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davyd mccoy
Actor,Writer,Stand-Up Comedian & Producer
Actor,Writer,Stand-Up Comedian & Producer

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They say the truth will set u free.... There are far to many times that for youth such as in this film is Set them right out the house. For lack of understanding, connecting with the youth as a parent.

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One of my favorite artists that I knew yrs ago SoulTrain days of Jeffrey Jody & Howard...then when Micki came in he became my guy and ran around a lil bit in the valley... sfv also with old buddy Terry Robinson, Smokey's son

I'm getting excited because I have been working on a film project adapted from my 1st book I wrote LALA BYE Anthology s book of prose 1st edition and it is getting closer and closer to finally be a reality in film. This has been more than a notion but sooo well worth the ride!!!
Later during next month we will be doing a crowd funding campaign,,,this project is so worth it too,,,the project is titled All Alone

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Prince the man

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This is a very good read and with some interesting points along with some really good black speculative web,film and TV series plzzz read and consider watching these projects.... Well worth it!!!!

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Thx everyone and Martin Reese for providing this.

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LALA BYE Anthology editions 1,2,3 here are a few pieces from the books listen and consider what would you do if it was you,,,but also my newest book titled HOW LOW CAN U GO,,,SHALLOOOww,,,go to my website sign the log leave your info ask for the books

They are very enlightening and make u think
Make everyday a day to make a better U a more Loving U

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