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damn... i didnt know i had a google profile page? lol
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Management took care of that for ya, huh? :)
Well, Does that mean you will use it now?
i hear you like music with your music
It's a Government conspiracy. No one should really have a Google+ CIA profile - page... :)
Welcome to the world. LOL

Please hang here from time to time :)
it's cool, kinda like an underground society anyways
It sure is better than facebook, and much cleaner, but there's no one around here.. :-(
shit i didnt know until 3 weeks ago
Derp is a good song by them lol
do some livestreams with a hangout and some other musicians
Google has a lot more work to do on "Plus Your World"
omg lol haha usually it goes right to it when u make the account
Welcome. Please stay a while.
I just read that on to know that you will be posting on G+ from now. Welcome +deadmau5
I've tweeted this at you a thousand times and never got a response; perhaps you can now seeing as this page has less activity: Which of your own tracks is your personal favourite and why???
wow deadmau5 just wow
I didn't know either, until you mentioned it on Facebook. lol Now here I am!
lol:) thats funny! ok, who all has a twitter account? I DO AND My fuck'n grandma wont let me go on that but on this!?!?!
+Shagia Metric it's probably dead because you have 23 people in your circles.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that the way you connect with your fans and followers is awesome. No other artist I know of would do what you're doing with The Veldt right now.
The funny thing is - We All Thought You Did O_O
I just made a Google+ page because of your FB post. lol
Yeah, its not really catching on yet....
No biggie, you're only being followed by 1.2million people.
Yeah you do, so stop facebooking and start google plusing! LOL
y is this showing on my page?? lol
lol i wish my bf didnt break up with me on valentins day!! :(
Awww!! <3 here it mght cheer u up!! Stay strng...madd lve frm nela in NZ
aww sorry that must suck ik how it feels when someone breaks up with you it sucks!!! :(
he made me cry all night!! :(
Valla, creí que te había comido tu gato xD
deadmoau5 what is the seed for you minecraft world
Welcome! So who's been posting stuff under your name this whole time?
Lool thats proove that you are connected with your fans and thats great. Come to montreal !
dammmmmm man u so cool u dont even know it
Welcome to Google. You'll notice pages actually load here.
Its cuz his agents do stuff 4 him, same w/ all famous people.
Better get on that S#!t Facebook blows by comparison ....
Forgot I had you circled xD you need to post more!
Holy shit, almost 1.3 million people have you in their circles O_o
LOL I love you Joel...and come back to PHX!! We could use some heat lately haha ;)
Too many secretaries cause these kind of problems!
it doesn't matter, nobody uses google+
Finally! Are you going to check this page once in a while?
Who's been writing your posts then? Those pesky PR folk get around a bit.
Yea kinda funny how these things just land in our lap.
you should put some of your singles/ albums on spotify
Start posting on here and get the mgmt off! :)
i dont think anyone knows they do
"oh you, deadmau5. you're so random."
Who has doodle army two on their iPod or I device
My game center is $$mr.swagg$$

Send me a frieand request 
haha me either til last week wen i hopped on my comp..its ok happens to the best of us;]
No one cares
Just do what u do best Deadmau5!
Ur the best!
the girl I like loves u!
You forgot or you didn't knew well if you didn't knew then they were keeping a secret.
im a huge fan. like...ur a boss....really.
mau5 ur the best ur all i listen to
hey i was wondering do all this AWSOME beats just come to you
Jin K
lolz mate :P
kay jay
hey, they're turning out to be quite useful. google searches is utilizing them a shittons!
you were a Dead Mau first thats why u didnt know u had google
Lol.... Moar googling less facebooking!
See you learn something new everyday
lol wat???:D do i have 1 too???? omg i nevur know these things!!! hahaha durp!
how don't you now tht u have a g+ u most be so dum lik bubble gum ha ha ha ha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha ha aha aha ahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I think that it is kind of cool
LMBO!!! Deadmau5 had a slow moment -_-
I was thinking the exact same thing... My email turned into some kind of social profile. Wat....
There are lots of people around. Just go to one of there communities.
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