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Gd to be back home in a chance 2 check up on my nephew...on crutches but alive & recovering.
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it's great to spend time with family
tell him i siad get better
Hey sorry but that's good he's doin better
Miami beat Chicago tonight
no way im a bulls fan i think u have it wrong
poor him good luck to him an ur family an to the heat
We all hope that he gets better. Thank God he's still alive like u said
Good to c he's doing fine
Yo man the players dont need to be paid to be in the olimpics don't mean to name names cough dwane cough
I mean come on!!!!!!!
And I hope he feels better😜
Hope he feels better... Watching you tonight!
Hope he getin well (^^)/
Noah M
hope he gets better
Hope he gets better best wishes for u dude
Y'all are winning right now.. I hope y'all win...
Glad he is doing better and recovering!
teel him i hope he gets better i feel bad cause ive never broke a bone
tell him i hope he feels better and i feel you man i broke alot of bones im body
my prayers still goes out to u and your family.....
you lost on chi but that was a cool game. foul drawer!!!
max s
what happened to him thats sad
i was at the game and i saw you d-wade i was next to the tunnel where you came out of when you played the celtics in boston you walked by me and looked at me i was in a blue sweatshirt
Dats wuts up alive 2c another day wut could b better
I believe it is his nephew
Rik Lee
Dio S
yea hope your nephew is feeling better!
So Happy Your Nephew is doing Great!
wht ur email just wonderin only tell if u want to
hey dwayne i fractured my ulna a couple days back and my middle school basketball season plus travel ball as a sf any advice for recovery to get bak ingame please
Hey Dwyane. I desire your nephew get's well soon. I know how he feel. I recently tore my Achilles tendon on my right leg playing basketball. The recovery was horrible. I needed help to do everything, I was completely helpless for almost two months. I was so happy when I was well enough to walk around on crutches. Doing well now, surgery was in November and now I'm in physical therapy. The thing is I'm so afraid of my leg idk if I have the courage to ball again and risk my other leg or re-injury. I don't know if I can live without ball though. Ugh
That's Wuz up Dwyane Family Comes First 
thank you I"ve laughed, end my spirit, how ar you?
Your mom is lookin good again away from drugs
Looks like a Young Tar Heel. Recovery takes time.
He look like you,when you were younger
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