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DPChip | - Diesel Power Chip - 35% More Power & Torque for all EFI Diesel Cars, 4WD's, Trucks and Boats.
DPChip | - Diesel Power Chip - 35% More Power & Torque for all EFI Diesel Cars, 4WD's, Trucks and Boats.

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Add more power and torque to your 4WD so you'll have a much easier drive when towing your caravan.

With the additional power and torque from the DPChip, you can save $$$ and get better fuel economy.

John Walton shared his experience of towing his caravan after installing the DPChip to his 4WD:

"Just writing to let you know the results of fitting a DPChip to my 2002, 95 series Prado, auto, having 235802 kms on the clock, and towing a caravan @2000 kgs. I was hoping to get more power/torque in the drive range at around 85-90 kmph, which is @1900 rpm, a speed at when the auto is in the high range. However, upon reaching a slight rise in the road, it would drop back a notch and run at 2600 rpm until over the rise (not using cruise control). So more revs = more fuel, not good on the leather in the hip pocket.

Well after fitting it myself, in around 45 mins, I did not tow the van for 2 months, so was anxious to see what difference it had made. Without the van on, I knew the power was a lot better straight away and fuel usage was already down .5 litre/100km prior to chipping.

When I did hook up the van and did the first run, which incidentally was on the same route as I had done before the DPChip, I was amazed at the power and more importantly the extra torque that I now had under the loud pedal. It was wonderful to watch the revs hold on slight rises where before it would drop back, and not only that, once over the rise how quickly it would pick up revs. Before chipping, revs would drop back to about 1600rpm then change down. Now, in the same situation, it drops to 1750rpm and holds it there. Could not get the smile off my face. My wife could not get over why I was smiling so much on the trip ha ha.

Ever since I have had the Prado (bought 2nd hand with 230000 k’s), I record all fuel usage, kms, and where journeys are taken so I have a good record of fuel consumption. So after the trip with the van, on exactly the same trip, I was anxious to see what, if any difference, the DPCHIP had made for the money I had spent. Below are the figures so far.

Local (no van)
 Before DPChip – 12.30 l/100 kms
 After DPChip – 11.75 l/100 kms down .55 l/100kms saving

With Van (2000kg)
 Before DPChip – 15.78 l/100kms
 After DPChip – 12.77 l/100kms down 3.01 l/100 kms

The van trip was over approx. 1300 kms return, including 600kms touring without the van, but it still is only 1.02 l/100 kms more than all running without the van local.

So I guess from the above figures, you can tell I am one very satisfied customer."

DPChip gives you power and torque throughout the rev range so you don't have to put your foot to the floor and hold it there just to get going when towing. The chip is compatible to a wide variety of CRD and EFI Diesel vehicles.

Check out for more info.

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A simple DPCHIP installation on a Hilux producing Standard 126kW 343NM with DPCHIP 145kW 412NM

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DPCHIP.... The Benchmark when Tuning Diesels

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Freshly DPCHIPPED Isuzu D-Max 3.0CRD

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DP31 available for new 2.5 & 2.8 CRD Holden Colorado

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Take a look at our vehicle list as heaps more applications have been added recently!

Ford Ranger 3.2l
Mazda BT-50 3.2l
Nissan Navara D40 3.0l V6
Holden Cruze 2.0l
Holden Captiva 2.0l
Be sure to call us for any application not listed!

Also be sure to read up on the the in and outs of Dyno Tuning... ensure you understand and are making sense of the results that appear on your printout.

As always safe driving!

Feel free to ask us any questions here or via our contact page on

The DPChip Team
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