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Our handsome almost 3 year old Yellow Lab Harley Davidson (AKA Charlie’s Harley) was being groomed one day and we told that he had some nasty looking sores on him…sure enough there were some nasty, scabby eruptions on his beautiful coat! Not hot spots mind you but nasty just the same. We took him to see Dr. Maggie and Dr. Robyn like we always do and were sure they would have a quick fix…we DO LOVE Dr. Maggie and Dr. Robyn…so we started with antibiotics and cream…ten days later not gone…another antibiotic, spray, more cream and a steroid…still not gone. Change of food, more spray and oil caplets…still not gone. We were then encouraged to take him to the Vet Clinic at the University to be seen by a Dermatologist, and an Allergist…hmmm. Perplexed, and deciding how we would proceed with this venture and might I add already costly venture, we were listening to Satellite Radio on our drive home from work and heard the Dinovite ad…Yeah right…wait a minute…it couldn’t hurt…and so the next day, on the phone with Emily at Dinovite…she was sooooo helpful and caring…so we considered the cost of Dinovite and watching him for three months…if it didn’t get better…oh well…GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! We worship the temple of Dinovite!!! Harley’s skin cleared up in about 2 months worth of a 3 month supply, and his coat glistens and is sooooo soft. Believe me, no one is paying me to say this. This stuff works, and Harley loves it! We would not be without it, and if you want more info from success story like Harley’s get in touch with the Dinovite Crew…they have our info. BTW, Dr. Maggie and Dr. Robyn now carry Dinovite supplements in their office they were so impressed. Thanks everyone for helping Harley D. !!!
Nancy and Chuck G.
Travelers Rest, SC
Harley uses Dinovite for Large Dogs
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Raw Diet FAQ’s:
- Do I have to cook the meat?
- Will feeding him raw meat make him mean?
- Will my dog get salmonella from the raw meat?
- Can I use brown rice instead of white rice in his food?
- Why feed a dog sweet potatoes and not not regular potatoes?
- If I’m feeding raw, do I still need to use  a supplement?
- How Much food do I feed for my dog’s size?

Read the answers here:
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They say, "a dog is man's best friend..." you know how to keep your friend healthy?
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Yeast in Dog’s Ears

"One of the most common pet ailments today is yeast in dog’s ears. This can manifest in many symptoms, one of which can be an ear infection. Today we’re going to learn about the different ways we can prevent yeast over-production and how to effectively treat yeast infections in your dog. Contrary to popular belief, eating yeast, or eating things with yeast in them, does not cause an overgrowth of yeast in the body..." (click the link to read more)
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What causes bad dog gas?
A dog’s bad gas is a direct sign that he is having difficulty digesting his food. Most people feed their dogs a dry commercial kibble dog food and these are loaded with carbohydrates, fillers, rancid fats, dies and chemicals that can all upset your dog’s digestive tract and cause stinky dog gas. In the USA it is the practice to feed dog foods that...(click the link to read more)
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Homemade Ear Cleaning Solutions For Cats

Does your cat have recurring, chronic ear issues?  Does your cat have itchy ears? Are your cat’s ears smelly?  Does your cat’s ears stink?  Are they goopy?  Does your cat suffer from feline ear infections regulary?  Before we address why your cat has itchy, stinky, goopy ears, let’s get ‘em clean! (click the link to read more & for the recipe!)
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Dogs spend time each day grooming themselves so licking their paws is natural.  However the licking, licking, licking all night long…biting, biting, biting until the skin is raw and bleeding, licking until the fur is a funky pink color, IS NOT NATURAL!

So, why does your dog lick his paws?  What compels a dog to lick his paws constantly?  And most importantly, how can you how to stop a dog from licking paws? (Click the link below to read the rest of the article)
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Is your pet itching, scratching, stinking & shedding? We are here to help | | 859.428.1000, 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri (EST)

Dinovite is both a company and a product line. We exist solely to help you help your pet get healthy, naturally. Our products are all natural and contain the delicate nutrients that are missing from your pet's current diet. These nutritional gaps result in nutritional deficiency disease symptoms like itching, scratching, shedding and stinking. And you simply can't resolve nutritional deficiencies with medications.  

Don't believe it? Well, here's some food for thought. Zinc deficiency results in scaly skin, poor skin condition, excess shedding. Omega fatty acid deficiency results in itchy skin, dandruff, arthritis-like symptoms. Enzyme deficiency results in yeast overgrowth, stinky skin. Vitamin deficiency results in a weak immune system, poor joint condition, symptoms that mimic allergies. And these are just a few.

Have you been dealing with this for far too long? Are you tired of spending on things that just don't work?

Stop the itching, shedding, stinking and spending. Let us help. That's why we're here.

If you have any questions, email us or please call and talk to a Pet Nutrition Coach at 1.859.428.1000.