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Erik, Rest in Peace

I first saw Erik when he was working in the background at TWiT when it was at the Cottage. When he started as a TD on Tech News Today and Late Night Tech he made me feel like his “best friend” with his genuine delivery and wonderful charismatic projection. It was an honor to follow his career from TWiT to GFQ to BTN. I am not without powers of observation and it was obvious the two “major personalities” on TWiT at the time were fearful of Eriks talent and it showed in their subtle comments. Thank you Andrew Zarian for your keen observation of great talent such as Eriks. I am truly honored to have been a behind the scenes supporter of GFQ at that time.
The tears and sadness are surprising me as to how Erik’s broadcast presence could command such a loyal feeling in my heart for his work. I want to thank Erik’s family for fostering such a great son and public friend. He will truly be missed in “our family”.

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Good morning! Episode 2 of Dragon Age: Redemption is now posted!

Hunky Templar, Dalish Elves...what more could you want? Please share! It means a lot to me :)

Dragon Age: Redemption - Cairn (Episode 2) ft. Felicia Day

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Apple execs, this is one person you definitely should invite to your events. He is one of the most honest, influential, outstanding individuals covering tech news. Apple, your lack of his inclusion is a significant miss on your part. Please consider this going forward. +Leo Laporte is highly regarded in the tech community and should be invited and included with other journalists.

Fellow tech enthusiasts, please reshare if you agree, which you most likely do.

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This is one of the best "mouse trap" type conglomerations I have witnessed!
How many of these gadgets have you used?

I see there is a report of Yahoo blocking the Wall Street protesters. Yahoo blames it on an external spam filter. How selective can a spam filter be when a group is blocked. Hey Yahoo, Guess what! The word gullible is not found in any dictionary!
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