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Days I don’t have a game are days I get my game ready. Show me where you log extra time? #winfromwithin #9wade
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You log extra time in life...gotta work for what you have
wade, who is going to win Olympics ant who is going to be the biggest competitor to US team? What do you think about Lithuania's team?
I wouldn't say practice makes perfect but I would say practice makes u better
good job wit uguys pickin up ray allen ur gonna be unstopable
I'm sorry u couldn't be in the olymics
Keep working 4 dat repeat! I believe y'all will do it again!
With my family man cos I feel live is too short so don't waist it.
using ur time 4 good, no clubing. Nice. Like.
Now that the big 3 got their first Championship together , signing Ray this quick is Pat Rileys goal to make the Miami Heat franchise get their 4th ring not to mention many more comparable to when he started his career with the Lakers. :)
keep working
Yeah I agree we all gotta work to be something because it they Jushe us based on how much money we have lol
Ganesh didn't your mom tell you not to lie?
Just heard you guys picked up Rashard Lewis. Man you guys are the best team yet still active in free agency! Go Heat!
All day everyday baby!
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