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Want the NEW iPad (aka iPad 3)?? Add us to your circle, +1 THIS post, and leave a comment on what features you like the most on the NEW iPad HD. There are 4 other ways to win so be sure you check the link below for complete contest rules.
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Retina screen is the main feature I want.
Pick me!, Pick Me! lol I want the new IPad:)
USB port, flash support (HTML5 is becoming more common but there are still MANY websites that use flash, HDMI/AV output, 4G LTE support, new UI, HD display.
Better cam that is what is all about.
Not sure why everyone cares about LTE. Who really wants yet another data plan. Tethering is where it's at. A good display is worth it alone. I mean, what else is there to care about if the display is not amazing.
retina display of course. And a core i7 cpu :-)
Retina Display being the fact that it's better than 1080p. Makes me want to cry like a little boy again in excitement! (:
quad core graphics processor, sweet isn't better than 1080p it is 1080p.
+Landon Lewnes Yeah it is better than 1080p... 2048-by-1536 resolution when 2048-by-1080p is 1080p....
My fave feature has to be the iSight camera with the 5 mega pixels!! ♥ it
Im not talking about output capabilities, im talking about the display itself....
It's all about the retina display!
Retina screen and awesome new processor!
The Retina screen looks beautiful and I love the new 5 megapixel camera!
the screen resolution looks wonderful
DJ Yang
the retina display is great
Donna P
The speed is what I'm liking the most on the New ipad HD!
Leo Zhu
Longer battery life looks great
Ray L
Awesome! Another awesome giveaway!=D
To start with the retina display, the speed - lots more! The camera is better!
quad core graphics processor is impressive- speed speed speed!
Retina display (and a close 2nd is the 4-core processor).
Nice display. can't wait to see one! I like the longer battery life
the 4G, and I've also had my iPad first generation since 4 weeks after it came out. I bought it less than one week after it came out.
The Retina Display will be AMAZING, and Airplay to my new Apple TV will be even better.
tina, battery life is exactly the same.
I would love this! I've never even got to try one yet, I would watch so many movies on it and play games, also check out my favorite coupon sites!
I like the retina display. However, the rest of it was pretty neat, too.
I have been dieing for an iPad since they came out! I have none;( I would love everything about it
I love the improved display!
Better display of course.
Better graphics and speed speed speed!
the portability. I can take it with me while I am waiting to pick up the kids
I'm just looking forward to owning one:0)
Definitely want that retina display.
The heart of this beast, the quad core processor!
Retina screen for super resolution
Retina display looks pretty sweet.
It has to be the HD. I've been craving it.
I love scams especially when it involves getting a free iPad3
I never win is time.
The new camera is a big plus. There is no reason to carry around a dedicated camera now. The iPad will do it all quite nicely. Hey, Annie Leibovitz agrees.
I want that sweet, sweet quad core goodness. All over me. Aw yeah.
Love the retina display & the iSight camera system
I need this I never win anything!
i am not really a good girl so i dont know
USB!! Finally! and new retina display.
I'd love to win this...
I love the fact it has 1,000,000 more pixels than a HDTV. Beautiful
The speed and and retina display
I love the Retina Display being the fact that it's better than 1080p!
I Love everything about the new Ipad! My favorite would have to be the Retina display and the speed (wow). I would definitely use this everyday!
My favorite deals site and love MM! Speaking of which, I wrote a brief article today about the new iPad. Now, the chance to win one :)
the speed, and a better ipad
i like all of it
delicious i7 is delicious
Can't wait to see the display.
I love the new IPAD. The size, speed, resolution, the apps, everything about it. The look of it.
FINALLY! I knew it was coming out but I see this and THEN I finally find out it was released lol. The retina display, and speed. I was told that video editing and picture editing would be amazing on an iPad. I've yet to take the expensive plunge to find out. I guess now I can when I win :P
better display, better camera, faster processor
I'd love to try an iPad, so I can pass my older tablet down to one of my kids!
goood camera, faster internet processor and much better graphics display
A new ipad would be great
being an artist I like the full "hands on" interaction and the fact that it's HD as well just puts that candy coating on the top :P would love to have one for myself.
definitely retina display
Fantastic giveaway! I would love to own one!
VInh Vo
It's amazing how they can make it even better then it already is! 
The improved display resolution / retina.
Mel D
Someday, I will win one!
Faster processor and I want to see this new screen
I thought the retina display was good on the iPhone 4/iPod touch I can only image how awesome it will look on the iPad.
I NEED ONE so me and my mother can FaceTime now that I'm in college
Excited about the Retina display and 4G LTE!
The graphic editing capabilities. The pixels are great!
I love the crisper screen. More pixels and clearer than your average HD TV! Yes Please!
NEW Apple iPad Giveaway! Yeah!
I would love to have one of these.
i don't have an 1 or two so would love to have an ipad3 please
Andy Vo
i love retina display
The retina display seems pretty cool.
It looks nice, but I'll be a while before I can afford one.
Every new feature since I don't already own an iPad and would love to have one - but mostly the retina display, more speed and voice dictation!
Interested in the voice dictation technololgy. Maybe I can find some apps to help our 6yr old with his speech therapy :)
free ipad? why not! :) it's a nice upgrade from ver.2 especially for the display
Jill H
Faster processor
Faster processor and retina display!
Sweet! Hope I win! Winner is announced on my Birthday..that would sure make my day :p
Retina display takes the cake on this one
The features I like the most on the new iPad 3 or iPad HD are:
#1: Retina Display: Finally the iPad screen can look just as beautiful as the iPhone retina screen. The wallpapers, pictures, and even videos look a million times better with the Retina Display!
#2: Upgraded Camera: This is a huge upgrade! The rear camera was only 0.7 mp on the iPad 2, which took terrible pictures and video! The new iPad 3 will have a 5 mp rear camera with iSight (same as iPhone 4S) and can record in 1080p! The one thing I hated about the older iPads was the camera quality. It always looked too zoomed in and was extremely blurry. The same goes for the video, unless you are taping something further away, which still is pretty bad quality in my opinion.
#3: LTE Capable: Wow! Not only can the new iPad 3 use LTE (depends on carrier), but it can become a hotspot as well! Now all there needs to be is a cheaper unlimited plan from carriers!
#4: Slight Upgrade on Processor: An upgrade is always nice! As long as something is new and a little faster, that definitely helps my choice in buying it!
I love the new retina display the best! :] and 1080p recording ftw!
Just pre-ordered....nice!!
Love the 4G Lite & the longer battery life.
1MILLION MORE PIXELS than a 1080P HDTV!!! Awesome!
it's HD!!!! and you can watch Netflix from it!!!
i like the 4g and higher screen resolution and a faster processor not that ipad 2 had a slow chip but better is always good
Speed and the display are two great additions!
I'm excited for the faster processor and retina screen! A longer battery life definitely helps as well :)
Retina, Camera, faster processor!
May Y
Retina display and, of course, the portability!
The retina display is the bomb! And the camera would be stellar if I did not already own an iPhone 4S....(please let me be the winner and not the weaner!!!!)
i would love to win!
Ray L
Definitely like the new processor and longer battery life, its also thinner and lighter than the iPad 2.
My brother has an iPhone 4S and the retina display on it is SO AMAZING! With a 1080P HD and retina display on the new iPad will be amazing for intense games and videos.
The 4G LTE and new Retina display that is better than HD!
Never had an Iphone nor Ipad.. it is time to win one because college gulps down all the cool gadgets from my wish-list :)
Love the new name and retina display
The gorgeous display and the awesome camera!
Pretty good improvement. Screens gonna be nice.
It's faster and longer battery life!
The faster processor and the crisper display.
Retina Display, 5MP Camera, and the A5X Processor.
I can't wait for this to come out!
best tablet specs and price wise now and probably for another 6 months
screen, siri dictation, graphics power, camera, and ofcourse new apps designed to take advantage of all these.
A5X processor for sure, and it didn't sacrifice the battery life :)
Jon C
Full HD video recording!
I love better screen resolution and retina display. Thanks!
I like the high-definition Retina display which is double the resolution of its predecessor making for a crisper screen.
L Nagy
Retina display looks cool - tablet computing is where it's all heading!
I like the new Voice Dictation feature; while it's no Siri, it sure will help for butterfingers like me.
Screen resolution , camera , USB and more :-)
I want it for all the new features being offered..
retina display is most certainly the most enticing feature, however it's going to wreak havoc on the internets.
I would love to take videos in 1080p HD =]
Hung Lu
I would use this to make videos especially cool videos.
I have an original ipad, so I would live to use the high def camera as well as the quad core processor for pictures, videos, games, and shopping (especially on!!!
I'm all for speed and the fact that it's HD
Its HD thats one of the cool features about it
Ditto I
The A5X processor to deliver a fast, responsive user experience!!!
Retina display is one of the features I like. And that the 4G
I am very excited about the camera and speed!!!!! Oh, how nice it would be!!!!!
The best ~new~ features IMO are:

1) Upgraded rear camera (5MP) allowing users to record HD videos in full 1080p, a first in iPad history. 

2) LTE 4G, also a first in iPad/iPhone history (despite what iOS 5.1 says, the hardware isn't equipped to support "4G" but rather AT&T buffed their connection speeds with past products)

3) A5X CPU, making it possible for the new iPad to run it's new Retina Display 

The display, speed and Bluetooth 4 are the best.
high-speed wifi & better camera/video qualities
I love the new high definition screen screen! It's amazing that it has better resolution than my TV!
R Casey
Better camera and 4g
I'm liking that it's like the best pc in tablet form and can fit in my bag for work, school, or play.
Ram and processor also camera...
Nish V
screen and processor
Marek K
Display and processor
Probably the retina display and the faster processor!
i love the camera and to be able to do pages and keynote on it. i need this for college. my family has no money and it would be a blessing from God
I'm excited about the better camera and the retina display.
better camera and retina display.
I like having two cameras for facetime
The new retina display and the new isight 5mp camera
I like that it has a retina screen and a 5MP camera.
More speed more power!!!
improved retina display, faster 4G, isight camera
I love the new retina display!
The combination all camera features, 5mg & infrared filter, for detailed shots/videos with color accuracy + the voice dictation for logging descriptions. Then the ability to email pics with descriptions or show files to customers. All this in a size that's portable yet large enough for my farsighted friends;)
Faster processor, sharper screen. All I need.
Retina screen the 5 megapixel camera and its a new apple product come on! ^___^
The resolution is sick bro, I love it
The new retina display and 1080p video recording.
Awesome tool! It's everything I am looking for... I wanna win it!
The screen, size and speed is what I want. Nice and portable.
I love the speed that the new ipad has...also the new retina display,a upgraded processor, and it has some new apps!!
The speed and retina display.
I would love to win this iPad. Wanting one so bad.
I would love to get one !!!
I like the Quad-core & improved display
I would definitely love to read on the retina display. It looks absolutely amazing
Love the speed and screen upgrades.
Keeping fingers crossed! Would be cool to win an iPad!
I like the Retina display and the improved camera.
I like the style I would love to have one
I like that they didn't raise the price.
I like the speed, flash, and the resolution
The new iSight camera and that it is 4G LTE......Love everything about it!
Haven't tried it out yet, but HD sounds wonderful!
I'd have to say the portability and speed. Thank you for the chance to win! :D
The 5MP iSight Camera. Awesome!!!
I like the display, speed and the ability to play games on it. I'd really love to win it.
I'm 49 years old and I've never had an IPAD... Don't you think it's time I finally got one.
The USB port, retina screen and faster processor makes this new iPad killer!
retina screen. whatever that means. ;)
The new processor and upgraded screen sound great!
The retina screen really gets my juices flowing.
I wanna give this ipad to my dad he is sick and could use a booster :)
The screen should be amazing, and along with the graphics upgrade should open more possibilities of using the iPad as a monitor through programs such as air display with less lag and allowing more graphic intensive video.
Retina display - and would love to use for homeschooling...
I would say, retina display is the one I'm very excited about!
Retina display and faster CPU big plus for me!! =]
The new retina display sounds like it would be so much easier on the eyes. I don't own an iPad at all but I've wanted one since they've come out. This new one has so many features including a faster speed but the retina display wins as my fave feature due to the stress a bad screen can put on your vision.
the ability to face time with my bf on his iphone
Lady OH
A5X chip & 4G LTE
love the resolution and great camera!
Would love to get this new iPad. I am looking forward to seeing how the picture quality of a movie is the same as watching on a HD tv. amazing!
All the apps and ease of access. I was never an apple fan until I used my friends iPad and now I am in love.
Likelihood that I will win, not good. But, still have to try. The retina display is the main feature that interests me.
I need an upgrade from my 1st Gen.
Happiness would be winning one of these. I just can't seem to win. :(
Everything about it!!!! Would love to win it.
I like the speed and display improvements!
one I never own any apple products so to have the latest will be so amazing......from the look of it the display have major improvements and thanks in advance!
I Pad would be the greatest of all the greatest! I would utilize the new I-pad for my own personal research, games, maybe even starting a website to promote on my expertises. The new enhancements would be just mind blowing, HD, sharper, more vivid pictures, the features are endless. This would be a blessing in disguise. +1
I like the dictation feature the best.
Luc as
The 2,048 x 1,536 display.
I hope i win this ipad
SO much to love...the retina display, the new camera, 4G....I am head over heels!!
This is awesomee!!! yayyyy =) goood luucckk!!!
THe iPad3: Most amazing tablet yet, Retina Display Love it
USB port on an iPad? Sign me up! :]
Great one speacialy the resolution and the processor 
Retina screen. Thanks for the chance to win!
The retina display is number one and the improved graphics ability for more realistic looking games is number two.
Retina Display.... iPad3 should be sparkling in our hands...
It's the apple on the back. It's like some sort of fairy-tale fruit that beckons me everytime I see it, even though I know it will be obsolete it 6-12 months. (The amazing resolution doesn't hurt either)
Retina Display is awesome. Improved camera too, trust me, I will use it. Please let me win
I still havent gotten the ipad2 so out with the old & hoping to win the new #graphics
This would be totally awesome to win! Just don't tell my boss or he'll expect me to bring it to "work" but really he'll be playing Draw Something!
I love the new awesome Retina display and speed! Also, the improved camera Rocks!
Would love to have this!!!
Joining you here on google!
i like the fact that it is not a old worn out desk top that has already crashed # times
Fabulous! I love iAnything- this is the frosting on the cake. pick me!
Rita D.
I don't have one, so I would love all the new features. :) Thank you so much for the chance to own on of these! I seriously can't pick just one feature amongst all of them. All of the features make this stand out as a technological advancement. I love that it's all about technology going forward! I've always wanted to own an iPad, so thanks for the chance to own one,
My favorite feature is that this one would be free! =)
Already ordered the new iPad, getting one more would be cool,right?
I love everything about it but the retina display is pretty gnarly. I really really really want one!
I would like to see the new display.
I like the new CPU.
Retina display and better processor
I like the screen resolution.
What a great new exciting iPad! I love that it has a great new camera!
s kamat
wow screen resolution with retina display!
Would be first to have in my family
I like the faster processor and the new camera.
i like the retina display and the camera.
I support these devices through an enterprise environment across 70+ countries and they are amazing just wish I had one, but I will just have to live bi-curiously through my fellow customers.
it's the latest version of the most sought after device currently on the market. 
I'd take one delightful super light Ipad3 for free.
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