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Nioh is Now Available Worldwide
Nioh is a dark, samurai-centric, action-RPG developed by Team Ninja, taking inspiration from Bloodborne, the Souls series, Borderlands, Diablo, movies "Lone Wolf and Cub" and "Yojimbo", and numerous Japanese period pieces.

Currently sitting at Metacritic scores of 88/100 and 9/10, Nioh is receiving rave reviews from sources such as GameSpot, IGN, and Game Informer, each of which has scored Nioh 9/10.

What are you thoughts of Nioh?

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Nioh: Last Chance Trial - Ogress Boss
I completed the Alpha using an axe/hammer and katana, and completed the Beta using dual katanas and a spear, so I completed the Trial with the newly available kusarigama. Ogress has a high-damage, tracking leap attack, making the fight incredibly punishing if attempting stay out of range of the bosses melee attacks, but staying immediately next to the boss causes most of its attacks to miss, so that was my strategy: Run circles around the boss, counterattacking after each of its attacks.

This fight has two QoL issues, one major, the other minor:
Minor: The back half of the boss has no collision detection, allowing the player to stand inside it.
Major: While the player and boss are both near a wall, the camera angle is atrocious. Throughout the entire fight, the boss landed two hits on me; both were due to view obstruction.
Hopefully these two issues will be resolved; especially the lousy camera angles.

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Nioh: Last Chance Trial - January 21-22
This weekend will host the final Nioh trial, before the game's release on February 7th. As with the prior two, this one will award content for the final game upon completing various tasks: Completing the main mission awards the Ogress Headgear. If you missed the alpha and beta, you have a final opportunity to earn the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, by completing the Twilight Mission. The predownload (7GB) for the trial is available now.

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Defeating a boss I should not yet be challenging is always satisfying. This boss, in particular, was nearly twice my level.

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So.. I came across a couple Jedi tonberries, yesterday. Clearly, they are in league with Mace Windu.

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P.S.A. Regarding Community Changes:
To combat the relentless bot spam, we've enabled the "Hold posts for review" option. Everyone who was a member of this community before this post was made will be unaffected. All new members will have your first post reviewed by moderators before it is admitted into the community. After your first post has been admitted, your future posts will no longer be held for review.

As usual, if you encounter a post which should not be in the community, +tag any or all moderators in the post's comments, and we will handle it. You may need to be following moderators before you can +tag them.

You can identify moderators by clicking the population counter, then selecting "Moderators" from the drop down menu. For convenience, the current moderator team is:
+Arthur Waring
+Brenden Chase
+Dan Doan
+Haitham H
+Matthew Neuse
+Rob Tanner

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Tonberry upskirt. Prompto, you're bad.

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December's Games with Gold Lineup:

Xbox One:
- Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (December 1-31)
- Outlast (December 16 - January 15)

Xbox 360:
- Outland (Available from December 1-15)
- Burnout Paradise (December 16-31)

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Today, we're one step closer toward being the largest gaming community on Google+ (we're about 60k members short of being the largest, and steadily gaining). In celebration of breaching one-million members, the moderation team is hosting a contest, rewarding $60 PSN credit - enough for any new-release AAA game, a year's subscription of PS+, or your choice of multiple cheaper games and/or DLC.

To be eligible, you simply need to create a constructive post in the community. One week from today (Oct. 25), the mod team will review each post from the last seven days, choosing one found to be most productive to the community. The topic of your post can be anything PlayStation-related.

Tips & Guidelines for Constructive Posting:
1. Be inline with the Community Rules & Guidelines
2. Use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation
3. Be factual - Verify the content of your posts before submitting
3a. If your post is regarding rumors or suppositions, blatantly indicate so
4. Engage with people commenting on your posts

Today's occasion also happens to coincide with the tenth anniversary of PlayStation 3's US launch date. It must be fate. :)

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"They [Square Enix] want to release another PlayStation 4 Pro update in December as well, which aims to implement support for 1080p at 60 frames per second on HDTVs."

1080p60 is reason enough for me to upgrade to a PS4 Pro.
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