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20 years from now, will kids still read paper books?? +1 and share if you love reading! Check out this fabulous deal:!
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i dont really about those who cant afford to get one...pity them...
Love my nook but still like to read real books!
Hopefully not. Paper books are environmentally irresponsible and inconvenient. It costs a lot of money to print, bind, package, ship.... Compared to that, it costs next to nothing to publish an ebook. Usually a small one time fee and the rest is pure profit. This allows lower prices on books (since they don't have to recover the cost of materials, shipping, etc.) and also opens the door to publishing for many people. More and more creative minds will be able to publish and sell their work when they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. It's very easy for someone to convert their writing to an ebook and make it available on Amazon, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, etc. 
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