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Go behind the scenes for photos from Haloti Ngata's tour of the #Lions facility today:
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I like this signing. Don't love it but it's a good signing and maybe they'll surprise me again and draft a RB 1st rd this year. Gordon would be nice, then OL & DB's. 
Go Lions ,welcome to the team Haloti!!!
J Krah
Or the fact that everyone else is standing there staring at him like he's an animal at the zoo?
Go lions Lions fan for life
Lions fan forever I think its a good move I always did like haloti awesome player just watch you guys
Ok, so the lions didn't want to spend 18 million on Suh, but they are giving Ngata 8.5 mil AND paying Suh 9.5 next year as well so, 18 million next year, for a rental guy 6 years older and lets not forget... we gave up 2 of our Top 5 draft picks. 

Mayhew needs to be fired now, he's starting to think more like Millen. 
+Kevin Sehl you gotta look at the cap # he's $23 mil against the cap year 1 with the new contract and $26 if the Lions would've franchised him. He's a Tackle. 
+Bobby C. No, I wasn't advocating a franchise, I am saying if they had actually matched Miami's offer and kept Suh, we would have had the same cap hit as we have today, PLUS 2 draft picks AND a guy 6 years younger.

In hindsight we should have traded Suh last year and used the pick for Ebron in ANY other way and we would have at least got something for Suh, instead of paying another team to take him, which is essentially what the Lions have done.  Its classic Lions mismanagement of a situation.
+***** they offered him $105 and $58. Mia gave him $114 and $60.

He's a Tackle. 
Ok, but your paying the same amount for the position in real dollars this year anyway AND you gave up 2 picks and got a guy that's years older with questionably only a year or 2 in the tank.  It was a dumb move not to just pay Suh, it was a dumber move not to trade him a year ago and draft Donald instead of Ebron. 
Suh didn't want to stay.. Why is him being gone the lions fault? They did what they were supposed to do. Ngata isn't the pass rusher suh is, but a better leader and he knows winning.. We need that in the locker room
+Kevin Sehl we agree on pretty much nothing, but the bottom line is the Lions management is horrendous. I'm agreeing with that. Ngatas cap hit this year is like 8 million and I think he's guaranteed $25million over 5 years. I think. His contract is more than half of what Suh's is or woulda been in Detroit. He's a much better value than Suh. In my opinion of course. I guess.
Suh didn't WANT to stay..Lol if anything the lions should've packaged a deal last year to trade him away..but mayhew said people called and basically offered crumbs because they knew he wanted to leave...
Suh is good..but our defense didn't vault into top ten until coach Austin showed up..his ability to get the maximum out of drafted players like slay is nice..those crying about suh should take they fandom to Miami.. go lions or get gone
Lions fans shouldn't be crying... How many pressures and hurries did suh generate against Arizona and new England (not Cleveland) He's not a player without fault here.. Mayhew has actually made some great moves within the draft.. Slay being one. All the talk about Stafford record against winning squads... Uuumm how bout Calvin Johnson drops in big games? What about all the drops by fuller against new England? Lol Stafford will be in his second season with the same system. Detroit is building around defense. Sit back fellas
+Andre Boles I said Suh should have been traded, for a bag of used jocks if necessary, rather than doing what the Lions FO did.

Careful putting the onus of drops on the WR's, when clearly the inaccuracy of Statpadford is also to blame.  Megatron, Burleson, Broyles have all taken a beating at the hands of Stafford's wild throws.  Calvin is just lucky he can make Stafford look good by catching anything in the same zip code.  Without Calvin Stafford is nothing.  It should be the other way around.  And are you really going to count the drops by Fuller, a 4th stringer anywhere else in the league?  Seriously?

The vaunted defense still had 4 games where the 2nd  and 3rd string QB's last year hung 280+ yards on them.  Yeah, defense looked good last year, but they beat garbage teams with a 5th easiest SOS last year.  Don't tell me they are anywhere near elite.
J Krah
+Bobby C. ridiculous that they post this, The team is a mess. A DT ready for retirement is nothing to be excited about.
+Bobby C. don't look at it like a DT ready to retire, but a valuable mentor to whoever the Lions draft, and a valuable player for the next couple of years. The Lions did what they could on Suh, and it just didn't work out. They made a great move by signing Ngata as a mentor for rookies, leader in the locker room, and a player. Now, the amount of money they are giving him is a whole other story itself, bu overall, it was a good veteran signing.
+Rohith Tudi no I never said N'gata was a DT ready to retire, I like the move. After the Lions didn't sign Suh I wasn't really happy until I thought about the contract they woulda had to give to him and that's a ton for that position. N'gata was the best replacement right now and the cap hit is only 8.5 instead of 23. That's huge. It allows flexibility and hopefully they can use that flexibility for a couple needs. We're gonna see. This is the best roster we've had since the mid-90's and those teams got blown out in the playoffs. And had Barry Sanders. We need OL help, DB's, and I would love to see a true #1 back so Bell can be used the right way. 
I'm sorry Kevin.. You're being completely unfair to staff.. There were three touchdowns left on the field dropped by the tight end we picked up before the game, another by fuller on a play that was a free play... And another drop by ebron... No mention of those plays.. A qb needs a good offensive line (ask romo) &a good defense.. (Ask Wilson)
+Andre Boles he won't be giving Stafford any credit so don't even try. I'm actually pretty positive he's a Bears fan. He thinks the Gulf War in 1991 was Stafford's fault. The guy was only 3. 
4ever supportive.. moved to Indiana,, but so Detroit

same, live in Indy, stil loyal to da hood baby
More news no video's of this email address OK😈
Everyone has to remember that the effectiveness of last season's defense was not created by Suh alone,  The other starters and role players had as much to do with the overall success as he did.  Suh is simply benefiting the most from it. Detroit's D will be fine with Ngata riddin' shotgun. 
Again.. Austin took a bottom tier defense and made them number one
+Andre Boles Exactly. Its not just the players. It was Austin's scheme that was the base of their defense. He figured out a way with all of the Lions' injuries last season, he'll figure out a way this time without Suh and Fairley.
Man this is a typical Lions move... Picking up other teams garbage. We often waste picks in the draft... They knew Suh wasn't coming back we should have drafted DT McDonald last year instead of the TE that basically did nothing or if we wanted to go offense we should have picked up Odell Beckham Jr..
Lions only the only team missed beckham huh?
This is a good pick up... Can't go back to last year.. Also, Baltimore wanted to extend ngata... Who knew suh would walk? I guess lions stupid for drafting him.. Should've known he wasn't gonna be here forever.. Lol
No one really knows yet, but most are assuming he will sign with Lions since Suh and Fairley have both left, and he was a good rotational tackle last season.
Cj mosley are you yet holding on?? Hang in there buddy!! 
Tired of lions crying over suhs departure he didnt want to play for us good luck to him we will be a better team lets get over it thered no I in team let suh be the hightest paid lions make playoffs before miami watch he will be another albert hansworth go lions
Whatever, whoever put your heart together as one and lets WIN Detroit
Lions!" Come on! Lets Go Go TOUCHDOWN"!!!
Suhs gone...move on....let's go Detroit....restore the roar
Detroit is alot better team without suh. Money is not everything. He's a loser.his lose
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