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Kyle Van Noy & Larry Webster have a chance to be contributors for the #Lions in 2015:
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I'm certain Van Noy will come alive yr 2.He had adjustment issues typical rookie season. But just watch film on this guy you'll see why Mayhew chose him.He's a turnover machine lol 
+ Kareem Johnson + Jer McLeod AAAMEN! Good things! GO LIONS!!!!!
Let's have a solid draft and a solid year. Go Lions
Adrian Peterson for the running back position with the Detroit Lions
Sorry Antwan.....not going to happen
Adrian's a great idea..... he's a machine. I like it more, and would've been smarter than Bush!
But most likely not going to happen
Looks like we got a solid draft going. Not flashy but solid picks
I have been a long time fan of the Lions for a long time through bad and good times... I have to say the anxiety that the lions brings to me I am no longer a fan in fact i burned my number 9 Stanfford Detriot shirt... Detrot lions need to replace Stanfford as a QB for starters... Very disapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes mmm did you ever phone my Jacques Haiti Kansas
Damn Greg...through good and bad?....well then stick with glad you didn't burn your Stafford Detroit
if you would of read further, yes i did burn the shirt... Every time i watch the lions they just stress me out unnecessarily  
Just harassing you on your Lions Go Been a season ticket holder now for ten years and a life long Lions fan. Drive over 400 miles round trip and haven't missed any games....but I understand the frustration. 
You've stuck with the lions through the good times and bad? What good times? 
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