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#mywildgardens spring asparagus!
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Beautiful. Enjoy them. Mine are not up yet
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#caterday #findthecat

Do we still do caterday....?

not sure if hat then cat or cat then hat...
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I love this photo, it's really evocative
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dorothy jarry

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Holy sh!t I have a lot of work to's half way through April. .
Tips for what to do in your garden in the early spring (March and April):   1. Clean up any debris left from the Fall such as leaves and branches.   2. Apply Corn Gluten or an organic weed prevention in early March (if no Snow on ground)   3. Gradually remove winter mulch as soon as you see signs of plants emerging from the soil.   4. Cut back any perennials that weren’t cut back in the fall, bu...
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Holy Toledo! That guy has trained his pooch to pick twigs. I've seen another having trained his mutt to fetch Beer!
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dorothy jarry

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Found the cutest garden candle shop on my way back from Chicago right near the border of ohio and Indiana called warm glow. It had the cutest fairy gardens!!! Very fun place worth the stop if ever in that area.
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You should stop in sometime +Charles Roberts​
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dorothy jarry

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i have to say that it has been a long time that I have been so interested in the confirmation page on any website.  I know that Ken just put my pizza in the oven and exactly how long it is going to take to get here all by a pizza tracker in a theme of my choice with character voices...I selected Pete the Pizza Maker 

OH HELLL! Yeah Ken just told me its on its way!!!!

Now I am really starving... trying the Fiery Hawaiian On gluten free crust
The World Leader in Pizza Delivery
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Oh so good...tonight too as left overs +Eduardo Colón​
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dorothy jarry

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My 3 week old accidental strawberry scoby. Tea was intoxicating and delightful ;)

Going to grow her and call her strawberry fields 
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Heh looks like a jellyfish 
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dorothy jarry

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Steve is a cat at feeding time....all for cat food flavored dog food
#petsmart #dogs #cats 
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It's imagine
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dorothy jarry

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+Baroness Linda Baron​ this is goliath. One of my favorite models for caterday..
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Half wild!
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New kambucha jar for my endless batch. Perfect fermintation...
#proboitics #kambucha 
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Recently when stopped to get gas in what, I will admit, was a pretty shady area. (If the exit does not say gas, don't get off for gas..)  

A homeless man asked me for 20 cents.  Such a strange amount I gave him a dollar.  And even made a joke about getting a whole dollar.  Before I was done pumping my gas, a patrol car pulled up and asked if I knew this man.  I said no and turned around.  She proceed to empty his pockets, frisk him, I imagine arrest,  and honestly humiliate him.  I don't know his story. He just seemed like a mildly drunk homeless man asking for change and being kinda sweet.  I, of course, fled the scene as quickly as possible.  Which proves I am a hypocrite, who sees this type of thing on the news and says i would do something but in reality I ran in fear i was next....
#policestate   #KnowYourRights  
My rights, know your rights, never talk police officers, police harassment, know my rights police, never talk police, officer, remain silent, car search, student rights, traffic stop, teenager rights
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dorothy jarry

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What the f*ck it's April!!

Where did March go? 
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Congratulations +Beat Bucher​ way to go!!!
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Second fermentation of the first batch of strawberry fields kambucha tea...the aroma is amazing!!

I'm a little scared to try it :/

#fermintedprobiotics #kambucha

#360vodka thank you for the fine vodka and great bottle!!!! Reason enough to be my go to vodka...
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So good but milder than I wanted +Jon Christner​ I am on the second batch. I think I'm going to let it go a little longer. 
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Have her in circles
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I would rather be gardening....
Mostly interested in sharing the little I know with anyone who will listen. 

I love gardening.  I have a garden blog.  I am trying to become an urban gardener.  I procured a nice 2 acre lot in the middle of a little city.

I love cats and seem to be stuck at five. 

I have one fat dog who was supposed to be a watch dog but only howls when she hears a siren.  

I am trying to be a parent to two teenagers, but I lost my manual the day the first one was born.

I work in IT, but steer clear of computers on my off time.  

LOVE LOVE LOVE red wine.  If it is crappy red wine nothing a little juice cant fix.

I love a blank sheet of paper, canvas, or wall.  I love an empty room, unlandscaped yard or a large piece of fabric.  Taking something blank and making it into something I love is one of the most fulfilling things.  

Oh and I almost forgot... Love old vintage clothes and shoes.  A clothes hound grandmas closet is one of my favorite places.  Or an old town consignment shop.

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Still working on stuff worth bragging about but.. i got a kid out of the house and successfully into college. ..and in general am happier with my life now more than ever...transition is my strongest quality.
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