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drew meeks
Manifesting the divine since 1971.
Manifesting the divine since 1971.

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all the yes!
 March 1st, 2016 - 8pm EST

Please Join Us for a live introduction to the upcoming 6 week personal development workshop. (It will be recorded, if you miss it).
The Journey begins:
Tuesday, March 29th
 (6 weeks)
I See You! You are incredibly, wonderfully Empathic! Your gifts of compassion shine through you and you are needed in your world, our world. I’d like to help you get your gifts out there ~ to be Good Medicine.

You have been chosen to join an adventure~ an online journey to bring all the elements of your innate talents and purpose together~ in service to your world. 

You are invited to participate with a small, select group of wonderful, empathic souls to explore the power of intuition, emotions, mind, body, and, of course, the life-transforming gift of empathy. 

This is an interactive adventure with plenty of hands-on experiences, weekly live talks, insights, instructions, and sharing.
Learn Practices from many different disciplines and traditions that will help you come into coherence, and develop your ‘inner shaman’.
Experience Journeys and Meditation Practices that will offer a way to see into your everyday experience more deeply. This workshop is designed to help you discover important insights into your 'medicine' and transform what is ready to be transformed.
Share with Other Empaths your experiences, insights and gifts. This program is about the power of personal experience and the opportunity to share with like-minded others. 
The Goal of this Workshop is to offer an easy, accessible, and organized approach to personal development and community that will bring together ‘soul-building’ technologies from ancient and modern traditions.
I'm excited to have you sign up for this fantastic journey! It is an opportunity to explore your life as an alchemical, transformative process. Explore what's possible and share.  Bring your visions to life. 

Sign-up now and we’ll send you a full schedule of the 6 week course.
Here it is:
The Alchemy of Personal Transformation: 
5 Elements of Conscious Living
Tuesday, March 29th, 8:00pm EST
6 week course ~ 1 hour each week + material  and exercises
Special Price: $150 for full 6+ weeks 
This workshop is designed to help you discover and develop elements of your personal wisdom- to explore the gold of your unique expressions in 5 key areas of your life:
1) Intuitive
2) Emotional
3) Physical
4) Mental
5) Spiritual
The workshop will introduce you to:
1) The logic of the Spiral Process Map that I use in my private practice to help guide clients along their path. Discover the power of seeing your world from a unique, elemental perspective.
2) Tools, insights, including guided visualizations that will help you see your world from an alchemical perspective. 
3) Many different traditions, systems and perspectives will come together to support a holistic vision of your path. You will have the opportunity to bring in all of the learning, training, and practices that you use and merge them into a powerful meta-map, a personal navigator.
4) Mindfulness, meditation, creative visualization, journeywork, shadow-work, NLP, energy healing and more. These are foundational skills that will help you develop your own personal “medicine”.
I'm inviting you as a member of a select group to attend a FREE introduction to this class on
*No worries if you can't attend live sessions or commit to following 6 weeks straight~ 
All modules will be recorded and downloadable so that you can refer to them at any time. All are welcomed to join-in. 
*The journey begins Tuesday, March 1st at 7pm EST with a FREE hour webinar. RSVP for more information, including a full outline of the 6 week workshop.
NOTE: If you know of others who you think would be into this journey, feel free to send us their information and we'll send them an invite.
See you soon,

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The Calling V
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great deal for a great cause.
A Burning Man ticket raffle! $10 for a shot at a ticket & all proceeds go to the NYC C.O.R.E. project:

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