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Dead Broke Farm
Horse Riding School
Today 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
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6921 Wildlife Trail Raleigh, NC 27613
6921 Wildlife TrailUSNorth CarolinaRaleigh27613
Horse Riding School, Horseback Riding Service
Horse Riding School
Horseback Riding Service
Horse Rental Service
Today 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmTuesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmWednesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmThursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmFriday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmSaturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pmSunday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Horseback Riding: guided trail rides, riding lessons, pony rides, summer camp, birthday parties, and overnight camping trips. More than 10 miles of wooded trails. Horses for sale. Open year-round.
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"I am an inexperienced rider and I felt very comfortable during the trail ride."
22 reviewers
"It was the best Horse riding experience I have ever had!"
17 reviewers
"My 10 year old daughter has enjoyed the riding camp at Dead Broke."
10 reviewers
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3 weeks ago
A friend of mines had ride a horse on her Bucket List. and we went. It was one of the Best Times I've ever had. The people that worked there Where Awesome, and the Owen she was Spectacular, Very Informative. I learned a lot while enjoy the Beautiful scenery. I rode Bo, A Big Beautiful Giant. But so Sweet,,, I can't wait to do it again.. If I where to rate this Rescue Horse Farm from 1 to 10,, it would get a 20.. Thank you..
Response from the owner - 2 weeks ago
You're awesome. Thanks for the nice review. I enjoyed riding with you. You were a hoot.
Kristina Lynn's profile photo
Kristina Lynn
3 weeks ago
I have gone horseback riding other places before and enjoyed it immensely but I can't say that today. While I enjoyed the company that came with me and the guides themself were friendly, the people running the place were not. First, they embarrased my friend who was overweight just after announcing another girl (not with our group) was over 200lb. While I understand the need to accomodate people with the appropriate horse they could just charge everyone that extra 10 and give those who need a larger horse, a larger horse. The extra from those not overweight could go to the guides and the customers would never know. That beats making people feel self-conscious. The people running the place were rude towards the volunteers working there. Granted they choose to work there, it is still unprofessional to reprimand your staff in front of the customers. Another lady, not with our group, repeatedly said she wanted to get back off the horse and didn't even care about the money but was told she'll be fine. After talking with her when the ride was over she still wished they would have let her off the horse. They had given a horse that had previously been a race horse. Changing her to a more calm horse may have given her a better experience. The horses were very uncooperative. I followed the instructions almost to a tee but that didn't change that my horse continuously sped up. A few others had horses giving them similar problems. Towards the end mine ran me through a bunch of brush right at the same time another person was bucked from her horse. While she was given a tshirt for her spill off the horse, it didn't change that it happened. Fortunately she had previous experiences with horses. I know that horses are living creatures but I've been riding before and so have the others I were with but never with horses that uncooperative. In all fairness had I read the reviews beforehand I could have avoided this experience. Perhaps if you choose to go your experience will be a more positive one. I just know I won't return.
• • •
Response from the owner - in the last week
I don't feel that Kristina has given an accurate account of her visit to our farm. She made a reservation for a meet-up group for 10 or more riders. I suggested they each contact me to add themselves to her group reservation so that we wouldn't face the possibility of having a lot of 'no shows'. We gave her group a significant discount of 25% off given that she said she would be bringing a large group. She even called to say shed needed to add a rider to make it 11 riders... but only 4 people showed up to ride the 11 horses we reserved and saddled for her. Even then, I honored the price I had quoted her as if she had 20+ riders. We make it clear on our website and as part of the reservation process that we have to know how many riders weigh more than 200 lbs so that we can provide them with a horse capable of carrying a heavier rider and a saddle suitable for them. One of the ladies was clearly needing one of our larger draft horses, so I tried to be discreet by asking her if she needed a draft horse. When she didn't understand what I was asking, I didn't ask her how much she weighed. I simply asked if she weighed more than 200 lbs. When she said she didn't, I told her that anyone that I believed might weigh more than 200 lbs would need to be weighed so that I would feel comfortable they weren't overloading my horses. We are clear about that on our website, and we also let people know that we charge $10 extra for use of our draft horses because they are very expensive to feed and shoe, so while we make them available so that anyone wishing to ride - regardless of size - is able to ride, but we have to pass some of that added cost on to the rider. The lady responded that she didn't have the $10, so Kristina got in a huff and said she'd pay the fee. The "race horse" the lady rode is one of the slowest horses on our farm, and we use him for children as young as 6 years old and up to ride. Tommy isn't an off the track Thoroughbred; he is a Standardbred who pulled the little sulkies (carts with skinny bicycle looking tires and a small man in a colorful outfit) around the track at a very fast trot. The lady was scared at the start of the ride, but we talked to her and assisted her, and after the first 10 or 15 minutes, she began to enjoy her ride. When I asked her if she was glad she faced her fears and rode despite them, she said, "yes". I would think so too since she rode without incident, and the trails are gorgeous. I don't feel the need to respond to every comment Kristina made, but I did want to present the farm's position regarding the circumstances. I feel that we were very fair to Kristina's group given that she only had 4 out of 11 people ride, and we were pleasant, friendly, and accommodating despite the poor turnout from her group. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including Kristina. I figured I'd be reading about it after the fact since she was in such a huff at the farm, and she didn't disappoint.
mary a.'s profile photo
mary a.
a month ago
I volunteered here, and it was my worst volunteer experience ever. I think the people I volunteered with will readily agree with me. I loved the horses, and I loved the work, but I hated everything else about it. For one thing, the owner of the farm, Carla (who does basically nothing except give out orders, scream at everyone, and ride horses), as well as pretty much her whole family, is totally rude and annoying, and they treat their volunteers (as well as their paid workers) like crap. We're ordered around like mules, and they yell at us and cuss at us. We're volunteering OUR time, FOR FREE, and making THEM money, and taking care of THEIR HORSES, and yet the treat us as though we owe them something. They also don't show us how to do anything. They throw us into the work, and expect us to know how to do everything, and then yell at us when we can't do it. Although on their website it says that no experience is required, that they will show you how things are done, they don't. Especially since most of their volunteers are young kids, that are between 13 and 15 years old. Another thing is that the only way they repay us is by giving us 1 hour of riding time for every 12 hours of back-breaking work we do. And most of the time, we don't even get to ride at all. They currently owe me more than 2 hours of riding time that I'll probably never get unless I push and shove and scream (like they do to us, basically). Another problem I've found is the complete and utter disorganization of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Nobody knows the horses names, since there are so many, and there is one secretary lady (she's also a mistreated volunteer. They're so lucky to have her, and yet they abuse the poor woman) for everything that goes on around the farm. And that's A LOT of stuff that happens. You may have a good riding experience, but by paying those damn owners money to ride horses, you're encouraging mistreatment of their workers & volunteers, so I strongly suggest you go ride somewhere else. There are much cheaper places, anyways.
• • •
David Therit
4 months ago
My wife and I had never been horseback riding before. We are both 61. We went for a 1 hour ride in October 2014. The horses that we rode were easy to manage and the staff seemed to have a real interest in keeping the horses and the riders safe. The riding hats were a bit dirty -- a can of disinfectant would have made us feel better had it been available -- but we had a good time all in all. Our trail guide (a young girl around 18 years of age) was very nice and helpful. I would give a rating of 4.5 stars but that option is not available.
• • •
Alma Smith
in the last week
Unfortunately this place is not what it pretends to be. The owner has serious anger management issues and takes it out on customers, employees and even the horses. All she does is scream and rant at people. I don't think she's capable of a normal conversation. It's a slave labor camp for volunteers and employees and no one should support this abuse with their dollars. I was shocked to see how she spoke to the people volunteering for her (not surprisingly, they have a huge turnover). Someone needs to investigate this place because it's a disaster waiting to happen. What the other reviews say about Carla are absolutely true! Please for safety sake, don't go!!!
• • •
Response from the owner - in the last week
This is the second site on which I've seen this same reviewer post basically the same review. She said she wanted to spend the summer living and working on our horse farm because she wanted to gain large animal experience in hopes of getting into vet school. I took her into our home - at no cost to her, gave her our guest room, and set about trying to teach her how to care for our horses. Prior to her coming, I had made it clear that we work long hours. I told her that I would pick her up from the airport and that she could ride with me and my daughter when we went on our weekly shopping trips to Walmart for food and other necessities. We don't live directly on the farm, but we're only 1/2 mile by vehicle and less than a tenth of a mile through the woods on foot. I told her I'd have one of my staff members pick her up and give her a ride to the farm, and we'd show her the path we take when we walk it, so she could get there anytime even if no one was available to take her. Even then, she apparently had unrealistic expectations about using my automobiles to "see the town" and "learn her way around". She mentioned her mother would be visiting her this summer, and I'm guessing she was hinting that I take her mother in too. She said they wanted to visit Asheville, so I'm also assuming she was hoping I'd loan them a vehicle. She didn't want to work more than 50 hours a week, and I said that would be fine. But even when she was "working", the other farm employees were complaining that she was always on her phone - even when she was supposed to be assisting on the ride as a guide. She asked very inappropriate questions about my business such as: How much money do you make? She said she might want to run her own farm one day. But in all honestly, I don't think she'd ever be able to run or own a farm because she isn't committed to working to care for the animals 7 days a week, year-round. And I don't think she'll make it as an equine vet either since horse vets go "on call" every 3 or 4 weeks and may be up all night and still have to pull their regular shift the next day. I can't see this girl being willing to commit to that level of effort. So her perspective is of a 20 year-old who got a very small taste of what farm life is like. And since it's not for her, it must be my fault. She only lasted 2 1/2 days on the farm. I'm 52 years old, and I worked circles around her. I understand that working on a farm isn't for everyone, but there's no need to misrepresent our farm as if it's a labor camp. It's no different than any other farm - hard, honest work and long hours. I'm proud of what I do. In fact, I left corporate life in favor of farm life, but I'm thinking an indoor desk job where she can work 40 hours a week and go home might be her best career path. I just can't picture her staying up all night with a sick horse and then working her regular hours the next day to feed and care for the horses will work for her.
Renee Reaves
a month ago
I absolutely loved the horses and scenery. However, whom seemed to be the owner was very rude and really mean to the customers and staff working the trail ride. Overall, loved the horses and trail ride itself. That's about it! I would not recommend this place due to the the rude staff member and farm itself. However, you must make your own choice! Good luck!
Ribri RCG's profile photo
Ribri RCG
3 weeks ago
I've been volunteering at Dead Broke Farm, twice a week, for a little over 2 months. Went in knowing nothing, not anymore! It's a family farm atmosphere, everyone is friendly, but there is a job to be done. Volunteers will work. When I've been uncomfortable, or clueless, I always get help when I ask. With patience, on everyone's part, I got past my initial blundering. Now I look forward to going and leave with a smile.
Julia Pools
2 months ago
My daughter has been coming here for years, starting as a camper and now volunteers occasionally. She loves it, and has received fantastic instruction on horses and the caring for them. She loves riding, and Dead Broke gives her the whole package, from caring for the horses to riding. She tells me tons of stories about Carla and Miss Rosie at the end of her day, and always wants to go back. Julia


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