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Game day swag
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Why do you write down what you wear? Wouldn't it be a bit more efficient to put it on and have a picture taken of you? I'm just sayin' haha
You plot out what you are going to wear? #seriously ?
Man why ain't you playin tonight? Smh
Nice!!! #stylin #dowhatuwant #alreadyAchampion
Michael Jordan chose Wade like he chose Jeter!!! Sick...
D wade what's popping bring one home for your
boy LB
Columbus Ohio nigga
no, it says socks second to last
No is just says socks:
Nothing after it
swag leggo miami gonna win da playoffs aint no one can stop us
hey u got swag and cool tactics at the same time............and wat do u call awesome if this aint..........AWESOME
come on he has a lot to do and you think he would fly down from where ever in the world you are so that he could autograph something 4 u
agree with jermaine the phenom....and wea d u guys get these names from.....ooohhh yes he has no tym to get down thea and sign u no autograph......preety just forget and do your own staff
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