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+1 and share to celebrate all the great dads out there! Happy Father's Day!
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I'm sorry Dana . But many people around the world are share with you in this..You may have other gifts other don't!!
i can feel because my mother has died..and i miss her so much.
Thanx :) means alot to me
Happy father's day for every one :)
And have a nice day 
happy father's day everyone:) 
It's too bad that more men aren't fathers. To the men who are fathers to other children, I salute you. To the men who are fathers to their own, I salute you. To the men who are inept to being a father, please don't call yourself a man. 

I'm a happy father of 2 (both mine biologically) and the proud son to a single father, who never said anything bad about the other half, but taught me that people make mistakes, and it's the ones that can admit them, that are strong. 

Ben Kevan, you are my hero...well said.
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