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I'm A Pantser On Rehab
When I was in college, I would always submit my papers and my creative writing works at the very last minute. Sometimes I’d even go a little bit over, so the papers would then be drenched in tears and saliva. Tears naturally came from me, and the saliva cam...

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Learn Something Without Spending A Cent Or Studying
Before anything —  I didn't want to write anything about Valentines because ... I know nothing about Valentines. But I did write about it once. If you want to read and have a laugh about it, you can find it here -> Valentines in Strange Waters . Now on t...

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How to Eliminate Pressure and Achieve More
I got home at about 7 P.M. Could have gotten home earlier, but a friend dropped by work, and I’m not so rude as to tell her, “sorry can’t socialize, it’s writing time.” Still, I felt like JK Rowling was scowling at me as I failed to be "ruthless about prote...

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The Real Meaning Behind ALICE's Name in Resident Evil
Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate (I apologize for the click-bait title. But it'll make sense after all LOL) Yesterday, as I was working in the store’s office, both my staff on shift came barging in talking at the same time. Apparently, the mall se...

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Stop Fearing Instability and Make It Work
Yesterday, my doctor emailed me — I have a cyst in my cleft lip, and I have to go under surgery to have it taken out. Although, it is not life threatening, having it around is somewhat bothersome. The cyst is blocking a nostril, so I can’t inhale or blow my...

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Flipping Goals
Remember when you were a kid, every adult you met would ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I remember when I was a kid, I’d always answer, “I’m going to be a painter!” Like Fine Arts kind of stuff. Along with this, I would tell people that ...

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Getting Back On Track
On last week’s blog post, I wanted to express my genuine concern on the problem of diversity in media and the limited inclusion of AAPI representation. I also wanted to tell you all how I plan to help with it beyond reposting Angry Asian Man’s articles on m...

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2017's Dramatic Goals
HAPPY NEW YEAR! The challenge for the day is 500 words in 30 minutes ( Failed — only did 362 words in 30 minutes ). Sure, for some people it’s easy. For me not so much. This, despite having 2016 as the year I counted words. 2016 was a sad year for a lot of ...

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Holiday Mess
I'm a holiday mess. I work in retail.  So please bear with me. 

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Winter Rain
The past weeks have been completely numbing cold. Not like snowing cold. Not yet at least. But the combination of rain and North California climate makes it a tad unbearable. I’ve gone back to wearing fleece-lined tights under my jeans. I've had to triple-l...
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