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adventures in watercolor sketching
adventures in watercolor sketching

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Just Sweet Grapes - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #wine #grapes

Since I just painted a leaf and didn’t feel like painting one again yet, for today’s prompt of “plants” we have some grapes on the vine. Grapes are a personal favorite of mine, not only in their raw form, but also because they’re the primary ingredient…

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The Genie In The Shell - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #seashell #magic

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by lovely lakes, but I never saw a beach until I was in college. This made shells that didn’t come from a snail, rather mysterious and cool. When I was little, my mother once made little cloth…

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Watercolor Passion By Jan Min - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #painting

My name is Jan Min. I’m 65 years old and am a passionate watercolorist, living in the Netherlands (follow me on Facebook!). As a child, I already made drawings on a daily basis, but 15 years ago, I picked up this passion again. After five years of…

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Chasing Leaves - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #leaf #nature

When I was a kid, I loved watching a dry leaf float down the edges of the street after a good rain. The moment a leaf would fall and hit the water, I would impulsively chase after it. I’ve no idea why, but watching it bob along on the water, ducking under…

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Enjoying Watercolor by Niklas Granqvist #WorldWatercolorGroup #Finland

I would like to thank  Charlie O’Shields, for inviting me to be featured on his website!  My name is Niklas Granqvist and I’m a 27 year old man. I’m from a little town called Porvoo in Finland.   As a child, I always liked to draw. I got interested in…

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Love Is All Around Us -#WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #ladybugs #valentinesday2017

So today’s prompt was “fire” which I guess can be apt for Valentine’s Day, as it’s often associated with passion. As I thought about the colors of fire, I inexplicably landed instead on these two snuggling ladybugs, which also seemed appropriate for the…

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When Nature Paints With Rainbows - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #lorikeet #parrot

Today’s prompt was “rainbows” and I had every intention of painting an actual rainbow, but got distracted by a photo I found from my trip to the zoo. On this particular trip, you could enter a large cage and as you walked through, rainbow lorikeets…

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Looking For Mood And Atmosphere by André Mangabeira #WorldWatercolorGroup

Hello all! My name is André Mangabeira and I live in Brazil. I define myself as an enthusiastic and experimental painter who occasionally has some fun with art. I had worked for quite a few years with digital media, illustrating educational books and…

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A Snail In A Puddle - #WorldWatercolorGroup #doodlewash #snail

After a rain, it’s common here to see snails sliding around in shallow puddles as drops of water continue to fall from the trees. They seem to come out of nowhere, most likely washed into that location, but then moving so slowly that it’s nearly…
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