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Driving Theory 4 All
Helping you to pass your driving theory test first time!
Helping you to pass your driving theory test first time!

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You can now learn your Car driving theory just by watching tutorial videos.

Watch a video and take a practice driving theory test here:


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The Sun Newspaper have picked out some tricky theory test questions- can you pass? Take the test and find out!

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We hope that you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

It's that time again for your theory test question of the week:

'What's the legal minimum insurance cover you must have to drive on public roads?'

A) Third party, fire and theft

B) Comprehensive

C) Third party only

D) Personal injury cover

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Drink driving is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious or fatal consequences.

Watch what can happen when under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately, this mother and her 20-month-old son were unhurt in the incident

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Here is your next theory test question of the week...

How would you identify a section of road used by trams?

A) There would be metal studs around it
B) There would be zigzag markings alongside it
C) There would be a different surface texture
D) There would be yellow hatch markings around it

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Are you ready for your theory test question of the week?

You're driving on a motorway. By mistake, you go past the exit that you wanted to take. What should you do?

A) Carefully reverse on the hard shoulder
B) Carefully reverse in the left-hand lane
C) Carry on to the next exit
D) Make a U-turn at a gap in the central reservation

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Looking to pass your driving theory test? Here are some common answers to frequently asked questions:

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How can you use your vehicle's engine as a brake?

a) By changing to a lower gear
b) By selecting reverse gear
c) By changing to a higher gear
d) By selecting neutral gear

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How's your road sign knowledge?

Test yourself by answering this week's THEORY TEST QUESTION OF THE WEEK.

What does this sign mean?

a) You can park on the days and times shown
b) No parking on the days and times shown
c) No parking at all from Monday to Friday
d) End of the urban clearway restrictions

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With many different driving theory revision tools to choose from when revising for your Car driving theory test, why choose Driving Theory 4 All?

Find out how Driving Theory 4 All can help you PASS 1st time.

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