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Canon 70D...when and what features!?!
Find out for me a dslr based movie camera with lenses, movie pull focus and zoom with real and correct video output for external monitoring. like the film days! but better because of digits.
Bill, I applaud your optimism. I'll ask about a possible 70D but I suspect I know how the response goes. It includes the words 'we are considering many things,' and nothing more than that. 
Turns out that's not the answer I got. I'll get it written up for tomorrow - you may find it interesting.
Any plans from Olympus to have a full WiFi Tethering for their next MFT cameras?
Any Camera Manufactures plans to offer an open API for WiFi control?
@Gee Bee - muy guess would be no, but there are some comments from Olympus' Toshi Terada that I hope to publish in the next couple of hours.

@Royi Avital - I didn't see your question until after I'd spoken to Olympus but I'll ask if I see Mr Terada on the show floor.
+Richard Butler, Hi, Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it.
I really think connectivity and tethering over WiFi + API of that is the next big thing.
It opens a wild world for creativity.
They said nothing about WiFi connectivity!?!?
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