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Dell hung out with 9 people.Mark Harrison, Vanessa DiMauro, Jeremiah Owyang, Lionel Menchaca, Patrick O'Keefe, Connie Bensen, Jim Storer, Amy Muller, and Bill Johnston
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Dell was in a video call with 9 others
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The #CMAD #Dellhangout is now broadcasting live!
Love this! Any way we can join the actual Hangout?
So this is an on air hangout, not a public hangout?
Trey Dd
how can can we join?
Hello Community Managers from HootSuite. We have treats for you.
i think it's full with 10 folks on the panel
Trey Dd
thanks susan it's too bad we can't comment directly from here instead of having to go to facebook or twitter
Trey Dd
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Authenticity is CSF in #Cmgr #DellHangout #CMAD
re: community role: Truly believe that Channels, Tools & Tactics are not the same thing as goals and strategies
Thanks for hosting this hangout. Not sure if I am in the right one. Just 3 of us hanging out right now. Is there another link?
Cool — thanks for the invite! Just learning about community management as I embark on a new role with a company.
Yeah, it would be great if the chat and the video were in one place not scattered across three properties. next time, maybe.
Welcome. Not sure if anyone is monitoring this area
Happy Community Manager Day! Listening and watching from the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast.
Any questions I can pass on to the live Hangout?
Hangouts = cool idea, tough to execute as…no one is using G+ really.
Mark…this may be too remedial but I am wondering about tips for beginner community managers, especially re: growing a community in a pretty old-school industry like print media…how even to get started…"Community Management for Dummies" may not even be enough for me here.
+Susan Beebe Oh Susan, people signing up and people actually using it for something real are two very different things… But I am happy to be proven wrong!!!
+Paige Worthy I mentioned it briefly, but I think listening is probably the best way to get started. I try to listen way more than I speak in social media. I think it gives me a sense of where people are having dialogues that are important. Also, I think it may give you an idea of what perspectives may be missing.
+Mark Harrison Thank you! I guess it's just hard as this organization has been around for 125 years but is such a baby in online communication, period — not a lot of people out there talking to listen among our membership. But still important to cultivate what community is there. Any tools you would recommend for listening, Mark?
Trey Dd
Very true +Mark Harrison listening is equal to carrying to consumers and businesses. No one agrees on everything, but people do want to know that their comments and concerns are heard. Otherwise they loose interest in trying to improve their experience with said products/brands
Trey Dd
I think one of the key successes with Google + thus far has been a feedback button and hangouts with actual developers that result in fast changes to G+
+Mark Harrison Everyone says to "listen". Do you guys have a specific methodology that you use to listen, or, is it dependent on where your community is?
what is this "chat bar" I keep hearing about? How many platforms is this "conversation" on? This is exactly why I'm obsessed with community architecture... designing the space for connection.
Hi +Paige Worthy :) (and everyone else as well.I am an aspiring CM trying to get some advice for breaking into the position.
100% agree with that - Community Managers should be members too
Love the point about always walking in the shoes of the customer.
Trey Dd
True! Walking with your head up as a community manager takes you out of the community you are managing
Enjoying the hang out. Thanks for organizing this!
Any chance Amy could share a sample of that weekly ancedotal/qualative data report? I'd love to adapt to my company!
+Larry Jennings Search Twitter, G+, Quora (and any other places where you think important conversations may be happening) for community keywords. Research and repeat!
Trey Dd
Thanks for being the only hangout participant in both the hangout and this thread! +Mark Harrison
Really enjoying all of these perspectives - thank you all and happy CMAD!
Trey Dd
As a dell started thread they should be participating in their own thread too.. No offense Dell employees can you eat your own words too
Thanks +Mark Harrison I keep doing at for my company, most of our users don't seem to have found social yet though. You guys are rocking it.. keep it up :)
I love the concept of getting your customers to do your marketing and support for you!
+Trey Dd In their defense, I think they are also interacting with some folks on Twitter too -- there are a few CM's in that neck of the woods too ;)
Will a recording be made of the hangout? Great stuff folks btw great work Dell Team!
Trey Dd
Thanks once again +Mark Harrison .. What about dell having the option to pay extra for a native english speaker vs. someone from india or the Philippines for customer support. Is this a fair method for moderating customer service?
Trey Dd
There are so many social media outlets that you shouldn't ignore or even put one on the back burner just to focus on another.
Trey Dd
These days a single customer seems to have little value until they threaten to blast their concerns on their social media outlets
Good point/idea - Community Managers can be the front line of new innovation based on customer feedback/consistent complaints.
Watching you guys right now and enjoying it. Thanks!
Trey Dd
Should community managers host live customer chat or still use the old channels of customer service reps? Can these all be encompassed into Awareness Support or is it still Customer Support?
Thanks, this was a great event and a nice way to celebrate #CMAD!
+Dav Waldron Getting feedback up front with customers and reporting that to developers could be amazing in the right environment!
Trey Dd
Great live lesson. Thanks!
+Trey Dd I wouldn't have thought a community manager would have the time for regular live chats and so I'd suggest that's best left to CSR's and have their team-lead summarise for Community Managers.
Thanks everyone. Hope to hear more in the future about elevating the role of community manager :)
That was SO insightful- thanks for the invite and thank you to everyone on the panel.
+Trey Dd I definitely agree with your point about the noisy customer getting attention. I think that's a big challenge for how we think about social media channels as support channels. There are amazing user support communities out there (like: where people can self-serve. I am hoping that social can point people in that direction. At the end of the day, I think people would rather fix their own problem than have to broadcast it into the Internet!
Thanks for all the amazing comments everyone -- this was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot too!
Thanks everyone for putting this on - worth staying in the office for :)
+Mark Harrison +Trey Dd Noisy customers get a lot of attention from satisfied customers too though and very often you'll find they will step in on your behalf out of loyalty etc and right any wrongs. However, it can still appear that the company hasn't listened/helped, so always useful to follow up thanking whoever has helped and making sure the issue's been resolved with the noisy one.
Trey Dd
Thanks +Dav Waldron and +Mark Harrison I remember an experience where I just commented on twitter about a turbo tax problem without tagging them and someone directly contacted me about the problem I was having with the software. Luckily I was given directly to a manager because my technical problem was a bit more than a customer service rep could handle. The manager admitted had he not been the recipient of my message the probably would not have been able to resolve it as easily. To me it seemed like a simple issue with an update verses a previous version. ...And sometimes a problem like SOPA can't be resolved without a mast blast to everyone... Otherwise I agree on your points.
How can I watch this after the fact? Thanks!
Please feel free to share the hangout re-play link ... we welcome your comments and feedback... thanks!