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Interesting read

Next time you are sad that someone doesn't call and wish you happy birthday, pause and think about how you reacted when that person last called you to wish you happy birthday. Did you mean the Thank you up have them? Turns out we are pretty predictable creatures, we call people who make us feel special and we get calls from people whom we make feel special. I just called someone kind of out of the blue to with a happy 26th and the phone call seriously made my week. I never call folks for their birthday. Normally shoot a text or think about them for a few minutes on that day but rarely pick up the phone and call them. Today's call changed everything. There is something special about calling someone you care about and sharing the anniversary of their birth with them on that day. Sure nothing crazy happened but being with the person on their birthday even if only for a few minutes on the phone is special. And if they react with the kind of contagious enthusiasm PJ responded with today you will never miss another opportunity to celebrate the day. Thank you for making my week, reminding me there is some good left in this world, and making me rethink something as primitive as a birthday wish.

Remember, if you put something in the sky it's supposed to fly, so stop being surprised when it does! 

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Check out this new keyboard.... Pretty neat so far... Fleksy for Android or iOS - try it free at

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Just bought this...

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Someone can read my mind. 

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Why iOS devices often just ”feel better"

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Can't see enough of this commercial...

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Best news of the year!  Both for me as a technology nerd and as a MSFT investor.  See.  You.  Later.

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Interesting article about how intelligence in America is fairly concentrated.  I suppose we shouldn't be surprised since wealth, athleticism, entrepreneurship, success, etc can also be shown to have concentrated patterns.  The exceptions to this rule are always outliers and not the norm.

Nothing beats rap music - how beautiful is this from Jay's most recent album?

Father never taught me how to be a father, 
treat a mother,
I don't wanna have to just repeat another,
leave another, 
baby with no daddy want no mama drama 
I just wanna take her back to a time when everything was calmer,
Out in Paris
on a terrace
Watching the Eiffel Tower
And a Ferris wheel yet and still
Nothing could prepare us
For the beauty that you be Blue be
Looking in your eyes is like a mirror, have to face my fears
Cheer up.
Why couldn’t you just be happy
Without these back and forth thoughts, you too much like your daddy
Badly I just wanna spent more time with him
Sadly life wouldn't let me get around with him
Now I got my own daughter, taught her how to take her first steps
Cut the cord watch her take her first breath
And I'm trying and I'm lying if I said I wasn't scared
But it aint life and death if I aint there
Apologies in order
Blue Ivy my daughter
If it was up to me
You would be with me
Sort of like daddy dearest
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