korean music industry. By coming together they were able to make something they couldn’t make before. The part with the steak and the tiger to me was them coming together with their collaboration, or their individual work, and throwing their work to the rigid music industry/the tiger.
My favorite part lyrically was the Digital Underground reference (the Humpty Hump).  I thought it was really cool that it was included in the song!  And right before that, in the video when the sawblade kind of bursts out of Tiger's body and it intersects with the lyrics about karma "What goes around..." I thought it added depth to the song in that the implication is, then, that Tiger is getting his dues for something he did in the past.  In fact, if Mirae is singing about Tiger, it would seem that something he did kept them from being together...very interesting.
What I thought was most interesting about MFBTY's- Sweet Dream video was the part where the mechanical Tiger comes in and rips apart Tiger JK. There is a lot of symbolism in that, but I just thought it was cool how they integrated that CG into the video. It was creepy and technologically cool at the same time, especially when the machine parts come out of Tiger, the way he moves with it makes it feel real. 

The symbolism that stood out the most to me was when Tiger flew into space and met with a man who probably represented the red bull guy who jumped from space. I think this symbolized that nothing is impossible you just have to get up and try really hard and you can reach that next level. I believe that is why when Tiger falls back down to Earth his bed is smashed and he is no longer attached to the machines as a symbol of saying get up and go try for your dreams. Don't stay attached to things that can be holding you back. It's kind of like what Yoon Mi Rae said in the interview there are means out there especially through the Internet and you have the opportunity so what ever bitterness or whatever happened in your life you need to let it go so you can reach that next level. So in the video when Tiger wakes up from what seems like a bad dream it's actually a sweet dream b/c it encouraged him to raise up and get out in the world and strive for greatness and no longer let certain things hold him back.
During the interview, I’m surprise Simon & Martina didn’t say “No, my fans are better than yours, they’re called “Nasties”.” I love their name, it’s awesome. I’m so excited that Eat Your Kimchi had the opportunity to do an interview with them. MFBTY are so down to earth….I thought they were too cool. The “Sweet Dream” MV was so cool. The look of the video was very dark and grundy. I noticed the color silver a lot. I think it was so cool how MFBTY added in Felix. That was a pretty big event in 2012. 
For me the most interesting part of the video was the video itself. Obviously I haven’t seen all the videos in the world, but I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a music video like this before and to me that’s what makes it so awesome.  While I enjoy the typical k-pop video with its face arousals and pelvis thrusting, Sweet Dream drastically changed my outlook on what a Korean video should be. It’s nice to see a group having fun while still conveying an overall message that resonates through them. And because the message resonates with MFBTY, fans like me are able to feel the difference in the way the final product comes out and we appreciate it more. I particularly liked the scene with the tiger. I cringed when I first saw it, and I think that has a certain power all on its own. To me the tiger represented the harsh trepidations that the music industry can bring to an artist, and in that moment I was able to sympathize and wonder how people put themselves through this every day.
Haha…that’s my longwinded answer. :)
The part I found the most interesting in Sweet Dream would be when Tiger JK was in space, and the camera angle was on the right side of the astronaut, and we see a darkened figure of Tiger JK staring back of the astronaut. We can't see his face clearly, but we can see his body floating there, and soon after he plunges back down onto his bed on earth. I really liked that eerie feel it gives while they stare at each other, I found it really cool, and first time I saw it, it gave me chills!
Best part has to be where they pepper up Tiger JK and then let the Tiger maul him.  It was so nasty for the Nasties!  Also I think it had lots of symbolism to it as well.  (Its a though world out there and people are going to try and chew you up and make you into what they think you should be.  However one day you are going to "wake up" and realize that you control your dreams).
Aj lynn
To me the dark room, chains and bed all represent me and the struggle I have getting up in the morning & going to school. I hate waking up after an amaing dream, who doesn't want to stay in a soft caccoon of warmth all day? Funny stuff aside for a long time I debated with myself what I wanted to do with my life(after high school) and I was at a loss. My situation(where I live, income, personal stuff) held me down like the chains that heldTiger. I was given advice from my friends that broke those chains and gave me the strength to wake up from my dream that seemed to be filled with fog. I'm going to graduate in march and I'm so excited each day I wake up wihtout the voice in the back of my mind telling me I won't make it. I can't wait to go to college and chase my dream~ I'm like a tiger searching for his steak, which just happens to be on a shirtless guys stomch~ MFBTY~!!!
The symbol that stood out the most for me was when the three of them, Tiger JK, Tasha, and Bizzy, were sitting on the bed kind of driving a car and above them it said "The Wanderers". It's kind of like when you're a little kid and dream about being older and just "wandering" away as you sleep. Also, most interesting was when Tiger JK was, in his mind, being attacked by that tiger(?).
I absolutely loved everything of this MV! I loved everything that i can't just name one thing! Gosh but since I have to, for me it would be the underwater scene or when TigerJK had to go to space, the special effects are so cool!
Ana C
The one thing that stood out for me the most was when Tasha wrote "MFBTY" on Tiger JK's belly and placed a piece of meat on it, waiting for the Ocelot to take the bait. the message: there's always something worth sacrificing for? 
By the 0:48 mark on the background there's a lot of hidden messages, here's the ones I find out:
-"Black Happiness": It's Tasha song (and the 1st I heard of her btw :p)
-"SMELLS": It's the name of the remix of Swwet Dream: SMELLS Like Money Mix
-"MUSINSA": At first I tought was about Tasha sneakers addiction she talked about haha but then I think this is also a magazine so I don't know much about this :/
- "Bona Fide" means good faith;
-"GDW" for GDW Productions and -"Lupens" both directed Yoon Mi Rae ft. Tiger JK "Get it in";
-"My fan better than yours": this one is easy stands for MFBTY xD
Last but not least: - "The Wanderers": It's the name of Tiger JK and Tasha's brand of t-shirts for Naver, for helping organizations against violence on schools. Also the vid for it was done by Lupens.
Ahead on the MV you can see them.. well "driving the bed" XD I think that means like a travel machine, and what it's written on the wall it's all they've been through, like for example "wedding cerimony", it's their Sweet Dream.

Sorry for any english mistake,
MFBTY & EYK fighting! ^^
Overall the MV was amazing and very artistic. The thing that stood out the most though was the outfits that they had, from Mirae's similar style to the mad-hatter and JK's Jesus like costume it portrayed their character really well. The way they dressed mirrored who they are and that's what matters most: being yourself and letting your own music represent you. In my interpretation, the entire MV is basically a symbolisation itself, where the guy is tied down in an empty room and cannot break free so he dreams of adventures outside of his room and tries to gain freedom. In the end his dreams allow him to be released from the chains that were attached to him. Kinda inspiring really. (Sorry for the essay!)
I really loved the dedication to bring back JK's sleeping man. The desire of Tasha watching over him and the (cool) persistence of the group to bring him back was really captivating. They aren't worried; they know they are going to bring him back no matter how long it takes.
 Plus that synchronized head turn was too cool for words. 
Loved the mv it was really interesting when it came to the sequence of themes cuz when I saw sweet dreams I guess it makes sense I was really touched when I saw jordins name in the background I thought it was absolutely adorable
Omg! Simon and Martina, I can’t thank you enough for getting this interview! I’m such a HUGE fan of these guys. This seriously made my week! Again, thanks sooo much. 

On to my answer~: My favorite thing about the MV would probably be the scene where they’re like ‘driving’ the bed. For me, it’s like saying that your dreams can take you anywhere you want to go. You’re the driver! That and how during the video these cray cray things happen to Tiger and then when he wakes up—BOOM! Nothing. Haha.

The part of the video that stood out the most to me was when Tiger JK was on the table and they tried to revive him, every time they tried to revive him represented the things in life that try and bring you to something better. For example if you are in a room full of darkness, certain things, usually from the people you love, bring light and even if they are just little shocks that last a minute they can eventually build up and bring you out of the darkness into the light. Also I REALLY LOVED THE SONG AND THE VIDEO.

I feel like this video speaks to people on many levels, through the journey that JK's character takes up. Now, I obviously don't know these artists...but to me, this song reflects the battle that every single person faces. It is a struggle that grows within you and all these things that may never happen and even the slightest doubt can send you haywire. It's just so damn easy to lose control of what you are passionate about. When JK is chained to a bed, it feels like it's his own fears that hang over his head and build up this cold exterior around him. Even a lover and a friend, they can't heal you but they're there.. to "throw you a bone," sorry, just had to. They are there to support you. The character's fearful conscience (symbolized by that cruel mechanical beast) rips him apart in the end, when you let that fear and doubt in too deep. It eats away at you. Finally facing that astronaut, of a being so faraway and free from this chaos is liberating to the mind, to the body, to EVERYTHING THAT'S KEPT YOU BOUND. The transformation throughout the video, the people you meet along the way, and just the art of it all coming together, it just blew me away. This song and the movements it just felt so raw, very realistic and incredibly inspiring. Thanks for reading.
I like the part when he wakes up to a new day.
Renz Lo
My favorite symbol was the bed that Tiger Jk, Tasha, and Bizzy were driving at about 48 seconds. When the car, which symbolizes this troubled love (MFBTY keeps repeating lines like "possibly, probably, you would be mine" and "can you get away") was finally wiped out by the waves of problems, we find out that the members were actually just "wandering" (written on the wall) around in their dreams (a bed, where people dream). Tiger JK and Tasha's characters were dressed up in fancy clothing, as if ready for a "wedding ceremony," (also written on the wall) with Bizzy being the best man, despite what's stopping them in the real world. Also on the wall are other ideas going through their dreams like going "above threshold" (surpassing their limitations), and wondering if their only experiencing "black happiness." YAY SIMON AND MARTINA and MFBTY!!
one of my favorite parts of the video is the "what goes around comes back around, they call it karma i dont mean to hurt you"(which is my favorite part of the song btw :) part when he shoots up to the stratosphere and meets felix! I find it amazing :) what i find most interesting though is that Tiger jk is the one in the bed and they are trying to help him and when they write MFBTY on his stomach and the robotic tiger comes in and starts taking things out of him so sorta they want to help him and get rid of his Transverse Myelitis. Also they robotic tiger i think has lots of symbolism since its a tiger it might represent a different part of JK. long respond but I just LOVED the video and the interview made me cry lol of happiness of course I just love and admire JK, T and Bizzy soo much seeing them with 2 of my favorite people together in the same room was too much for me :')
When I watched the video, I felt as if the mv was partially talking about an example of Tiger JK's life in the past. The guy represents an individual who is struggling in life and in needs of support from the machine.(Future Tasha looks at her husband in the past) But along the way, the robotic tiger bites the guys body off. However, in a way that action symbolizes unity and birth of Tiger JK. Growing as an artist and reaching to the space to reach to his highest goal. Their sweet dream is the music that they want to reach to their fans. Reincarnation and Karma will come to you depends on what you have achieved in your life. Therefore, hopeless people who are very unfortunate yet try their best to achieve their goal and have their own sweet dreams, they will meet that certain goal whether if they come back in days, years, or next life. :)  
What I liked the most about the MV was the scene with the "astronaut", I'm guessing it had something to do with Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian skydiver who succeeded in breaking the soundbarrier and jumped from approx. 39 km. Another thing was the dream in a dream scene, where the 3 are sitting on the bed and are imagining that they are driving...the wall behind them is full of interesting messages "the wanderers" - their t-shirt line, bona fide, above threshold, etc 
Before answering the question, I just want to say "thanks for introducing me to MFBTY" cause they are pretty freakin' awesome. Anyhow, I gotta say, the part with the tiger was really cool, cause first tasha writes "MFBTY" then lays down the piece of meat, and I'm just there thinking.. is this that remedy thing that helps with blackeye??.. but then the electronic tiger comes in and you're like WHOA... HE'S GOING TO BE EATEN. I love tigers to begin with, so.. I can't help being biased. What's cool about the tiger is (I noticed later) that the tiger is eating the "guts" of Tiger JK... didn't notice until after.. then had a eureka moment :P
The whole music video was a message implying that there was some struggle within. The tiger is often times viewed as a negative symbol representing tyrants, riches, karma, and etc. I think it was Tiger JK freeing himself from the struggles of the past and being reborn as a new person. At the same time, Tiger JK had Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy, and himself (true side) by his side the whole time for support. It was a big dream of hoping to escape into the place you fantasize about.  "I wanna go go where ere you are". Tiger JK was wishing he was Superman because Yoon Mi Rae was like, "Let's fly away and be super heroes...".
I think an interesting symbol is that of the chains/shackles. I feel like it is a representation of the music scene, and how it is easy to become trapped, and do what everyone else in Kpop would do. But to be a hip-hop artist/group, you need to break free from the confines of the "traditional" music business and not be afraid of taking some risks and making a kick-ass song.
Dear simonandmartina,
 i have not heard or seen any of MFBTY songs except for sweet dreams but that was enough for me to become a fan. something that i liked was that tiger was chained to the bed but when they wrote MFBTY on him he was unchained and unleashed his inner self.

.......I'm kidding...just a bit HAH. Sorry for the spam >DD LOVED the MV; it's creative and the costumes are so funky but dark (the Jesus outfit JK wore). Love how open it is to interpretation :DD Now to get down to business. Like most people, I thought the CG tiger chimera thing was super cool. I thought that WHERE it bit was more important than WHAT it was. (sorry for the CapsLock btw, that's for emphasis--) So Tasha wrote "MFBTY" on his torso; afterwards the tiger bit/devoured/attacked that same spot. When I saw this I just thought that the tiger was something along the lines of large companies or the mainstream KPop that's trying to "devour" MFBTY (literally, cus it's biting the MFBTY letters). So, after he fights with this "poison" (the 'we call it karma' part), he's finally set free (hence no shackles) and "soars" into the sky. I took that literally as in freedom, etc. Finally, at the end of the video, he wakes up without the wires and those equipments because he's finally free from all this pressure or expectations as in artist that limits his artistic freedom. He doesn't have to "depend" on those "machines" anymore.

And that's it for my extremely long analysis.
I loved the mechanical tiger, and that they had "Felix" there when he went up into the atmosphere!
Can I be super blunt and say I loved it how he just completely freaked out on the table as he was connected to those life support machines? I thought it seriously just added a level of realism to the video because I know in a lot of videos, the "stars" seem to be unwilling to kind of REALLY let go of themselves, as is natural, because they're afraid of not looking as good as they possibly could, whereas this was just like "This is what it is, this is what things are like, take it or leave it." The whole video kind of had that feel of here's what this is and what we are DEAL WITH IT. So much respect for MFBTY. 
there are many symbols which may represent different meanings to each person, the being tied down, the bed, the car, the tiger, space, breaking sound barriers. to me though the most meaningful was the inhale, exhale. we all have our dreams that we want to accomplish, and in that process we may go through hard times to fight for our own sweet dream but we cant forget to stop every once in a while and breathe. there is also the ending when jk wakes up, i believe what we want to accomplish in our lives cant always stay as dreams, we have to wake up at some point and go get our sweet dream. about this song though it has so much meaning, i love it....... :( i wish i could rap in korean......or speak it.
The shackles are a symbol on how sometimes we become victims of reality even in our dreams and that our dreams nightmares are how we feel about real life. Our dreams also recreate how we feel in an over exaggerated manner like being eaten by the tiger (reality), driving a bed even though it doesn't go anywhere (our dreams we consider impossible) and going into and falling from space (breaking reality and doing the impossible). In the end, we all end up waking up from our dreams and realize that reality is as bad as we thought it was because we still have our dreams to remind us that anything can happen.
I think it was the crazy car ride that everyone took. In my opinion it represented the struggling journey that Tiger JK took as well as the journey he took everyone else with him. We often see symbol that represent Tiger JK's own struggles, yet we often rarely see the troubles the rest of the family and friends have to face along with the patient. In this sense I really think that this mv was well done and had a lot of character that can only come from MFBTY. Please pick me.
I think that the symbol stood out to me the most was at the very end when he wakes up gasping for air not believing that all of it was just a dream. And though it was a dream he wants to go back to it even though it's one in which he suffers.But he know that at some point in time in the dream it feels 'out of this world' but he ends up crashing back to reality, a reality in which he doesn't want to be in. A 'Sweet Dream' somewhere to escape.
I would say the symbol is where the silver tiger plunges into the body and rips a chunk out of him, causing him to spasm uncontrollably while the house falls apart. I interpret this as someone, caught up in their thoughts, being woken up and thrust back into reality. (That would explain the shackles - being trapped in your sub-conscience by crisis or stress. The way he struggles against them could be a sign that he's fighting to get out of the turmoil of his mental state. The tubes connected to his body could be a restriction as well, as they could be a sedation of some sort, keeping him dreaming and unaware of real life.) When the "safety zone" of his mind crumbles apart (i.e. shooting up into the atmosphere and being pulled back down with a sonic boom) he's faced with life itself, but is relieved that his sufferings in his dream aren't real. I know I'm reading waaaaaaay too much into this, but I hope you aren't bothered by the length ^^ thank you!
"We are Family, and Family sticks together...that no matter the difficulties or what road you take we are coming along" as Bizzy said in the interview they are a family. I wanna go Go we-ere you are!!!. The video almost made me cry giving it some thought. Inhale, exhale it felt painful and how they are indeed a strong family.
The part that interested me and showed me a symbol was when he plunged into space and broke back into the atmosphere.
To me that meant that being caught up in a place where you might seem stuck or limitless, you can always come back to where your are comfortable. Somewhere, were you know you have a chance to be something, to feel something. That it just takes a little effort to push through what you believe and not what you thing you need to achieve.
Jyn Vo
The most interesting part of the music video (parts?) for me would have to be where Tiger JK's trying to 'revive' himself. There are two parts as how I saw it; one with the defibrillator, and the other literally with a tiger. I thought it was pretty interesting as it seems he was trying to get himself out of the sleep/coma. So I think that would represent a sort of symbolism as well; to wake oneself up from sleep and free themselves, to actually get up and achieve the dream they dreamt of. Or I could be thinking too hard.
I really liked all of the special effects. They were all really well done and really added to the meaning of the video. And of course, everyone being ridiculous. They looked like they had fun filming (despite being really cold, apparently........ haha).
For a SYMBOL, I really liked the smoke effect (was that animated? WHATEVER! IT WAS COOL!) for "inhale, exhale."
Shadows and chains and UGH SO MUCH AWESOME I'M GONNA DIE.
This interview was legit!!
The part that stood out the most to me was the space scene. To me it symbolizes leaving all the pain and expectations of the world behind, reaching a serene point beyond the horizon, then crashing back into a brutal reality and the birth of a new day. There's a lot of ways to interpret the symbols, but this is the one that hits home.
I loved MFBTY Sweet dream video! The whole is amazing but i especially like the symbolism of the "reviving " of  Jk on the table. By him being chained down it represents how people and their dreams are tired down by the world and how it tries to conform you to "fit in", become like everyone else, and how peoples dreams die. But MFBTY is trying to "revive"  people so they don't have to conform to the world and you can have passion for what you love! After trying and trying finally the tiger of truth with come to get you. You can give up or you can burst in the universe and live your dream out!
Everything in this video was amazing!!! I think my favorite part would be when Tiger JK gets shot into space after being devoured by the tiger. Favorite video EVER!!!
I think its the whole idea of the tiger and the mechanisms erupting out of his body. I, like most people, felt this was the most impactful. The tiger itself is music. Music has a way of bringing out our raw emotions, both horrifically painful (the metal things internally and externally piercing him) and gorgeously ethereal (the flying to space). LIke the man just laying there oblivious, it sometimes is the only thing that can reach us. it is only after he is bitten by the tiger that the shackles are broken and his world collapses. 
Another symbolism delves deeper into the concept of the tiger equivocated to music. It is metal - no longer natural - created by man and ruthlessly beautiful. We see no emotion in it or life in it that is not mechanical and it moves toward the meat, which possibly symbolizes money
 I think the symbol that stood out most for me was when the 3 of them were using the bed as a pretend car. Together with the jeep traveling through all those places went together showing you can be fighting to get through something even if from the outside it doesn't look as if you're getting anywhere at all.
OKAY, I WANT to win one of those CD's, so here is my answer:
The most interesting thing about this crazy fun video, are the costumes. They portray their time period well, like the victorian and flapper (etc), but they have a modern flair to them that makes them beautiful and utterly creative. THE SYMBOL that stood out to me the most was THE WANDERERS, shown various times, its T and Y's collab project to stop school violence and bullying w/a shout out to their baby Jordan. LOVE IT. LOVE YOU.
I REALLY LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO. Seriously, it was the most epic-est thing in kpop history. It would be so hard for me to pick 1 thing I thought was most Interetesting.... BUTTTTTT I gotta say that my favorite part was the 'revival' scenes where they try to bring him back to life then after that it looked like he was having an exorcism XD I found that really interesting :3 I also found the tiger scene SO FREAKING OMG THIS IS HELLA AMAZINLY AWESOME. When the tiger started eating him and stuff I was all like "WHOAAAAA ~ 0.0" then when all the tools and bolts and stuff started coming out of his body I was all like "ROBOT TIME"?! LOL. The symbolism in the video is AMAZING! I really love this song & MFBTY ^^ 
I REALLY LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO. Seriously, it was the most epic-est thing in kpop history. It would be so hard for me to pick 1 thing I thought was most Interetesting.... BUTTTTTT I gotta say that my favorite part was the 'revival' scenes where they try to bring him back to life then after that it looked like he was having an exorcism XD I found that really interesting :3 I also found the tiger scene SO FREAKING OMG THIS IS HELLA AMAZINLY AWESOME. When the tiger started eating him and stuff I was all like "WHOAAAAA ~ 0.0" then when all the tools and bolts and stuff started coming out of his body I was all like "ROBOT TIME"?! LOL. The symbolism in the video is AMAZING! I really love this song & MFBTY ^^ 
The most striking part was the contrast between reality and the dream world. We see JK suffering in pain in a cold, dark room, and then he kind of goes into his dreams where he can go wherever and do whatever he wants (driving a bitchin' SUV, swimming under water, being weightless and flying all the way into space, etc). And after he flies into his dreams, floats in space at the top of ecstasy, he falls and crashes hard back into earth, into reality. That was definitely my favorite part. 
"eat your kimchi" show was my first exposure to any of these artists and  i was absolutely blown away. i had that special tingly feeling i get when i watch super awesome videos that will change my life. the kind of feeling that paralyzes my eyes and keeps it focused on the video.

of all the interesting aspect of the video, it was the first group scene in  the hummer. it was so bumpin' and fun that it really set the mood for me. plus my kitten was bopping along when i first watched it so, yeah that's pretty cute.

great interview! i am now an even more devoted fans to these artists. thank you "eat your kimchi" team for your work in opening these artists to the world. you are my number one source!
I love how this music video speaks a lot about Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae's tribulations in that JK being in that table, all in pain, etc, seems like a depiction of him and his struggle with his transverse myelitis. I saw a documentary on him and it shows how much pain he's truly in and how much Tasha really loves him in a way that would make anyone say, "That's true love right there." This video confirms so much of that as JK is in pain while Tasha acts like the person who 'controls' him in a way that she determines his peace. Because in reality, JK depends so much on Tasha and vice versa. Does that make sense? HAHA. Jordan's name popping on the MV was awesome because it just confirms my view that they're sharing their love, life, and victory through their music and this MV.
I REALLY LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO. Seriously, it was the most epic-est thing in kpop history. It would be so hard for me to pick 1 thing I thought was most Interetesting.... BUTTTTTT I gotta say that my favorite part was the 'revival' scenes where they try to bring him back to life then after that it looked like he was having an exorcism XD I found that really interesting :3 I also found the tiger scene SO FREAKING OMG THIS IS HELLA AMAZINLY AWESOME. When the tiger started eating him and stuff I was all like "WHOAAAAA ~ 0.0" then when all the tools and bolts and stuff started coming out of his body I was all like "ROBOT TIME"?! LOL. The symbolism in the video is AMAZING! I really love this song & MFBTY ^^ 
Hey Simon and Martina!(: Firstly I would like to say that I am SUPERDUPER happy and glad that you got to interview MFBTY! I honestly LOVE then SO much! Overall (out of all K land), they are my favourite group! I screamed and almost cried with happiness when I heard you guys were going to interview them!:') So to get on with the question : I personally think that the video is trying to get across that sometimes, we all have those moments where we feel like there is so much weight on our shoulders and that we are so stressed out and we feel like letting it all out but it is too difficult to do. There may be someone who can help you through this time, at this time you need them to just be there, but then again it is also a difficult thing to do. We just need to take a break to breathe because during those tough times, its hard to even breathe peacefully. I think that the most interesting thing of the video was where JK was getting ripped up by the tiger, I felt that with the tiger doing that to him, it helped him relieve the stress from within and let out all of the negativity. I absolutely love this video because its something we can honestly relate to, and just plain enjoy (or listen to 24/7) I may not win this CD, but I just want to state my true opinions on them and finally let out my feelings other than just screaming when I see them. I hope that I may have a chance to win this CD, because in all honesty they are my inspiration, and they always will be. Thank you for reading my comment, it means the world to me(:<3 
I thought the bed wrirhing was so over the top. Intense, man. I think the tonal color gray was the running theme sized symbol. The transformer car and driving bouncing scenes were so YES!
"eat your kinchi" was the first time i was ever exposed to mfbty. watching the video gave me a super special tingly feeling. the kind that paralyzes my eyeballs so all i focus on is the awesomeness in front of me.
the interesting part of the video for me was the first group scene in the hummer. it was so bumpin' and fun that it set the whole tone of the video for me. if there was a meaning to the video then it would be that as they start on this journey together, they will have fun. as long as they stay in their strong hummer (friendship?) they will be protected from the elements  (pressure from media?) that would other wise destroy them.

if that was too deep, it was still super awesome because my kitten was bopping his head in time with the music.

what a great interview! thank you "eat your kimchi" team for your great work in exposing all these artists to the world. you are my number one source for all things in korean music. thank you!
The message of the video speaks to me a lot. The title of the song is "Sweet Dreams" and I think it's just really perfect to the life I live in now and to the life I want to have in the future. My favorite part was when Tiger was restraint in the first few minutes of the video so that he won't hurt himself in the process, but then suddenly all the things that stop him from spazzing more was gone and that's when everything lose control and rumbles right at his very own feet. He even went into space for that matter. I think it means that you have to let go of all the things that's stopping you from reaching your 'sweet dreams' or goals so that you can soar higher than what you actually wanted. But also in the video he fell back to earth, and crash right into his bed. I think it means that you also have to be ready to fall back to the reality that everything has its own end (can be career, love life or even life itself).
The part about karma, where the spikes and whatnot are popping out of his body was probably my favorite part because it was a really cool visualization!
There's so many good things about this from the special effects to all the symbolism. My favorite part is just about everything after they write MFBTY on his stomach and sprinkle on the flour. It seemed random until the tiger walked in and started ripping him apart. It was such a shocking image that it really stuck with me. And the editing when he went into space was just amazingly done.
The most interesting part was how when the camera was shooting Tiger JK at 0:14, at the zipper part of the jeans, the image imprinted on there actually looked like his fly was open xD i was totally shocked by that and it was pretty funny. the most interesting symbol is the 3 words by the pockets of Tiger JK's pants. It says "MYPANT.TRALATOTEE.SMELLS200" spelled backwards. Im not sure if there's a meaning behind that, but having those words there is pretty awesome for pants XD
I really liked the tiger and how it was portrayed in the MV. I enjoy steam punk concepts and since the tiger was metallic and gear-ish, it fit in that category, drawing my attention right away. I also liked how the gears and metal things came out of Tiger JK after he was attacked by the tiger. Maybe it was the result of being hooked up to the machines? It almost reminded me of X-Men and how Wolverine was injected with metal. [Perhaps there was symbolism in that Tiger was attacked by a tiger...]
well, for me, MY FAVORITE SCENES & MOST INTERESTING PART of the MV was when,Yoon Mirae says "Inhale, Exhale" and the smoke or whatever gets breathed in and it just comes right back out. i thought that was GENIUS!!!! i LOVED it!!! also, when the guy flies all the way up into space, he meets up with an Astronaut and then he falls back down into earth and gets slammed into the ground and the earth breaking and how it looked so realistic, except no blood and all when he landed because that was a pretty hard pound. I also love the part when they land in the ocean and the bubbles floating up and all the cute fishies! & LASTLY, MY favorite part was when they were on the bed pretending it was a car and i really liked RANDOM WRITING on the walls, lol. & HOW can i forget the Robotic Tiger, that thing was cool!!!. i really loved the MV SO MUCH, i watched it MANY MANY times every since it came out. it's such a great song and MV. i became a fan of Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae a while before this and when i heard they were coming out with a project group and album, i knew it was going to be DEABAK!!! & now i'm a HUGE FAN!!! MFBTY CHAEGO ^O^
The part that I thought was really done well was the part right after the tiger ripped him up and the guy went through a transformation. I'm not the best interpreter, but I think when the tiger mauled him it symbolized hardship, pain and struggle. In reality, a mauling like that would kill someone, but he didn't and seemed like he became stronger as a symbol of perseverance as he underwent a transformation and he was able to do things a normal person couldn't like blast into space. This part would be a symbol of dedication and hard work to achieve great things you didn't think were possible. And the lyrics that play in that part "what goes around comes back around, we call it karma" fits this perfectly. Showing that even though times can be hard, you can learn from mistakes and overcome it and be stronger as a result. The classic old saying, "what doesn't kill me will make me stronger" is heavily portrayed in that scene. Overall it's a good song and it seriously qualifies for one of my favorite songs I've ever heard this year and last year. Kudos to MFBTY and thank you Simon and Martina for that great interview!
I'm unsure as to whether or not this is a symbol or not but I enjoyed the scene where they are all sitting on the hospital style bed pretending to be in the car dressed to the nines... it makes you question all the other things happening in the M/V. Also it reminds me of a show I watched called I'm a cyborg but that's okay. Yeah all the characters in that one were also crazy
I like how when the robot tiger ate tiger jk, it was like tiger jk was embodying the the spirit of the tiger and became this insanely powerful man and going bezerk and being capable of insane things.
I thought the tiger eating scene was the most disturbing! It definitely stood out the most for me.
The whole video stood out to me. I know I'm being told I'm listening to Kpop, but this song it's like nothing I've heard in that genre before. The closest comparison I think would be, The Black Eyed Peas, but better. The individual personalities and amazing voices of Bizzy, Tiger, YoonMiRae really are on par with the "out of this world" feel of the video. Thanks for introducing them to many of us. It's been on replay since you posted your K-indie video. <3
P.S. I know Black Eyed Peas are NOT Kpop. I was thinking of a general comparison in sound and cool factor. But again, MFBTY wins. IMO.
I personally enjoyed the juxtaposition between the lyrics and when Tiger JK had fireworks, spikes, and saws bursting from his chest.  The idea that sweet dreams aren't always so sweet, the desire to be with someone can tear you apart. 
the whole video what cray cray i was like wtf is going on most of the time but i really like the part when he is getting like electrocuted it was mad funny.
Even tho the whole MV is INSANE ! The whole Inhale ~ Exhale part was AWESOME ! And the Tiger .... just AWESOME !
The whole sacrificial-esque scene was very interesting to me because in the interview they mentioned that they were their own worst enemy. So when Yoon Mi Rae wrote "MFBTY" on Tiger JK's torso, it was torn up and ripped apart, by a tiger, nonetheless. I also felt as though it was a sort of shout out to all of their fans (they're called My Fans Are Better Than Yours after all). They're working so hard and sacrificing their effort into bringing us a great jam. 
The part when the man is trying to free himself from the chains was so powerful. Ironically, it was like he was being pulled in by a force to set himself free rather than resisting the chains alone. The chains were also the most significant symbol to me. I feel like there should be a sequel to this music video because I want to see where he goes after breaking the chains. I also like how there's a mix between the upbeat electronic music during his struggle to the classic piano when he's finally free. The sweet piano piece at the end was so organic and raw. It was also even more suspenseful to me because this soft melody totally contrasts with the harder sounds during most of the song.
I think,"Sweet Dream" is one of the most visually awesome videos ever!I I like the part where,Tiger JK is catapulted into space.He's face to face with an astronaut over looking the earth. That seen was just stellar(no pun intended lol).The symbol that stood out to me is where,the metallic tiger-monster gets baited into mauling Tiger JK.I think that could have a couple meanings.1.Maybe it represents how,the music industry will chew you up and spit you out.2.Or,since it is a tiger,perhaps it's TJK's own internal struggle Either way I loved the vid and cant wait to see more from them!o (◡‿◡✿)
The most interesting thing was definitely the tiger, that was incredibly cool! I can't say much about the symbolism because I wasn't looking for that when I watched the video. You go on a journey in the MV, "I want to go wherever you are" Throughout the dream you go to some amazing places, you practically live better then you do in real life,but that 'karma' is still with you though. Your locked inside yourself....well its hard to explain. This MV is my favorite by far because there is just so much to it you feel deeper. Ocean instead of kiddie pool...
my favorite parts in the music video would definitely be when the goes up into space and also when their in the car with water splashing over and then how they switch to just being on the bed pretending to drive and i also love how at one point in the background it said jordan.
Great interview for a great song. I wish this song had caught the media attention it deserved. The visual effects in the music video were amazing! The song itself is even more amazing. It had me listening to it on repeat for the entire month of its released. It still remains to be my favorite release of the year thus far.
The concept of the video was interesting. From the weirdness of Tiger being manhandled by the trio to the "like a boss" outfits and rapping of the group. The symbolize I saw was about dreams. It seemed like Tiger is dreaming about things that have 'hurt' or stopped him from achieving his dreams. Tiger even doubts and attacks himself (the tiger attacking Tiger JK- haha get it? tiger attacking Tiger). But at the end of the video, he wakes up and realizes he's the only one who can truly stop himself from achieving his dreams. 
The video for Sweet Dream may be representative of Tiger JK's Transverse Myelitis. Tiger being in his catatonic state throughout the video is symbolic of the paralysis that affects him with his condition and the support his wife and best friend supply when they serve as surgeons attempting to revive him. I feel what is most interesting is the inclusion of the CGI tiger in the MV as it serves as Tiger's "spirit animal" essentially, and in the end his inner strength is what allows him to awaken.
The thing that really stood out to me in Sweet Dream was when Tiger JK says, "Inhale, Exhale" and you see Tiger on the bed taking in a deep breathe(dust/air gathers together underneath the bed) then Tiger breathes out(The dust/air spreads back out) I just find that very,very touching to me. For me personally,the visual of that along with the words is telling me- I need to just take a deep breathe and life is going to be okay. The lyrics may not say this but the visuals and lyrics are inspiring to think this. ^^
The part I thought was most interesting was definitely after the techy iron man tiger ate the steak off of Tiger JK and he started having spasms and a bunch of metal saws/pointy things coming out of him while the lyrics being sung was about karma.

On that note, I think the music video could be about getting too caught up with the good things in your life like technology. Though those things are great and fun, they could lead you to ruin. You start to focus more on that sweet dream and you start to forget reality in a way. 
Definitely loved JK versus the Tiger - different sides to JK fighting himself with the 'good karma' vs. the bad karma, pretty sweet visual effects as well!
I think the most interesting part was how many shout outs there are in the video to real life people and problems. There's Jordan's name (Tiger JK and Tasha's adorable son), Tiger JK's Brazilian fanclub name Jaguatirica, and Tiger JK's scenes paralyzed in the bed might reference health problems he deals with daily (but always overcomes!!) The best part is probably how much you can tell they all enjoyed the song and making the video.
This is really hard,since I find the whole video awesome and interesting. But my favorites would have to be Tiger's bed to car scene,the awesome mechanical tiger biting Tiger and then the epic mechanical things,and of course Tasha's "Inhale, Exhale"
As of for my favorite symbolic thing, it would have to be when the tiger eats part of Tiger and all these blades come out of him. When this happens, Bizzy is talking about karma and things going in and coming back out. I found this pretty epic :D
Actually, I didn't watch MV first. I just listened to the song and it instantly became my LSS for a week. Then, I discovered that there was a MV.... and it was quite interesting (weird at first) but very interesting. And yes, there were alot of symbols but my fave was when they featured their son's name behind them. I really enjoyed the song and the mv. More power to MFBTY!!
The symbol that stood out the most to me was the metallic tiger that appeared and started eating the raw meat on Tiger JK. I believe this was a message on how one's dreams can literally 'eat themselves up.' I believe this message was beautifully presented in the video. The producers really stuffed this video with a lot of symbolism and a ton of credit to MFBTY for such a great song and with great ideas.
I liked how Tiger JK reached out his hand during the “get away” part it was like he was trying to get out of his reality and into his dream land but was chained down. He was stuck. (side note: their voices go soooooooooo well together omg……. SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT! GAH) I think the tiger the rips apart Tiger Jk is what releases his imagination. It is kind of how names can differentiate people and can release something else within them. Beyonce has Tasha fierce and Tiger JK has, well, Tiger. The walls breaking down and Tiger finally breaking through the chains is him finally becoming free and able to express himself. Tasha wants to go to where imagination is born. 
Since YouTube is so stingy with their character count, I'm hoping I can flesh out my thoughts on the video here.

To me, what strikes me is the contrast between Tiger JK, bound up in wires, struggling and unconscious to this whimsical adventurous side of the video where MFBTY are driving under water, using a bed as a vehicle, etc.

I watched a documentary that was on tvN on Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae that was uploaded on YouTube recently and the prevailing theme is that despite his health issues, that Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae, were always able to dig deep and make the most out of life and their passion, music. I remember this scene where both Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were not feeling well but had to perform at two different college. But yet, once they were there, they were able to absorb the energy of the audience and perform their heart out.

I felt the video message is one where that no matter how much you struggle, your dreams, your passion and desire can help you rise above any struggle.

There's a line in the video translated as "Hold the glass up on top of the head, everybody come on, Two together rather than one, go over the tough mountain. Go over the tough mountain and walk across the sea." I felt that was in reference to Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK being there for each other through the most difficult times.

I think people can interpt the end in different ways -- but I felt that at the end where he is free of the wires and wakes up in the empty room -- I felt that somehow his "sweet dream" the idea of this "sweet dream"  way is what drove him to wake up and conquer his challenges. And I think the sort of disbelief he had waking up was sort of like "what just happened?" He sort of had his life/passion/dream flash by him...and I think that can be quite the shock when you wake up in reality.
My favorite symbolism was when Tiger Jk was chained up to his bed. I took it as the problems one deals with day to day. But we must break free from them. We gotta break free from our problems and stereotypes that we all face everyday. Really liked that part.
I like how they wrote MFBTY in lipstick on his stomach then the tiger attacking that area and the scenes after makes me think that the fans brought him back to life since MY FANS BETTER THAN YOURS
Nam Le
I liked the bit where they where in the car and on the bed pretending to drive and also the bit where there was the tiger. Probably not a symbol but the sign WANDERERS somehow just really stood out to me and also MFBTY. 
Thanks for the give-away even though I don't know if I'm going to win or not. Love you EYK
Not knowing Korean, the thing that stood out was when the tiger bites him and then a series of things are coming out then he burst into the sky. It gave me a feeling of not letting things hold you back, but also not having to do it alone.
I liked the symbolism of the tiger ripping into Tiger JK, before it he was kind of just laying there dead. Then the tiger ripped him apart, and it hurt, but it when it was done he got thrown to outer space.... Am I just reading way too much into that?
The thing I thought was very interesting was Tasha's bleach blonde/almost white hair. Not because it's a unusual color no no no it's because next comes the SPUDGY BLUE HAIR COLOR RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! MWAHAHAHAHA! EW SO NASTY!
The most interesting/amusing part for me was when Tiger crashed onto the bed and just like folded his body in this crazy painful way. I think this also symbolizes that dreams can see us free and ideals can take us OUT OF THIS WOOORLD, but we can still fall. So when we wake up and face reality, it's up to us to decide how much we want to reach this dream no matter what struggles we go through to get to them x).
I loved this video. First of all because I needed something new from Tiger JK and Tasha. The video felt like JK wanting to get back to the better person he is. He feels pain from his disease and he wants to get away from those things. I liked how the mechanical tiger has a spinal cord that was protruding out it's back as it took a bite out of him. It was like the strong version of Tiger JK destroying the body that was lying there on the table. There was so much here that it was just amazing. It felt so great that he was sharing something with us. The karma part felt like how his mouth gets him in trouble lately when he talks a lot, but he doesn't mean it. He just wants to have fun and his friends want him to have fun too.
In the part where TIger JK was flying out of the world, he sees someone in space. The person's helmet says Felix and I'm guessing it's a reference to the man that did the supersonic skydive? So it's urging people to try something new and push new boundaries like Felix did. This music video was realllllly awesome.
Sweet Dream may not fit into the Kpop genre, but people know what a good song is, and if people like it, they'll listen to it, no matter if it's something they'll normally listen to or not. A sick beat and a catchy melody and chorus is all most people need; I'm sure that's how most of us got into Kpop in the first place. The fact that the video and song were full of spontaneity and freedom of expression, with nothing intended other than to have fun, symbolizes how we see music ourselves.
Best symbol would be Jordan's name appearing...FAMILY LOVEEEEEEEE
I found this whole video awesome!! I love the part where all of them are in the car driving. From out of the whole music video the tiger part (in which almost everybody has mention)stood out the most for me. From my perspective the objects coming out of tiger jk symbolize the pain he is feeling and the pain is so intense that its out of the world!! :D well thats what I think other than that I totally luv MFBTY!
A symbol that stood out for me: at the end when Tiger JK has a word behind him.. I think it's "Jaguatirica," which is Portugese for ocelot. The most common meaning to ocelots as a symbol or in a dream is regeneration of the spirit through quiet and meditation.... which ties back to the title "Sweet Dream," Tiger JK as the patient coming back to life in the MV, and even the interview about regenerating their passion for making music. I think it ties everything back together at the end of the MV in a very subtle way.

And Yoon Mirae's word "Jordan" was adorable and a nice touch too ^.^
What i found most interesting about the music video is how its not your typical k-pop video like stated in the interview and how their are SO many little and big hidden messages that can be found. Some hidden symbols i found most revealing was Tiger Jk being chained up and trying to break free from something, the Jeep show them going to random places showing that its a long journey, and the the tiger eating Tiger JK's insides showing that what he is breaking free from has pain with it too.  I might be wrong, this is just my random theory.
MMMM i love them <3 , but yeah when i first saw that music video i was like dannnngggg every one looks sooo good ;] , I really thought how the tifer (maybe it was Tiger JK true form :D) ripped through tiger jk stomach and all these mechanisms came out , it was like he's trying to get rid of the bad stuff so he can be free, and the tiger helped , like a dream, Like how Yoo Mirae <3 and bizzy and tiger Jk came in looking like they were sometype of ghost or people from the future trying to help tiger JK  , plus theres a sign saying wanders , Link-age Time travelers= Wanders , Eh~ Eh ~ , any ways LOVE THEM  AND YOU GUYS !!!! <3 WHOOOOOO \(^0^)/ , P.S YOO MAIRAE Gorgeousssssssssss <3 You too Martina <3
The "voguing" moments the trio have together. You could tell they were having so much fun and I loved the part where they all do a simultaneous head twirl. SYNERGY!
Haha, such a funny Interview and very revealing thanks! My favourite part of the MV was the cyber tiger eating at Tiger. Then it seemingly gives strength! So maybe new taking out the old, makes something reborn?
I thought it was really interesting how everything that happened in the video was so crazy and exciting and it just ended up being a dream! I wish I had dreams like that! haha~ The symbol (I guess it's a symbol?) that stood out the most for me was when Tiger JK's was struggling on the table against all the restraints, I can think of numerous time where I have felt like that and it just represents exactly what I have felt :)
I thought the most interesting part of the video when tiger JK flew into outerspace and was suddenly dropped back to earth! and like many other people, i thought the bit where tiger jk is getting shocked by the ropes was very interesting to see and i think everyone could relate to that.
I liked the fact that they symbolized making the sacrifice to the white tiger in the video. The myth says in chinese mythology rubbing and placing fat pork on the tiger deitys mouth represents feeding him and sprinkling green beans and sesame seeds represents chasing away problems and troubles which was symbolized by the blades and spikes and chains coming up out of his chest like trying to be chased away.
I thought the most interesting part of the MV was all of the CG effects and images! Loved the part with the tiger bitting drunken tiger and when he was launched into outerspace! :)
AnnKa M
I totally love this MV, it´s so crazy.
I really loved when Tiger´s flying up to space and meets Felix Baumgartner. that was so epic. For me this represents the life of an idol. You can fly high and be on top but nothing lasts forever. You might be the nr 1 in one moment but you can fall down the next moment. Felix Baumgartner was used as a symbol for success which was realy cool. It was a great idea.
I also liked how they used Jordan´s name at the end of the MV in the backround. They must be really proud of their son.
When there was mechanical stuff coming out of Tiger´s body I didn´t know what to say. This was such a cool special effect, too. For me it represents Idols being controlled by their companies.
The MV was great, the interview was epic and I really need to know where I can get Tasha´s pullover. I was staring at it during the whole interview. She looked so great. Thanx EYK for bringing us MFBTY. Fighting!
It was an awesome video... it's hard to pick one symbol that I could explain fully..haha but the one I liked the most and maybe the simplest one, was that one solo shot of Yoon Mi Rae with the golden "JORDAN" flashed in her background while the lyrics "I wanna go wherever you are" was playing. It symbolizes her being a loving mother and how Jordan her son i't was so important to her that she doesn't want to take her eyes of him and "go wherever he is going" or like be there for him always. =)
I love the video it was amazing! I think this is a symbol but it's when Tiger JK is trying to break free of the chains and wires, while Yoon Mi Rae is singing "possibly and probably you would be mine" and also the line "can you get away, I wanna go go where you are", I think this could be a symbol of how some relationships aren't seen well like gay relationships etc and some people are forced out of relationships. So no matter what you always wanna be with the one you love and you will try all that you can to get away from whatever is taking you away from that loved one. We should just love and not be pulled back by the chains of society.
My favourite part would be the 'tiger' ripping Tiger JK apart, like possibly many others. Esp since in the lyrics, they mention & I quote "What goes around I might come back around
We call it Karma, karma I don’t mean to harm you" it signifies one thing, where the spikes are coming out of his body; it shows that he's being tortured for whatever evil he did. Looking into this further it may not represent what he's gone through, rather more of how tough it was to break out of mainstream kpop and go further, more daringly into a different genre than what typical fangirls prefer. That's looking at things in a different perspective other than the 'karma' related way.
What striked me too was the contrast between the name of the song and the video - "sweet dream", where the video wasn't sweet at all. Perhaps when he broke into the atmosphere and came back down, and then woke up rather befuddled, it was a sign that he could have a second chance, in whatever problem he'd encountered.
in that way, then, it was considered 'sweet', however ironically.
The feeling of getting a second chance and realising that we should improve ourself, and wake up from our delusions (ie dreams), is sweet. The feeling of relief.
well that's my answer ^^ Love MFBTY <3
I think the part that stood out to me most was the use of the body. I believe that it symbolizes how we need to control our own life and the urge to escape from the restraints of normal life; being the decisions that we make. You are in control of your own life and how things turn out is truly up to you. The part that I would like to know more about is the Tiger, and the meat, I don't truly understand it, though I do have some basic ideas like the tiger being the aid to help the body escape. One other thing that stood out to me was the jeep, and the fact that the body/room transformed into the jeep, symbolizing the journey that we as humans need to take in order to have a fulfilled life. 
I really like this song. The music video is so different from what i'm used to seeing. Interesting about the video was the space scene and the cool looking tiger. What the music video brings to my mind is that:
You should always dream big but be prepared because sometimes the dream can come crumbling down. But in that situation, you should also remember they are just dreams. You can always dream new ones.
hi S&M, Hola desde Mexico ^^ .For me the most simbolic part of the video was gen JK just can take any longer and he just Fart sooo hard that he just fly right to the space! and there he just challenge Felix Baumgartner to a competicion of a freefall, just to realize that we allways fall in our dreams. it was so clear to see . jajajaj .Just awesome video. :D
What's most interesting about the Sweet Dream Music Video is the positive message behind it. Its about healing and breaking free. The symbol that stood out for me the most is the space scence where Tiger JK is rescued from his chains and healed from the pain. It's my favorite scene because MFBTY started in Wondaland and the "space"is representing it and our favorite unnie (space is part of her twitter ID) So not only did Tasha and Bizzy help him, but also we, the unnies, the fans did. (This is basically the same context of my tumblr post) #MFBTYEYK
What I liked most about this video is that there were many hidden details that only hit you when you carefully watch the video several times. It just adds so much meaning and and creativity to a whole new level. Perfectly exemplifies how much effort and thought they put into the video. Honestly speaking, it seems that music videos in Korea are often of just short love stories that do not really hold much connotation. But watching MFBTY bring a new type of music video was a great breath of fresh air. Personally, what stood out to me the most was when I realized that Tiger JK was tied up in the beginning of the video, but throughout sacrifices, pain and enduring he resurrected and was a free man. It symbolized to me that there is a silver lining to every pain. Great video!
The tiger creature tearing Tiger a new one :O That was pretty twisted
I really do applaud you two for a great interview and atmosphere.
one part of the MV that stood out was when TigerJK struggled on the bed, then broke free and shot up into space and saw Felix Baumgartner before falling back to earth and it all being calm and a dream. An inner struggle of "one's self."
It made me think of Felix Baumgartner saying that when he was about to jump he saw the surface of the earth and though about how small we all are and said I'm coming home. Then he Jumped.
Lili C
I think the whole video was SO interesting, detailed and just amazing! I loved the styling! The Tiger was really impressive and in my opinion a important symbol not only for Tiger JK but for all three MFBTY members ♥. and It really fits the MV! 
I also think the part with "Felix" was crazy and actually really funny ! Impressive and amazing video! I just LOVE it! and the song is my new favorite song!! :D 
The part when JK got shot up into outerspace, then came crashing down to earth.....that was EPIC!!

The one that stood out to me was that "Resurrection" symbol on JK's pants, to me it symbolized a rebirth to their music and birth to something greater in the process
Lucy Lu
What I think was the most interesting thing was that in the video tiger JK is shown on a table lifeless, unable to move, and he doesnt know whats going on in the world... and in real life he suffers from Myelitis, which is the inflammation of the spinal cord. The infection starting with the legs causes muscle weakness or paralysis and can even cause difficulty with movement or sitting up. Unfortunately no cure exists for Myelitis, but like Tiger JK, patients can take medication to temporarily manage the symptoms. I think this is something that adds more meaning to the video. Like it kind of symbolises how sometimes he might feel isolated or stuck in his career when he can't get inspiration.
I thought that was a really interesting point in the video and the effects they use are amazing as well..
I think where Tasha comes in multiple times with all these different "cures" is the most striking part. You see her lean down and almost kiss Tiger and you see how heartbreaking it is for her to see him like this. Then she's trying all this crazy stuff just to give herself hope. Each thing seems stranger than the last but if there's an inkling that it might help then she'll keep bringing more and more stuff in, like the metal tiger, or shocking the hell out of him. It says a lot about their relationship and kind of shows how much she worries about him in real life.
the most interesting part humm... i can't really tell the video is so bizarre but awesome, im a huge fan of bizzare stuff and that video was like pure gold to me it was really cool, i loved when there are in the car like dancing or something like that, the space scene and the mecanic tigger aaa i loved that tigger it was like wow, and the song OMG the song it was really amazing i literaly can't stop playing it over and over again, so yeah my favorite part is all the video it self
Jess M
Alrighty. Here’s my contest entry (you didn't say we couldn't try on multiple forums XD )

Okay, so I don’t know if you guys remember The Humpty Dance. It was hugely popular in the states in 1990 but I don’t know if it broke out in Canada.

Anyways, the reason I bring it up is because MFBTY bring up the Humpty Hump in Sweet Dream. And I’m sure there are a ton of super deep and interesting symbols and references in the MV (e.g. Adventures in Slumberland and consequences on breaking out into mainstream and religious metaphors, etc) but I’m going to ignore all of those.

I’ll give a bit of background on Humpty Hump and Digital Underground. Humpty Hump was an alter ego of the lead in Digital Underground and purposefully put on a consume to appear unattractive. And although The Humpty Dance was, on the surface, a song about having sex with women despite being ugly, there was just as much about being proud on who you are despite your appearances because confidence is everything. It was about not being worried about perfection and trusting people to take a chance on you even though you might not be what they were expecting.

Now a whole verse in The Humpty Dance is how to actually do the dance. Let me break that verse down for you.

“First I limp to the side like my leg was broken.” -At 1:00, Bizzy drops JK’s right leg as if it were broken. “Shakin’ and twitchin’ kinda like I was smoking. Crazy wack funky.” -1:14, JK is being injected with something (I’m not saying it’s crack but…some sort of drug) which causes him to start twitching. “People say ya look like M.C. Hammer on crack, Humpty” -1:41, in comes JK dressed like a modern day MC Hammer. Don’t try to deny it…those look like hammer pants and Hammer most likely owns the same jacket. “That’s all right ‘cause my body’s in motion” - 2:05, JK is attacked. “It’s supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion”-2:11, actual convulsions. “No two people will do it the same” - 2:34, meets with Felix, the only person who isn’t a part of MFBTY.“Ya got it down when ya appear to be in pain” -2:42, starts to fall down (ya got it down) before landing in a totally painful way.“And when the dude a chump pump points a finger like a stump” -3:09, Yoon Mirae points right at the screen. “Tell him step off, I’m doin’ the Hump.” -3:16, they are totally doing The Humpty Hump.

So, overall…this is just one big dance video. And maybe they are telling people to be confident in who they are and promote higher self-esteem, kind of like Digital Underground. And in turn asking people to take a chance on them because they have big dreams and are looking to the stars. Or they’re just asking people to do the Humpty Hump because it’s fun.
I really found the images and the symbolism really interesting because it really relates to the lyrics they are singing (or at least the English part that I understood :P)
A lot of things stood out to me, most notably the symbolic metaphor of the chains and the robotic tiger that enters the room. When the hook is playing, the man is relentlessly trying to escape from it all by pulling the chains showing how much pain he is feeling being trapped and unable to go where "you" (he/she/it) are. When the tiger walks into the room, it confirms the pain that the person is feeling as it eats at him (something is eating at him from the inside) and sends him to space (could be a potential metaphor for Heaven - perhaps the person that he wants to meet has already passed away?). All in all the entire music video and song is really well executed making MFBTY the best Korean Hip-hop/rap group for branching out and doing things that feel and look organic.
To me the most interesting about the video was definitely the fact that the song was about forgetting about what outside factors do to two people who are clearly meant to be together. It seems that (and this is me going off the English lyric translation) there are forces in the video not only trying to keep them apart but also bring them together. The symbol (at least I hope this makes sense to you guys) that stood out the most was when the man that had been hooked up to the machines and chained down before suddenly shot up into the sky, still unconscious, and burst through the atmosphere in front of the astronaut and just stayed there for a minute before crashing back down to earth. Maybe that was his subconscious mind trying to free him of all the things holding him back from being with that person but then he goes back to reality and reality keeps him from what he truly wants. Maybe I'm over-analyzing it but that's also the emotional feeling I got from this video.
I'm actually a recently converted MFBTY fan and let me tell you, they're the beezneez (sp?).
I like the part where Tiger JK flies into space and comes face-to-face with the astronaut, then falls back down to Earth. As the video showed the rest of the group trying to bring him back to life, the scene made me think of someone going to heaven, but then having God (the astronaut) send them back. It is also reminiscent of an angel falling from grace. And then, because we recently had Red Bull sponsor a stratosphere jump last year, it could also be a reference to that, which I think would also be cool.
The symbol that stood out to me was all the incidents that happen to the sleeping JK in the video. I think all the things that happen to him represent society's attempts to change us. The saw and spikes protruding from his chest represent our our insecurities caused by others and him being launched into the atmosphere represents him being cast out for not conforming. When he comes back to earth, he literally comes back to earth and accepts himself. His solemnity afterwords represents his silent acceptance of himself and his contemplation of his low self-esteem from before. :)
The MV was the bomb! I think the tiger symbolized death coming for Tiger JK and trying to devour him but he used that fight that motivate and revive him. Idk but I loved it anyway symbols or no symbols :)
 My FAVE part is at the end of the video was when Bizzy, Tasha and  Tiger Jk where going crazy and being wild, it seem as they where having fun. And since most people interpret what I wanted to say about Tiger Jk illness and how it caused him to have bad dreams (which are basically the same bad dream that comes over and over again) about people not liking his music. The symbolism that I found was the lights (the light bulbs?)  on the ceiling and that it never turned off and even if it where blinking off and on it was still on. Light can be interpret as hope, rebirth or that in any goal you admire doing there is always that little way that can make it true; though this sounds cliché it's true. Also when JK is in space or what I call it as heaven there is still lights which are the stars and the big star our SUN, so even in their afterlife there would be good things/outcomes. Also the light can be a nightlight so you won't be scared of the dark tehee, I'm 16 and still sleep with a night lights and with my twin sister.
Truly yours,
                  Thalia <3
more MFBTY!! awesome interview!! :D I've watched it more than once :D
What stood out to me was when they put meat on they guy laying down then the tiger came in and chewed him, then they were talking about karma, then he was shot into space. I think this symbolized karma literally and maybe the tiger chewed on him because hedid something bad or something unjust
I think the symbol of suppression and freedom is my favorite. In the MV, the trio of doctors were testing different methods on him to bring him back to life. He was hooked up to all these machines and was being tested on. I think the mechanic tiger was a symbol of his inner self (his true self) ripping out the mechanical/superficial part of him. In the end, it was all a dream. There were no doctors or machines, but he was able to cure himself, with his true identity.

I also think this could be alluding to the fact that Tiger JK was sick for a while, with a non-curable disease called Transverse Myelitis. Because he was so sick, it caused him to have to be on hiatus for two years (I would know, it was the worst two years of
my life!!). This could be alluding to his struggle while he was sick, and how he was able to stay strong, persevere and rid himself of the weakness (He is doing much better, while taking medication regularly to lessen his symptoms).

내가 그렇게 응원하고 존경하는 정권오빠! 윤미래언니! 비지오빠!랑 인터뷰하셔서 말로 표현못할정도로 감사드립니다!!! ^_^ EYK 홧팅!! <3
Because EYK I now Love MFBTY and Im really waiting their album to come out. The song Sweet Dream is awesome, cool and makes you really move and sing along. I really like the scene where the mechanic tiger comes and ribs the mans chest and then all the hassle starts. There so much power in that part. Love it! And i really like Tiger JKs rapping, so cool man <3
I think the best part in Sweet Dream (for me) was the cinematography in that room where Tiger JK is strapped (?) on that bed. The mise en scene was also nice! It gives me a weird feeling, but a nice one! (:, the light was a bit gloomy, don't know if that counts as a symbol?
Tiff L
I thought the most interesting part was when the robotic tiger appeared and did it's thing, the visuals along with that is so creative and interesting. I'm not sure if this is a symbol but, when they were on the bed in the beginning, in the background it says Wanderers and had everyone's name near it, i think it represents the Wanderers Project. Tiger and Bizzy were in the underwater car, Bizzy's face was hilarious♥
For me the room where the dreaming strapped tiger jk is at, is the symbol that stood out for me the most! because it reminded me of my telenovela (yes im hispanic represent!! lol) any who this novela ,is called la patrona if your interested, the main character was trapped in a room jail looking asylum for the insane. Therefore  the room, dreaming tiger jk is sleeping in reminds me of that room. Not only that but the protagonist in the novela is trying to get out of this room and its a struggle because she is being constantly watched over. Therefor in the video dreaming tiger jk is doing similarly the same, trying to escape or overcome his bad dream/struggle. Another thing that the video  relates to the novela is when the song says "what goes around comes around" well something like that, it relates to the novela because the protagonist enemy, i believe will get hit hard by karma for putting the protagonist in this asylum.(the novela isn't finished yet) But yeah is not much symbolism but comparison, of the rooms have the same feeling if you know what i mean.
ps. sorry for writting an essay lol But thanks for this giveaway :D <3 much love Tania from NYC!! 
pps. if it pops out twice sorry i might have thought i posted somewhere else!! sorry
the most interesting for me as the lion and all the stuff coming out of his chest. I think as some parts it symbols karma, and how what goes around comes back around. It could aslo mean all the stuff that bottled up in his chest is just released i am not really sure what there saying so bear with me on what i am trying to say
My favorite part had to be the very beginning, when Yoon Mirae came in and stood over her husband, along with the line "We were meant to be, another time another life, possibly, probably you will be mine." I think it meant a lot more with that accompaniment. He was clearly ripped up (no shirt, no shoes, no service?) whereas she was wearing this super elegant night dress, hair up, earrings, meant for a five star restaurant: a poignant contrast. Then when she stands over him, it's as if she knows everything and will take care of him, and at the same time she's mesmerized by him. Then she pulls the switch and starts his life over again.
I actually hadn't heard the song until I saw the interview, but now I'm super excited and want to look into all their stuff XD Mostly because the way they rap is just so's fantastic!
 I don't think I have only ONE part of this MV that my favorite parts but many. The first thing that caught me was the "inhale,exhale" part because to me when you 'inhale' you have to breathe in all the bad things that permeate the air that have, then 'exhale' completing the cycle of not having a choice but to share this bad things, for example the constant use of 'karma' in the song. As an extension of the symbolism, I loved the part with tiger lying on the bed and a mechanical tiger comes into the room and tears out tiger jk torso and all the black spikes, and pulsating blades(bad karma), I think that is showing a small way (even if slightly graphic but totally cool) way of the bad karma (that you gain through life) being shown and removed ...and finally the scene in which he was rolling around on the bed as in grief and then flying right off the earth into space and to me that showed that to remove the 'bad stuff' happening in a person's life, sometimes you have to remove yourself from yourself and take a step back to clear yourself, because once he came back down to earth, he was able to wake up, fresh and renewed and unplugged to the medical machinery that he was hooked up with before.
 Hey Simon and Martina!(: Firstly I would like to say that I am SUPERDUPER happy and glad that you got to interview MFBTY! I honestly LOVE then SO much! Overall (out of all K land), they are my favourite group! I screamed and almost cried with happiness when I heard you guys were going to interview them!:') So to get on with the question : I personally think that the video is trying to get across that sometimes, we all have those moments where we feel like there is so much weight on our shoulders and that we are so stressed out and we feel like letting it all out but it is too difficult to do. There may be someone who can help you through this time, at this time you need them to just be there, but then again it is also a difficult thing to do. We just need to take a break to breathe because during those tough times, its hard to even breathe peacefully. I think that the most interesting thing of the video was where JK was getting ripped up by the tiger, I felt that with the tiger doing that to him, it helped him relieve the stress from within and let out all of the negativity. I absolutely love this video because its something we can honestly relate to, and just plain enjoy (or listen to 24/7) I may not win this CD, but I just want to state my true opinions on them and finally let out my feelings other than just screaming when I see them. I hope that I may have a chance to win this CD, because in all honesty they are my inspiration, and they always will be. Thank you for reading my comment, it means the world to me(:<3
LOVE the elephant sweater!!! It's hard to pinpoint my favourite/most striking symbol, but I would have to say it's Tiger JK's expression at the end of the music video. He has this sort of dazed, but peaceful expression, just like he would have if he had woken up from this crazy. sweet dream he just had. It symbolizes to me, how we often use music, or another form of art to express all the emotions we feel which sometimes we don't dare express out loud. The MV is this wonderful mix of bizzarre, strange, and fantastic, which can feel so real when we're dreaming it. For me it shows how dreams allow us to feel those strong and powerful emotions, and when we wake up from them, we feel renewed and "resurrected" in a sense because we have been able to feel such fantastical things. Dreams also allow us to be the star of the show, and sometimes people like to feel that way. 
Hana I
I really love this song!!!!! first i didn't notice but after watching the MV multiple times it saw the name Jordan almost at the end of the video when Tasha is singing "I wanna go where you are", so it's like she is singing to her son, and in the future he will always have that messege from his parents
To me, the most intresting part of the Sweet Dream MFBTY music video is when Tiger JK wakes up at the very end. It doesn't seem like much but it's as if he just woke up from a very vivid dream. Hence the name of the song? Its like he woke up because of the dreams he was having. I'm not sure if they were trying up in reality, or if that was a part of his dream. The reason that Tiger JK waking up stood out to me the most was probably because I saw it as a representation of how strong dreams are to people. There are people whose dreams are what keep them going. They strive to keep them alive; because their dreams are what keep them alive. Dreams are also a "getaway" for people. When people sleep, dreams are something they can't control. I don't know about other people but my favorite part about being able to sleep isn't getting rest but its dreaming. Mostly because I know I can get away from reality. :) Also I loved how his ripped up shorts said "RESURRECTIONE"
Lisa Pa
I love the part when Tiger JK starts twitching, and contorting his body as if he is trying to wake up from his dream. And I also loved towards the end when it captures the three of them just grooving to the music c: There were a lot of symbolism going on but the ones that I loved best were the "inhale, exhale" part and when Tiger JK in floating up in space c:

seriously love MFBTY~ <3
My favorite was when the mechanical tiger was 'eating' Tiger JK, I think it represents how sometimes you need to take a good look at yourself and let your true self tear at you a little bit for straying from your path, the proof that this is internal is shown in how in the end, even after being 'chewed-up' by his real self (a tiger) Tiger JK has no real injuries or even a scratch. Honestly i think the whole video shows how different aspects of your life can try to bring you back to your real self. Every time someone attempts to revive JK it's an attempt to bring him to reality but also within that reality, we realize that that in itself can also be a dream because JK wakes up on his own and all those 'attempts' seemed to have been a dream. So like a dream within a dream kind of :P
For me what was most interesting about the music video is the visual effects. I thought the way they carried out the scene when Tiger JK flew out into space and you could see him in the astronauts helmet and went through the (gravity field i think :$) was so original and detailed. The whole video was so comical yet it had deep meaning and it was watching like a sitcom or something. Also, i loved the "grunginess" of the video and how they made the room look so beat down and dirty with the main colour theme being grey. I think the symbol that stood out the most for me was when Tiger JK woke up from his dream alone in the dull, grey room and there was a window of light on the left of him. I think this means that all of the things that happened in his dreams are the hardships and obstacles people go through in life but once they get through them it will only become better and you will see a much brighter and happier light.  And as a high school student, that message inspires me greatly knowing that even when times get rough, it can only go up from there.
Sweet Dream are an amazing video ! I can't decide which symbol stood out the most for me because i see the video like a ''tout''. I don't know how to describe it perfectly. The video itself it's a great message and all the details MFBTY put in it are really subtle, like when Tiger JK is on the bed and  the rap part begin with breathing/exhalation with the smoke on the floor. If i have to choose one symbol, i'll choose when he woke up at the end. How i see it, it's like wherever you are, a dream can make you free. it's weird how i explain it. In the video, Tiger JK having a bad dream. In his dream, he's like a corpse. he doesn't have a soul (i see the tiger like his soul or his mind, something like that). He's like lost in his dream. After the tiger came back, he woke up, and i think, all his worries are now clear. it's like a key sentence we say in my country. In french, we say it like this : La nuit porte conseil. (i'm sorry i don't know how to translate it...) Maybe i'm wrong but it's how i feel watching the video.
I found that the most interesting thing about the video was at the end when JK woke up and it looks like he is in some type of prison and because his bed has chains it could mean that he is considered extremely dangerous. If you look at the whole video with the perspective that JK is looking back at his life and is regretting his decisions from a prison, this could explain the scene where he is being torn up from the inside with guilt. It could also explain reason why he sees himself as being dead because he knows that his physical being will soon die, maybe from some sort of execution.
this MV and song were AWESOMESAUCE! MFBTY and EYK should just do an interview every week like a weekly segment :D the intro skit i've play at least 20 times...and it still makes me giggle everytime!

Now for the contest----There were actually a couple symbols the really stood out to me (whether they were meant to be symbols is to be I feel like three symbols that connect is 1. Tiger JK starting off sleeping 2. driving through a sea of water/ocean 3. falling from space. I feel like the scene where tiger jk is sleeping represents how we often walk through life "asleep" ignoring our dreams for more "realistic" life goals and careers. Most muddle through their daily lives as if they are moving through water. They feel the dream is unattainable so they settle for lessv (i.e. take a job that will make them money, but not necessarily make them happy).  Often times it takes an earth shattering event (i.e. the fall from space) to have them re-evaluate their life, and cause them to perhaps fulfill that dream that they have always had but never thought it was worth the risk to attempt.

In school I was always bad at picking out symbolism....heres to hoping I made a little bit of sense!I ^,^
i really liked the part towards the end Tasha is singing "I wanna go where you are" and Jordan's name pops up in the back. I thought that was such a cool message to her son that would remain in time and once he's old enough he'd absolutely love it and appreciate it.
hmm. my favourite part is when he flew up into the sky after he was bitten by the tiger. it kind of symbolizes being free after much pain and suffering. showing that sweet things come after struggles and hard work. 
kind of like how the eatyourkimchi studio came upon. after much hard work and fundraising, and leaving Bucheon after knowing the people and neighbourhood -cheeselady hey, but after all those sad moments and struggles in korea, you guys finally became so well knowned and loved. it's amazing and inspiring.
p.s. i talk too much. 
i really want it man :< MFBTY IS REALLY AWESOME that's why i created a google+ account just for this :)
My fav part yet saddest fact is.... how Moof booty xD is traveling trough time, trying over and over again to resurrect JK. Since we all know he is Mirae's true love.. I guess it adds up to the fact that JK is really sick in real life knowing that one day JK will not be there when Mirae will be left alone with their son. Yet in the end JK wakes up in a different time zone where Mirae is not around >< 
I really love how the Sweet Dream music video by MFBTY is completely different from the regular k-pop scene; I am so used to groups just dancing in rooms without any plot lines. The difference with this video is the artistic direction the director chose to take. It doesn't look like a "sweet dream", but it symbolically can be one. The symbol that stood out to me the most was when Tiger Jk went to the moon. It represents how we can reach for the stars and make any dream we want happen.
i like how the bed turns into a jeep and MFBTY driving that jeep. i think that means, you're moving with that jeep but in reality that jeep is a bed so you're just moving in your dream insteed of in the reality.

and there is one thing which i find cute: There is a Part where Tasha sings and in the background you can read 'Jordan' her son.. thats so cute :D

(sorry for my broken english OTL)
Lara M.
For me my favorite part was the "Inhale, exhale" line. I mean, in the video it looks cool cause all of the.. dust(?) on the ground but I think the breathing, inhale-exhale, represents living and that no matter how hard it is you still have to breathe, you still have to live through it ^^
I really liked the video, what I like are the symbols on the walls like an owl
The most interesting thing in this video has to be when the chrome tiger started to tear at Tiger JK. Since I can’t understand Korean that part came out as really weird but novel and caught my attention immediately.

The symbol that stood out the most was when Tiger was falling from the sky, like he was trying to reach the impossible without having any fear. The song itself is an inspiration to continue doing what you’re passionate about and working hard to overcome challenges. In the song’s english translations, it goes “Two together rather than one, go over the tough mountain” and “I got your back like you got my back”, which also symbolizes the trust needed in relationships that can help you move in the direction you want.
The MV is Amazing, the whole thing was interesting from start to finish. When Tiger JK was chained to the bed, was breaking out and then shot to the sky I felt like it was a symbol of Tiger JK pushing through life despite having transverse myelitis and not letting it hold him down and that he could do anything and be free.
The most interesting thing about the videos is after the tiger/jaguar when on tiger jk and all sorts of stuff started sticking out from his stomach. I thought that was so cool and different and just really interesting!! Also at that part the lyrics go "what goes around , it comes right back around, I call it karma, karma don't mean to harm ya" the things that stick out seems to symbolize the bad things you do it's inside you and it'll come back from within to get back at you [ the concept of karma, well that's what I think xD ]
The symbol that stood out the most for me is Tiger Jk lying on the bed with all the tubes on him stuck in that room and going thru ups and downs. The way I see it, it seems like everything else in the mv is his "sweet dream" when he is actually tied up on that bed. Because in the beginning the room transform into the scene they are in a car (but they were just on the bed pretending) then the 3 of them put meat on Tiger JK and a jaguar or tiger whatever it is xD came to tear at his stomach where the piece of meat was. It symbolizes that while you're trying to achieve your dreams people will try to do things to stop you and "wake you up" . But he doesn't wake up and experiences internal struggles (the things sticking out from his core area) he still keeps fighting for that "sweet dream". Then he tries to break free from the things that's tying him down and flies up into space. He achieves the goal of breaking free and striving for his dreams despite the struggles and hate from others. He comes face to face with an astronaut which symbolizes him achieving something out of this world and made a great advancement. ( going to space was a huge advancement in knowing more about the world) at the highest point he falls back down to earth. That means even tho he has achieved something incredible and is way up top he is still very down to earth and is grateful for the things he have. He falls down breaks the bed ( overcomes struggles ) and wakes up from the dream being free from the tubes and chains. It's like he's been through a lot to achieve his dream and now he's free and living the dream. That's what I thought about that part xD I don't know if it really stmbolizes those stuff but the mv and song was a great inspiration to me. I love the song and mv it was awesome !! MFBTY hwaiting!!!<3

First off, GREAT INTERVIEW SIMONANDMARTINA!!! I LOVED IT ALL! the pelvic thrusting part really made me roll on the ground laughing ^_^
Now onto the symbolism aspect: The greatest and most powerful symbol was the tiger. Most distinctly, you have the ferocious mechanical tiger and the tiger on the astronaut's suit (and TIGER JK! -_^) Now what do tigers symbolize you ask? In Asia, they can represent power, speed, ferocity, wrath, beauty, and more. In a dream though, it signals a new power may be awaken within you. Now what is the song called again? Oh right, SWEET DREAM! The tiger became a form of release! Tiger JK was ensnared in chains, withheld from the outside world. The defibrillators and such suggest he is sick, and what is a sick person to do besides rest and remain tranquil, locked from commotion. JK is obviously in a dream throughout the video (bed turning into a jeep underwater, waking up confused), so when the tiger came to rescue him, he has found this new "awakened power" within himself and soared beyond his and other's beliefs into space, where he came across the astronaut. Pause the video at 2:39 and what do you see? THE SHAPE OF A TIGER! At the end, when JK wakes up, it is surely shown to us that he was indeed in a dream the entire video, but he WAKES UP! In the beginning, he is asleep, connected to all sorts of fancy devices. When the MFBTY group tries to save him using various methods, he still does not wake up. Then there's the whole tiger part (releasing him) and he AWAKENS (I feel like I must really stress this part)! Pause the video where the group is sitting on the bed. The wall says various things but one that stuck out to me was "bona fide". Bona fide means having good faith and intentions, so the way I see it is that the tiger came in bona fide, helping JK. The new power has awoken JK internally and externally.
Bravo MFBTY.
The mv and the song were fantastic and if you look closer you realize that it make perfect sense with what they want to communicate. It's a man that is having problems going througth his life because there are lots of things that are holding him back and finally he can break the chains and set himself free and jump into the abyss or in this case be expelled into space. The detail that i like is the part that they show the astronaut that represent the austrian Felix Baumgartner (you can see the Austria's flag and Felix on the side in the zoom of the astronaut helmet 2:39), they use an actual event to give a simbolic meaning. they are so cool i love them XD
The lyrics: "We were meant to be another time another life", "For you, get get get it, lets not talk about the past" and " We call it Karma, karma I don't mean to harm you" probably meant that he did something bad in his past lifetime. The chains that were restraining him were symbolic of him being encaged of his karma and his destiny, there was no escape for him. The tiger was also probably the "god of death" and the members of MFBTY could have been the god of death's "helpers" which gave him an opportunity for another chance thus he went into space then he got spat out again which is symbolic of him being reborn, given another chance. The destruction before he went into space that was taken place both inside and around him was symbolic of him being reborn. At the end of the music video we notice that the chains are now off of him meaning he can now rest in peace and to him it seems as if he just had a "Sweet Dream".
The greatest and most powerful symbol was the tiger. In Asia, they can represent power, speed,&more. In a dream though, it signals a new power may be awaken within you.The song is SWEET DREAM. 
JK was sick and seemingly had no hope, until a tiger came to his dream, released him from his chains, and gave him the new power to wake up internally and externally.
Irene L
My favorite part was when all the different things were bursting out of Tiger JK's body. We're all different on the inside (and outside) but we've all got dreams that we should respect, no matter how different the people and their dreams are.
the most interesting symbolism was when the cgi tiger came through the door, jumped on tiger jk and began ripping him apart. it may seem violent and gory but to me this scene seems to convey a really powerful message - the animal represents tiger jk himself, but as a subconscious/spiritual/soul form that is alive and fully active, as opposed to his physical self being under comatose. the biting part depicts his soul/spirit trying really, really hard to revive his physical self, hence the violence of the scene.
The scene that got to me the most was the very ending scene, when Tiger JK wakes up. The room is empty, and it almost seems as if everything was a dream. The bed is no longer crushed, and he's not attached to various machines with wires or tubes. However, the manacles are still there, which hints that maybe not everything was a dream... The way the light just spills into the room from the top left hand corner gives off the feeling of new beginning.

Another part that stood out for me was when those gears and wires were coming out of Tiger's stomach after being mauled by that mechanical jaguar. It felt like an internal struggle. Tiger's body (or mind) was fighting against something, trying to reject it, but it was a difficult fight.
If that was a sweet dream, holy hell what a nightmare would be like.
freakin holy crow that was an awesome interview! Thank you Simon and Martina AND MFBTY for the chance to enjoy it.

and my favorite part of the video, or maybe its just the part that sticks in my brain the most was the part that starts at 2:11 where the song talks about karma and the visuals that happen during it.
my favourite part is the part where they show that you shouldnt be a bad person or else karma will get you, so the symbol in the mv is that tiger jk was a bad person and karma attacked him in his dream which was like a warning for him to stop being a bad person, oh i hope i win the cd im huge mfbty fan cant wait :D
Tiger is a shadow of his former self due to criticisms, illness and self-doubt. Tasha "flips the switch" and he is resuscitated artistically by his collaboration with her and Bizzy. He gets his swagger back (symbolized by the scary-cool tiger) and is able to overcome his mental obstacles.(he's no longer shackled at end of the video) I love to hear them rap together over Bizzy's dope beat!!
Adam C
Well since most of it is in Korean it's hard to tell what's going on exactly, but I liked the very end when the guy on the table sits up in an empty room all the weird equipment is gone with the shackles unchained right as they overlay MFBTY and the track title, Sweet Dream. The simplified but familiar setting along with the man seemingly waking up coupled with written Sweet Dream suggests everything prior had simply been a dream. It also may leave the viewer questioning just exactly what was "sweet" about it. 
The thing that stood out the most for me in this video is just how unique it is. It is distinctly Tasha, Bizzy, and Tiger at their finest. The video has so many cool effects, from the room turning into a vehicle to the robotic tiger coming in and jumping on TigerJK. So much symbolism lies in this video. This video shows just how great artists like these talented people are despite being so underrated. TigerJK flying up into space only to come crashing down was just hands down the best part of the whole thing for me. Props to MFBTY for an absolutely mesmerizing video that just shocks you.
i love the part where they are operating on tiger WITH TIGER!!! (Y)(Y) the most stood out symbol should be KALEIDOSCOPE SOCIETY, it's at 0.48 of the video at the bottom left which i believe that it means even though the society is beautiful but it to "MESSY" something like that :-))
On the wall at 3.23 you can see “Black Happiness” stenciled onto the wall (top right). “Black Happiness” is one of Tasha’s songs, and in it she explains how she used to be judged because of her skin colour, and how she got through it by learning to love herself and with the help of music and family. I think that by having the title in “Sweet Dream” is symbolic because Tasha has persevered through all of the racism and prejudice and is now what she is today- a confident and respected woman, also proving her position as the Queen of hip hop (which she clearly shows in the mv!) :D
Not too sure if I am reading too much into the MV.. But my general gist of the MV is something like Tiger(the one on the bed) is tied down in reality shown by the chains and stuff and he wants to be set free, wanting to do so much more but unable to (such as the words on the wall when they were "driving" on the bed, like above threshold and wanderers. In his dream, he dreamt that he, together with his friends try to help him break out of his restrictions and in the end, with the help of his true nature (the real tiger, or rather the digitally created tiger), he broke free of his limits and showed that there is so much that a person can actually achieve with with red bull felix jump reference. Yet, in the end, perhaps to reinforce a line in the song, what goes around comes around, he wakes up back to reality and show that if you don't work hard and only dream about things, nothing changes. 

Still, I like how they included their kid, Jordan's name in the mv too! Ohhhhh. I really hope I get to win one of their cds! 
Answer ~ BOOM!:
Right at the 2:12 mark, “What goes around, it comes back around. We call it Karma, Karma I don’t mean to harm you”, is the image that stuck in my head and really effected me. I mean, come on, I bet you couldn't help but flinch while watching the scene. It looks so excruciatingly painful. Props to JK’s awesome acting! Spikes, bullets, jagged blade wheels and more odd spikes and even more spikes… yeah, lesson learnt, don’t do bad so that Karma won’t bite you in the butt, or… more like penetrate your torso and lower abdomen. 

p.s guise, you should all eat your kimchi :) 
Hi SImon and Martina! I loved the mv. and the song since it was released I luckly saw it on youtube the same day. In the mv. there’s a part when they’re sitting on a bed with a big wall background, that wall it’s full of words and I bet they all have secret meanings, I found two, the first one is “Smells” wich reminded me of Daesung from BigBang in the secret garden parody, so MFBTY are big fans of him huh . The second word I found interesting was “kaleidoscope society”, do MFBTY has a secret society that is too secret for me to know? secret as Illuminati secret society? (MFBTY if ur reading this please let me be part of it lol)

When the interview with MFBY was uploaded, my niece and I watched it and she said something really funny about the video, she said if TigerJK farted after he inhaled and exhaled in minute 1:04 haha I ROFL’d so many times. Oh I forgot to mention that I saw a galloon in the mv. that has written  ”XXX” on it…hmm, thats misterious too, do MFBTY  hide their porn there and named it that way (so obvious!) in case they forgot where the porn was? lol 

Thats my contest entry, I really hope to win one of those amazing cd’s! 

THANK YOU MFBTY and EYK!! love you guise! (/^-^) /
Amy Ong
Hi Simon and Martina! I have always been a big fan of JK and Tasha so was superr pumped to find out that you were gonna do an interview with them :DD My personal favourite of the whole MV (Which was freaking awesome) was the part where Tiger JK shot out into space - I felt like it represented their aspirations to break apart barriers in music and create music that is totally brand-new and awesome ;D

Really thanks to S&M and MFBTY for the awesome interview and DFBTA!! >:D
What I found intersting about MFBTY , Is that they make their own music & are realistic. Yoon Mirae is an awesome women rapper. Along with Tiger JK & Bizzy. The graphics are incredible.

What symbol stood out for you the most?

I think the symbol or message is the guy who was asleep and was having a dream ^^
My favorite part,I think is quite hilarious, is when the bed turned into jeep and they were cruising and then the next scene is them on the bed but Bizzy is just holding a steering wheel at the end of the bed. HAH they're like the Backyardigans imagining they had that jeep.
When the chains/weapons came out of the guy's body, it was disturbing but also the most interesting.
The lyrics: "We were meant to be another time another life", "For you, get get get it, let’s not talk about the past" and “We call it Karma, karma I don't mean to harm you" probably meant that he did something bad in his past lifetime. The chains that were restraining him were symbolic of him being encaged of his karma and his destiny; there was no escape for him. The tiger was also probably the "god of death" and the members of MFBTY could have been the god of death's "helpers" which gave him an opportunity for another chance thus he went into space then he got spat out again which is symbolic of him being reborn, given another chance. The destruction before he went into space that was taken place both inside and around him was symbolic of him being reborn. At the end of the music video we notice that the chains are now off of him meaning he can now rest in peace and to him it seems as if he just had a "Sweet Dream".
guy on the bed! it was like bondage, disturbing. more so when he was attacked by the monster and stuffs coming out of his body. the twitching made me wrinkle my nose in disgust.. it's not a bad thing tho, just disturbingly effective.
Ugh, I'm torn between the word 'Resurrectione' on the left pant leg when he's lying in the bed in the beginning and when they're all in the car underwater with fishies all around.
I feel like they both symbolize their strength and struggle to be true to themselves while still pushing forward for success in their dreams. Coming back to life. Driving a bad ass jeep while everyone else is just swimming along. 
I love it. 
It helps that the beat along with the images makes you feel like going around showing off some supa stylish wushu to the beat of the song. 
Ah, gotta love those songs that make you daydream about being a hardcore cool guy.
The part where Tiger JK is on the bed struggling and trashing, it was amazing. And the part with the tiger, (lol tiger and Tiger JK?)(do you get it? no? okay...) feasting and savaging on Tiger JK, it was disturbing a bit but also amazing. Also he sang/rap about Karma. I just loveee that part. for me that was meaningful since the tiger was eaing him alive and stuff, for me it felt like karma is here and strikes. i don't know, maybe it's just me
My favourite part was how JK was not a happy camper on bed shackled up alone versus the scenes where he was on the imaginary bed-car with Tasha and Bizzy. Even though they're all solo artists, they're probably conveying a message that even though you can find success on your own, you may or may not find joy in it, whereas you'll almost always have joy doing whatever with the people you love ♥
The most interesting part in this mv is when the tiger came in and started ripping parts of his body. When I watched that it was like "WOW" I'm speechless. I wanted to replay this part over and over again. 
This whole mv is unique and it's not something you get to watch everyday ~ good job ;) 
MFBTY Fighting ^^ 
To me, the whole video was like a representation of Tiger JK's suffering while battling transverse myelitis or even haters or life's battles in general. This pain and isolation was represented by the chains, as he was restricted from performing and the world, and the dark parts of the video (i.e. mechanical spikes and gears through his body, convulsions representing a change in personality, composition, etc., turbulence in the car, infliction of pain by the beast, etc.) and even the tone of the rapping. Tasha is by his side in the video and out, sharing the pain. Little things like the mention of karma and the putting of bait on his body (life's obstacles when you are vulnerable, feeling trapped, etc.) in the rapping shows their very real feelings and thoughts. However, the melodic refrain and scenes of very opposite connotations (outerspace, underwater) possibly represent the bit of positive in the darkness that their family took from their battle (like a Sweet Dream), throughout which they took time to try to recuperate and "Inhale and Exhale." Their transition from pain to acceptance took place after Tiger's room (their world seemed to) crumbled, in which they "saw the future" during the climax, and he was finally reunited (I wanna go wherever you are) with his old self and his family and fans (astronaut with beast marking, showing the beast as both the perpetuator and savior in a way). In the end, that is why he is shown with the red markings on his chest (acceptance, battle scars making victory) and released from the chains, free. Jordan also played a role, bringing Tiger back to Earth as his name is shown (Seo family 4 lyfe!).

I have been so so inspired by these 3 artistes (and legends) ever since I found out about them, and I am so proud to identify as their huge fan. UGH just so obsessed.<3 (Tasha you are just so gorgeous and both you and Tiger are lucky people<3)
Personally the symbol that stood out the most to me (it may have just been coincidence or just my idealist nature) was in the very first 30 seconds of Sweet Dream when Tasha sings the line "I wanna go where you are" and looks down on her husband who is strapped to a medical gurney apparently about to undergo some procedure or treatment. Knowing, thanks to the fans who have explained it to me, the symbolism behind Tiger JK's Frankenstein-esque scenes in terms of his transverse myelitis and the amounbt of physical pain it puts him in, Tasha's closeness to her husband at that point in the song is beautifully done. Her husband is shown symbolically throughout the video to be in a great deal of pain, and the line "I wanna go where you are" demonstrates her longing as someone who loves him and cares for him to dive into the "place where he is" and maybe protect him from or take away some of the pain he is experiencing with the love she has for him. That kind of devotion and love for another person Pulled at my heart.
Love the couple dynamic you guys had with Tasha and Tiger JK. Bizzy was third-wheeling like a boss. :)
PS: Same youtube account and twitter name.
My favorite parts were the differentiation between real life and the dream world. For example them riding in the Jeep and then flashing to them all on the bed they're pretending to drive... Or how JK is on the surgical Table but he himself comes to try to wake himself up with YoonMirae and Bizzy. (which in turn makes the viewer question which one is real and which is the dream)

Also with Mirae singing to JK in the beginning was like she was begging him to wake up, then she gave up and tried to go after him as a last resort to help him. "Can you get away, get away, can you get away.. I wanna go go where you are(x3)" : and that's when she flips the switch trying to make the dream world the reality. And they try with all their might to go the distance, and make their dreams come true.
The video on a whole is flipping awesome.. I love the part in the car 1, because Yoon Mi Rae is giggling in the back seat its really cute. 2 Bizzy is flipping out 3 Mr Tiger JK who taught you how to drive !!  hahaa I love it ,, you had a blast in that car.  The Screen shots of Everyone were wonderful I Especially Loved  Yoon Mi Rae's Looks ,, that blonde wing and lipstick Beautiful !!!!!!  I felt like it was a bit of time travel  present past and future.. The driving the bed OMG loved it I thought of bed knobs and broomsticks.. But again I see Mirae giggling LOVE IT... But someone needs to take the keys from Mr Tiger haha ,,, He is a mad man behind the wheel.. The tied down to the bed in the crazy dark place the bed is marked  MFBTY the Tiger Eats Bites the bait of the meat kinda more like a magical spell the pain escapes him and is cured  Is for sure about being trapped in your Body with his disease and more so the battle he physicaly takes with  transverse myelitis,, and his friends and loved ones and himself would love to set him free ,, But even as far as you can go even to Flix,,, reality sucks when you come back down ,,, Life is what it is... it can be a rude awakening when you deal with chronic pain... Painful for Mr Tiger and painful watching your loved one and being helpless.. But there is a bright light Called Jordan your baby Boy who's so cute Lil BOOM BOOM !  no matter what you face in life that cures the discomfort he is a brite light that shines... But you enjoy the freedom in the dream dance with your loved ones run wild being chased looking over your shoulder ... till your slapped back into reality and wake .... I'm sure I might not have this in order,, But the fact 89 SG1371u is from the momeneto ,, Plate number is Drug dealer plate number ,, then something about  jaguatirica  or jaguar Africa not sure which one ... I tried my best !!  The song in its self just make's me wanta get up and dance too... One day I will !! loved it  I am looking forward to hearing more ,, And thank you so much for how ever this all came about.. its taught me a lil something something... and challenged me with this contest too.. Much love to  Simon and Martina keep bringing us more new tunes ,, and thank you so so much MFBTY  you are loved..... 
I really love their song Sweet Dream. Never thought that Tiger JK and Tasha would experiment with this genre, but its really awesome. Although the music video creeped me out a bit, but overall the music video is really cool. It feels like the person who is lying on the bed is in a bad dream and something bad happened to his life that possibly lead in to be hospitalized. And the doctors comes in like they are trying to cure him. its an interesting concept. Makes me wonder whats the real message Mfbty are trying to portray. 
First, I love the tragedy part when there are objects coming out of his body. It's like internal struggle with his myelitis. But also he's moving his spine and body in unique ways, which also shows that he doesn't let it affect him anymore. The "INHALE, EXHALE" part with Yoon Mirae singing and the visual effects was really cool too!!
the best part for me was when tasha says "inhale, exhale" when the smoke blows under the bed that tiger jk is on. :) it kinda feels like a way of relaxation, or reminds me of being calm. its important to me, because there IS a lot of drama and stress in life, and there's always a time where you need to relax and calm down. breathe in and out. thank you MFBTY for being so strong and overcoming so many obstacles~ you are inspiration. and thank you as well eatyourkimchi/simon and martina. :D <3 i love you both~ ! :))
What was most interesting...
Well, I completely flipped at the scene where they were driving the bed because it seems like a 'Bed-knobs and Brromsticks reference.' You know, the Disney movie with Miss Price the witch and the 3 kids she fostered and how they rode on a magical bed that brought them places!
I don't know, maybe it was just me lol
I also loved the part where Tasha sang "Inhale, Exhale" and the man moved up and down on the medical table along with it. So cool.
this mv makes me feel as if they are putting down their old image and just do whatever they want. learn to embrace the new them while keeping to their roots. the tiger tearing up tiger jk to me means pass/karma is coming back to harm him/them but at the same time is giving them strength to grow and reach the next level. When they all come together, they fix each other imperfections and improve their dreams.
First off let me say that MFBTY is amazing! From their video sweet dream to their lives, their amazing! Everything about sweet dream was  interesting, because it was all over the place. In one minute they was in a isolated room with Tiger JK wired up, torn up pants, left for dead for a robotic tiger to Tiger JK in space, seeing astronaut, being so high he reached the moon then plunged down to earth. Their was nothing not to like about this video. It was creative, new, and flowing with energy. The most symbol out of the video that stood out to me is the robotic tiger. I feel the tiger symbols Tiger JK inner self that tire away a lost, lifeless Tiger JK and start feeling higher than the moon Tiger JK. Basicly the beast within him set him free. That's important to me because I feel we all have a beast in us, dying to be free but sometimes dies in us instead. I love MFBTY! I am certainly a fan! MFBTY Fighting!
I loved this video. It was very creative and yoon mirae's going from singing the chorus to rapping was fantastic. She is so talented. JORDANS name on the video was adorable, it shows how loved he is by his parents! ^^ 
Symbolism answer: I felt the whole video showed the human struggle with reality/sanity. Tiger participated in torturing himself & had inner battle going on with the blades & such coming out of him. The group were going through the universe in the jeep then it cuts to them actually riding a hospital bed. I don't know anyone who isn't affected by mental health conditions nowadays whether it be self, friends or family.
I believe the main message was that the mind is limitless, but I was more impressed my the song than the mv itself. I loved the "raw" power of how the lyrics were sang. I feel that kpop is restrained and its afraid to let loose, there is always a "standard" of what an idol is and what it should be portrayed as, but when i heard this song, I love how the trio went, for a lack of a better term, "hard". All I could think of, how this was reminiscent of busta rhymes style. I believe that despite how much you yearn to reach beyond your limits, what ever they may be, there is always something that brings you back, makes you mundane, hence the fall. It's like reaching something within in your fingertips, you feel it, but somethings keeps you back whether it may be yourself or others, from reaching it. I know this is vague, but for me, I think MFBTY's take on this is that there are surrounded in an idolized perfect world of youth and restraint. With every song, there must be the perfect outfit, choreography, visual, etc. With them mentioning on how they just make music that makes them feel right is reflected in the music video. They want to reach past the limit of commercial value and that their self worth is based on album sales, how much tickets they sell and what are the success of their promotions, that the industry lost the "soul" of music. Perhaps its not lost, but overlooked. As much they can try to break that barrier, they work in this type of society and they are brought back to where they are started. Maybe thats why TJK wakes up at the end, because in the end, its all a dream. This record might seem the typical catchy hook and techno beat spliced into it, but after seeing the interview; I can really see what they want to achieve. Not every record has to be meaningful and deep, but I feel like that people forget what music is. It's music, its a transient state of culture, but its a footprint in time. Music is meant to be there to mimic your emotions through something tangible. Many people overlook this and just focus on its commercialization, especially in KPOP. They keep selling you the song with its teasers and visuals.
OMG GUYS. I FEEL SO FKING ENLIGHTENED RIGHT NOW :o Like seriously, OMG I CAN'T- Well I'll have to say it because I won't stand a chance on winning one of those precious CDs if I don't XD
So here's the thing: I'd just finished watching the MV to "pay attention to it" because I really want a MFBTY CD. That was the first time I watched for this contest, but in my life I've watched it lots of times XD It's soo good ; A ; Well back to the topic -> I'd just finished watching it and I had many signs and written stuff and whatnot that meant something but I thought none of it was special enough to choose it as my favorite hidden message in te MV.
After that reeaally long introduction, here’s the symbol that stood the most to me: THE WHOLE VIDEO :D I’m serious guys! Here’s how it goes… I know of Tiger JK’s obsession with Johnny Depp (he has it on his Twitter avatar XD) and his constant mentioning of Wonderland. SO! What does that have to do with the MV?! Well… Johnny Depp plays the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland… Both Tasha and Tiger JK wear those big hats we see on the movie… Plus Tasha’s blond hair is curled and voluminous like the Hatter’s… And both Tiger JK and Bizzy wear the kind of suits the Hatter and the White Rabbit wear… Plus Tiger JK has a WATCH hanging from his suit… Anything else?! OH, YEAH! They all act like crazy in the MV, as if they were in Wonderland. And finally, what happens in the end?! IT WAS ALL A DREAM! YEAAAAAAAAAH LIKE IN ALICE IN WONDERLAND :o 
My favourite part of the video is when Tasha writes MFBTY on his stomach and covers it with that dust/snow. It's like she's writing out how the fans are better and then sort of preserving it. Also, when the bed turns into a car, it means they (especially Tiger JK, with his condition, transverse myelitis) can escape reality through the dream, hence the name "Sweet Dream".
I think it's an amazing music video and I cannot WAIT for future releases. I'm so happy they're a group, they work so well together! 
I loved this interview I'm glad you both were able to interview them! The parts I found the most interesting in this MV were the "inhale, exhale" part, when the steak was placed on his body, and when they were trying to drive the bed. One symbol could have been when yoon mirae wore the white glove in order to write "MFBTY' and then went on to sprinkle salt. Both could be seen as things that bring and cause purity.
Hey Simon and Martina!(: Firstly I would like to say that I am SUPERDUPER happy and glad that you got to interview MFBTY! I honestly LOVE then SO much! Overall (out of all K land), they are my favourite group! I screamed and almost cried with happiness when I heard you guys were going to interview them!:’) So to get on with the question : I personally think that the video is trying to get across that sometimes, we all have those moments where we feel like there is so much weight on our shoulders and that we are so stressed out and we feel like letting it all out but it is too difficult to do. There may be someone who can help you through this time, at this time you need them to just be there, but then again it is also a difficult thing to do. We just need to take a break to breathe because during those tough times, its hard to even breathe peacefully. I think that the most interesting thing of the video was where JK was getting ripped up by the tiger, I felt that with the tiger doing that to him, it helped him relieve the stress from within and let out all of the negativity. I absolutely love this video because its something we can honestly relate to, and just plain enjoy (or listen to 24/7) I may not win this CD, but I just want to state my true opinions on them and finally let out my feelings other than just screaming when I see them. I hope that I may have a chance to win this CD, because in all honesty they are my inspiration, and they always will be. Thank you for reading my comment, it means the world to me(:<3
I thought the most interesting part of the video was when Tiger was being almost eaten by the robotic tiger. I thought that it was really neat and was also the most startling part. I am not verg good at finding symbolism so...yeah... 
when they say they are destined to be in another place, at another time and can not escape and then the patient appears in full "transformation" the idea that is changing from inside of his soul even if that is painful for be with the person who wants it seems a  very romantic interpretation. sorry for my english its just that SOY UN DORITO! :D
Here's my idea: I believe it has to be something about JK's illness and other stuff, he said sometimes he can't move until he consume his medication, so we have in the MV to JK over there chained, then bizzy and yoon mi rae came in to help him, support him, so they try to call his inner self, to bring him back from his dreams, and nothing better than a tiger to help a fellow tiger lol also in life you have to bear a lot of pain but at the end it worth in order to feel yourself out of space but always returning to the place you belong and having your feet on the ground because life plays dirty sometimes, you can't always be up there, you need to be prepared and wake up from your sweet dream.
I love it when Tiger JK is shot out to space and faces the astronaut; I just love watching those few seconds of encounter between the astronaut and Tiger JK both in the astronaut’s mask reflection and seen from distance. I see these two guys face each other, one entirely protected to the point he’s unrecognizable, and the other one completely vulnerable.

Anyways, I don’t know if there’s symbols in this or they were just playing around but these scene is my favorite, besides right after this Tasha says something that’s not in the lyrics anywhere and I can’t understand and is been driving me nuts: “___I thought you could be the one” If anyone could help here I’d greatly appreciate it ^^.
To me, the symbol of JK being attacked by the tiger stuck with me. I saw it as an allusion to Tiger possibly being devoured by his ego if he leaves it unchecked.
Pa Vang
 Two of the symbols that stood out to me the most are the usage of the tiger and the Jeep/bed. 

The tiger animation is completely relevant because of Tiger JK’s name. He’s on the bed and this is the second time that MFBTY are trying to resurrect JK. JK’s used as bait and the tiger animation comes in and violently attacks him. However, this attack is more of a act of resurrection than a pure act of violence. You see, when the tiger rips open JK’s stomach, a mechanical piece is taken out. This is probably in an attempt to humanize JK again as he was strapped and in and not himself. (Also, with their first attempt, JK raps, “Electric, electric, electric, electrify ya!” as the trio attempts to electric JK back into life.) 

The bed/Jeep also really stood out to me. At first we see all three of them in an amazing Jeep, speeding through breathtaking adventures and this atmosphere is perfectly linked with JK’s fast rapping. It creates a high amount of energy for the situation but then we are pulled back from this magic spell and realize that they’re just in a bed, pretending to be going on breathtaking adventures. They’re wearing the same formal clothes but it’s contrasted with the plain and simple bedroom. 

There are definitely more symbols here, but I really liked these two.
I was most intrigued by the ending - he's sitting on the bed, and it looks like he just woke up from his 'dream,' but the chains are still there, connected to the post. Undone, but still there. I'm not really good at the whole "hidden meaning" thing, but I just found that weird. Did it actually happen and he was having a dream about remembering it, or... what?
I'd never heard them before now, thanks EYK for having such awesome taste in music ;D
The symbol that stood out to me was the tiger. To me the tiger represented "Tiger" JK's kindred spirit. It was only until the tiger ripped out something from Tiger JK, that he could be revived. When Tiger JK previously tried to wake up, he couldn't. The tiger freed him from his stasis. I liked the reference to Felix, who is the astronaut that broke the record for the world's highest skydive. The freefall symbolizes that sense of freedom that the song portrays. It symbolizes that first adrenaline rush, when you start to like someone for the first time. Felix even broke the sound barrier, which I think symbolizes breaking barriers to be with the person that you love. I also really liked how they included Tiger JK's and Yoon Mirae's son's name, Jordan in the MV. They just seem like such a sweet, down to earth couple, that are just a perfect match for each other. I think that having their son's name is this video just fits in with this song as a whole.
I really loved this video and the video is interesting to pick apart. The the symbol I saw in the video is the representation of the belly as the seat of energy a reconnect to who he is. In traditional Asian medicine the seat of energy in the body was the stomach area and not the heart like in Western medicine.     

The room itself represents his mind. He has trapped himself in a memory unwilling to wake up or move on as represented by the chains. His psyche wants to help him. The three individuals are his ego, super ego and id, his unconsciousness trying to jolt him into wakefulness. They travel through his soul as visualized by the car rides looking for different methods for treatment. Their first treatment is a failure and while he is responding he is not waking up. Finally they resort to drastic measures and lure the tiger in with meat, placing it on the belly area, The belly represents intuition, the center of the body's energies and at this point in the video it seems that the consciousness is perceiving  that something is wrong. The meat itself is a symbol of energy, chi, energy to revitalized the body and fortify it  what is about to come. In Asian medicine if the stomach chi is weak then death will follow but if it is strong then the person can be saved.  The tiger is a symbolism for his courage and strength of who he is, the force within him to move on to the next step. The tiger then rips into him is the most traumatic way. but it finally jolts him into waking up. He finally rises and into wakefulness having been restored.     
The video as a whole was very interesting but the symbol that I think stood out for me was the part when they were in the Jeep and the scene when they were ridding the bed .hahaha I think it symbolizes them wanting to get out of this world and going to another world different from this. The sweet dream. And that they want to get there no matter what, no matter how hard it will be to get there they want to get there . <even if they have to go underwater> And in the end of the video you can see that they have achieved their goal of getting into the new world.
I liked the creativity and the white wig Yoon was wearing. I thought it would be a calm like Clazziquai but when Tiger started rapping it reminded me of a powerful fun energy. It looked serious at first but turned out to be a fun rhythm. There was a part where a tiger, (I think) jumps on the man and I thought there was an Iron man heart on it. It looked so violent and Bizzy made it sound more intense. I hope to see them lead a new generation of music.
I found the meat (prepared with flour) being put on his stomach the most striking. He starts off with chains and IVs, being shackled to the bed. These 3 muses of his dreams sing his thoughts and desires, then lay out a steak out on his stomach, inviting/attracting the tiger in. But instead of killing him, he is 'benignly' eaten by the tiger, breaks his chains and is shot into freedom and the stratosphere (meeting Redbull's future competition's space program, Redtiger, aka Felix). After reentry, he wakes up free, and without any of the torturous medical equipment. By inviting something we would normally fear with the meant, his muses caused him to break free, and wake up from his Sweet Dream the same. (Greg, T-dot)
I really feel like it looks more like a nightmare than a sweet dream maybe that can represent the hard times you have to go through in order to reach your sweet dream.
I felt like that I guess it looked like a nightmare more than a dream, but I thought the song was AMAZING! ><. Maybe, just maybe it means you have to go through hard times to get to ur amazing, sweet dreams. ^^
Lyn G
I’m not very good at deciphering symbolism, but I was really intrigued by the imagery of the Sweet Dream video that starts around the 2:27 marker where he leaves and re-enters the atmosphere. It’s definitely something that’s going to stick in my head for a while. Plus the song is just totally awesome. It’s got some sweet, smooth parts, but at the same time it’s got those heavy doses of PURE BADASSERY and they blend together nicely; the contrast was uniquely complimentary!
I'm not sure of the symbolism of this, but the most interesting thing about the music video to me was the inclusion of Felix Baumgartner/Red Bull Stratos. It gave me space feels and reminded me of watching it live and man was that ever terrifying.

And this may be less symbolic and more thematic, but I like the elements of time in the lyrics (e.g. "We were meant to be another time, another life / Probably, possibly, you would be mine ... I want to go where you are") and the visual representation of it in the video with the different styles of clothes (most notably Yoon Mirae's dress and hair), the technology/equipment that looks like it comes from different eras to the bits in space, etc. I guess I just like stories that deal with love over time/reincarnation/whatever, which this song/video seems to do. Since it's almost entirely in Korean and I don't speak the language, I'm at the mercy of online translators. I really hope I'm not too terribly off here.
To me the whole video was one big symbol and i loved it. Like most i now about Tiger's health issues and i see most o the video following him through that time. By starting off the video in such i dark depressing place he could only ever dream about seems, to me probably like when he first found out about his illness. And having Tasha, his wife coming in saying "i want to go were you are" demonstrates the dedication and support he begins to get when he comes out with his illness to friends and family. It progresses to everyone trying to help him, doing anything they can to make him better.  The mechanical tiger is him warring with himself trying to get better and not being able to until finally (with the fire works) he finds a something that does help him and he is elated. But he is brought down to reality by the fact in this time his illness will not go away. In the ending he has awoken from being shackled down by his illness and can be himself again.
Overall this is an amazing video and im very proud of MFBTY and to be their fan :).
Thank you for making this giveaway!
The symbol that stuck out to me the most is when Tiger JK at the end of the video had his arms outstretched and hung his head like he was surrendering to something (the music, to finding his own path, idk).
(Worth a shot)
The symbolism that really stood out to me the most was the shackles. Yes, they weren't as "big" as the tiger going for the steak on Tiger JK's stomach. However, the shackles could represent how he's being held back by someone or something. He was trying to fight it and escape but he was not able to. He then gave up. He was then tortured by the metal tiger, was shot into outer space, and then crashed back down to Earth. In the end, everything in the room disappeared and you can see the shackles hanging open on the side of the bed. He is free.
I loved the correlation between the song and video during the part that talked about karma. The spikes and razors tearing him apart from the inside matched perfectly with the video and even the music at that point in time, and stood out to me a lot ^^
Arely V
One of my favorite videos, the special effects were awesome. I like how they represent dreams, of how bizzard they can be but at the end you always wake up. 
The giveaway isn't closed yet? I really liked the space scene . I was like "oh he's in the space" and then i saw Felix and i was like "wow fantastic baby , he's falling faster than Felix and without a parachute  "
To me the most interesting thing about the video is the lyrics. They caught me as soon as Tasha started to sing; ''we were ment to be, another time, another life, possibly, probably, you would be mine''.
They fit the video perfectly, they caught my attention as soon as I hit the play button. Its almost they are saying ''if we met  in a different world at a different time, you and I would be together.
I also spotted Tiger's and Tasha's sons name Jordan at 3:16, I thought that was cute.
Another set of lyrics I thought was just amazing was when (i think) Bizzy says ''what goes around, It comes back around, they call it karma, karma, I don't mean to harm ya.''
I love it because it relates to the real world and thats a symbol to me because in any world what ever you do may it be bad or good it will go back to you.
Overall I love the video, the lyrics and them as a whole.
MFBTY & EYK Fighting!
Hey Simon and Martina!(: Firstly I would like to say that I am SUPERDUPER happy and glad that you got to interview MFBTY! I honestly LOVE then SO much! Overall (out of all K land), they are my favourite group! I screamed and almost cried with happiness when I heard you guys were going to interview them!:’) So to get on with the question : I personally think that the video is trying to get across that sometimes, we all have those moments where we feel like there is so much weight on our shoulders and that we are so stressed out and we feel like letting it all out but it is too difficult to do. There may be someone who can help you through this time, at this time you need them to just be there, but then again it is also a difficult thing to do. We just need to take a break to breathe because during those tough times, its hard to even breathe peacefully. I think that the most interesting thing of the video was where JK was getting ripped up by the tiger, I felt that with the tiger doing that to him, it helped him relieve the stress from within and let out all of the negativity. I absolutely love this video because its something we can honestly relate to, and just plain enjoy (or listen to 24/7) I may not win this CD, but I just want to state my true opinions on them and finally let out my feelings other than just screaming when I see them. I hope that I may have a chance to win this CD, because in all honesty they are my inspiration, and they always will be. Thank you for reading my comment, it means the world to me(:<3
I think the most important symbol of this video is that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, even if it seems impossible, like Tiger JK breaking free from the shackles. As MFBTY made clear in the interview, they did not expect to have such a positive reaction to their music from fans. But that shows the power of teamwork between Bizzy, Tiger and Tasha. Thanks to Simon and Martina for interviewing MFBTY. I can see now not only are they outstanding musicians, but have personalities to match! MFBTY has my neverending support. I love you guys and can`t wait for your next single!
What stood out to me is tigerjk scene where he gets attacked. Also he flies up into space but eventually falls back down because you cant escape karma or dream. The whole video just have many things you wouldnt call a dream but so much was going on while tigerjk was trying to sleep. 
The entire video is like the formation of MFBTY. The Tiger JK that’s lying on the table isn’t TJK but rather the idea of MFBTY. The body is MFBTY.

In the beginning we see Tasha as the one pulling the switch and somewhat “creating” the body (like she said in the interview, she’s kinda like the boss). When the car forms about the body we see all three of them so to represent a “vehicle of their expressions”.

Then we see the three of them enter the room and start to work on the body and bring it to life. The first time, they “spark” the body and get it to start breathing. When they come back, Tasha is the one that labels the body as “MFBTY” (also mentioned in the interview). The Bizzy places the meat or “fuel” for the Tiger to tear it up. 

The body then explodes with pain, sufferings, and even excitement(firecrackers), perhaps a foreshadowing of future subjects of MFBTY’s songs. The body flies up to meet Felix, the one who looked fear and death straight in the eye, and then comes crashing down back onto the table at supersonic speed (breaking the SOUND barrier).

Behind TJK are the words(not exactly sure but my guess) “Jaguar Africa” the jaguar perhaps as his inspiration to be a Tiger and Africa to show his respect for Tasha’s father. Tasha has “Jordan” behind her to tell us that it’s all for her son and the love she has for him.

The end scene with TigerJK with  his portrait on his chest makes him a Korean “Jesus” to show that with his sacrifice of his career (maybe he’s done with making his own music?) he’s going to bring life to MFBTY, which then the body gets up.

It’s kinda long but i guess the symbol that stood out the most was that the body was MFBTY. We never really see its face clearly (to prevent us from thinking it’s TJK) , just the body.
I though the most interesting part of the video was the little interaction between Tiger JK and Tasha from the beginning when was looking at him to the part when she was rapping and the whole concept of the MV it's self it was so different than whats out there it captured my interest from the first line when Tasha sang her voice is so soothing to my ears I wanna hear her more and then there is the dream he was asleep through out the MV but then he wakes up to an empty room without her :( so sad
Absolutely loved it, and it really feels like it's about Tiger's illness, although perhaps that's a bit too obvious with all the medical equipment and him being tied up. I wonder what the whole flying into space bit was about. Possibly truing to escape it all (a dream, or running away?) and then coming crashing down back to reality? While it hurts the experience might make you stronger and all... Oh and Jordans name appearing was just adorable! 
My favourite part would be.......when the automaton Tiger came in and 'trashed' JK. I'm not sure if you guys noticed but the tiger actually ripped out a sort of gear-mechanism thing out of JK. I manage to capture a screenshot of it here: . I would say that is the best moment coz the way I see it, the Tiger Spirit in JK is what pulled him out of the machine mode and becomes a real superhuman being. Having to deal with personal health & industry issues will unconsciously make u a robot & need that true iner spirit of yourself to pull out the mastermind gear.
My faorite part is when the tiger came and ate Jk ! I think a lot of the things on the video had to do with JK sickness !! Loke he not being able to moveand the tiger that came in and tore him apart, fot me it was a bit sad !! I liked also the part were he sees the astrounat and then you realize than that is Felix the guy that jumped form the space, I don't know what it means but I liked it !
I loved this whole video and think the whole thing is great. One of my favorite parts though is that when Tiger is "dreaming" no matter how bad things are he's always got this crew that's going to do whatever it takes to get him back. Once he "wakes" and he's unchained and in the sunlight thought, he's all alone. I thought that was an interesting bit of symbolism. 
Sara G.
Personally, I really liked the energy showed by MFBTY in their MV. I thought the whole thing represented the difference between reality and dreams (or nightmares), and how we have to wake up eventually. Dreams can encourage people to do things, but at the same time, it can limit their perspective and possibilities. 
Thanks for the interview! It was great to know more about them :)
The most interesting thing for me was the beginning, when Tasha was sang the first chorus. Its expressing that sometimes you love someone but you can't be together, because of the race, sexuality, family, or the society.Its said that we should have met in a time were we are never pick on for our race, or sexuality, but we met at this time and  it just maybe, maybe that we can be together.
 PD: .Sorry for my bad grammar.  

Thanks S&M for interview them :)
Thu Ngx
The most interesting scene was the scene when the tiger started to have a taste of Tiger JK. I believe that the main symbolism was Tiger JK on the bed. In my opinion, it represented the time when Tiger JK began to experience the effect of transverse myelitis. He was restraint to his bed because of this terrible disease and Yoo Mi Rae would always looking down at him with feeling sadness and helplessness because she couldn't do anything. This disease had put so much restraint on him that whenever he tries to break free, he couldn't (noted by the part that he was revolting in his bed). But now he is resurrected, he will not let this disease constraint him any longer, he's tiger, and he will show the world that he can do the impossible (noted by the scene where he was shot up into space). And whatever he does and wherever he goes, Yoo Mi Rae will go wherever he goes.
When the tiger rips out this metal piece from Tiger JK's body, he is now finally able to be free from everything that held him down. He has suffered a lot but he is reminded to go on with his life, even though it's tough, he still has family and friends to support him +  the love for music.
This MV was CRAZY GOOD! :D It had so many creative elements to it and was totally keeping me on edge- the music and the video went perfectly together. Fantastic!
On to the questions- The most intresting part to me would have to be either when the Jeep appeared, because that totally caught me off guard haha! or the end when Tasha is singing "I wanna go go go go" and they cut to a bunch of scenes of the group! The energy there is like practically radiating off of the video!!!
And for the symbolism- The symbol that stood out to me the most would be like the switching from the scenes cutting from Tiger JK just laying there and then to the fast fun scenes of them traveling and all having fun and being energetic- having it represent the reality, which isn't always what you want and their dreams, a place to escape and have everything the way you want it and perfect.
Wow I really love the song and the MV just freaking amazing everything w
What symbol stood out the most for me? I think it would be the whole concept of the "sweet dream" stepping over boundaries getting  yourself destroy you could say physically and mentally while a it but going somewhere only a few people have been able to before even tho you have to wake up one moment, but hopefully with a whole new perspective. At least that's who it came across to me :)
By the way I think it was such a nice detail having Jordan's name appear behind MiRae ♥
Do I have to leave my youtube account by the way? o.0 (YT: luisanayeli1992)
Which video or where did you guys post the results for the contest of MFBTY's CDs sorry I dont know where to look....
I had this song as my ring tone since it first appeared, but I still love it. One of my favorite parts in this MV is when the three of them are in the car driving through the city and then underwater. I also loved the part when Tiger JK returned to Earth leaving that mass of air behind him. It was really awesome. The symbol that stood out to me the most is the "treatment" that Tiger JK had to endure. Obviously he had gone through so much pain and hardship, but in the end he is and will be fine.
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