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Dhyan Foundation
A spiritual and charitable organisation committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yoga
A spiritual and charitable organisation committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yoga


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With smuggling and illegal slaughter of camels being rampant, the ships of the desert were found thousands of kilometers from their homeland, with no food, no water and in an unsuitable environment, breathing their last, waiting to meet the butchers knife...when Dhyan Foundation came to their rescue.

DF rescued,
61 camels @ Malda, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.3L)
61 camels @ Kishanganj, Bihar (Expected cost of transport, Rs.3.5L)
30 camels @ Islampur, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.2.75L)
16 camels @ Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.26K)
15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.35K)
15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K)
5 camels @ Raiganj, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.50K)
30 camels @ Hanumangarh, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K)
DF shelters,
10 camels @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)

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Driven out of their natural homes (the forests) monkeys were dying, hunted, shot-down, electrocuted...Dhyan Foundation gives them home and food.

DF provides for,
400 monkeys daily @ Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.60K/month)
200 monkeys daily @ Manger Village, Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
100 monkeys daily @ Jhaku Temple, Simla (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)
50 monkeys thrice weekly@ Shiv Temple, Kesaragutta, Hyderabad (Expense incurred, Rs.6K/month)
40 monkeys weekly @ Alpiri forests, Tirupati (Expense incurred, Rs.2K/month)
30 monkeys twice weekly @ Chamundi Hills, Mysore (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5K/month)

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It was freezing cold, they were dying of hunger or being run over, beaten and shooed away, Dhyan Foundation adopted them.

DF shelters,
72 dogs @ Yogi Ashwni Animal Shelter, Jholahaka, Haryana (Expense incurred, 1.25L/month)
DF feeds,
700 strays @ 107 FAD points in Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5L/month)
21 strays @ 2 FAD points in Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.8K/month)
6 strays @ 3 FAD points in Tamil Nadu (Expense incurred, Rs.3K/month)
164 strays @ 37 FAD points in Maharashtra (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
192 strays @ 27 FAD points in Punjab (Expense incurred, Rs.65K/month)
41 strays @ 9 FAD points in Andhra Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month)
28 strays @ 7 FAD points in Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.10K/month)

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With severe drought conditions prevailing, people having abandoned their cattle, thousands of such animals died of hunger, their corpses being devoured by vultures...when Dhyan Foundation volunteers reached to their aid.

At DF owned gaushalas,
185 cattle @ Chaitra Gaushala, Mandya, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5Lac/month)
150 cattle @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.2.25Lac/month)
19 cattle @ Delhi Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.40K/month)
600 cattle @ Sahyog Gaushala Challur, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.5Lac/month)
10 cattle @ Chennai Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.16-17K/month)
110 cattle @ Gorakhpur Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.70K/month)
DF independently manages,
95 cattle @ Quepem Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month)
127 cattle + 11 dogs @ Quitla Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month)
98 cattle @ Zamaulim Temple Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month)
135 cattle @ Mekedatu Gaushala, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.2Lac/month)
455 cattle @ Gubbi Gaushala, Tumkur, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.8Lac/month)
183 cattle @ Anand Gaushala, Kolkata (Expense incurred, Rs.1.7-1.8Lac/month)
500 cattle @ Chilkur Balaji Gaushala, Barwa, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.1 Lac/month)
35 cattle @ Dharbhanga Gaushala, Bihar (Expense incurred, Rs.20-25K/month)
220 cattle @ Village Chauka Gaushala, Mahoba, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.1Lac/month)
DF in association with government manages,
140 cattle @ Fatehgarh Sahib Gaushala, Punjab (Expense incurred, Rs.35K/month)
225 cattle @ Machiwara, Ludhiana, Punjab (Expense incurred, Rs.35K/month)
1000 cattle @ Mansa Gaushala, Punjab
DF supports,
10 cattle @ Jeev Ashray, Lucknow (Expense incurred, Rs.7-8K/month)
28 cattle @ Shri Krishna Gaushala, Ghazipur, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.26K/month)
15 cattle @ Narain Gau Seva, Balasore, Odisha (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month)
200 cattle @ Mehboob Nagar, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.2Lac/month)
20 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Kochi (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month)
150 cattle @ Janhit Seva Samiti Gauseva Kendra, Patiala (Expense incurred, Rs.30K/month)
105 cattle @ Navjyoti Gaushala, Chattisgarh (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
40 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Charavatoor, Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)
45 cattle @ Palakkad Gaushala, Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.1.25Lac/month)
40 cattle @ Sitapur Gaushala, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.25K/month)
DF feeds,
150 stray cattle in Ludhiana (Expense incurred, Rs.30K/month)
1000 cattle @ Mahoba Cattle Relief Camp, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.1 Lac in last 15 days)
71 cattle @ Kishanganj, Bihar (Expense expected, Rs.80K/month)
Last year we also set up cattle relief camps in drought hit Dausa District (Rajasthan), Latur District (Telangana) and Hingonia Gaushala (Rajasthan) and are presently working to provide for 3000 plus cattle in drought hit Kollegal district.

** All donations made to Dhyan Foundation are exempted from Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961
* Dhyan Foundation is registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)
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"...Every human has to perform #tapasya to give back to creation. Only then is he entitled to #human birth, and body and related pleasures. " Yogi Ashwini

#yagya #GuruGyan
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"I can feel so much good vibes that even friends can tell how incredibly happy I am for no reason, just because the energy involved is so powerful that transcends from inside out..."

Experience the essence of #Yog, experience the science of #SanatanKriya
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Has your neighbour broken a dogs leg or killed its pups?
Do you think culling of #dogs in #Kerala is inhuman & should be stopped ?
Do you want to stop rivers of cow blood on streets?

If yes join us in a peaceful car march on friday, November 4, 2016 at 10 am in Delhi #UnitedHumansAgainstAtrocitiesOnAnimals

Register here >>

Animals cant tell their pain... Humans can. Be a human !
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This article on Anti- Ageing | Breathe It Right , by Yogi Ashwini , explains that , #Abdominal breathing maximizes the up and down movement of the #diaphragm and ensures that lungs function at their optimal level, that is, they throw out spent air completely and also adequately #replenish the body with fresh air from the environment.

To Read More :
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How old are you? Whether you are 20 or 40 or 80, these years are over for you. There is no “replay” or “try again” button in the game of life. The years will never come back and you have collected nothing to carry forward. With the coins that you collected in this life, you cannot even buy another life, and you leave the body dissatisfied. This is called #maya. Yogi Ashwini

Read More : - In the game of life all points collected are Maya
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