Pune ST bus driver runs amok killing 8 people, injuring over 30 people and smashing 37 vehicles before he was forcibly brought to a halt by two youths. The man appeared dazed and glassy eyed and was later discovered that he was suffering from schizophrenia, a mental illness. 25 million people suffer from schizophrenia in our country and an attempt is made to rehabilitate them and make them economically and socially independent. However most of them have marked skill deficits in social skills and interpersonal situations and are unable to sustain the jobs for a long period of time. Rehabilitation needs to be a complete with after care services, regular medical assessment, and sustained psychotherapy visits along with strong support from the family. Unfortunately with severe mental illnesses such as this, family support although crucial, is often absent considering the mental exhaustion that the family members themselves experience in their dealing with the patient. Here it is not only the issue of whether mental patients should be employed or not, but rather are sufficient after care services and family support provided for? We cannot ignore 25 million people after all!!!
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