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The hypocrisy of Pelley's grandstanding moralism is so blatantly offensive that it is hard to grasp how CBS can call it's DNC talking points editorial show a News broadcast. The focus of Pelley's gotcha journalism has very little to do with actual factual news coverage and more to do with being bothered that the control of the talking points of its liberal interest was rejected on election day and is not accepted. On the occasions when Pelley attacked President Trump, there were larger and more long lasting issues subjugated to the attack, which revealed the agenda and Mr. Pelley's lack of comprehension of what is news and what is spin. He is a hypocrite.

In fact, there were reports on the day Mr. Pelley claimed "no one believes the claim" that there was evidence in the neighborhood, evidence he simply dismissed because it didn't fit his frame, his agenda, his goal. Those facts said President Obama did have awareness and participation in the decision process of surveillance of servers that led to internal Trump Tower phone systems - as computer networks are phone systems. Mr. Pelley chose to ignore those, factual as it turned out, reports in favor of misleading his audience and getting kudos from the also unreliable Washington Post.

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What a joke, one of the loudest voices of liberal slant journalism, who would deny he was slanted slamming Hannity who admits he is a commentator not a newsman. Koppel is disgusting.

SEE IT: Ted Koppel tells Fox News' Sean Hannity he is bad for America

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Odd how visitors are a threat to transparency, but an alias email account of President Obama's is nothing to be concerned about, as President Obama and Mrs. Clinton weren't crooks, unless of course you care about the truth and reality.

Seeking transparency, Congressional Democrats introduce 'Mar-a-Lago' act

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Typical of the liberal spinning magazine, the author of the spin piece asserts "there's no evidence of a[n] {"Obamacare" (PPACA)} death spiral" .... Huh? Premiums rising by double and sometimes triple digits, deductibles driving people out of Doctor visits and into bankruptcy, Insurance companies abandoning markets entirely, leaving no choice [ except the Democratic Party intended "government death squad" single payer ash heap. No evidence? Huh.

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Thank God for the Nashville Predators, who keep the distance, and the respect:

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Senator Schumer, in his typical child born jealousy and blatant partisan obstructionism, which harms the United States -- a fact the Senator cares nothing about -- says, "the only thing we have to judge the Judge by are his past rulings"; ah, imagine that as a standard. Schumer's objections about answers lacking substance are beyond a joke, since that is how the Democratic Party nominees have behaved for generations, practically inventing the non answer answer to get unqualified Justices such as Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagen onto the Court bench; what a hypocrite Mr. Schumer is.

Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination

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Next, liberals will be petitioning Courts to Legislate that public office holders are identified by alias names and must exist only on Government payouts. Unbelievable.
Ivanka Trump's fashion brand is facing a class action lawsuit brought by a California boutique, claiming that the first daughter's close...

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Democrats should fear what the freedom caucus member who still opposed the bill said, ~the President is a great leader as a negotiator, ~ because the liberal effort to distort the work the President is doing is showing up doomed by reality

House Republicans unveil changes to their health-care bill

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If you don't know where the hypocrisy of "Obamacare" meets the reality of Democratic Party waivers, because reality is that nobody wants to pay more than they can afford and nobody supports economically stultifying taxes -- except those who mandate the PPACA "INSURANCE", with its bankrupting deductibles -- look no further, the microcosmic case study arrives:

Nashville General Hospital seeks $20M boost to annual city subsidy

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Congressional representatives who don't understand the necessity of cuts are also abandoning and forsaking their right to claim to be Republicans; let States fund themselves if they believe the services are essential to their State, as there is almost nothing that is actually a cut, just a stop in increasing payouts, and not a general consensus that everyone across the country benefits and needs the services in a top down mandate form. Let's see what happens when the Obama administration debt is no longer a distant illusion that doesn't have a direct relationship with the taxes and inflation people deal with locally.

Capitol Hill Republicans not on board with Trump budget

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