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If I'd rather be canoeing, then why haven't I done it in years?
If I'd rather be canoeing, then why haven't I done it in years?

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I'm considering getting an e-ink device. As far as hardware and price goes I kinda like the Kobo Glo HD. But can it do Fbreader? I'm gotten to be pretty fond of FBreader and don't want to give it up.

Any other possibilities or suggestions?

Thanks for your thoughts. 

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Had to pull this EP out of my collection and take a picture of it. Can't think of a better way to remember Lemmy than this!

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Donald Trump makes cover of Mad Magazine as dumbest person of the year. 

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The only person jeopardizing this baby's well-being is the judge who removed her from her family. 

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Personally, It's as bad as I thought. 
TPP 'Worse Than I Thought'
'It is clear to me that the proposed agreement is not, nor has it ever been, the gold standard of trade agreements.' by Bernie Sanders

Now that the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has finally been released, it is even worse than I thought.  It is clear to me that the proposed agreement is not, nor has it ever been, the gold standard of trade agreements.

This trade deal would make it easier for corporations to shut down more factories in the U.S. and ship more jobs to Vietnam and Malaysia where workers are paid pennies an hour. The TPP is a continuation of our disastrous trade policies that have devastated manufacturing cities and towns all over this country from Newton, Iowa, to Cleveland, Ohio. We need to rebuild the disappearing middle class, not tear it down.

The TPP would allow foreign corporations to sue federal, state and local governments in an international tribunal for passing an increase in the minimum wage or any other law that could hurt expected future profits.

The agreement would threaten American laws that protect the safety of the drugs we take, the seafood we feed our families and the toys our kids play with every day.

At a time when prescription drug prices are skyrocketing, the TPP would make a bad situation even worse by granting new monopoly rights to big pharmaceutical companies to deny access to lower cost generic drugs to millions of people.

Outrageously, the proposed agreement includes violators of international human rights, like Brunei, where gays and single mothers can be stoned to death and Malaysia where tens of thousands of immigrant workers in the electronics industry are working as modern day slaves.

I will do everything I can to defeat the TPP. We need trade policies in this country that work for the working families of our nation and not just the CEOs of large, multi-national corporations.
#BernieSanders2016   #EnoughIsEnough   #PoliticalRevolution   #PowerToThePeople   #NoToTheTPP   #FightFor15   #BetOnBernie  

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"While taxpayers pay these sheriffs' salaries, they will be spending an entire workday--and perhaps longer--collaborating with a hate group instead of doing their jobs. Worse, at least one sheriff, Terry Johnson of North Carolina, is using additional public funds to cover his expenses as well as those of his staff."

Make sure you take a look at the map because this isn't isolated to the area around the Mexican border. There are several close to Philly who have attended the event in the past and who collaborate with or support FAIR's efforts.

#hategroups #immigration #undocumented 

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+T-Mobile​ what gives with the Nexus 6?

Your site says Marshmallow for the Nexus 6 is still in testing. According to +Android Police​ the update to MRA58K is available.

Usually your pretty good about getting updates out.

#t-mobile #marshmallow #nexus6
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Some of you might find this interesting. It's tonight at 6pm at the Wagner Free Institute of Science -- 17th and Montgomery.
I'm planning to go

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Yes it take a brave person to enter the public stage and force us to seek answers to tough questions like this. 
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