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White Night LED Worklight/Lightbar
Check our website/online shop to find out details!

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Marine battery special !

Expires 31/12/2013

While stock lasts !!

Marine starting range for outboard and inboard motors designed to deliver high power for engine starting also accommodating basic accessory loads. Sealed maintenance free calcium/calcium flooded lead acid battery built with glass matt separators to resist vibration, cary handle and rugged construction

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Hurry, Tigerz11 products on special !

Expires 31/08/2013

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Car Tips today:

Winter puts more stress on your battery, particularly if you park your car outdoors.

Avoid the sinking feeling of hearing nothing when you hit the ignition with a proactive check of your battery and charging system now. Repair shops don't usually charge very much to load-test your battery, and some car-parts stores will do it for free.

For more information please call (08)94173200

Stay safe in a breakdown:

• Find a safe spot to pull over such as an emergency breakdown area.
• Park your vehicle as far to the left as possible.
• Always activate your hazard lights.
• Activate your parking lights in poor light.
• Call roadside assistance on your mobile phone or use a roadside emergency phone.
• When leaving your vehicle always check for traffic.
• Leave your vehicle from the passenger side if possible.
• Avoid crossing the road at all times.
• Stand clear of the road. Move behind a safety barrier if safe.
• Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt on if it’s not safe to leave.

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Car tips:  Run your AC in winter

To keep your car’s air-conditioning system fit for the next warm season, run it a few times throughout the winter. This will prevent moving parts in the compressor from seizing. Also, circulating the refrigerant will help keep the seals soft and pliant.

Car tips today: Look after your anti-lock brake!

An anti-lock brake system is sensitive to moisture, which can ruin the expensive ABS pump and rot the brake lines from the inside. Since brake fluid attracts moisture, it should be “bled” or purged at least every three years, or as specified in your owner’s manual.

Tips of filters:
There are several filters (the main ones are oil, fuel, transmission, and air) important to preserving your car engine, and they should be changed according to the schedule in your owner’s manual or as follows:

1. Change the oil filter at least at every other oil change — every change is even better because the old filter contains nearly a quart of dirty oil that will remain with the new, clean oil. If you change your oil yourself, wipe the filter threads with an anti-seize lubricant, available at auto supply stores.
2. Check the air filter every two months and replace it when dirty or as part of a tune-up. Air filters are generally easier to get to than oil filters.You find them under the big metal lid in a carbureted engine or in a rectangular box in a fuelinjected engine — check your owner’s manual for the exact location. Extend the life of air filters by blowing them clean with compressed air.
3. Despite claims by makers and dealers that some newer fuel filters never need changing, it’s smart to have it done once a year. A clogged fuel filter will cause poor engine performance (hesitation and starting difficulties) and is an early warning that there may be corrosion in your gas tank.
4. Change your transmission fluid filter after the first 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of driving and every 25,000 miles (40,000 km) or two year thereafter.

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Info of Dual Batteries System
Dual Battery Systems reviewed by Pat Callinan
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