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5 Things to Never Do on Google+
Especially number 5!

We all know that every social network is different. Each network has it's own set of unspoken bylaws and they aren't always 100% obvious.

In this post I list the 5 things that I believe to be the most crucial things to avoid if you're trying to build a highly engaged following on Google+.

Read the full post here:

For those who like the tl;dr version:
1. Link dumping (a.k.a. link littering)
2. Ignore Community guidelines
3. Post the exact same thing to multiple communities
4. Talk Google+ "doom and gloom"
5. Use the "also send email to" feature (unwisely)

Regarding that last one, I've cited a few posts by my friends +Stephan Hovnanian, +Mike Allton, and +Daniel Futerman. They've outlined some very savvy ways of utilizing the "Also send email..." feature without being a spammer.

At the end of the day-- use Google+ how you want. But if you're trying to build a highly engaged audience, these 5 things are a great set of guides.

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+Chris Wilson go for it!
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How to Leverage Google+ and Pinterest Search
Much of the potential benefit that social media can realistically give to brands comes from the long-term benefits of consistent and quality social media content that is promoted strategically over time.
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Ping +Ryan Meinika ...
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The only guide you need for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions
Plus free downloadable templates!

If you haven't gotten them for yourself yet, do it now:

This is an always updated list of cover photo and/or header image dimensions for the most popular social networks that use them:

- Google+
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- YouTube

I'm thinking about adding Ello into the mix. Currently I've just been using the YouTube cover photo for Ello and it seems to work just fine.

What do you think? Worth it to add Ello to the list?

#socialmedia #visualcontent #design #freebies
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Growing a Deep Network

It's far better to build meaningful connections than it is to amass legions of shallow, passive, or completely irrelevant followers. 

Using these LIVE social media events such as Hangouts On Air or Twitter Chats or some of the others mentioned can help you target valuable connections that move your business or brand forward. 

Which is your favorite live social media event?
Grow Your Network Using Live Social Media Events
Utilize strategic social media events such as Twitter Chats and Hangouts On Air to make powerful connections

If you're a business, brand, or even a solopreneur looking to grow your online reach-- LIVE social media events are a great way to discover meaningful relationships.

Read the full article here:

What are some of your favorite live social media events to meet people?

We're big fans of +Buffer's #bufferchat and +Brian Fanzo's #SBizHour on Twitter. And we are quite fond of +Mia Voss's Mia Connect Power Chat and +Thomas E. Hanna |'s Social Theory.

And of course, we have a particular place in our hearts for The Relationship Marketing Show with our very own +Wade Harman.

Add your favorites in the comments and maybe we'll see you there!

#socialmedia #marketing #networking
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Powerful case studies on how #VisualContent is winning

For the right brand, visual content can be a powerful tool for growing engagement and standing out in a sea of text updates.

You can see by the examples given in the attached article, the results can be astounding!

Read in full here:

While not every brand is going to thrive with visual content, it's at least worth taking a test drive to see what you can come up with. If you're not sure where to start, just learn from the examples and try to recreate them in the context of your own audience. Know what they're looking for and give it to them in a visual way.

#visualcontent #marketing
Content marketing is about effective content. It means you need to experiment. This is a content marketing tip that surprised me by how well it worked
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11 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content Into New Media
You've probably never thought of some of these!

Want to get more out of your content's performance? Want to make sure it doesn't die in your archives after it's publish date?

Repurposing content gives it new life by appealing to different audiences and greatly enhances the longevity of the work done. This is what evergreen content is all about!

Read all 11 tips from +Rebekah Radice here:

#contentmarketing #blogging #socialmedia
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Twitter & Google+: Your New Content Marketing Strategy
Combine Twitter & Google+ to greatly enhance your #ContentMarketing strategy. (#infographic included)

This one is a beast.

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Have them in circles
2,858 people
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Want More Traffic That Actually Converts? Follow These 4 Steps…
When you sign up for the Backlinko newsletter for the first time, you get this email from me: As you can see, the first thing I ask is: “What’s the #1 thing you’re struggling with?” To date, I’ve asked over 57,000 new subscribers this question… …and have received thousands of replies. But get this: I […]
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Crush Your Content Marketing with an Editorial Content Strategy
Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

The demand for a constant stream of content is ever growing. The problem is that too many people are just flailing around trying to keep their head above water-- sharing whatever, whenever they have time. 

That's not a strategy. And being successful isn't an accident. 

If you want to crush your content marketing, and editorial calendar is where you should start! I've laid it all out for you in this post. 

HT to +Matthew Kaboomis Loomis who inspired me to finish this. Further reading included in the article from +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Content Marketing Institute, +Ralph M. Rivera (of Web. Search. Social), +Buffer and +CoSchedule

Do you currently use a content editorial calendar? If so, what do you use? 

#contentmarketing   #blogging   #socialmedia  
A simple editorial calendar strategy for your social media workflow can greatly increase your productivity and effectiveness. A great man once said that
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A Fantastic Way to Learn Design Principles

Want to learn the foundational principles of design? I came across this site yesterday and really love how simple, straightforward and accessible the site is.

Start learning:

While it uses a lot of user interface and architecture examples, you can also apply this to any piece of your visual marketing. The core principles still remain no matter which visual medium you're creating for.

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Thank you, this is great!
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In case you missed it
3 Tips to Help Get Your Tweets Indexed by Google

Yesterday I published an epic (and by epic I mean it was really long) blog post about how to use Twitter and Google+ as a solid content marketing strategy

Read it in full here:

In it I have one section that talks exclusively about getting your Tweets indexed. This was based on an awesome study done by the guys and gals at +Stone Temple Consulting. In that study +Eric Enge identified these three things that seemed to correlate with higher likelihood of being indexed by Google search. 

Something that both +Mark Traphagen and Eric were very clear about though was that these tips are not magic tricks (especially number 1) and should be approached with authenticity. Inflated, fake followings will get you nowhere, but genuine, quality content and connections will win!

So are you paying a little more attention to Twitter now? 

#twitter   #socialmedia   #contentmarketing  
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Free Social Icons For Your Website or Blog
Flat, minimal, accurate, and always up-to-date!

If you haven't gotten your hands on this free resource yet, what are you waiting for?! Click through, hit the "Download" button and you're done!

Get my social icons:

Seriously, you don't want to find yourself in an icontastrophe ( and lose credibility because you have janky-looking, outdated, or flat-out weird-looking social media icons.

This set will always be updated with the current versions of ever social network and it will always be free.

And please share the resource-- don't just hoard it for yourself! Free the world of badly designed, outdated social icons!

#socialmedia #icons #free
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Have them in circles
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Social Media and Creativity Collide!
Introduction is a place where Social Media and Creativity collide! Because social media without creativity is boooooring!

I hope to reach deep into your creative potential and show you how to make it thrive online through social media. 

A little about me:

In short, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, husband, fatherstoryteller, actor, graphic artistsocial media enthusiast, technology addict and web designer

A little about what I do:

Social. Web. Strategy. Design. When it comes to social media and web, I help individuals, brands and businesses look more awesome than they already are. I use strategic and creative initiatives that not only work, but make you want to go, "Hell yea!"

That's how I make my living.

I have a drop-dead gorgeous wife a son (soon to be two sons) and love them to pieces.

They're how I live my living. 

Start Here:

To get a taste of what you can expect from my blog, here are some of my best blog posts:

- Best Places to Find Free Images Online

- Social Media User Stats 2013

- The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post

- Best Places to Find Free Images Online

- Fighting Change: Have You Bought Into the Lie?

- Press Start: No Permission Needed

- This Changes Everything: Social Signals, Your Website, and Google+

- 13 Sites for Creative Inspiration

- #Circlesplosion: Let's Do Google+ Circles the Right Way

- Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions

If you'd like to get in touch, just shoot me a +mention or visit and drop me a line!