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Blog interview - Lisa Neigut
Skills Matter spoke to Lisa Neigut, an Android Developer at Etsy. Lisa told us about her passion for work and tomato plants, why Etsy loves Gradle, and how Android is going everywhere!


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We're live! Sell on Etsy is now available on Google Play. Really proud of the team that put this app together. And this is just one of the exciting new products the Etsy Android team is building for this year. #justship

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Shipping is fun! If you're an Etsy seller check out our Beta release of Sell on Etsy for Android, available now!

I know it has been a long time coming but we now have the beginnings of our platform for Etsy sellers who love Android as much as we do at Etsy.
Good news, beta testers: Sell on Etsy (Beta) is ready for you!

Some notes before we get started:

The most helpful type of beta feedback
You are receiving a very early version of Sell on Etsy that is not ready for public release. As a beta tester, you will be helping us make Sell on Etsy perform better before we launch to all Android sellers. For this beta release please focus on giving us feedback about bugs, crashes, or anything in the app that doesn't work.

How to provide beta feedback
There is a feature in Sell on Etsy (Beta) that allows you to give us feedback from directly within the app. To ensure that we receive your feedback, please use this method.

1. Tap on the navigation menu in the upper left
2. Tap on “Send Beta Feedback”

Known issues
Below is a list of missing features or known issues within Sell on Etsy. We know about these already, and are working on including them for our public launch!

Notifications: In the future, you will be able to receive notifications when someone sends you a conversation, buys something from your shop, reviews your listing, favorites your listing, and favorites an item. Notifications are not available in the beta version yet.

Settings: When we launch, you will also see an extra section in the Navigation Drawer called Settings. Settings will let you customize which notifications you receive, and link to the Sell on Etsy Help Center for support.

Okay, now for the fun part.

How to download the Beta
1. Make sure you are a member of this Google+ Community.

2. Make sure the Google account with which you joined the Google+ Community is the same one you use to download apps from the Google Play Store.

3. From your Android device, follow this link:

4. Tap on the "Become a Tester" button.

5. Follow the link at the bottom of the Become a Tester page to download the Beta from Google Play. The link may take up to a few hours to work once you become a tester.     

6. Install Sell on Etsy on your device.

7. You are now ready to start testing.

Thanks everyone, we're excited to hear what you think!

Johanna and the Sell on Etsy for Android team
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Headed to SF with the Etsy Android crew #io14. See you there? 

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Great interview with our Etsy Mobile Director +Mike Brittain sharing insights on leadership & Etsy

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Finally found some time to release the version of Dash for Shame I've been sitting on this for awhile cause now it looks kind of like G+.

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A new AndroidStaggeredGrid library update (v1.0.5) is rolling out to Maven Central now. Get your bug fixes while they're hot.

Also please let me know if you're using the lib in one of your apps as I'd love to get a list together for the repo. I know you're out there :)

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Etsy's awesome new app just for sellers. Out now on iOS and coming soon to Android!

When is soon? Join this Etsy team to keep up with the latest news as we approach release

Google I/O rejection delivered via email. You could've called!

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I've been using Link Bubble for about 2 weeks. 

It's great, a solution to a nagging problem I never really took to time to articulate to myself. I'll give you all a full breakdown of my experience with Link Bubble after it launches tomorrow! :) YAY, +Chris Lacy

And yes, I bought the pro version. 

For now, here's how much time it's saved me on my phone and tablet, per link... 
Link Bubble - time saved
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