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Popular trends tend to reflect people’s taste rather than the practicalities of a design, which can sometimes lead to homeowners wanting projects done that simply aren’t a good idea. We want to know: 

- What projects do you refuse to do?
- Are there any popular trends that you think are a very bad idea when it comes to home improvement?
- How do you handle the situation when what a customer wants is truly bad for them?
- Have you ever walked away from a project because you thought it was an unsafe design?

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Misunderstandings about the legal profession and what it entails have given tons of potential clients the wrong idea about how it works. When you hear about somebody “settling out of court,” it is often portrayed as a bad thing, but the fact is that settling is often a better option. 

- What do you look for in a settlement deal?
- How often do your cases end in settlements?
- If you could choose, which would you do more frequently–settle, or go to trial?
- What advantages does settling have over going to trial?
- What common misconceptions about settlements irritate you the most?

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Our normally, "Always accepting applications" position for sales reps is now "Actively Hiring" ,and we're pretty excited about it!  We are expanding our sales team at our Conshohoken, PA office, and looking forward to reading some resumes. Interested, or know someone who might be? Check out our job posting at the link below! 

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What do you do when a client can’t afford your services?

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This isn't the only thing you can do to reduce energy costs in the winter, but it sure is simple! 

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What are your best resources as a home improvement professional? 

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Hey everyone! For eLocal's #LegalResourceNetwork  this week, we are asking for information on how annulments differ from divorce. The feedback we receive is used in our followup article for readers looking for this information online! 

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What advice do you have for getting started in the #homeimprovement  industry? 

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We recently gathered data on the Pesky House Pests and put together an infographic. Most homeowners would be shocked to see some of these numbers! What do you think? Are you shocked or is this old news? 

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Home Expert Network and Legal Resource Network Infographics! 
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