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We're excited to share the Spring 2013 collection with you. +1 the looks that you love.
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Fashion and technology are a match made in heaven.
I wonder if they'll try to ban wearing Glass while driving...
Amazing..... just amazing..
+Kyle McKnight let's hope not! Technology advances ahead full steam, and laws always struggle to catch up. Wonder if they'll lower the driving age when Google driverless cars go mainstream.
I for one welcome our pretty, Google-glass wearing, female overlords!
(obligatory /. reference)
Leo T
Somehow I don't buy the supermodel - Google Glass concept but whatever...
The models w/o Google Glasses look like they forgot to put on all their accessories. Look naked without them.... haha... as strange as that sounds! lol.... the models make Glass look like just a normal fashion accent or jewelry accessory that belongs on today's fashion models! Love it!!! ^_*
Pretty ladies btw, nice dresses designed by Diane von Furstenberg and awesome photos. 1600 ISO, almost as a matter of course.
Great photo shoot! I love the concept.
Technology needs to be made fashionable in this day and age before most will even consider how useful it might be to them.
Excellent work! While we need translucent for safety, these bold colors look great and very modern.
Beautiful Spring colllection! I love +DVF use of technology with fashion. You made Google Glass look like a natural everyday accessory. BTW, love love your prints and flowing jumpsuits.
really beautiful..congrats
Glass tech is now in! That's looking good, but I see that we still haven't lost that chartreuse color.
wow, it's so cool...
would u mind if i share abot my art? its called batik..and original from indonesia...thx
wow, google glasses!! i wonder how is the feel of using that glasses....
I'd love to see how it feels like when walking on ramp. 
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