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Model Railroad Structures and Building
Model Railroad Structures and Building

On YouTube Model Builders LIVE Tonight please come say hi!

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The March 2016 Issue is now available!

Download Here:

As of late, there has been much chatter and many questions regarding railroad signals.  This was also the case with the January 2016 edition of the YouTube Model Builders Live!Show, during which many viewers asked about signals, their placement on the layout, signal control, and how they can be used on a model railroad.

For this reason, we have chosen to concentrate on this very topic in this issue.  On the cover you will notice the words “Simulated Reality” just under the title “SIGNALS.”  When the discussion turns to use of signaling on a layout, many are simply looking to create, what I call, a simulated reality.  What this means is that modelers are looking to create as much prototypical realism as they can possibly create given their knowledge, their skills, their budget, and their ability to find additional information.  We can’t help with the budget part, but we can help in increasing your knowledge, your ability to find additional information, and ergo your skills.

Remember, YouTube Model Builders eMag is a free publication released by model railroaders for model railroaders.  It’s completely ad-free and free for you!  Also keep in mind that it is a community publication and that means we want you to send us your articles and pictures so we can help you share your expertise with others in this hobby.

JD (Loggin’ Locos)
YouTube Model Builders eMag

Ron! I still haven't gotten your truck lighting plans!

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Complete guitar recording pack give away! Check this out:

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If your interested in a focusrite recording pack, sign up here, its free and it gets me points that may help me to also win!

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Images used on the live show Feb 2016. These are just an update to what is happening with my family and just general discussion topics that were used on the live show.
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Let's talk about Trains and Modeling. The Boys Are Back In Town! The YouTube Model Builders team members will be talking about their trains and modeling projects. We'll also be discussing what's coming up. Come join in the fun. The show will be hosted by William Graham and directed by Barry Rosier.

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Hey, be sure to make the YouTube Model Builders LIVE! Show tonight, I will be there sharing my adventures over the past several months. Here is a post by Barry:

It seems after posting a message on my facebook page about hangouts, there are a few that are looking for them, just watch in the "google hangout posts" section of this page to find them. People will post them and you just click the link and join a webcam model railroading chat!
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