New release of our eCTD Lifecycle Viewer!
#eCTD Office's eCTD Lifecycle Viewer is today a mature product used by many companies and pharma individuals.
Here's a list of some of the more recently added new features and improvements:
-Support for #FDA M1 3.3
-Support for #TGA 0.9
-Support for #Swissmedic 1.2
-Document Viewer navigation (warning when navigating back to a replaced document, for example)
-Quick preview of document's first page directly from the lifecycle tree
-User interface customization (to hide UI elements)
-Regulatory activity view (related sequences)
PDF Hyperlink Explorer
New tool in the eCTD Viewer's toolbox!
Need to explore all hyperlinks between PDF documents sharing a common folder (like an e-submission, eCTD/NeeS sequence folder)? PDF Hyperlink Explorer quickly scans and processes PDF documents and hyperlinks to present a clean and simple view of how your documents are cross-linked.
Check for the type of the hyperlink (including link text, page, position), target documents, whether a document is optimized for Fast Web View, if PDF properties are valid (initial view magnification, initial view page layout, PDF version, etc.).
Process any PDF collection - not only an #eCTD/#NeeS submission!
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