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Android M app drawer.

The 4 icons at the top change based on your recently used applications.

Accidentally saved my +Psensor preferences with the menu disabled, and now I can't get to the preferences any more. No idea where to look for them in gsettings/dconf, if they're even there at all. Can't find a config file either. Officially beyond my ability to solve this. #help

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Take a Security Check-Up and get 2GB FREE Google Drive storage!

It's a dangerous Internet out there and we, as good citizens of cyberspace, should actively monitor our accounts and their accompanied security settings. To help facilitate security on your Google account, the Googs is offering users an additional 2GB of free storage, on top of the free 15GB you already have, just for doing a quick security review of your account. The process is painless and quite frankly, it's something you should do every few months anyways. So, enjoy your free storage and safer Internets.

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Pfft. Grand Theft Idol?
From the anime: Love Live! School Idol Project
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Game's over. I've won Ingress. All your portals are belong to me.,-82.640913&z=18

Submitted 218 days ago. Head over to Kalahari Resort & Waterpark (Sandusky, OH) to see it for yourself.

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Google finally got widespread MMS support into Google Voice, 3 years after MMS became irrelevant.
Good news, GV users! You can now stay in touch via MMS with Verizon Wireless users. Google Voice now supports MMS messaging with of all major carriers in the US and Canada. 

Along with this announcement, we are also adding native MMS support for photo messaging to Google Voice. If you opt in to Google Voice in Hangouts, you can now attach photos to any SMS message and it will be delivered as a native MMS (instead of SMS with a link). Support for group messaging via MMS will be enabled in a future update. 


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