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Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup present their new live recorded album "CONTACT".

Music for Contact Improvisation and active meditations.

Building a bridge between acoustic and electronic music, using only acoustic instruments: The RAV drum and Guitar.
Transforming and looping the acoustic sounds in realtime with effects. The result is an unique moving sound cloud.

Recorded live at the Source, Arambol, Goa for a Contact Improvisation Jam.
There are no overdubs cuts or add ons to keep the magic of this moment.

The musicians, as with the dancers, have created the music in the moment. The magic and the beauty of creation.

Not jamming, not improvising but creating HERE and NOW.
Like in a contact dance, no one is leading, just listening to each other creating the "dance" together.


Erich Lehna - Guitar FX
Davide Swarup - RAV Drum FX

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Live session with the hang pioneer +Davide Swarup

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Enjoy <3

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Enjoy a great solo of Davide Swarup, July 2016, Moscow

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Davide Swarup on Russian TV 😊🙊🙉🙈😉

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Enjoy ) Repost or +, highly appreciated :D

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Enjoy this little present for everyone after long time not making any video or recording ) Feeling inspired again !
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