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Greetings! The first week of Mogloween is here! After the events of this year's Hero's Heart Day, Bubble (the cat bubble that is) had the curse keeping her as a cat broken by an act of twue wuv...I mean true love. Now that Croft is set to return she is making her way back. Only time will tell if things will be just as fun as normal or if things will end in cat-astrophe!

Don't worry, if you missed the end of the HHD from this year there's a button to let you see the cutscene where she turns back to normal in the book this year.

We've still got 2 more weeks though, so who KNOWS what kind of trouble Bubble will get everyone into! Also, guess who is in charge of making masks this year?
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I am looking for m account, i know this is a long shot but i really want to find my childhood account. I named it

Ahmad, I made him have the exact normal look, - Gyazo (like this) n

The character nid is what im after, i thought it was 312888321 however i just cant find it, i have remberd the codfe since im little, i want to see if i was wrong and wahts the correct thing. Im rush typing, If its posible , could you look for the charcter page for me. its called ahmad and has the deafult male look. the account id is all i want, i cant ask for the account itself because i cant really proof its me lol. THANKS please email me back at
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