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Alex Tang
paediatrican, lay spiritual and practical theologian, spiritual director, Bible teacher, educator
paediatrican, lay spiritual and practical theologian, spiritual director, Bible teacher, educator
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Reading at x1.5 Speed
I am a strong advocate that
while we can live busy lives we do not have to live hurried one. Technology is
to be embraced to make our lives better, it does not make us its slave. There
are many ways to read a book. As a famous British philosopher Sir Roger ...

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The Christ-Centered Doctor
The Christ Centered
Doctor Monash CSJB Christian
Fellowship 10 Feb 2017 What is in the center of our lives determines our worldview or how we
view the world. It influences what we perceive and how we react to this
perspective. It determines the ways in whic...

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Supper with Emmaus
Supper at Emmaus A wonderful painting of the scene at Emmaus where the two travellers recognised Jesus as the Resurrected Christ (Luke 24:13-32) is a favourite theme of Rembrandt. He frequently returned to this scene in his sketches and paintings. This oil ...

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Biomedical Ethics for the Contemporary Church
The course will be held over two weekends in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Biomedical Ethical Challenges Facing the
Contemporary Church STM TEE module We are living in a time of a tsunami of
change. Christians are often swarmed by newer and latest technologies...

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Vocational Holiness and Marketplace Spiritual Formation
This course for STM-TEE will be held over two weekends in June/July 2017 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Vocational Holiness and
Marketplace Spiritual Formation Committed Christians are often concerned about discovering
God’s will for their lives in terms of wha...

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Beneath the Phrygian Sky
This haunting song by Loreena McKinnett has been ringing in my head as I read about the state of the world through my newsfeeds. I am been trying to understand the meaning of the song. But first the lyrics. "Beneath A Phrygian Sky" The moonlight it was danc...

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Conversation with my Grandson about Education
Hello little boy, You look so grown up in your new school uniform and cute school bag. You are so happy that you are now allowed to follow your Jie Jie up the school bus to go to school. Was it only a year ago when you drag your bag following your Jie Jie t...

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Regulating Stem Cells Treatment
Stem cells treatment are offered for many conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint problems, retinal and optic nerves disease, Down's syndrome and multiple sclerosis. So far, conventional medicine uses stem cell for treatment in haematological conditi...

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The debate on chimera research continues
Should NIH Fund Chimera (Human-Animal) research? The debates continue as NIH seeks to lift its one-year moratorium on funding Chimera research. While there are many benefits especially on drug testing on chimeras, there are many ethical issues. The Hastings...

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Seven Essential Qualities of Godly Fathers

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