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Thanks to Apple, the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been banned ‘indefinitely’ from the US

Jeffrey Van Camp
If you’ve wanted to know when the patent wars would get out of hand, mark your calendars. Apple has been successful at delaying a few Samsung products in Australia and Germany, but on May 16, 2012 the litigation has gotten real for all of us in the United States. Because of Apple’s claims of patent infringement, the HTC One X for AT&T and the HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint have been delayed ‘indefinitely’ at US Customs as the agency investigates if the devices are still breaking Apple patents. All of HTC’s phones, and most electronic devices, are manufactured in China and other regions of the world. They must be imported into the United States to be sold here.
“The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order,” HTC told Digital Trends, in a statement. “We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.”

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Damn Apple tries to Patent everything like slide to unlock. People have been sliding barrel bolts on doors and gates for centuries to unlock. Oops I forgot to check if this comment was patented. "Going into hiding" PS MK Sipes sucks more
Before, Apple knows no enemies (except for Microsoft), Apple's afraid of losing to a competition, so it makes all of its features patented :D
Bryan Wilt
And yet another reason I absolutely hate apple!!
well good news apple hates u too
Maybe if people stop trying to STEAL Apple's ideas and patents, they wouldn't be stopped from selling them. As is, the law works, period.
Dude stop talkin out you... half of applesideas have been around for ages before they patented is just it has been marketed well by apple and now they start patenting everything.
As long as Apple is in love with more profits than they ever could use, they will be the antithesis to innovation. The ironic thing is most of their products are a tweaking and improvement of other people's technology, but they hate when people do it to them. They're afraid someone is going to apple Apple they way they sonyed Sony.
Glad I got my One X day of release.
You really have to respect the opinions of people who can't seem to find a better way to express thoughts than with random swear words and no supporting statements.
I agree with you James, many of the people in my office have Iphones and pads and are die hard Apple buyers. They even had a mini memorial service when Steve Jobs Passed away? I have a Samsung Phone and I love it. By the way so many and I mean many people just live and die (no pun intended) on Apple products it is stupid. By the way I also notice that those same Apple drones do not even mention about the working conditions at Foxconn, And please do not get lost in the cream puff reporting you are fed. I have a brother in Law who works there and I drive by there at least one a month the place makes all types of products, not only for apple by the way but Apple is their largest contract. They work the people like slaves and even the so called raises they receive are almost nothing.
If hate and suck is a swear word to you, you need to get out more. As far as supporting statements, if you don't read the tech and business news you might say that, but if you do, you have your supporting statements.
Apple's motto- if you can't beat them, sue them..... The ONE X is 100x the phone the iphone will ever be, and Apple knows it. Pathetic.
Sorry Manny, but the ability to read and regurgitate that data does not make one right, or even able to think for yourself.
So wait I am confused, are they still being investigated, or has the govment made a decision?
Look up Apple litigation on Wikipedia:

Apple vs Digital Research
Apple vs Abdul Traya (a teenager)
Apple vs Sector Labs
Apple vs New York City
Apple vs Victoria School Of Business
Apple vs Woolworths
Apple vs lower-case-i
Apple vs Amazon

... and on and on
Tell me, +Don Judd, how do you justify Apple's actions? Do you even know how patents work between most tech companies? Most companies either ask for a cut or they allow the infringement, knowing that they most likely infringe on the other company's patents. Apple has repeatedly sued other manufacturers who were kind enough not to sue it for multiple infringements over the years. They only started doing so recently in retaliating. They don't even sue companies they don't perceive as a threat which shows they're doing this to prevent other companies from taking market share away.
I like iPhone, but I also like HTC. They are two different protducts but both of them are good.
+Harry Green I would guess they would get a refund.... I am curious abut the devices already sold and if they will still be supported.
+Donn Mielcarek This is my favorite part:

In 1994, engineers at Apple Computer code-named the mid-level Power Macintosh 7100 "Carl Sagan" after the popular astronomer in the hope that Apple would make "billions and billions" with the sale of the PowerMac 7100.[55] Apple used the name only internally, but Sagan was concerned that it would become a product endorsement and sent Apple a cease and desist letter.[56] Apple complied, but its engineers retaliated by changing the internal codename to "BHA" for "Butt-Head Astronomer".

Shows how petty a sore loser Apple is.
+Harry Green Stock is depleting quickly. My guess is that if they can fulfill your order they will, but there are no longer any devices coming into the country.
Kassy G
its Androids fault for violating one of Apples copyrights
+Kassy G Do you even know how many patents Apple has violated, but other companies don't usually sue because they all borrow. Imitation is actually helpful for the market. It gives companies an incentive to make products better. Apple would like to ship the same phone over and over every year with slight tweaks and not be plagued by manufacturers that actually do major upgrades to their offerings. They only sue when they sense a strong competitor. Didn't you hear about the temporary ban Motorola got against Apple devices in Germany? Motorola Mobility which was purchased by Google owns most of the basic patents for cellular technology, which means if they wanted to be patent trolls they could get virtually all non-motorola cellphones banned if they wanted to. Do you think that would be fair?
Patents are totally out of control and apple is the worst when it comes to being out of control at being in control of things they should have no control over. So.... apple does suck.
Too bad reviewers have confirmed that the software in question DOES NOT EXIST on these handsets. Why the ITC is dragging their feet on this is beyond me. Somebody must have some apple stock over there.
+Manny Brum you are quite correct, so many hail Steve Jobs as a genius do not even know that he was not? he just as another member here mentioned "tweaked" what is already there and should you even dare to confront them? well the army of lawyers and 50 paralegals per case will certainly do a job on you.
Apple communism, haha
I am an Apple iDrone. Apple is right. Ever one else is wrong. Their devices are perfect. All others are flawed. All I want is an iDevice. I don't need to be confused with choices. When will they start building the iCar? It will be perfect. I will be able to drive the same exact iCar that millions of other iDrones are driving. It will be wonderful not to have to worry about whether I want an SUV or sedan or coupe or convertible. The iCar will be perfect. All others will be flawed. I can't wait until Apple announces the next iDevice I must buy. It is reassuring that they will know exactly what I need.
Get your own patents and let someone infringe on them and then we'll see the pussy in all the complainers
bitches complain about companies protecting their patents. Any developer knows how important intellectual property is. HTC fix your shit! Apparently it still infringes.
Loves apple. The first pc I ever used was an apple 2. Love my iPhones. I don't feel sorry for the workers in china. I've worked full time for 22 years. I'm 36. That doesn't count time doing farm work before that. My first job was 13hrs a day 5 days and 8 hrs on day 6. It didn't kill me. Farm kids work just as hard in poor conditions in the US just like every where else. Get over it. Patent laws suck just like copyright laws suck, but you have to defend them to keep them. That's the law we have. Don't like what apple is doing, get the laws changed. 
+Kathleen Iorizzo lets start with the basics with the apps, apple: you pay all the apps even angry birds which it was free for android but OK that's fine you wanna pay for the app so you buy the app but you also want to buy the app on your ipad common sense will say that you can just download it and your free to go well no you can't you gotta pay to get the same app on the Ipad as well, for android: if you pay for an app you can download it as well on your tablet for free you already pay for it so why pay twice. And that is just on apps, how is that superior? Because they can control your every move oh i see that makes sense. I have dropped my phone countless of time and my screen has no cracked yet no even one bit ( i don't have a case or protector of any type) drop the iPhone in the same conditions and tell me what happens. +Joe Dean do you really know what is going on? Some of this patents are just essential to the usage of a smartphone and don't dare to say that they were all apple's idea cause that would just show how little you know, is like who ever invented the seat belt says sorry you can't sell your car here i invented the seat belt and i don't allowed it.
I've always said Apple is Evil! I bet this is one of Apples "Ridiculous accusations" as always..
Apple are bully sheep milking farmers ;))))
Google should stop allowing apple products to use google, gmail, google plus, etc....
Apple is like one of the biggest companies for eletronics why they really just wanna make sure they're the only smartphones out there I really do not know.
A jailbreak makes it more customizable and allows sideloading...basically turns it into an Android like device.... rooting gives you unlimited power to do what you want to YOUR device.

I have never owned an apple product, and I still see no need for. I am a graphic designer and a college student, and everything I need in on my ENVY15 laptop and my Moto Photon (also the photon is $99 and still beats the ipuck on specs) Suck my banana apple
You know Samsung owns the rights to 3g technology right? But I suppose apple created that too. I love the 4S says it has 4g but lacks the hardware. How about how siri says the best phone is the lumia (well until Apple changed it).

The ability to change backgrounds were locked until Android grew and scared Apple. What about copy and paste? Other phones had that first maybe someone should sue for that? There were touchscreen phones before apple maybe they should be sued for that? Get over yourself apple you didn't invent the phone, apps, touchscreen, notification bar, Linux, or 95% of what they have been suing over. Most of their lawsuits have been thrown out for good reason. Piss off too many people and no one will want to help apple with anything anymore.

Apple is becoming the exact same company they were before they almost went out of business in the 90's. One day the apple KoolAid will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, I just hope you don't swallow it.
Apparently you can... Trust Apple to stop the competition
Probably better news for Samsung and LG than Apple.
+Dario Pernalete patents r for 20 year or less. Invent something and then give it away for the benefit of humanity. It's their choice not yours. Hater
Until its overturned then a patent is a patent +J Grynd . There are lots of bogus patents out there yes but it's up to the patent office and the judicial system to determine the rightful owners. I simply don't understand why people r upset about this concept. As a developer I would take any means needed to protect my intellectual property if I had any :-)
+Kassy G Android isn't a person or organization that can be at fault for anything. Nor is it a company who makes devices. It's an operating system.
+Kathleen Iorizzo yeah...because outdated tech is so sexy..... Have you seen a GNex? Have you seen the One X? Have you seen the GSII? Have you seen the Luminia 900?
Apple is to invention what Edison is to Nicola Tesla
Inferior products! Couple of iPhone wanna'bes, so what?
This is a by-product of a broken patent system, not the malicious intent of Apple. All of the major electronics firms are suing one another in some capacity or another to rightfully protect their patent portfolios. Until the patent system is fixed this sort of thing will continue. The only people who benefit from the broken patent system are lawyers (and I say that as a law student). It needs reform sooner than later.
+Kathleen Iorizzo If you believe that iOS is composed entirely of proprietary software and contains no open source, you are greatly mistaken. Device lines eventually change as new features are added, so the argument that developers benefit by targeting a single device is weak as it is short lived. In development, there is a name for programmers who cannot write code that easily targets multiple platforms--bad programmers.
+Joe Dean OK you ignore the whole shape of the phone thing how they sue for that, you just argue the surface of it which is what a patent is. That's how i know you don't even know what's going on, you completely ignore my main argument which was the shape of the phone patent war started by apple they did not invented the rectangular shape with round corners so answer me why did they patent that and started the war in the first place? Yes I'm a hater i get that a lot but at least i actually retaliate with facts of what's going on and not with a simple definition.
What I thought safari on windows was the best browser evar??!!??... Sarcasm

Also objective c is as painful putting glass shards under my finger nails.
Apple is the biggest piece of shit company in the USA. They suppress competition at every opportunity. If they could truly create a superior product they wouldn't have to suppress competition.

Crony capitalism at its finest.
When you put out overpriced substandard products, you have to pull shit like this to keep control over your share of the market.
To all the Apple iFans that hate Samsung LG some research and see who makes most of the components stuck inside your device. All you have done is bought a non-customizable Asian made device with a shiny apple logo on it.
I wonder how the Fandroids would feel if MS stole something from Android. They'd be out for blood.

This is why I detest uneducated fanboys.
+Stefan Van Schalkwyk Which wouldn't have existed in the first place had Apple not come up with it first. Had it not been for Apple, Android would be a pathetic Symbian clone.

Do your homework.
+Michael Gaines I think you mean if LG and Prada didn't make it first. The iPhone was well noted to be a clone of their phone they had design, and they had thought to sue apple originally but decided it is better to be flattered then sue that someone would bluntly copy their look and design.
When you can't out innovate, out litigate!
Whatever that is in Latin is Apple's motto.
+Michael Gaines I am talking about hardware. Besides android Kernel is based on Linux Kernel. Apple is based on Unix and Linux is a Unix Clone. All open source except for guessed it Apple. Besides...I bet you Chuck Norris uses Android.
Back to the taking apples ideas board. Uh I mean drawing board.
Apple sucks..... I treasure freedom over technological slavery any day
It's like the keyboard on the macbooks...Sony had that look ages before apple.
its same as google is doing....andriod can not banned this is google's game HTC hardware can be benned because this is hardware
Arise ye apple drones...
Apple is the scum of the computer industry. A virus. So sad, if you look back in time.

It also shows that the patent system needs to be overworked. It's not protecting small inventors, like it should. It helps to get bloodsucking companies more money. That need to be addressed.

Go go go HTC One X, if the US don't want you, the rest of the world is happy to have one of the best phones in the world.
Apple had one or two great ideas that started a revolution in design, innovation etc. The problem is they couldn't keep up with the competition and have to resort to fighting dirty just to stay alive.

When the apple in the basket is rotten.....get rid of it. Apple should clean up their act or bugger off.
Love my Droid and would never trade it for apple, its as simple as that. I have a ton of fun with my rooted evo3d. Hell i enjoy not having apps stuck on the home screen obscuring my live wallpaper. I look at peoples iphones and they look like a mess. It is also funny to hear people in class try to explain how jail breaking is better and more intuitive than a rooted Droid. I have cm9 overclocked 1.8ghz dual core fully customized to the way I want it and apple's sheep have...what apple ALLOWS them to have.
America the free country, where you can patent anything.
uh oh.. thats where you lost me Apple...!.. #Applesucks
Greg S.
Did anyone mention yet that not only is what Apple is patent-trolling over not present in the phones they're blocking, but APPLE ITSELF isn't using this oh-so-valuable patented design anywhere in the current iOS? (If so, I missed it, sorry.)
Greg S.
+Xatolos Wired - it might have been a "copy" in appearance of the Prada phone, but I had the misfortune to actually lay hands on one of those and try it out. Worst mobile device experience ever. The 1st-gen iPhone was head, shoulders, midriff, knees, and ankles above it - and that was before apps really started to proliferate.
Apple is the shittest! Made for dummies! Most of their users simple buy their phones because their friends have them. Sheep, the lot of them! Bah!
Luckily in Australia we don't have this same problem.
We should let Apple ban as many phones as they want because behind their back HTC, Samsung, and Motorola are coming up with something that will bring this to the supreme court to redefine patent laws.

Naw, I'm just messing with you, those shitty patent laws will never change.
As much as I think Apple put our great stuff they are just a big bully. I will stick with Windows and Android and enjoy my freedom.
Apple can take their bat & ball and go home as far as I'm concerned!
Does Apple have a patent that is really novel?
Or does just every phone manufacturer pay these stupid patents off. Every phone I've ever owned has done what the patent talks about.
Well.... I'd say of Apple isn't able to come up with new products... atleast stop trying to belittle others who are bringing cutting edge technology to the world....
Fanboys are really ignorant. Geez!!
+Xatolos Wired It's obvious you don't know your history. Apple was working on the iPhone TEN YEARS AGO originally as an iPad. You're saying that LG announced the Prada and Apple whipped up the phone in a year? Get real.
Patents aren't all bad, its the sometimes questionably issued patents that are then abused for profit or market advantage that are the problem. I saw an example the other day of how patents should work...

Dr Burgoyne of Cambridge University said, "I've never taken the view that this is something anybody will make money on - it's just saying 'we thought of this', so that if a company comes along and tries to patent it later, they can't," - here's somebody with an invention designed to benefit everyone. Patented with the intention of protecting it from large corporate greed, which all large tech firms are guilty of in some respect.

Quote from BBC news article:

If the issuing of patents was tightened up then a lot of the damaging and anti competitive lawsuits would stop. In my view a patent should only be granted for genuine innovation and only granted to the person that invented it. With the modern age it is easy to document and time stamp a development process so the originator of an idea is easier to trace. This should stop marketeers from patenting others work so that they can hold it to ransom until the market dictates its financial or destructive value.

+Matthew Inman comic with a good comparison to make:
Ridiculous and blatant abuse of patent law by all of these large corporations. Here's a novel idea: Instead of litigating, why not compete on merit and BUILD A BETTER PRODUCT?!?

Capitalism at it's best.
I use iPhone it like smoothness prison in the world and I hope in soon SIII will come to rescue me from this prison.
+Glen Schlueter Microsoft gets about $5 from every android phone made due to patents. Apple not the only bully. 
+Tracey Allen That's how patents work. At worst you pay to use them, (many times patents are so similar companies don't even bother suing) apple doesn't want anyone to pay to use theirs, they want to suppress competition because they're outgunned by said competition.

And that's not even going into the B.S. that apple patents. shapes!? come on! Gestures!? I guess ford should patent turning left and right, as well as having four tires. Then, don't even allow other companies to pay to use the patent, prevent any competition. It's absurdity.
and that's why I dislike Apple. I dislike the manner they are working and suing everyone pretending to create everything in the world, all of their identical products in different packages and names etc.
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