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Eatyourkimchi keeps getting better and better:D
knew the interview would be awesome......and it still exceeded my was awesome time 100000000000000000 :D
My favourite symbolic part of the video was how at the beginning, Tiger was tied down to the bed with all these things going on around him and feeling trapped. But then when his conscious broke free of his body and sent him up to space he got a real view of the world around him so upon coming back down and waking up, he realized the real prison was the room itself. And I think the part of Sweet Dream that stands out most to me is the scene where weapons are beating up Tiger JK from the inside representing his inner struggle, regrets, or guilt and the lines, "we call it karma" are being sung. Also since it's a tiger that triggers this, it once again shows how Tiger is fighting with himself along with how he is chained up in the beginning but freed at the end, realizing that he is restraining himself and not the machines that represent society and society's expectations. I'm a BIG fan of MFBTY from Norway so it's very hard to get there CD here :) PS: And I'm also a NASTY!!
Tiger is no longer his old self due to criticisms, illness and self-doubt. Tasha "flips the switch" and he is resuscitated artistically by his collaboration with her and Bizzy. He gets his swagger back(symbolized by the scary-cool tiger) and able to overcome his mental obstacles-no longer shackled by end of video.  Love to hear them rap together over a sweet, electronic beat!!!
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