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Tokyo, Japan - scenes from our trip:
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Thanks for sharing, Derek. I feel like I just went on a short trip to Japan. The first scenes reminded me of Blade Runner. :)
Very cool Derek... nice images...
happy memories of my wife and I getting engaged in Tokyo. Thanks for putting this up. Now I'm hungry.
cris w
Very nice video. Thank you for sharing!
Hey, do you know what the name of this street is? Oh, wait...
Awesome video Derek! Brings back so many memories and lots of those places I can remember going to with Melina. I absolutely loved Japan!
Great Video Derek! What an amazing time you must have had. I have been to Southeast Asia;not to Japan yet but ;I am psyched to go Now! What an wonderful and culturally rich place! Well done little flick!
I have never seen Japan presented so beautifully.
Japan is like no other place on earth;it is a place that is worth seeing at least ONCE in your life!
I love Japan and it's people!!!! What kind of camera did you use? Beautiful footage and music!!!
This is such a great video I am sharing it with more of my friends;on my list.
I've eaten at a noodle bar in this spot at least it looks familiar - Yokohama is also a great city with wonderful buildings
Derek - did you take a turn on guitar - off camera? :)
Thanks everyone! The alleyway in the beginning is called "Yakitori Alley", and yes - Blade Runner movie used it as inspiration. Camera is a Canon HF-G10 that I love. :-)
I love the Coldstone songs in Japanese! Looks like a great trip.
Lol;blade runner was and still is a favorite movie.It's funny how certain images stick in your mind;very interesting! Great little movie;full of life;fun and excitement;Enjoy!
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