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Decinoge Gerah

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Motohiro Kawashima’s concert on Mega Ran Japan Tour, with the musics from “Oh, Deer!”
This is the video game project I am working right now, as main programmer for Necrosoft, with Brandon Sheffield.
Kawashima was co-composer on Streets of Rage 2 video game, but his bigger contribution was for my saga’s personal favourite Street of Rage 3.
The link contains a playlist with the concert divided in 2 videos, and a small interview with the composer.
Oh, Deer! project's related videos.
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Decinoge Gerah

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My new portfolio, this time @ Dropr.
Give it a few +1's =P.
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Decinoge Gerah

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There been quite a while since I last gave any update on my GBA project on G+.
This time I've decided to do a small video of the engine, and consequently the tech demo, running on various platform.

These are a Gameboy Advance SP, a Huawei G300, and a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, using My Boy! Free GBA emulator for android on the latest two.

Along the development of the project some people shown concern that people might not be able to play games created on this project, because it compiles for such an old platform.
I hope this video serves the purpose of showing this is not only not true, in fact it is the opposite. Using a machine that has so many emulators on so many platforms, clears the problem of portability from the start.

As for the engine itself, it is more robust than ever, and very close to an early conclusion that will allow me to focus ONLY on creating levels for the first Tech Demo.
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Decinoge Gerah

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I just ordered one for myself.
This might just be the thing I needed to me get back into continue the *BluesEngine development.
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Nothing too new, but a Video Game related interesting talk.
Part 1 of 3. This talk which took place on Dec 1st, 2011 as part of the CMS Colloquium Series ...
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Decinoge Gerah

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Lately I have been developing the DIALOGUE system for the *BluesEngine.
I have made this small video from a prototype created to mark, and show this point, and a few others more of the engine's development.
I have added some game design "scripted" into the *BluesEngine, and MOD format music playing on the background as well.
:: Prototype Download Available Here - ::

The DIALOGUE system is basically a frame popping up on the screen, and having text written on it. Very much like a text bubble on a comic ("Talk" with the ship using B.)

This entire process was made simpler, and prettier, thanks again to the Tonc GBA Library, creation of Cearn (
This library contains a text engine (ToncTextEngine), which allows to create fonts with variable width, and print them on the Gameboy Advance screen.
However, this uses an entire "hardware layer", from a total of 4 available to create the background. It was tricky =P.

Also very much worth mentioning is the presence of music on the actual rom, and it's creators. They are not actual volunteers, but their creations were made available freely on the Battle of the Bits community ( A wild creation stage, where creativity and friendly competition are the main motto.

Another thing also present with this prototype is the actual presence of consequences and limitations. Pretty words right =D.
There's a limitation to pass to the next level, the instructions are on the text bubble at the start of the ROM's execution. It kinda makes it feel like an actual game.

And that's all. The development will proceed, slowly, specially because I have other creation priorities at the moment. I am finally working on a project that is not my own, a great opportunity I wanted for a long time.
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Decinoge Gerah

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I just finished creating the 4th level for my Gameboy Advance engine's demonstration.
There's still some bugs on the z-sorting, but this time I changed some gameplay flaws. I think this time I finally nailed it.

Here you go a video of me playing the level on a record time (well, I actually did better before =P), and if any of you guys wish to play this level on your own, just get a GBA Emulator, and here is the ROM file:

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Decinoge Gerah

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I've been again delaying this post, for no reason at all.
After the last video, I've got the taste for video editing, and decided to create this little treat for myself.

For some months already I've been gathering small videos with bugs, and interesting screens of the *Blues Engine development.

Most of this clips were from the development of ACTORs.
These are the engine objects that can pretty much become any 2D game element one might chose. The player itself is one of these ACTORs, but controlled by input.
This means that it is possible to create a game element (enemy for example) with the same capabilities as the player.

Other less important but more amusing bugs are related with memory overwrite.
This doesn't happen often on new machines, and when it does, it simply crashes the program.
However, since this machine graphical engine is all guided by memory registers, any overwrite at the wrong place and... BOOM... pretty colors and corrupted pixels everywhere, producing unexpected and sometimes beautiful effects.

I hope you enjoy.
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Decinoge Gerah

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A bit late, but still worth the publicity.
I am currently using this tool for the GBA Engine I am developing.
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Ah, very interesting! And yeah, if there's already tools out there that optimize the hell out of any image then it certainly makes sense to use those.

As for actor/sprite animation editing, yes, that's an area Tiled does not address and I wish similar (open source) tools were available for that sort of stuff. It would be interesting to integrate such things into Tiled to allow placing actors on the map and seeing how they will appear in the game. The current "tile object" allows this only to a very limited degree.
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Decinoge Gerah

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Long time no post.

I have my development project on standby, I haven't finished them or quit, I'm actually feeling much hunger to get my teeth back into some code.
Right now I got a job as an artist (first time, yay) and I'm rather enjoying it.

Unfortunately I am not authorised to show much of my work, but I'll try to slip a little something every now and then!

For now I'll leave you with a small gallery with a few character design sketches.

Njoy, and post you soon.
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Decinoge Gerah

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I've decided to use my Google Drive folder as archive for my project.
And now I'm sharing it with you.

There's various sections where the different material produced, or gathered, is archived.
Special attention for the "Prototype Folder" being now named "50_machine_test".

To finish, "51_old_versions" has the actual source code "versioning".
If you download and install devKitPro, and use the provided Programer's Notepad, you can open the project and compile it into a GBA rom yourself.
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Decinoge Gerah

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L or R shoulder trigger: change music 
A: jump 
B: ejaculates stars & activate ship. 

There's 11 STARS scattered on the LEVEL. 
When you touch one star, she FALLs into the ground. 
Once on the ground, the star starts FOLLOWING you. 
You then have to LEAD the star/stars, to the space ship on the lower left corner of the LEVEL. 
Eventually when you gather the 11 STARS, you can press B (on the ship) to pass to the next buggy level. 
Once you are there you cannot get out. 

This small prototype has most of the Events and Actions necessary for the *BluesEngine demo.
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Can't say I'm not. But I still want more than _just_ fun.
I'm known for putting myself into doing some weird game and art projects on unusual platforms, that I never finish.
Also a well known hard head.
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