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Using Stations in Ticket to Ride Europe

A rule that is easily overlooked when it comes to Ticket to Ride Europe is the way stations are scored, at the end of the game.

In fact, their only purpose is to allow you to score points from your Destination Tickets when your route has been blocked by an opponent. As each unplayed station at the end of the game is worth 4 points, the best advice probably is "don't use them"... Easier said than done, huh?

OK, so now that you needed to use one, how do you score it?

As a rule of thumb, consider that a station covers one route owned by an opponent and only one.

So here comes the #TipOfTheDay ;-)
When you check routes to score your Destination Tickets, move the station over one of your opponent's trains as shown on the attached picture (and suddenly these arches totally make sense).

This serves two purposes:
- it reminds you that you cannot use a station on an empty route
- it reminds you that you cannot use this station on another route to score a different Destination Ticket. It's perfectly legit to score points for another ticket using the same route though...

Here, Yellow Player can use her Essen Station as pictured to score the 3 right handed Destination Tickets or the single left handed one (by using the Essen to Copenhagen route) . Easy choice!

Et voilà ! Anyone planning a ticket to Ride Europe Game this week-end?

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Thanks!  So, to check my understanding, 
a) during a normal round, place the station on a city directly, indicating no particular route
b) when scoring destination cards at the end of the game, slide the station onto the required route
c) in a 3 player game, the same route can be shared by 3 players during end game :  original player, then stations from cities at each end
How do you place the station online? I can't see how to use a station.
I also cannot figure out how to place a station - I tried mouse keys, etc -
Same here. I played today and had problems to locate stations available to put on the map. Will be very greatful for the tip :) 
+Cody Christensen, +tom camp, +Mariusz Wrześniewski to play a station in the online versions of the game, simply drag and drop a wagon card to the city where you wish to build it.
Also don't forget that the second (resp. third) station costs 2 (resp. 3) cards of the same color.
If a player wants to use the blue route from Paris to Berlin, would he need one train station or two?
I placed a station as the last turn.  However, the game won't complete and I can do no more actions (pick card, claim route,etc.)  The game is not hung up because I can cycle through my tickets, but there seems to be no way to finish the turn and thus the game.  Any suggestions?
Can the yellow player use the track between Essen and Berlin in both directions in order to complete different destination cards? i.e.: Essen to Berlin for one journey and Berlin to Essen for another?
Absolutely +Nicky de Beer​​, just use the route with your station as if it was one of yours (when it comes to checking Destination Tickets). In fact there's no such thing as one way routes in this game: all routes can be used in both directions...
On the iPhone version I can play a station on a city but can't figure out how to get the route to score at the end of the game. How do I do it? 
+Alisa Jeremica Nothing to do on your side, it's automated. At the end of the game, the program determines which opponent route around the city where you built your station will be worth the most points and puts it there...
can you use a station 'borrowed route' to connect to halves of your route to calculate the longest route bonus?
I just got the expansion for the iOS app and can't figure our how to actually place (use) the stations, a little help please?
+Marco Yupanqui to play a station in the online version of the game, just drag and drop a wagon card of the chosen color onto the town where you wish to play the station.
I would be very interested in an answer to the question from Randall Burgess above. I was wondering the same thing.
+Marco Gunster, assuming you don't play any of the colors pictured here, you would need two stations. One for the route Paris-Frankfurt and one for Frankfurt-Berlin
Can I use only stations to complete a route? Lets assume that in the same picture that you posted I am the green player. If I have a route card from paris to berlin can I put a station in Paris and another one in Frankfurt to complete it even if my trains (green ones) aren't arriving in any of those stations?
Hi +Lucas Santos

It's legit indeed... You just need to see if it's worth it...

Don't forget that unplayed stations are worth 4pts each at the end of the game ;-)
There are a LOT of things this article doesn't cover. Rather disappointed. I also have to say that I think the addition of stations only complicates the game without really adding anything, much like ferries and tunnels.
+Kenny Stoneman You know I thought the same, but when I played the map I realized why they are there, that map it's cutthroat, you can get blocked in a flinch and the Stations help a lot. Otherwise it would be very frustrating
Personally, that's just another aspect of the map, something that sets it apart from USA. You can easily get blocked out of some areas, so use it or lose it! I just don't like the stations, and that's the end of it, for me.
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