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Patience, young grasshopper.
Patience, young grasshopper.

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A complete set of #Android themed #wallpapers that I made, for both desktops and phones. Ideal for matching desktop and phone screens.

Desktop sizes:

Each desktop size comes in these colors:
- Light aubergine (Ubuntu supporting color for consumer).
- IBM blue (ideally matches colored ThinkPad keyboards).
- Blue grey (from the Material color palette).
- Pink 700 (from the Material color palette).
- Red 700 (from the Material color palette).

Phone sizes:
- QHD (2880x2560)
- FHD (2160x1920)

Each phone size comes in these colors:
- Cyan 800 (from the Material color palette).
- Blue grey (from the Material color palette).
- Grey 300 (from the Material color palette).
- Indigo 700 (from the Material color palette).
- Pink 700 (from the Material color palette).
- Red 700 (from the Material color palette).
- Teal 800 (from the Material color palette).

Total: 39 images.

Just to make sure, this is licensed under CC-BY 3.0.


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Slight improvements on the wallpapers I use.

- One UHD variation for Ubuntu.
- Many 2K scrollable variations for Android.

CC-BY-NC 3. For other uses please contact me.

Thank you, enjoy.
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Impressed with how well Ubuntu handles hidpi support. After upgrading to an Yoga 910 with a 13.9" 4K, paired with a 27" 4K LG monitor (through the wonders of an USB-C world), I didn't have anything to configure except for Java-based applications and Spotify.

Studio in particular just requires a small flag to be added to the .desktop shortcut.

All multipliers work as intended and I noticed no configuration glitch in the interface, nowhere.

Meanwhile, 4K is awesome. Just the benefit of not depending (that much) on proper font antialiasing and/or hinting is worth the investment now that components are becoming affordable enough.

#hidpi #AndroidStudio #ubuntu

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Nova versão do programa.

Embora muito do suporte a Marshmallow já esteja presente, é sempre bom poder desenvolver o programa sem precisar criar casos especiais para versões antigas do sistema.

E sim, a versão da Play Store ainda oferece suporte a Android 1.5! :D
Versão 7.2.2 enviada para a Play Store há pouco. Para atualizar, aguarde notificação em seu aparelho ou clique aqui:


• Fim do ciclo de vida para aparelhos rodando sistema Android 4.4 (“KitKat”) e anteriores. Esses aparelhos continuarão recebendo novas versões do programa, mas essas versões serão apenas de manutenção e correção de problemas. Essa política perdurará até ulterior aviso.

• Se seu aparelho possui Android 5.0 (“Lollipop”) ou superior, prepare-se para novidades e novas funções em breve.

Para maiores informações, entre em contato:

+David Cesarino
(o autor)

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Guava 21.0-rc1 now available

Guava 21.0-rc1 is now available in Maven Central as!

Note: this release requires Java 8. It introduces support for various Java 8 features and APIs, including compatibility between Guava's functional types and the JDK's. See the release notes for more details:

If you need Java 6/7/Android support, continue to use Guava 20 for now. The next release, Guava 22, will introduce a backport that supports those platforms alongside the Java 8 version.

Please try upgrading and testing this release candidate and let us know how it goes.

Happy holidays!
- +Colin Decker, Guava team

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Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave

Today we are announcing a full range of solutions to make it easier to build secure smart devices and get them connected. We are releasing a Developer Preview of Android Things, an operating system for connected devices that has the support and scale of existing Android developer infrastructure. You can now develop IoT software using Android Studio and the Android SDK. We are also updating the Weave platform to provide an easy way to add cloud connectivity and management to devices, and enable access to Google services like the Google Assistant and many more over time.

Learn more about Google’s IoT platform from our blog post at, and join our new Google+ community at

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Haha, I'm not particularly fond of spreading campaign ads to win credits, but after my 5X bootlooped and I had to come back to my trusty old GNex, I'm in need. :) Who knows, let's try.

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What a ridiculous phishing AD! Note: just press CTRL+F4 (or your browser shortcut) to close the tab if it gives you trouble.

Another #LG #Nexus5X user, another #bootloop failure barely after the warranty period. Oh well… I'm not even bothering.

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Pra quem usa meu app, nova versão no canal beta.
Agora já é possível ser um usuário das novas versões beta. Basta acessar o link a seguir e escolher a opção “Ser um testador”:

O que é uma versão beta? São versões novas do programa, ainda não disponibilizadas publicamente, que possuem as últimas novidades e atualizações do programa, mas que ainda não foram extensivamente testadas contra defeitos. Costumam ser estáveis, mas possuem riscos.
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