Using Stations in Ticket to Ride Europe

A rule that is easily overlooked when it comes to Ticket to Ride Europe is the way stations are scored, at the end of the game.

In fact, their only purpose is to allow you to score points from your Destination Tickets when your route has been blocked by an opponent. As each unplayed station at the end of the game is worth 4 points, the best advice probably is "don't use them"... Easier said than done, huh?

OK, so now that you needed to use one, how do you score it?

As a rule of thumb, consider that a station covers one route owned by an opponent and only one.

So here comes the #TipOfTheDay ;-)
When you check routes to score your Destination Tickets, move the station over one of your opponent's trains as shown on the attached picture (and suddenly these arches totally make sense).

This serves two purposes:
- it reminds you that you cannot use a station on an empty route
- it reminds you that you cannot use this station on another route to score a different Destination Ticket. It's perfectly legit to score points for another ticket using the same route though...

Here, Yellow Player can use her Essen Station as pictured to score the 3 right handed Destination Tickets or the single left handed one (by using the Essen to Copenhagen route) . Easy choice!

Et voilà ! Anyone planning a ticket to Ride Europe Game this week-end?

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