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i cant to buy it! great person wade! God bless you
Hello Wade, this comment will enlighten you.
Dave, aka doowop62
Supernatural Sun and Spot Granulation Processes,
David D. Stacey, Private Researcher,
Glen Allen, VA.

On July 5, 1885, a spectroheliographic image was taken of the photosphere that demonstrated the best image taken as of that early date. That image was published in 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953. The image is clear enough where one may easily see the photospheric convection granulation transformation into adult extraterrestrial entities on the photosphere at a temperature near 6,000K (abiogenetic). The estimated time of transformation into entity was submitted by K O Kiepenheuer, 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953; at 3 minutes for granule transformation. The entities were identified as faculae until K O Kiepenheuer, published in his lecture and included the 1923 Greenwich Observers conclusions identifying photospheric faculae as entities. 'The Sun,' G P Kuiper, editor, 1953, page 369, para. 14.
Published by K O Kiepenheuer, 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953 and written by the Greenwich Observers, 'The Sun,' Kuiper, editor, 1953. identified faculae entities are always present surrounding spot formations. The spot entities are in place to effect removal of horses from the spot. The Spot process is akin to the supernatural granulation transformation of faculae, but comes from the darker sun spot pool with an average temperatures near 4,000K, assisted for removal by the entities surrounding the Spot there. As horses, 'The Sun,' Kuiper, editor, 1953, called 'leaders' are retrieved from the spot with the assistance of the faculae entities, they are quickly matched with an entity rider. In some cases when entity is matched by horse, a surge prominence or self ability to fly moves them into the lower Corona. Both faculae entities and horses move into the lower Corona by self flight capability, or by surge prominences; magnetic waves to which they may connect and ride into the Corona. Loop flares are generated from the area of the spots. General prominence waves are generated from the area where entities reside. The creation processes are supernatural and have not been written to equation.
From the Corona, the entities with or without horse accompaniment move through the Galaxy and Solar System. The entities are provided, internally, with magnetic electrical resonance abilities that may produce high or low temperatures. Theory indicates the excessive heat found in the Corona may be generated by the numerous entities found there, having arrived by riding a magnetic wave prominence or self flight into the lower Corona. The entities demonstrate supernatural abilities.
The entities have shown an ability to provide a self induced internal light that will project a beam. Then, too, they have shown an ability with groups to form a biological craft for flight. Each individual entity exerts the ability of flight without craft of any type. In groups the entities join arms or hands, after which they probably exert a magnetic electrical resonance which joins the entities into a biological craft for flight, a supernatural ability demonstrated.
Found within the atmosphere of Earth, the entity's survive well and may not have a need for solid food sources. The entities and horses can and have traveled to the Earth's surface and returned to their atmosphere home around Earth, demonstrating a power over Earth's gravity (photograph).
Showing signs of biological internal magnetic/electric resonance allows them to defy Earth's gravitational pull. The propagation/creation of Celestial horses and Celestial Entities creation is a clue from where some of the Corona heat is generated. The entities show a supernatural control of the heat factor on the photosphere.
The sun, 1953, G P Kuiper, editor Photographs
1923 Greenwich observers Publication, E W Maunder, Photosphere Activity
NASA and JPL images published in on-line journals
L H Strous, et all, Phenomena in an emerging active region, para 2,2,4, 28 Feb., 1995
R Muller (Springer 1985) High Resolution in Solar Physics
K O Kiepenheuer, Sun Activity, Published, 1953, within The Sun, editor, G P Kuiper
Published photographs, Image 1898, photosphere, Annie Maunder published.
Sun spot image, JPL/NASA images
copyright 2012
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can you send me a free copy please
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