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We make web interactions insanely easy, affordable and productive for organizations worldwide.
We make web interactions insanely easy, affordable and productive for organizations worldwide.

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Cathy McKnight is Industry Analyst and Founding Partner at Digital Clarity Group []. Cathy was kind enough to answer a number of questions about CMS migrations.


If your #WebCMS is not serving your needs, moving your site to a new CMS may be essential. But a CMS migration is often underestimated, under budgeted and not well planned.

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With more and more organizations jumping onto the #ContentMarketing bandwagon, we face a question: How do we make our content marketing stand out from the crowd?

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Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Northwestern High School has an enrollment of 1,800+ students and offers International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Honors, College-Preparatory, and Applied Technology courses.

To help teach web development, Clint Patterson [technology evangelist and DNN celebrity evangelist] taught students how to build basic web pages via an open source #CMS, #DNNPlatform.

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Recently, we launched #Evoq9, a major release of our #CMS that delivers omnichannel publishing via a microservices architecture.

In this post, Will Morgenweck highlights some of the exciting new CMS features that Evoq 9 provides.

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"While I managed to take one week of vacation this summer (Disney Cruise!), the majority of time was spent building 69 new product pages about the #EvoqCMS. It was all quite meta: I was in the Evoq CMS building content about the Evoq CMS." ~ Dennis Shiao, Content Marketing at DNN


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We’ve identified five principles that create great #software products that in turn deliver powerful experiences to users.

DNN’s #EvoqCMS is a great platform to use because it is aligned with each of these principles to help inspire end-users to become brand advocates for your company.

Note: This guest post is by #FredBeer. Fred is President at ITX, a DNN Gold Certified Partner. To learn more about them, visit

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#BruceClay is President of Bruce Clay, Inc. and a well-known authority in #SEO.

Bruce recently presented a webinar with us, "How to Improve Your SEO with a #WebCMS."

This post is a Q&A with Bruce about trends, tips and the future of SEO. 

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Once you've selected a #WebCMS, you'll need to determine whether to run it on-premises or in the cloud. This post helps you decide.

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Recently, DNN hosted a webinar presented by Elizabeth Marsh, Research Director at Digital Workplace Group. The webinar was titled “30+ Lessons from 12 Leading #Intranet Homepages.”

A replay of the webinar is now available for viewing. []

It was fascinating to see how leading organizations organize their intranet homepages.

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Marketers who tell you they’re not concerned about Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird — Google's algorithm updates — may see their content marketing efforts fall short.

#SEO and #ContentMarketing
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